my little pony fakie



I wanted to get a bunch of shots of these two, because I’m excited about a new, weird branch on the fakie family tree! 

A gal posted about these on the MLPArena a month or two (three?) ago, and when she mentioned finding them at an Australian store, “The Reject Shop”, I asked my pal @oak23 if he could possibly, maybe find me one! He found the last two, and they are both purple! And they came with … palm frees???

They’re G4 shaped, and with molded-on hairbows, but no manes! Not even the holes for a mane! How strange, but fun!!! 





They came today!  OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE!  The little blue one lying down in the last picture unfortunatly wont stand.  Her front bent leg is a lot thinner in plastic than the rest of her legs.  But shes a pegasus so that sort of makes up for it xD

OMG  Seriously I cant get over this!