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It’s about that time again!

Day Dreaming Derpy v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update will be coming soon.

This update will feature 3 new Uniforms that Derpy can use, 2 more dreams to explore, and 1 Cutie Mark Crusader to accompany you in the Dream World!

How soon is it coming? Pretty soon…

It’s gonna happen guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  /)

darkheartsclub  asked:

what is the context of the picture you just reblogged? I don't know enough about mlp or bronies to get it

This picture?

Tumblr user Ponett has been working for a while (idk exactly how long) on a My Little Pony fangame called “Super Lesbian Horse RPG” using the rpgmaker engine. From what I can tell it’s a cute little rpg with lots of silly pony shipping and stuff. (PG rated, it’s not one of those pony porn games that there seems to be a disturbing number of) I’m looking forward to it! And it’s apparently gonna be finished and ready to play soon!

Anyway, as you can imagine lots of bronies wanna play it too. However, Ponett is a supporter of “Down With Molestia” and agrees that the brony fandom needs to give the rape jokes a rest because fuckin seriously. Bronies began to get worried because “oh no, what if this guy puts a message about rape jokes being bad in his my little pony fangame?? OH NO

So Ponett put a reference to DWM in his my little pony fangame.

I don’t patronise sites like /mlp/ and derpibooru but apparently bronies on the latter are crying and claiming Ponett is “a bully” for saying that a grown man who profits off my little pony rape jokes is “uncool” or something and basically losing their shit because oh no how dare there be a positive social feminist message in a fangame based on a show full of positive social feminist messages

Honestly the entire situation is hilarious because it’s yet another example of bronies kicking and screaming and furiously fighting the very messages that are taught by the show they base their identities around loving.

It’s gonna happen guys!

Day Dreaming Derpy v0.4 The Scootaloo Update is coming sometime early, this Summer!

The Update will feature more areas to explore in the Dream World, new additions to the Real World, and more friends to make along the way with err-body’s favorite fan girl!

More info will come soon once things simmer down here.

Again, thanks for showing support for the game so far!


So I have played Super Lesbian Horse RPG yesterday, and turns out I really, REALLY like the game. This was probably one of my favorite scenes in the game. 

Super Lesbian Horse RPG is a game by Bobby Schroeder. I highly recommend downloading the game. You can download the game here: Art is by me

clemjudgesyou  asked:

if you don't mind me asking, how did you make the trees in slhrpg? they're really detailed - im making my own game and the only thing holding me back is making trees... and also, do you plan on making a second my little pony game? completely different from slhrpg.

i’m not making fangames anymore, i’d rather work on original ideas

anyway, as for the trees: the round trees in slhrpg sucked because i didn’t know what i was doing so here’s how to make tree sprites that are actually good. i don’t have the actual steps from when i made these trees but this is a rough approximation of what i did

first off it’s always, always, always a good idea to have reference images (photos, other artists’ stuff, etc.) on hand if you’re drawing something you don’t know how to draw. i referenced trees from several different RPGs for this

i started with a very rough sketch to figure out the shapes, colors, and lighting first so i wouldn’t mess it up. the colors shift from a warmer green hue into a cooler blue hue as the colors on the leaves go from light to dark. in general it’s a good idea to use different hues when shading

this tree in particular is basically a bunch of intersecting spheres which all create clusters of leaves. you could also go for something more stylized and have trees that are just one rounded shape, but i was going for something a little more realistic

then i went over all the leaves with the second darkest shade and started filling in individual leaf shapes with the darkest shade and the black outlines. this follows the shading established in the first step

next i made all the different leaf clusters (the sphere shapes from the first step) more well defined with darker creases inbetween them and went around the rest of the tree’s outline as i filled in the second lightest shade of green. generally the lighter shades are all represented as leaf shapes stacked on top of the darker shades to add depth

finally i added the lightest shade of green for highlights. to make the highlights pop i also added some little bits of darker colors between all of the lightest leaves

for the trunk i went through a similar process, although obviously the shading is meant to create a bark texture rather than a leaf texture. i added roots radiating out around the bottom of the trunk to highlight the overhead perspective, and to make the tree feel like part of the environment rather than something pasted over the grass textures i added moss to the bottoms of the roots and placed some little tufts of grass between them. and of course i added a shadow

in rpg maker you’ll have to make a bunch of extra tiles to have trees overlap but that’s just a matter of copying and pasting