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  • Friend: how are you still awake and functioning?
  • Me: drag queens.

When your dog is unamused with you and your boyfriend’s bad habits, but she knows you rescued her and treat her right, so she loves you and sticks by your side anyways.

This picture wasn’t taken like this on purpose. I was trying to take a photo of my dog since she never looks right at the camera and after I took it I realized P is in the corner of the photo making up a shot. Hahaha.
momentum - 6

chapter 6

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“Why do you have two toothbrushes?” Itachi picked up both items and turned to his younger brother with a raised brow.

Sasuke glanced in his direction with a deer-in-the-headlights expression. Not knowing how to answer, he continued placing his novels in a cardboard box.

Seconds passed as Itachi stared expectantly at the man avoiding his gaze.

“The blue one is mine, you can throw the purple one away,” came his belated reply.

“Hmm.” The older sibling was unsatisfied, but did not prod further.

They finished the rest of the packing in silence, with Sasuke hoping he would not be pressed on the issue. People didn’t call Itachi a genius for nothing - he eventually figured things out, one way or another.

To say Itachi was curious was an understatement.

Once a week, they would Skype to stay in touch and like clockwork, he asked Sasuke how college was going. Were classes okay? Did he need anything?

Without fail, Sasuke gave the same generic answers: college is fine, classes are easy, no I don’t need anything. He occasionally threw in extra details like “I went to a new cafe downtown” or “I visited this museum,” but he did not generally enjoy discussing the personal details of his life. Then again, he was not a very talkative individual in the first place. Neither was Itachi, nor their late father - the Uchiha males were men of few words.

However brief their conversations may have been, Itachi did pick up on something. He was the lead investigator for the Konoha police force, so keen perception was a necessary part of the trade.

Sasuke seemed to have… perked up a little more this semester. Sometimes he would be half distracted on their Skype calls, text tones going off on his side. His focus would shift between his phone and his laptop to reply to his messages and maintain his discussion with Itachi.

Once, the older Uchiha watched with mild surprise as a grin split Sasuke’s face upon opening a particular message. Momentarily forgetting he was on the other side of a webcam, he didn’t mask his delight.

When asked who he was texting, Sasuke adjusted his features back to neutral and vaguely answered, “A friend.”

Knowing he would find out eventually, he let it drop. Now the desire to understand came back full force with the discovery of the mysterious purple toothbrush.

They were loading the last few boxes into the car when Sasuke looked at his phone and typed back a quick reply. Wiping the dust from his hands on his pants, he faced his brother and declared, “I’m going to go meet with a friend since we finished early. I’ll see you in an hour.”

No wonder it seemed like he had rushed packing, haphazardly shoving his belongings into boxes and bags. Itachi nodded in assent. “Have fun, I’ll meet you here at 3.”

Sasuke all but sprinted away from the car and Itachi couldn’t help but smirk. He was acting like a teenager with his first crush. Perhaps he was, he contemplated. His little brother closed himself off from others after their parents’ deaths and while the siblings were in tune with each other, Sasuke still had trouble expressing himself.

The owner of the purple toothbrush must have been rather special, he mused as he watched Sasuke run off.

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Anesthetics—or anything with a needle, really—were far more difficult to administer to skeletons, from what Sans had learned in his brief study of monster biology in college. Mainly due to the whole made entirely of bone thing. His professor hadn’t planned on bringing it up during their segment on medical treatments and procedures, but Sans had never let a topic go by without asking some kind of question that threw the teacher off-course, and even though his family were the only remaining skeletons in the Underground, he wasn’t about to let anyone forget about them.

But Dr. Zelworth had been fond of him, and when he couldn’t find any books on skeletons that had been updated in the last two hundred years, he had brought Sans’s dad in to give the class a guest lecture.

That had been five years ago, but thanks to Sans, there was now a special segment in the biology curriculum dedicated entirely to skeletons.

And Sans forced himself to focus on that memory rather than the sharp, grating sting when his dad maneuvered the needle in between the bones connecting his arm to his shoulder, stabbing into a bit of softer bone before pushing down the plunger.

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hey amanda, on your insta like five posts back you posted a... cart?? thats the word you used? for playing vinyl and said its good for newbies and anyway im such a newbie that i dont even know what its called, but would you provide a link? inherited a ton of old classical + jazz records and have no way to listen. and the internet confuses me with too many options.

Yeah!! I’ve been in the exact experience before and I know how rough it can be. I suddenly made the (possibly irresponsible, since I was a broke college student at the time) decision to start collecting vinyl around this time last year, and it was pretty overwhelming. I got ha-ha’d by lots of arrogant record store dudes who pointed me right to the pastel blue Crosley players without a moment’s hesitation. Fun thing about being a women trying to take up a hobby is that pretty much every decision you make will be scrutinized by a male public, sadly. It’s nerve-wrecking…but don’t give up! I never believed it until I experienced it, but vinyl really is warmer, more engaging, and in my opinion the best way to listen to music, bar none. 

This is gonna be a long post, lmao, and I’m sure I’ll get some feed back or uh..spicy hot takes from anons later, but who cares. I know your question was about cartridges, and if you like, I’ve put it right at the end of my answer for you to scroll down to. But I think I wanna start back from stage one just because I’ve been meaning to for a while. Hope that’s ok. So uh. Enjoy some pics of my two little needle-robots & an explanation of how I got them under the cut. 

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The Path of Needles.

Second instalment of the Bitten triptych; a work that uses the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fable as a rough framework to explore werewolfism as a metaphor for female puberty. Like the lupine transformation, adolescence leads to the development of androgenic hair and visible bodily change. Fertility is heralded by the menstrual cycle; whose pattern is traditionally linked with the phases of the moon. Of course, the latter is also associated with so-called ‘madness’ (anger and antisocial moods). The works investigate the development and maturation of young girls and raise questions of choice and consent, moratorium and foreclosure; but delve into the mind of the wolf as well as the ‘curse’ takes hold.

This book deals with the sexual aspects of growing up. The book opens from the middle and has a 'girl side’ and a 'wolf’ side.’ It is meant to look like the pages from the two sides have been removed and stitched together to create a new narrative. Needles were once seen as a sexual symbol (because they have an eye that can be threaded); and the book tries to reference some possible pathways that the girl could have taken with her sexuality – that is, being passive or proactive.

Part 1.

Part 3.

I got around to drawing my oc Cotton for the first time in forever. I left off her horn this time though. 

I will be at BUCK con uk this friday to the sunday and my con badge will have this image on it. If you see a 4'8 little girl with a blonde streak in her hair, that’s me .u. Are any of you guys going? I wanna meet all of you if you are~