my little pony friendship is magic


Genie Twilight: I did listen to a bit of Celestia’s tips about multiplying yourself from not too long ago. I still took Flurry with me when I was doing my tasks so my memories won’t be quite as messed up. It will probably just feel like I had eyes in the back of my head for a bit when I’ve merged back together

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More Billy Dilley’s Super Duper Subterrean Summer Crew!!!

  • Janice Kubo - One of the designers of the 2010 Pound Puppies reboot 
  • Jessica Forer- previous works include Ducktales and Penn Zero
  • Anna Boyadijan -  previous works include Tangled The Series, Milo Murphys Law and Penn Zero
  • Rob Lilly - board artist on Wander Over Yonder ,Jake and the Neverland Pirates 
  • Angela Li - Color Artist on Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls & Miles Of Tomorrowland 
ten faves from ten fandoms

@clyrics1 tagged me to do this. Here goes.

1. Twilight Sparkle; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
2. Queen Moon Butterfly; Star vs. The Forces of Evil
3. Sashi Kobayashi; Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
4. Pacifica Northwest; Gravity Falls
5. Donna Noble; Doctor Who
6. Garnet; Steven Universe
7. Mal Bertha; Disney’s Descendants
8. Kitty Cheshire; Ever After High
9. Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt; Voltron: Legendary Defender
10. Summer Smith; Rick & Morty

I tag: @marvelandponder @lawchan89 @adgerelli @cartoonheroinenamednikki and anyone else who’s up for this.

Happy International women’s day!! From...

Princess Star Butterfly

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The Crystal Gems

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Kim Possible

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The Mane 6

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Lara Croft

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Dr Rebecca Holiday

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Wonder Woman

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And every other awesome female character you can think of… because I can name more, but I don’t have time to search for more .GIFs…

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Here’s my (late) contribuition to Valentine’s Day!!
It should have been rc9gn but… I’m trying to get back into the swing of other shows~
Every Main 6 ship has my ultimate seal of approval, I love every single one, here’s some of the ones I haven’t paid enough attention to though ♥
Pinkie stahp ur scarin twi