my little man

modern lumatere: (young) august and abian

Trevanion pointed to August of the Flatlands. “And his father is weak and deceitful and lazy, but I would trust him with my life.”
She looked at August with disgust. “This? A fine army you will build, Trevanion.” 
“Go home, Abie. Before it is dark. It is not safe for you to be traveling alone,” Trevanion said wearily.
“Perhaps I could escort her,” August suggested.
“You?” she scoffed. “You fit under my arm, little man.” And with that, she kissed the baby and slammed out the door.
“Pity the one who ends up in her marriage bed,” August muttered.

Fireworks show at Teton village. We accidentally parked about 100 yards from where they were lighting them off (we didn’t know where the show would be). My little man watched from inside the truck because they were so loud. The big guy and I watched from the bed of the truck. What a great day! What an amazing place! If you’ve never been to Jackson, Wy, go!