my little man

Have you seen this FUNKO THING… - Even Jorah can’t stop laughing…

So we finally get a Jorah FUNKO - And it looks NOTHING like him - It’s hair is basically the wrong colour, it’s shirt is the wrong colour, no hand wrap thingies, no scarf of devotion -

I mean I get that it’s probably pretty hard to recreate the beauty that is Iain’s gorgeous Jorah Mormont but come on people try harder LOL


-The American?
-His name is Napoleon Solo. He is not your typical American spy. He joined the U.S. army aged 18 and was posted to Europe. After Hitler’s defeat, he stayed on as part of the occupying force. This is when he discovered the vast profits to be made on the post-war black market and he started stealing and selling high end art and antiquities. He proceeded methodically, teaching himself several languages. His criminal ingenuity had made headlines all over Europe. The police of four countries created a special task force with the sole purpose of bringing him to justice. And even then, it was luck they caught him. This now infamous story caught the attention of the CIA who recognized that this man’s extraordinary talents would be wasted in jail. A deal was struck. Since then, Solo has been their most successful and prolific agent.

I just finished watching and live commenting on Brotherhooves Social so that I can write the bonus article for Neighquiem for a Dream and holy fucking shit somehow that episode was more dehumanizing and transphobic than I remembered

I mean wow

A lot of this podcast by the end is just me sighing.

And at one point I yell a bit about how fucking stupid bronies are for not getting that this episode is awful

Anyway so look forward to that podcast, in which I suffer for your entertainment!

I’m gonna go take a shower or something blech


Sad update: this isn’t how I wanted it to go. And it wasn’t what I was hoping for. But long story short, I had to take my bunny to an emergency clinic last night and he did not improve by this morning. This is never an easy decision, but with the condition he was in, the prognosis was very poor and critical. It was to the point that he could pass away at any moment. The possible treatments would be too risky for him during it and his recovery after.
I was able to go and be with him while he was euthanized. He was a very quiet and gentle bunny, and he has taught me so much about owning a rabbit - including the pain of losing one.
R.I.P my little man. It is not the same without you.


my headcanon is genos gets nightmares about his encounter with the cyborg and saitama gives him his childhood teddy to feel better


01.31.2016 - Noted goon Patrick Kane drops the gloves and gets into a very smiley ‘fight’ with John Scott

basically looks like: