my little mages

If you come across a Beast, Troll or Giant
do not run or call for help
but stand still and stay silent.
It might go away.

  • Justinia: All right, I'm here to mediate an end to this senseless, utterly unnecessary war. What is it exactly that each of you want?
  • Mages: We want to be free.
  • Templars: We want to kill every single mage on the face of the planet.
  • Justinia: My, my! Such *extreme* viewpoints on both sides! But I can see that you both have some good points. It's a very gray area. Can't we meet in the middle somehow? How about, you mages go back into the Circle, and we can all *pretend* that this is sort of like being free? And then Templars, you can kill just *some* of the mages. There, isn't that a wonderfully moderate, middle-of-the-road solution?

got struck with inspiration for a da-style tarot card for my Lavellan Caed !


can someone look at me the way peyrol looks at ronan plz 

from the first time i saw magemg‘s yokai au, i wanted to draw it because it’s such a well thought AU and i simply love it, i love the designs, the art and the story

so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGE!! thank you so much for creating this AU, drawing the comic and contibuting so much to the kouao fandom ;u; 


Doodle of my little mage. I play FE Heroes a lot and he is my main, and I am happy about him! (My main team is: Raigh, Chrom, Gordin and Luchina, and all 5 star), and I am most proud of Raigh, because I worked on him a lot, he was the basic one you have when you get the game, which mean 2 star only (while summoning you can get 3 or 4 stars of him). I played a lot with him, I raised his 2 star to 5.

anyone plays it? wanna be friends on the game?