my little pony cake



I’m making some pony wallpapers. More coming soon !!!
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“GOSH, what a busy lunch rush! Ok, let’s see…”

@ask-vanilla - “I agree! So~ one Vanilla spiced cinnamon latté? Got it! That’s what you meant, right?”

@idipidi2001 - “Two?? Trying to stay awake huh? Try not to overdo it, ok?”

ask-the-dust-brothers - “Oh! Most popular item nowadays is a peppermint swirl cake! The… Least popular is a dessert made from the ground carapaces of firebeetles, native to where my father is from! Big hit with dragons, though! 

They’d probably be more popular with ponies if they didn’t get hung up on what they were made of. Like a spice macaroon! At least Mkali likes them…”


Pound: Sigh… of course it’s me. Anyway, Honey… she’s real upset after the outburst Mrs. Sunset had and she’s… just… taking some time to herself. It’s okay, she’ll be okay…

Pumpkin: … I’ve… I’ve never seen Honey cry before… it doesn’t feel right.


If Honey doesn’t make an appearance to say she’s alright - that means she’s managed to become so upset that she refuses to worry anyone by even trying to show up. Poor dear…

Colored version of Honey with her two best friends! 

Pumpkin Cake goes to Whitetail Woods Elementary School with Honey (Pound Cake’s there, he’s just in a different class so he isn’t as close to Honey as Pumpkin is) and she’s a mischievous, energetic troublemaker, always looking for a new activity to hold her attention - she’s very sweet though, and a very good friend - despite sometimes attracting trouble for Honey.

Ma Belle Danseuse (the daughter of Moondancer and Blueblood) lives nearby and has been Honey’s friend since they were born, she’s intelligent and quiet - though a lot more interested in creative endeavors than her mother (she takes dance lessons and loves to paint) and she goes to an expensive school a ways away that suits her particular needs. Of course that doesn’t stop Mabel and Honey from playing together as much as they can on the weekends and holidays and neither can wait for the summer when they can spend everyday together!

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?