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Why do you want boruto to summon cats??? he's most likely going to summon toads, like his papa...

is this not a picture of boruto??????????????????

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I don't know if you've already been asked this, and my apologies if you have, but are there are terms of affection other than the given of 'vhenan' and 'emma lath?' Things less intense and more along the lines of 'dear' or 'darling' or 'cutie' or 'my sweet.' Boyfriend or girlfriend or other. Something between 'lethallan/in' and 'vhenan'. Thanks a bunch, you're amazing!

I don’t recall being asked something similar, but my memory can be shoddy, especially as the number of asks I get continues to climb.

In terms of endearments, you have to remember that endearments are usually born from the language. For example, while you could translate darling or sweetie into Elvhen, it would be like translating ‘baby,’ into Portuguese. Calling your lover bebê or docinho in Portuguese would be just be weird. Instead, you’re going to be using things like chuchu, gato/gata, or meu querido/minha querida — just to name a few. Likewise, while querido translates back into English as ‘dear,’ or ‘darling,’ calling somebody chayote or cat in English would be just as weird as calling somebody docinho in Portuguese.

Also mind that some of the endearments on the Elvhen wiki page are unfortunately just plain wrong from a grammatical/linguistic standpoint.

With that in mind, onwards to Elvhen endearments:

For Anyone:

Da’assan: little arrow. An endearment used, usually for hunters, but can be used for anyone. Typically used to describe someone who is forthright, straight shooting, etc. Usually used by someone more experience/older towards someone less experienced/younger.
Da’mi / Da’mis: little blade. An endearment used, usually for hunters or warriors, but can be used for anyone. Typically used to describe someone who is stubbon, but effective. Someone who goes to get what they want, and someone who does something regardless of consequence. As with da’assan, it is usually used by someone more experience/older towards someone less experienced/younger.
Da’lath’in: little heart. An endearment used to describe someone who is emotional, carries their heart on their sleeve, is very empathetic, or very sympathetic to the plights of others. Typically used to describe a young person, but can be used for people of all ages who meet the description.
Da Fen: Little wolf. An playful endearment for close friends, family and lovers. Used with those who are the same age or older.
Da Fenlin: Little wolfling. An endearment similar to Da Fen, but used for those who are younger and/or less experienced.
Ara halla / ‘Ma’halla: My halla. An endearment for a very close friend that you trust implicitly.

For Children

Ara iovru / ‘Ma’iovru: My bear cub, my baby bear.
Ara vherlin / ‘Ma’vherlin: Kitten, baby cat
Ara Dharlin / ‘Ma’dharlin: Pup, puppy, baby hound
Ara hallain / ‘Ma’hallain: My little halla calf, My baby halla
Ara da’adahl / ‘Ma da’adahl: My little tree
Ara da’ean / ‘Ma’da’ean: My little bird
Ara da’isenatha / ‘Ma’da’isenatha: My little dragon
Ara vherain / ‘Ma’vherain: My lion cub, my baby lion
In the above examples, the possessives are often omitted.

For Parents / Grandparents

Mae: Mommy, Mom, Ma
Bae: Dad, Daddy, Pop
Maela: Nana, Nona, Grammy
Baela: Popop, Nono, Grandpa, Poppy
Iovro’shan: old bear
Fen’shan: Old wolf
Isenatha’shan: Old dragon
Vheraan’shan: Old lion
Iovro’bae: Papa bear
Iovro’mae: Mama bear
Fen’bae: Papa wolf
Fen’mae: Mama wolf
Isenatha’bae: papa dragon
Isenatha’mae: mama dragon
Vheraan’bae: papa lion
Vheraan’mae: mama lion

For Lovers

Ara’isha / ‘Ma’isha: Husband/boyfriend. Lit. my man
Ara’asha / ‘Ma’ahsa: Wife/girlfriend. Lit. my woman
Ara’esha / ‘Ma’esha: Partner/lover. Lit. my person
Ara’len / ‘Ma’len: Husband/boyfriend. A much more poetic variant. Lit. Myself, my male person
Ara’lan / ‘Ma’lan: Wife/girlfriend. A much more poetic variant. Lit. Myself, my female person.
Ara’lin / ‘Ma’lin: Partner/lover. A much more poetic variant. Lit. Myself, my person
Ara sa’lath / ‘Ma’sa’lath: My one love
Ara lath / ‘Ma’lath: My love
Vhen’an’ara: Heart’s desire. Lit. journey of the heart
Arasha: My happiness
Ara blarteralas / ‘Ma’blarteralas: My mountain flower
Ara av’in / ‘Ma’av’in: My mouth. A very personal and slightly sexual endearment. The meaning is essentially, “I love you so much, and desire you so much, that my mouth tastes like yours.” But also means, “We understand each other on such a personal level, that you could talk for me.”
Ara haurasha / ‘Ma’haurasha: My honey. A very sexual endearment that essentially means “You make me wet,” or “You make me hard.” Fyi: Haurasha (honey) is slang for precum, and the wetness of the vagina. 
Ara sal’shiral / ‘Ma’sal’shiral: My life. Essentially, “Love of my life,” or “You are my soul’s journey.”
Gaildahlas: The elvhen word for embrium. Similar to the english endearment ‘sweetie,’ or ‘baby.’
Fenor: Precious. Similar to the english endearment: Dear, or beloved. 
Fenorain: Little precious. Similar to the english endearment ‘darling.’


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.

Sweet as Sugar

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Description: Sometimes things aren’t always so obvious

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“So you’ll go with me?”
“Yeah…sure why not?”
“Great! Er, good, yeah good, I’ll see you later then? At the entrance?”
The exchange didn’t particularly click in your head when Mark asked you to Hogsmeade. When your dorm mate had asked you what you were getting dressed for, and explained that Mark had asked you to company him, she gave you a confused look.
“That Gryffindor…asked you to go with him to Hogsmeade? You sure you heard him right?” She had asked slowly, making sure you understood what she was saying, as if she thought you were daft. You gave her a crossed look.
“Is that not what I said? Mark asked me to Hogsmeade, and I accepted, what aren’t you understanding?”
“It’s not what I’m not understanding, it’s what you don’t seem to be. Do you even know what this means?”
“Yeah, it means I’m going to be late.” You stated, going to exit the dorm.
“But wai-”
“Bye!” You called back, unwilling to continue the conversation, tightening the red and gold scarf around your neck, set on the meeting up with Mark.

Sure, your friendship with the little lion was widely know through school. He’d been lost as can be his first day, and somehow got separated from the group when the first years were being led to the dorms, but you had helped him. Maybe it was a bad thing you helped him, seeing as the boy had glued himself to your side after that, as odd as it looked. A Gryffindor trailing after a Slytherin most of his free time. He was almost a circus animal to the other students, after all, he is a lion. The boy was so sweet, and timid, how could you tell him to bugger off? Easy, you couldn’t. Five years later, and he was still on your tail, but at this point, you could at least say you were friends, instead of him just following like a lost puppy.

As he said he would, Mark was waiting by the entrance of the castle, shivering a bit from the still nippy February air.
“Hey!” You greeted, starting the boy a bit, causing him to jump and stutter out a response.
“H-hey my little snake…”
“You ready?” You asked, beaming up with the boy who was clutching at his red uniform, desperate to keep the cool air from nipping at his skin.
Nodding at you, the two of you rushed through the wind to one of the last carriages, Mark helping you step up into it, before you both sighed at the protection from the wind.  
When you arrived, Mark gestured to the Three Broomsticks.
“What do you say to a butterbeer? Warm us up a bit…”
You agreed, and let him hold your arm, leading you through the crowd of students and adults, the two of you relishing in the warmth once you were inside. Taking your drinks and situating yourselves at a small booth near the back, in front of a window, you relaxed into the seat, taking a sip of the warm liquid and sighing contently. Even all bundled up and in the warm Three Broomsticks, you noticed him visibly shaking. What’s wrong with him?
“Mark?” You asked, noting how he jumped and looked nervous as can be. “You okay there?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine…fine…” He muttered, lifting his mug to his lips.
“You sure? You don’t look fine?” You noted, concerned with his actions.
“You…you really don’t know what we’re doing right now…do you?”
Ugh.” You groaned, slumping in your seat. “You too? We’re having a drink, at Hogsmeade, how confusing can this be?”
“Is that what you really think?” Mark whispered.
“Well..yeah.” You shrugged. “What else am I supposed to think?”
Mark looked down at his lap silently, pausing to look out the window at the the people buzzing in and out of stores, and then back to you.
“This was a date…I thought you understood when I asked you to come with me. I guess everyone knows but you…” Mark mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear, loud enough for it to make you freeze.
He thought…this was a date? He asked me on a date? We’re…on a date?
“R-really?” You managed to stutter out, only getting a slight nod from the boy.
A Gryffindor…and Slytherin…what will people think?
Well, they already think we’re crazy for being friends…
But a snake and lion…on a date?
Liking each other?
Dating…each other?

“Y-you like me?” You stuttered again, suddenly perking up in your seat, keeping your voice low in case any of the several students scattered around the Three Broomsticks heard you.
“Yeah…” Mark confessed. “I don’t know when it happened or why…You’ve been so nice to me all these years….and accepting me even though I’m Gryffindor…and I’m thankful for that, but I don’t think I want to keep this affection as just a friendly one…”
Mark let silence settle between you two again, trying desperately to look anywhere but directly at you.
“I-” You tried to speak, words getting caught in your throat. “I didn’t know…”
“It’s not your fault.” Mark attempting to comfort you, not wanting this to seem like he was blaming you.
“I don’t know how it’ll work…between us…how everyone will act-”
“It’s doesn’t matter how they act, this is between you and me, they don’t matter.” Mark immediately defended the idea.
“-But…we’ve already been through enough of it as friends…I’m willing the try it, as a couple…if you want…”
“R-really?” Mark suddenly sat up straight, damn near lunging across the table to grab your hand and stared at your face, looking for any sign of a lie. “You mean it? You want to try?”
Smiling at the soft touch of him holding your hand, you nodded and gently held his hand in return.
“Yeah, I’m willing to give it a shot.”
“Thank you…” Mark grinned, letting out a heavy breath. “Thank you so much…”
“As long as you don’t be weird about it, it should be fine.”
“I won’t! I promise I won’t be weird!” Mark promised.
“Good.” You giggled.
“Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, my little snake.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day, my lion cub.”


Drawing/page a day resolution

Jaime/Cersei and Joanna

could be either depending on what you want.

Joanna Cersei

“Keep that shield high Jaime.” Ser Broom commanded while Joanna’s child fought as valiantly as any six year old could. She watched carefully while Ser Bloom trained her one child in swordplay and the septa trained the other in posture.

“Jaime, her for a moment dear.” Both looked up with mirroring green eyes.

“Yes mother?” Joanna fixed her child’s collar with a tender smile.

“Didn’t you father tell you to stop this foolishness.” She murmured low enough for Cersei to hear. Her daughter’s eyes went wide with some fear and Joanna let out a sigh.

“I don’t mind that you want to fight, you’re a lioness. But blaming that poor serving girl for getting honey in your hair. Your father had her tossed out. How many times have I told you to not lie.”

“But my hair was too long and everyone knew!” Cersei said with a petulant stomp of her foot.
“That’s no excuse,” Joanna shot back “That poor girl is out of a job, now I’ll had to find her employ in another house lest her family starve.” Joanna watched for any trace of guilt on her daughters face and found none. She let out a sigh and grasped her daughters chin. “You’re actions have consequences, when you are a lady of a great house tongues will wag if you are a cruel taskmaster. Everyone will know your dirty laundry and your staff will hate you and do nothing to protect your reputation. Do you understand?”

Cersei kicked her foot a bit with a sad pout. “I’m sorry mother.”

“Good, now back to training.” Joanna said adjusting Cersei’s colar. Her daughter looked up at her with joy.

“I can keep training?!”

“Until your hair grows back, then we’ll have to come up with another reason for keeping it short. At least for another year or two. Then you have to become a real lady. You are going to be a queen, and this farce will have to end sooner or later. It won’t be long before no one is fooled by your little game.”

Cersei smiled up at her, “Thank you mama.”

Joanna smiled “Go and be a lion.”

Joanna Jaime

Jaime swung his blade at the test dummy, it was an Iron Born come to take his family away and he was the grand hero. He tried to add a flourish to his finishing move like he’d seen Ser Broom do so often, but the dummy swung round and whopped him on the back of his head. Jaime hit the ground in an inglorious fashion and felt tears of pain and humiliation surge to his hot face. He started to hold back a whimper when a soft pair of hand lifted his face upwards.

“Stand Jaime.” His mother said with a soft smile. He reached out to her clutching at her red sleeves.

“Help me.” he whimpered pulling her arm down.

“You are not missing a leg or bleeding, stand on your own like any other warrior and face your enemy. You are a Lannister of Casterly Rock, great lords do not cry for their mothers after falling.” She said with soft yet stern voice.

Jaime’s mother withdrew her arms and stood with and expectant look on her face. He wiped his nose and stood tall. His mother smiled with pride and smoothed the hair from his face. She tied his laces, fixed his collar and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead.

“My fierce little lion cub. Go on, back to your enemy. I want to watch you win.”
Jaime smiled and showed his mother Lannister strength that day.

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included line art in case some one wants to do a better job of coloring cause I suck at it.

Little Lion Cub

A drabble for cute-ellyna because I made her sad last night with headcanons. Have some fluffy Avvar Dad!Cullen to compensate! SFW. Set in the Captivated universe. 

“You’re not serious, are you?” Elena asked, looking askance at Cullen as she shifted the toddler on her hip.

Cullen uncrossed his arms and held them out to take their son, “of course I am, lass. Bjorn should be acquainted with our holdbeast. He’s not a baby any more—it’s a rite of passage, and he’s going to be Thane one day.”

Elena held the blond boy closer to her, his warm little body heating her side like a tiny portable fire. He fussed with a lock of her hair, his chubby fist tangling in the fire-red strands that fell down her shoulder. They were standing in their private rooms at the back of the Thane’s hall, a few servants bustled around them, pointedly ignoring their conversation. She could already hear the sounds of the spontaneous feasting breaking out in the great hall at the front of the building. Terava, the fierce red-lion that was their holdbeast, had arrived in the square that morning, a line of four fuzzy cubs in tow. The augur had said it was a sign from the gods that the hold would be prosperous for at least as many years as there were cubs, and Cullen had called a feast in Terava’s honor.

“I don’t like it,” she said stubbornly.

Cullen sighed and dropped his hands. With a slow smile, he moved closer to her, until he pressed into her side, his hand grasping her hip. His other hand fell on their son’s head, ruffling the feather soft blond curls affectionately.

“What troubles you, my love?” He purred before brushing a quick kiss against her temple. “Are you sad Bjorn is no longer an infant? Because I could give you another. I’d happily make your belly grow again.”

Elena shivered as his warm breath ghosted against her neck. She looked up at him, heat pooling between her legs at the unbridled lust in his eyes. Her husband was always an eager and affectionate lover, but when she had been carrying Bjorn, he had been especially ardent, almost insatiable, in his attentions to her.

Still, she mustn’t let him distract her with sweet promises. She shook her head.

“No, I don’t like the idea of our son being dangled in front of a lion like an enticing brace of lamb,” she hissed.

Cullen huffed. “He’ll be perfectly safe, I’ll be with him the entire time, won’t I, my lad?” He said, voice softening as he addressed Bjorn.

Bjorn giggled at his father’s attention and raises his arms up, fists grabbing in the air. “Papa!”

Elena couldn’t stop the smile that broke across her face at their son’s demands. Papa had been Bjorn’s first word, and no one could deny how much the little boy adored his father–he was always chasing after Cullen or climbing into his lap.

“Oh fine,” she exclaimed, and carefully transferred him into Cullen’s waiting arms.

“Up, Papa! Up!” Bjorn cried tugging on the long braids that hung down his father’s neck.

Cullen laughed, and began tossing the toddler into the air like he demanded. The boy’s delighted shrieks and laughter filled the air at their little game, and Elena couldn’t help but smile and shake her head—she loved seeing Cullen with their child. It had been love at first sight for not only her, but him too, and she couldn’t be happier at the enthusiasm Cullen had for raising their boy. After a few rounds of tossing and catching, Cullen settled Bjorn at his hip and pressed a smattering of kisses to the boy’s soft cheek, eliciting more screams of delight from scratchiness of his beard.

As they walked out towards the square where, no doubt, their holdbest was currently lounging in a bright patch of sun, apprehension stuck tight in Elena’s throat. Half of the hold was still milling around outside, taking care of business, setting up for the feast, or already feasting. When they saw their Thane approaching the beast with his son, they paused, watching carefully. Elena stood near the edge of the square, arms crossed tight around her chest as she watched. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Roselie come to stand next to her. It seemed everyone had been waiting for this. 

Once Cullen was a few feet away from Terava, he gently set Bjorn down on his feet, though he held onto the boy’s hands, keeping him steady as he stood. The red-lion lounged on a grassy patch between the Thane’s meadhall and the blacksmith’s forge, her four cubs playing around her. With unsteady legs, Bjorn began ambling towards her, following the gentle prodding of his father behind him. Cullen shuffled after the boy, and though he wouldn’t have admitted it to Elena, he was ready to snatch his son up into the safety of his arms at a moment’s notice. As the approached, Terava lifted her head and blinked slowly.

Bjorn was in front of the giant cat now, green eyes wide as he took in the stripped russet fur, black nose, and big golden eyes. The holdbeast inclined her head and began sniffing the toddler. Bjorn went still as a statue as she moved towards him. 

“It’s okay, little one,” Cullen cooed. “Terava won’t hurt you.”

Elena hope he was a confident as he sounded. 

As if to prove Cullen’s point, a great red tongue shot out of the lion’s mouth and licked the side of Bjorn’s face. The little boy’s laughter echoed off of the buildings, and he pulled one of his hands out of Cullen’s grasp to settle it in the soft fur on the cat’s head. A deep pleased rumble echoed off the buildings from the cat’s chest, and after a moment she turned her attention back to her own cubs. The interview, it seemed, was over. 

As Cullen picked up his son and slowly backed away from the animal, Elena let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding. He returned to her side and pressed a kiss to her lips.

“There, lass, I told you there was nothing to worry about,” he assured before turning to the boy on his hip with a wicked smile. “You did very well Bjorn. Why don’t you show Mama how Terava kissed you?”

The little boy’s smile matched his father’s in wickedness as he leaned forward, tongue darting out. Elena laughed as Bjorn licked her cheek, though she shot Cullen a look. Wiping the back of her hand over the offending spot with great exaggeration she pulled at face at the both of them.

“Yuck! No more lion-kisses, Bjorn, or else you’ll have to go live with them, my little lion cub” she teased, tickling him into a fit of giggles.

As she tickled Bjorn, Cullen leaned forward, his lips hovering near her ear, “Can I still give you lion-kisses, lass?”

Elena grinned and leaned up on the tips of her toes to kiss his cheek. 

“Depends on where you’re kissing me,” she whispered back, nipping his jaw. “Why don’t you find out tonight?”

so one bright and sunny day, i found out that a few of my beloved blogs were practically babies. wise beyond their years, these under-16 year olds burrowed into my heart and awakened the fierce lioness within me. and so began THE LION CUB CLUB.

dakota [magic-in-every-book] is our cub daddy

the cubs:
♔ Estella [mychemicalbooks]
♔ Makayla [smaugthebookhoarder]
♔ Silver [cityof-heavenlybooks]
♔ Roopal [definitelyfantasy]
♔ Hannah [abookthiefandawordshaker]
♔ Deanna [boundbythechainsofwords]
♔ Maura [mycupofbooks]
♔ Ella [thetattooedpotato]
♔ Cherry [foureyesorbooks]
♔ Hazel [pleasejustletmereadblog]
♔ Miriam [lotsoffiction]
♔ Emma [reddhatter]
♔ Karen [evellegrim]

if you’re a little lion cub, shoot me a message to receive my undying protection along with some new siblings to play with. nobody messes with my fluffy kitties.

Para 242 - Scary Situations

Blaine smiled happily as he and Liam finished watching the Halloween special of Winnie the Pooh. He looked at Liam, “Did you like that my little lion cub?” he asked. “Daddy has a present for you,” he smiled before pulling out a bag containing a plastic toy pumpkin he hoped Liam would be interested in. 

Nic was very eager for Kurt, but the designer hadn’t appeared yet. He constantly kept checking the road and then the door to see if he could jiggle a bolt