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Favorite Character Meme: Eight Quotes [5/8]

“She understood her worth which made her powerful. The world gravely needed a hero so she became one. No superpowers really; just a strong woman who took no shit from anyone” [x]


Shakira: “Milan is obsessed with football. He’s the biggest Barça fan on the planet. He sleeps with the Barca jersey on, he sleeps with the ball, and he doesn’t miss a single match. He knows every single team, including those in the Premier League, and he wears all of their shirts.” The last time I tried to make a song was in the car with Milan. A melody came to my mind while he was singing the Barcelona anthem loudly, and I had to stop and memorize the melody until we reached home. But once there, my inspiration had gone! I had recorded it on my mobile but I could only hear Barça’s anthem.“