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I commissioned the wonderful @blunderxblunder to draw Hana AND LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS IM GRINNING <33333 

I’m just??? Your style is so gorgeous???? (also that choker is so pretty and Hana would totally rock it B) )

Thank you again friend!! You’re amazing! ;O; <333

(Check her commissions hereee! <3)

Symbiotic Relationships With Poison Types

Originally posted by daysrunaway

Getting rid of negative energy can be hard. For me personally, I find myself always trying to destroy it, usually through visualizing it being burnt up in the magma core of the Earth. Everyone has their methods, but sometimes we end up putting the negative energy into places where it can still “leak” back out. Even if we destroy it completely, which can be a good and cathartic solution, I’ve got an idea for ways to put that negative energy to use.

If we imagine negative energy as trash, poison, sludge, etc, clogging up our mind and body, and find a way to “clean” it all up, get it in one place, and get it out of us, instead of destroying it, why not feed it to a Poison type? By turning the negative energy into garbage/poison.

Remember some Poison types will want these energies in a different form. Grimer and Trubbish might like trash and poison, but Ekans or Zubat might not know what to do with a bunch of trash. Zubat might even prefer “blood” (I’m not for or against blood offerings, but “blood” can be substituted for a lot of other things). Heck, sometimes they just want a Poképuff. It’s up to you to research the specific Pokémon and how they interact with poison, and the individual you’re working with to see what they like. But I just want to throw it out there that some Poison types (and you!) will really benefit from this transfer of negative energy.

(There are Ghost types that feed on negative energy too, but in my opinion the process is going to look different. A post for another time.)

If you want to work with a Poison type, consider the ways that the both of you can help each other out! They offer a place for your negative emotions to go where they can’t get back to you, as well as their protection and guidance as a Pokémon companion, and you offer them gross gunk clogging up your soul. Of course, since you’re not feeling bad all the time, sometimes the trash in your garbage can works fine too. ;)