my little niece :)

He looks like a sad grandpa who just wants his grandkids to love him

shoutout to my 3rd grade teacher who themed our classroom into Harry Potter, who made our four-table groups into the four hogwarts houses, who made most of our classroom activities based on Harry Potter, who gave us a taste of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, who made us butter beer (alcohol free) before we left for Christmas vacation, who at the end of the year made us watch all of the Harry Potter films, and raffled HP merch while all the other teachers were giving the other kids end of the year assignments

shout out to mrs. rhodes who made our year magical


amelia shepherd + nieces & nephews ( seattle edition )

I did a thing. The Cohen family tree, merged with some of Agnes’ family. Ugh my program was hating this?

Albert Roy Hassling (1850-1922) & Lucilia Dorothy Hassling (1863-1945)

Mildred Elsie Crowell (1804-1982) & Lawrence Earl Crowell (1886-1965)

Nellie Cora Crowell(1915-1989)

Margret Helen Cohen (1867-1910) & Walter Simon Cohen (1862-1889)

Agnes Ann Cohen (1891-1959) & George Simon Cohen (1888-1950)

Sander Micheal Cohen (1910-1960)

Leonard Allen Cohen (1859-1933) & Georgette Jane Cohen (1865-1949)

Josephine Doris Rogers (1885-1964) & Marcus Harvey Rogers (1890-1968)

Edna Mary Rogers (1907-1975)


So my brother put my three year old niece down for a nap and after a while was hearing strange noises coming from her room. He opened the door to this!!! She had found a blue marker and had proceeded to color herself the wall and some toys. She also colored the bottom of her feet so there are little blue foot prints all over the floor. And I can’t stop laughing. She loves music, colors, anything and everything artsy and all I can think is this lil girl is going to go places with her creativity and that proud smile.

Also I can’t stop thinking of this


‘You kidding Uncle Rau? I could beat Kori without even lifting a finger!’ 

‘Heh; You’re a lot like your mother little one’


A rooftop wedding where Sam straps on his wings and steals Steve away, carrying him over the threshold while complaining about how heavy he is. Y/Y??