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💕So I fell in love with this little articulated chameleon today! Just look at his cute lil tail curl💕

Hello! I work for my school’s natural history collections so I understand all the laws and have all the permits I need to care for my dead things. This piece is not a personal collection piece, but the schools.

Ooooohh my gosh I will literally never get over how Damen is the King of fantasizing. I love love how every chance he gets he’s thinking of cute things to do with Laurent and of course the “if I could have courted you properly” continued fantasy, like he just keeps adding onto it. I love this man to bits and pieces he’s so sweet theyre both just hopelessly in love


My Spring Stone Paths!

I wanted something with a little bit of freedom and flow and so I designed these paths! They look awesome straight, but my favorite thing to do is make wandering paths. So enjoy, spring time wanderers!

There are 10 pieces because of the corners and the square stepping stones, but I find them super versatile!

(older winter version here)

The First Waltz - Young!Sirius Black x reader

I edited this little thing together (I DON’T OWN THESE) to give you a little idea of the waltz and I based it off this piece (once upon a December from Anastasia on piano and violin). I quite like this, maybe gonna do a little extension of this - what do you guys think?

“The Yule Ball, my friends. That’s how I will do it.” James exclaimed, throwing tickets down onto the table. "

“Do what?” you laughed reaching for one of the tickets after the others had scrambled for one.

“Make Lily fall in love with me,” he smirked as Lily just laughed from next to you 

“You wish Potter” she smirked. Everyone knew she already loved him but she liked to tease.

“Are you guys kidding? How are we supposed to pick one girl?” Sirius exclaimed with a little smirk. 

You rolled your eyes, smacking Sirius round the back of the head. “You’re so obnoxious, Sirius,” you muttered. Remus chuckled earning a swift kick to the shin from him.

 “You are just jealous.” Sirius said shrugging his shoulders, rubbing it a little where you had hit him.

 “I hate you.” you chuckled, shaking your head at him half-heartedly. 

You were certainly one of them, from the very beginning , Lily had pulled you into social activities and she had introduced you to her best friends, and since then you had remained together. 

“Who do you want to go with, (y/n)?” James inquires, looking over at you. 

Quite honestly, you didn’t have a clue. You spent all of your time with these idiots and Lily so you didn’t really know anyone outside of your little comfort bubble.
“I don’t really know. I don’t know many boys outside of you guys” you laughed a little awkwardly.

“We’ll all go platonically then” Lily smiled and James did a double take a little,

“fineeeee” he moaned

“And then Sirius won’t have to pick over the many girls I am sure will be fighting over a place on his arm” Remus laughed once again earning a swift kick but not caring.


Your nerves were not something you had anticipated. You were going with friends who had seen you at your worst and sill didn’t care so why were your worried - you had no one to impress.

“(y/n), I am going to head down okay? Unless you want me to stay?” Lily had been sat with you on the bedroom floor, the two of you all dolled up as she calmed you down a little after the other girls had left your dorm.

“No I am okay I will be down in a little bit, I promise” you smiled a thank you and she stood, smoothing her dress down and leaving her heels clicking on the stone steps. You could hear the boy’s wolf whistling at her and her shouting profanities at them laughing.

“Where’s (y/n), James’ voice drifted up

"She’ll be down in a little while. Finishing touches and fashionably late and all that.” You were thankful she didn’t really explain why you were a little late. “Come on, she’ll join us at the doors.” you heard their noise die down and you stood, moving to the mirror and looking yourself over. The red ball gown you wore poofed out quite a bit making you giggle like a little girl as you twirled a little. You looked so elegant, your hair pulled up to look a little shorter and your make up done perfectly as if done by a professional. Taking five deep breaths you left your own heels clicking over the cold stone now. Feigning confidence, you turned to go down the stairs, looking down at your feet with a small smile. You looked up as you reached the bottom to find most people’s eyes on you.

“my god…” Remus breathed looking you up and down with a smirk.

James actually tore his eyes away from Lily for a moment and smiled and Sirius just looked at you. No smile, no snarky comment. It was shock. He was dressed beautifully in a long gray jacket, waistcoat and lose tie but he still looked so refined. He looked wonderful. You all kind of stayed stuck there, you and Sirius not taking your eyes off each others.

“We should go in the first waltz will be starting in a moment, I want to see who starts it all off” Lily interrupted the others silence and dragged them in, sensing the tension between you and the debonair Black. Sirius looked away a little as they left and you closed the gap so you were standing before him.

“Can you dance?” he asked quickly, turning back to look down at you again, “I was taught when I was younger.”

“I know the basics” you replied, “Why do you ask?”

He reached for your hand pulling it softly into his and encouraged you to walk slowly beside him, hand in his into the hall. People cleared you way making a pathway through, everyone’s eyes fixed on you and Sirius as he led you forward not taking his eyes off you. A waltz began to play. The first waltz. He guided you to the center of the floor and placed his hand carefully on your waist, the other help your hand up as you rested your hand on his shoulder.  His eyes still never left yours and you became completely unaware of the hundreds of students and teachers watching you. He spun you in his arms, turning you elegantly and carefully. You never imagined Sirius to be so graceful as he turned you and spun you out, still paying all his attention to you. The two of you danced as if it had been rehearsed millions of times before. Just as the music was about to climax, Sirius mumbled so only you could hear,

“I picked my one girl”

The music flowed more powerfully, allowing you to rise and fall easily together, twirling, your legs entwining gracefully pulling you across the floor. You teased, getting so close you could feel his breath fan your cheeks, you could easily kiss him but you were too caught up in the dance, gliding as he turned you lifting you slightly. His strong arms held you perfectly as you stepped away slightly but he pulled you back in as the music drew to a close.

You stayed looking at each other for a few moments, silence filled the room. Slow claps came from Dumbledore and the entire hall erupted but still you stayed just as close, eyes locked. Sirius leaned a tiny bit forward as if to kiss you but pulled away a cheeky smile forming on his face holding your hand out and bowing, making you curtsey. As you rose your eyes found your friends all of them with smug but surprised smiles on their faces, all of them cheering loudest. You were about to walk from the floor when another dance started, Sirius began to lead and you were rather relieved that the teachers and other students had joined in because the realisation that you had just been swept off your feet in front of the entire school and guests by Sirius Black had set in and your legs were shaking a little. You had looked at Sirius every day of every week but never had the two of you looked at each other like you had now.

“You dance well” they were his firsts words since outside the hall.

“I had a good lead” you tried to be normal but even you could tell he heard a slight falter in your voice.

“Come, let’s get you a drink,” he effortlessly danced his way through the crowd and lead you off the floor, no one even noticing the two of you had slipped off. Even away from the crowd you felt enclosed suddenly, hot and not really breathing right,

“(y/n)? What’s wrong?” Sirius handed you a drink and reached for your arm to support you,

“I just need a little air” you murmured and walked away from him and straight out the door onto the balcony, your silhouette hidden by the curtain. Nothing hurt, in fact, everything seemed to be buzzing; your head, your hands, your waist where he had held you and your heart - all buzzing at once. Not once could you get the imprinted image of his beautiful passionate eyes out of your head, the eyes you had looked at so many times before seemed different but the same and his hands; you had touched hands so many times passing each other things but never had a subtle spark as exciting as that ever crossed between you.

The sound of music suddenly became muffled and you turned to find the very eyes that enchanted you once again. Sirius had closed the balcony doors behind him, giving the two of you privacy for the first time in a very long time, even as friends the marauders were normally not far away. There was a tension between you that was different than before.

“I have a feeling we both have similar feelings right now” he speculated,

“What do you mean?” surely he didn’t feel this too.

“The buzzing feeling everywhere we touched. The way I so desperately wanted to lean down and close that tiny gap that seemed too big, how I wanted to never let that dance end” Sirius suddenly wasn’t as calm as he had appeared while dancing he was gradually getting quieter and the pleading in his eyes for reassurance on these things grew with every word.

“Yes.” That was the only word you could manage. Sirius stepped forward as if he was about to begin the waltz all over again, his hands finding your hips but this time, he closed that gap. His lips found yours as he pulled you against him firmly as if every part of his body had to be touching yours just to breathe. Your hands rested on his face feeling the very slight stubble never wanting to pull away. Sirius’ lips were gentle and moved so softly but the need to breath became overwhelming, and you both seemed to move away.

“I will never need to choose between girls again” he breathed, “Honestly though I never wanted to pick anyone but you”

“I love you, Sirius Black.” He looked down to you, retracting to his full height a little and took both of your small hands in his larger ones and turned them, slipping his fingers between yours.

“And I indeed, (y/n) (l/n), love you too”

—  Me referring to angry adult fictional characters covered in the blood of their enemies.
The Signs as Supernatural Quotes

Aries: Nothing says family like the whole family being dead.”

Taurus: “This is stupid. My sandwich didn't do anything.”

Gemini: “Yet here we are, negotiating like proper psychopaths.”

Cancer: “I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.”

Leo: “I think I’m adorable.”

Virgo: “Five-eighths of a virgin?”

Libra: “I know it’s hard to believe, but I haven’t always been this cute and cuddly.”

Scorpio: “The last person who looked at me like that got laid.”

Sagittarius: “What’re you calling me a bitch for?”

Capricorn: “My ‘people skills’ are ‘rusty’”

Aquarius: “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little hell to rise.”

Pieces: “They’re supposed to make you miserable! That’s why they’re family!”

bookworm126  asked:

Imagine you falling asleep while working on an essay or something and then Sirius just sits there looking at you and noticing everything about you like your soft little snores and the way your hair falls over your face. He gets bored and writes all of it down on a piece of parchment near him and then accidentally falls asleep. Next morning when you wake up, you see the paper and read it and you realize how much you love him-sry! Kat kept sending you those things and ideas came into my head too


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Five things you’ll find in my bag:
- earphones
- makeup
- random pieces of candy i dont remember buying but they just materialize there
- a book
- 23 lighters

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:
- me, always
- books everywhere (i dont have any free space in the shelves so now i just stuff them in drawers)
- paperwork scattered all over the floor
- empty coffee mugs
- a wand

Five things I’ve wanted to do in life:
- own a bookshop
- have a cute little apartment downtown
- whale-watching
- go to bed early (i hear its nice)
- learn how to speak russian

Five things that make me happy:
- puppies
- kittens
- cancelled plans
- good comebacks 
- comfy blankets

Five things I’m currently into:
- the westworld soundtrack
- purple lipstick
- big cat month on nat geo wild
- artisanal yogurt 

Five things on my to-do list:
- make a to-do list
- hang out with my friends this week
- buy a hermione costume for my little nice
- buy a harry costume for my nephew
- buy another harry costume for my other niece

Five things people may not know about me:
- one time when i was 4 i drank a whole bottle of baileys irish cream and had to get my stomach pumped
- i just took my christmas tree down today
- i once got into a fight with my history teacher and i got really mad and said ‘we’re leaving’ instead of ‘im leaving’ and my classmates just followed me outside
- my mom wanted to name me Donatella but my dad came through for me
- i always walk on my toes when im barefoot. i dont know why i just do

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A piece done for a special someone, but posting a little early :) Mercy and McCree are his faves/mains so I wanted to draw them! I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day

(Please don’t use this image/repost, tag as any ships, or remove my captions, thank you!)

ok the thought of Bucky being lonely 24/7 and staying up all night as he tries to piece his life together, writing all of his foggy memories in his little notebook is actually heartbreaking. but then the thought of him being excited about remembering things, eating plums and chocolate, and then sleeping soundly in his cute little bed makes me so happy is2g.

jxckspxcer submitted:

I drew a thing in class & I decided to just slap some color on it & give it to u since u seem to rly like art of this beautiful murderbaby.


5 things tag meme

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. My wallet. It has a blue exorcist key chain on it
  2. My phone
  3. My cute little purple airbrush
  4. Calculator
  5. Headphones

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. Alcohol bottle collection
  2. Clothes if I haven’t cleaned my room in awhile
  3. Posters, paintings, and drawings on my wall, including a windwaker art print, an avatar art print, a one piece tapestry, a painting my dad painted, and some old band t-shirts i cut the design out of
  4. Certificate I got when I won 1st place web design at a local high school art exhibit
  5. Statues and figurines sitting on my desk, including Merida, a dragon, fantasia mickey, tinkerbell (she only has one wing :[  ) , and a fish. 
(technically this is more than five things but oh well)

5 things I’m into at the moment

  1. Voltron 
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Ladybug and Chat Noir
  4. One Piece
  5. Avatar The Last Airbender

5 things in my to-do list

  1. Get a car
  2. Get a laptop
  3. Pass this semester
  4. Sign up for the next semester
  5. Get financial aid in order for the fall semester

5 things people don’t know about me

  1. I like angsty fanfiction dont know why. I just really like hurt/comfort things
  2. I used to have a crush on haku from spirited away
  3. ???
  4. ??
  5. idk a couple other things im not willing to share. Sorry guys. 

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Hi! @theperfectlyparadox

First: thank you <3

And then : In fact I imagine Katelyn taller than Aaron, but I wanted pictures quite… malicious? Like, Katelyn making herself little because this is cute to have the little boyfriend and playing with this. Or sitting on a table to makes him feel a little taller. Like, cute Katelyn doing cute things because she’s just joy and happiness and we need this amongst all these angsty emo boys.

But I plan to draw something with full body Aaron and Katelyn to make their heigh difference appears! Just not now because I have things to do first, but it’s on my list. With these pieces I discover I love drawing this couple so I will make things with them again in the future.

open when you're feeling grumpy

hey, cutie! so the first thing I can think of is the little dwarf from Snow White, and he’s not quite as cute as you(other than the beard) so please keep being my happy cute lovely baby! I don’t know what’s making you so grumpy, but try taking a nap, or a hot shower. I love you so much and I love you much more when you’re your usual happy self. I love you to pieces, baby! smile for me please(:


Hey guys! First lil writing thing since I got back from camp! It’s just a cute little Stingue drabble, no dialogue just fluff with a tad of emotional feels. Enjoy <3


Sting scribbles something down on the piece of paper on his lap, mumbling something about Guild Master bullshit. Beside him, Rogue states blankly at the wall, eyes unfocused and cloudy. Sting looks at them for a moment, but Rogue doesn’t seem to react.

The Twin Dragons sit in silence for a long moment, neither one of them needing to speak. Both were exhausted: Rogue having gotten little to no sleep for the past few days due to nightmares, and Sting from a sudden overload of paperwork. Sting works as hard as he can, trying his best to ignore his mild headache, likely from dehydration.

Suddenly, Rogue’s hand takes the paper from Sting’s lap. Sting looks at Rogue with questioning eyes, to which Rogue sets the paper down on the small table in front of them. Slowly they rest their head on Sting’s lap, eyes closing and exhaling softly.

Sting smiles fondly, tangling his fingers in Rogue’s hair. The black strands were slightly oily, indicating that Rogue hadn’t showered in a day or two. Sting’s heart aches for his partner, seeing the suffering but not having a clue how to help them.

Rogue sighs again and curls up further into Sting’s lap, hands bunching up the fabric of Sting’s loose light blue t-shirt as they cling to Sting as if he’s their lifeline. Sting continues to slowly pet Rogue’s hair, not sure how else to comfort them. But it seemed that was all Sting needed to do, feeling Rogue’s unsteady breathing slowly even out as they slip into sleep at last.

Sting’s fingers don’t leave Rogue’s hair, keeping the calming movement going, trying to keep Rogue feeling calm and safe. Sting didn’t want Rogue to feel anymore fear about going to sleep, or wake up screaming in a cold sweat ranting and raving madly about shadows coming to consume them in darkness. Sting held Rogue closer still, determined to keep Rogue’s sleep undisturbed.

Sting leans down and kisses their forehead, mentally wishing them peace before leaning back against the couch cushions and staring up at the lights dancing on the ceiling. Here, Rogue would always be safe. After all…the best home is always in each other’s arms.

So I decided to write a short valentine’s day fic because outside of two of my local friends, everyone else here that I know is in a relationship, and I’m just here glaring out the window at the 20cm of snow that just fell and wondering “when will my Spring return from the war”, and feeling a little lonely as per usual this time of the year.

Not a big deal or anything, but I’ll definitely be fluffing it up with this piece because if I can’t have a date on v-day, then I can at least make my characters get in one and do cute things together. 

it’s at, like, 3k words now. Not sure how long it’ll be but it’ll be out tomorrow.

I know there are some things we need to talk about

And I can’t stay
So let me hold you for a little longer now

Take a piece of my heart
And make it all your own
So when we are apart
You’ll never be alone
Never be alone

You’ll never be alone
When you miss me close your eyes
I may be far but never gone

—  Shawn Mendes, Never Be Alone

Assemblage necklace <3 sold.
Love working with the larger gauge copper wire, my husband makes all the large copper bases for me to adorn fanatically with large bulky beads and salvaged objects.
This necklace in particular is one of my more recent favorites… including a very beautiful handmade copper ogham charm by my dear friend annabel, cowrie shell salvaged from an old flea market lei, titanium quartz received in a trade, some salvaged beads from various necklaces and broken jewelryobtained through flea markets and thrift shops, little seed beads ( of which i actually purchased new due to their cuteness) and a couple clay beads i made ( the larger gold disk bead and patterned drop bead on the far right. )
The subtle things are what make working so enjoyable for me….
The incorporation of my husband and friend, customers and eccentric ladies selling broken jewelry at flea markets…all little its of memory and energy woven and wrapped into one piece of ornamental jewelry.