my little octopus


Just a little awkward first sort-of-date action from a new thing @sallyamongpoison and I are working on. ;)

(For some reason, this looks awful and blurry on Tumblr with my desktop. If it’s all blurry, click the images to see how they’re supposed to look.)

Dark sea witch vibes 🔮🐙✨
Tentacle horns and seahorse necklace from Hysteria Machine
Seashell belt buckle from Les Bon Ribbon (belt made by me)
Dress from New Look


tambelon replied to your post “I am like an octopus. Corner me and I disappear in a cloud of fan…”



Joking aside, FINALLY finished this thing. This is sooo much far bigger in scope than anything I’ve done in like… ages. Doesn’t help that I started by drawing ALL the octopus arms. Including suckers. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?

In the image:

Mirror Image (duh!) - pegasus-turned-octopony-thing - yours truly
Starfish - diamond dog - @mylittlechangeling
Shai Ni - unicorn - @shinyshaini
Princess Shelf - best princess - @ask-king-sombra
Dolly - donkey filly - @ask-dolly
Pitch Patch - earth pony - askpitchpatch - GRIMDARK!
Lilyfeather - earth pony - @askneonflight
Gargle - earth pony colt - @askgargle
Calliope - mermare - @technomod/@asktechnowizard
Stormchaser - pegasus - @stormchaser-answers
Dream Baker - unicorn - @askdreambaker
Opalescent Pearl - sparkle crystal pony - @askopalescentpearl

Progress images:

Ink and tentacles (WIP 1)
First three ponies (WIP 2, 3)
Few more ponies, placeholders (WIP 4) 
Almost done inking (WIP 5)
Coloring progress (WIP 6, 7, 8)

(Included transparents/whatever of the layer groups that get obscured by other layers/look slightly weird because of the dark background)


While Rainbow Splash was away at Flutter Valley, Nightlight Crochet watched the baby octopuses she had left for her. While visiting, Nightlight Crochet kept them entertained with spooky ghost stories and showed them a bit about fall on land- including Halloween.

“WE WANT TO DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN!” the trio shrieked! ((much to the ‘delight’ of Truthseeker who had taken up post by the window, staring down the shifty rabbit across the lawn))

“Well…what would you like to be?” Nightlight asked- this was sure to be fun!

“I want to be a butterfly!” Squick said almost immediately and set to work planning her costume. She had had a close encounter with a butterfly while in her temporary pool by the garden and was fascinated by them!

“I want to be a UFO…” came a shy, almost quiet voice from Smooshee. Smooshee had taken to reading some of TruthSeeker’s papers, and generally hung around whenever TruthSeeker was there. Who’d’ve guessed that Smooshee would be so in love with the unexplained phenomena that Truthseeker reads about!

“I..uh…I want to be a ghost!” said Squidgy. “wait…WAIT…WAAAIIITTT! No. I want to be something…kinda spooky. Squick is doing pretty, Smooshee is…well…smooshee… I wanna be scary! VAMPIRE!!! I’M GONNA BE A VAMPIREEEEE!!!”

All three of them having picked their costume ideas, they set to work with Nightlight Crochet, who actually didn’t need to help very much- the trio seemed perfectly capable of making amazing costumes on their own! Within hours, Squick had a beautiful butterfly costume, Smooshie had a UFO with real working “Lights” ((In reality it was just shimmer paint, but when any light hit it, it would shimmer like disco balls!)) and Squidgy was a super terrifying vampire.

“WE CAN’T WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN!” The trio shrieked again!