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AAAAARGH so glad I can finally show these! Back in July or something I participated in a contest to visualize how German seas are endangered by eutrophication, more specifically, our seahorses are endangered.
I could have used the money, too, but at least I did it for a good cause or something? Plus that little comic grew on me, and I might come back to it at some point. Although the girl still doesn’t have a name.

She’s a magical girl and will save the seas with the power of plushie friendship, don’t let the comic fool you.

The first panel on the third page is by far my favourite one, actually!

For the record, here’s a translation of the speech bubbles on page 3 and 4 in order:
“I’ll do something, I promise.”
“…And that’s why we must work together with the farming industry to reduce pollution of our waters.”
“Thank you for your attention! Any questions?”


Ask the Shy-Tri: Page 8

The Return

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So the Shy’s had complications on getting Internet connection. Now that they got it back, they can get back into answering your questions! And by the looks of it, they have A LOT to answer.

Also, thank you very much for 2000 followers, despite the hiatus!

Got any questions for the cutest trio in Equestria? Ask away!

Ask the Shy-Tri: Page 7

Crushes <3

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Now you guys kind of know who the Shy’s are into! I also darkened Fluttershy’s text color a bit to make it a little more readable.

Got any questions for the cutest trio in Equestria? Ask away!


After nearly a month of practice, newly minted Princess Twilight still hasn’t figured out how to fly with any success, and as much as Rainbow Dash is trying to help, it’s not working! Will Twilight ever learn how to fly?

A 16-page full-color comic about magical flying horses. Includes a few cameos, too!

Available on Gumroad or for $5+ Patrons (includes the penciled version for Patrons!)




River Babble (The Mod): Well THAT took me an age and a half. Sorry for the delay, but here’s the Part 2 I promised weeks ago, wherein I give a little more insight into Pitch Black’s relevance to the plot. Not TOO much, though, I hope. I gotta leave you guys something to ask questions about. ;D

                                       Fun Facts For This Page!
(Because it took forever and I wish to smother it with affection)

- A little something is hinted here regarding Salespitch’s magical capabilities/limitations, if you pay close enough attention. 

 - Pitch Black’s hair is correct in this page. Those who remember when he was first introduced may have noticed that his mohawk is more floppy now, but actually, this is how I originally designed him. I tried the straight mohawk out on that page, thinking it made more logical sense, but since when does pony hair ever REALLY make sense? It was just a touch too severe, and Black isn’t as severe as one might think on first meeting.

- COLORING is REALLY HARD for me, especially backgrounds, man that took FOREVER! But I persevered for you, my readers!!! (And for myself, because just drawing ponies on blank backgrounds feels really dull after a while.)

- I really like how Black’s face turned out in Panel 2. Thanks go to Doodlee-a and Artsehsis for advising me on how to color a bruise.

- I really like how Black’s magic came out in the last panel.

- I really like Black. He is the best older brother I have ever created.

- I thought it’d be fun to start sneaking in cameos where I can, and Ruby from @ruby-mark-attempts seemed a natural choice (see Panel 2). I like her design. =D

More pages in the works! Thanks for reading!