my little pony challenege


Day 22 - Best and worst trait of Pinkie Pie?

This is a little tricky because Pinkie Pie’s worst trait isn’t really her fault. All I could come up with was being overly silly to the point where no one can take her seriously. I mean, that’s not really her fault if no one takes her seriously, but she still needs to learn how to be serious at times.

Her best trait is her caring for other ponies. Even when she doesn’t like somepony she will be nice to them because she knows it’s the right thing to do. As she says, she would do anything to make somepony smile.


Day 27 - How has the show helped you?

I think this one might be a little obvious to everypony, but I have gained a lot of confidence in my art and graphic ability because of this show. It also has taught me that I actually have what it takes to be an animator and to do  something in design when I grow up, which means so much since I always question if I have any talent at all. (I used the Cutie Mark Crusaders in this set because they’re trying to figure out their talents, just like I am, and they seem to be the ones who partake in the most artsy stuff on the show.)