my little mages

Witch Trixie

Trixie off to learn some real magic!!! The outfit she wears is actually a mix of the Black Mage and Magus outfit from FF3, one of my favorite Final Fantasy titles. The glasses make her look more studious haha

Do not repost or reupload on any site without my permission. I’ll file a dmca against you if you do it and believe me, I’ll notice sooner or later. 

I learned how to do magic smoke!!

Character belongs to  ahlis-xiv 

Are you interested in a commission? Take a look at the profile! There is a link to my chart.


The Pillars of Equestria and Stygian are all questioning their identities and sexualities now that they’re in a modern Equestria with words for identities they didn’t realize existed, and are supporting each other in figuring themselves out!!

(Requested by @starryoak!!)