my little ice prince

have some more anime boys in your life

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i hope i blessed your feed😘

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

I still miss you.

But the world isn’t kind enough to not say your name.

The streets aren’t close enough to know that hearing your name makes me feel like the prey of a lion that’s bound to devour me.

I long to flee and leave everything behind.

I still miss you.

But the sun still shines just as brightly without you, but every sad song seems to whistle a tune that reminds me of you.

Were the night skies always this empty?
I had no idea that I could even relate to the resemblance of the darkest time of night.

Love makes you vulnerable.

I still miss you.

But I’m that little dent on the side of a car, noticed but not as noticeable.
Still quite astonishing to many.

I am frozen ice, and you were my scorching flame. I wouldn’t melt for anyone else but you. Oh how blistering and sultry you were.
I didn’t know that I wasn’t the one you were burning for.

I still miss you..

But I notice how my heart seems to create its own benediction for you every time you

messed up or made a mistake.

no one made as many mistakes as you and that’s when I knew.

I still miss you..

But I hate that I fell in love with you.
That you ruin every song on the radio.

I hate that my heart yearns for you.

I hate that I let you break me.

The skies are still blue and the clouds still move but there is no you.

There’s no more us.

I saw all the signs but I still let you prance like a pretty little prince on my frozen ice until your knees grew weak with uninterest.

I was once broken but allow me to self-destruct all over again.

You were the only one who could mend my broken pieces together, for a little bit.

You’re my home,
please stay, I would say.

And I would still take you back when your new lovely became too problematic for you.

Little did I know, I was a problem too.

I still miss you..

But you’re no good for me.

You’re the Lady’s man. The player. The guy with a reason for everything.

I thought you were the most resplendent in your own way.

I loved you deeply.

I sat in my room and I cried out.

What was I supposed to do with all this information?

Your favorite songs with lyrics that explained bits and parts of yourself that I never understood.

Your phrases.

Our plans.
you know, the ones that evaporated within thin air.

Our song makes me sick to my stomach,
I can’t bare to hear it. I cringe.

There’s a stain on my lips from your kisses.

You told me that to say you didn’t love me was blasphemy.

We were a blasphemous love,

and You’re my permanent tattoo.

I still miss you..

But I should have known..

You warned me yourself.

There are some forests out there that should have never been explored.

I still miss you…

But I am a newly found fawn who can finally stand up straight with my long bulky legs after the fall.

I am a window with curtains,
you can no longer see what’s inside but surely I can say
my renovations are just the beginning of beautiful.

I still miss you..

But I am better off without you.

I am aware of the pretty curves on my body and the exquisite one on my face.
I still think about you.

But, the ache in my soul and the cancerous stress in my head touches your memory lightly with soft angelic strokes before ripping it apart.

Who knew that a person like you could make me question my own worth so much?

Love makes you vulnerable.

I don’t think I miss you anymore.

—  sincerely ( I am learning how to love myself )