my little octopus

Dean is a sailor, and in his brief swims over the course of a lifetime he’s seen many wonders beneath the waves. The world beneath the water is so diverse, so beautiful, but as a human, restricted to breathing air, vulnerable to the bends, he’ll never see it except in brief glimpses. Not like the merpeople, inhumanly strong, capable of breathing above water and below, able to swim as fast as the finest ship in the fleet for hours on end. If he could live beneath the waves, what couldn’t he do? The world could be his oyster (yeah yeah he knows it’s a terrible pun).

Dean hears a rumor, a whisper of a whisper, of a wizard named Alistair who might be able to grant his wish. The rumors also say that Alistair is evil, and his spells come with a price.

Dean is willing to pay any price.

So he finds Alistair.

And learns that some prices are too high.

But he gets his wish. When the agony and torment and unspeakable abuse finally end, Dean is left floating in the ocean, too weak to swim even if he knew how to use his new fish tail. Mute from trauma, starving, still barely healed, he’d have died if not for the unexpected, unsolicited kindness of…someone. Dean doesn’t know who. He never sees his benefactor, and at first he is skeptical of the food and medicines left for him, many only barely recognizable as food or medicine. But he’s desperate so he takes the chance and slowly he puts on weight, slowly he heals, slowly he learns to use his fins to explore the depths.

Slowly the magic of the undersea world rekindles Dean’s will to live. The price was still too high but at least he’s free, at least the ocean is amazing.

His helper stops when he grows self sufficient.

*I have to find them,* Dean resolves. *I have to thank them for saving me.*

So Dean embarks on a journey that’ll take him across the seven seas, reveal to him that there are far more wonders than merpeople beneath the wave, heal him mind and soul, and find him love in the many arms of a mysterious half human with blue eyes and dark hair.

And somewhere in the darkest depths, Alistair lurks, eager to reclaim Dean and make him his protege…


     Last tuesday was my highschool carnival and I made this Ursula cosplay from the Little mermaid. I’m kinda proud of it (yeah, it don’t happen that often).

    I sewed the dress and the tentacles. I also “sculpted” the wig and made the jewelry. Sadly the foam in the tentacles fell at the botom so they looks weird.

     I’m sorry for the phone and the bandaid on my chest, but I didn’t have any pockets and I had to protect my tatoo from the sun.

      I also made an evil queen (from Snow white) cosplay for my friend. But I’m not quite sure she want her face to be show on tumblr

Yeah… I worked on story… But so bad…I tried..

I’m really tired . I love Lapiz, so much. I can’t stop. But… I don’t know what to do . I love this little pokemon story, I love the little snorlax, But… I don’t know where I’m going with it…

I’m pretty sure that you are tired to wait some update

I really tried to create a story with Lapiz . But I think I cant’. Why ? Because I identifiy Lapiz to myself and this is hard to create him a story. This is pretty stupid I know.


I’m really not a story teller . ( I’m trainning  with my little Octopus character )

I would love to know your feeling about Lapiz

Do you want to see him , Do you still love him ? What are you thinking of this blog ?

I don’t want to end it . I love Lapiz, but…. Maybe i’m the only now ^^;

Don’t hesitate to tell me but please … No anonyme hate .

I love you all


Octo update:

Our little kraken is still as feisty as ever! She is constantly amazing me with her unique behavior and with the things she is able to learn and do. We have yet to come up with an enrichment device that she is not able to figure out, and I am currently searching for some fun holiday-themed items to use with her in the coming weeks. It’s safe to say that my octopus obsession is far from over <3


tambelon replied to your post “I am like an octopus. Corner me and I disappear in a cloud of fan…”



Joking aside, FINALLY finished this thing. This is sooo much far bigger in scope than anything I’ve done in like… ages. Doesn’t help that I started by drawing ALL the octopus arms. Including suckers. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?

In the image:

Mirror Image (duh!) - pegasus-turned-octopony-thing - yours truly
Starfish - diamond dog - @mylittlechangeling
Shai Ni - unicorn - @shinyshaini
Princess Shelf - best princess - @ask-king-sombra
Dolly - donkey filly - @ask-dolly
Pitch Patch - earth pony - askpitchpatch - GRIMDARK!
Lilyfeather - earth pony - @askneonflight
Gargle - earth pony colt - @askgargle
Calliope - mermare - @technomod/@asktechnowizard
Stormchaser - pegasus - @stormchaser-answers
Dream Baker - unicorn - @askdreambaker
Opalescent Pearl - sparkle crystal pony - @askopalescentpearl

Progress images:

Ink and tentacles (WIP 1)
First three ponies (WIP 2, 3)
Few more ponies, placeholders (WIP 4) 
Almost done inking (WIP 5)
Coloring progress (WIP 6, 7, 8)

(Included transparents/whatever of the layer groups that get obscured by other layers/look slightly weird because of the dark background)


Just a little awkward first sort-of-date action from a new thing @sallyamongpoison and I are working on. ;)

(For some reason, this looks awful and blurry on Tumblr with my desktop. If it’s all blurry, click the images to see how they’re supposed to look.)