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HE’S SO FUCKN!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!

My stomach turned to mush I love him

Oooookay Guys,

good and bad news. Since my precious little translator-chan is super busy with college things right now, we will have to wait a few more days for Hidoku. That’s why we decided to publish Harami Bara chapter per chapter instead of the planned ch 1-5 bundle, so you have a little smutty something for the wait. ^^ 
I’m currently typesetting chapter 1 and the other chapters are ready for typesetting as well, so the releases won’t take that long. 

Please hang in there for Hidoku just a little longer. :)
I got the cleaned pages today and let me tell you…. they’re soooo beautiful!!!

And we hope you’ll like Harami Bara. Those perverted dorks <3 


I was trying to practice Tsuru-chan ^_^ I know I’m not good at drawing, my style is not very consistent as you can see, but the reason I made all of these was that I’m having some tough time and drawing helps to keep me distracted from stuff…
I chose Tsurugi as my subject because I found myself reciting the words from the spell a night ago, as a way to comfort myself I guess… thus I started to doodle in my new sketchbook and here’s the result! (why do I start drawing more beginning from 1-2 AM whyyy ???)

He is a precious little treasure and I really haven’t drawn him much and now I got the opportunity :) If you’re wondering who is that guy in the middle, it’s one of Tsuru’s prototype designs :D I was like, why not try him out too, so I also drew him like that. Hmmm…who knows, maybe his hair could have been white/lighter because that design didn’t had his hair colored black, so I left it like that too.
Uhhmm…so yeah, I could go on with criticizing my drawings, but I’ll stop now.
What do you guys think?

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The RFA boys trying to carry MC, but she feels really uncomfortable bc shes chubby and she thinks shes going to like break them or something? BECAUSE I AM TOTALLY NOT PROJECTING HNGGGGGGGGGG >.>

So I guess baehee will have to be left outta this one too D: why are you guys doing this to my bae. But my precious precious anon, please never forget that you are beautiful no matter what size you are no matter what society tells you. FUCK SOCIETY & KEEP SLAYIN GIRL.Sorry this is a short one guys, it’s also kinda rushed I APOLOGIZE DON’T HATE ME (/.\) 

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  • My little yandere boy
  • He is on the smaller size, but wants to hold you and make you feel idk, protected and tiny?
  • But when you turn red with tears in your eyes, and tell him not to lift you because your fat and you don’t want to break him
  • He dries your tears and kisses your eyes
  • He tells you that he loves you the way you are, and all the things you think are flaws make him love you!
  • He loves how soft and warm you are
  • He loves hugging you
  • and kissing you
  • and he thinks that you are 
  • DROP
  • DEAD
  • But he’s also going to be low key
  •  EXTREMELY depressed 
  • Because he thinks it’s his fault because he is not manly enough
  • This boy is going to start drinking milk every day and working out with Zen 
  • Just so he can show how much he loves you 


  • You guys are cuddling on the couch when he starts getting a little handsy
  • He suggests moving things to the bedroom but you feel so lazyyyy
  • Ugh but it’s so far and walking is so tiring 
  • So obviously being the manly man that Zenny is 
  • He goes to try to carry you bridal style to the bedroom
  • and you literally
  • push him in his beautiful face so he falls on his ass
  • He just looks at you like ???
  • If you didn’t wanna bang das cool my why hurt my face What’s wrong?
  • You’re on the verge of tears, “I am not one of those theather girls Zen, I am not a waif with the perfect body, I’m fat and there’s no way you’re going to be able to carry a whale to the bedroom” 
  • Tears have now begun to fall because you hate being this insecure
  • Lemme just say, Zenny. Gets. Pissed.
  • He’s pissed at himself, for letting you feel so insecure
  • He looks at you fire behind his ruby iris’ and lifts you carrying you to the bedroom
  • You let out protests but he silences them with his mouth 
  • He just lays you on the bed and PRAISES YOU
  • Anything you feel insecure about? He is going to tell you 3 reasons why he loves it so much
  • Surrounds you with so much love, because he knows how shitty it feels to be insecure and think you’re ugly. Hell, his mother made him feel like that
  • No way in hell are you ever going to feel again. 


  • You guys were watching a movie together when he saw you were falling asleep on him
  • Naturally, he decided not to disturb you and went to carry you to the bedroom
  • You felt what was happening and your eyes SHOT OPEN
  • Poor Juju thought you had fucking just gotten possessed
  • MC! Are you alright?”
  • “Jumin you cannot carry me, I am too heavy for you and your back will break.” 
  • She said it nonchalantly, but he could see her face darken with embarrassment and her eyes become wet. 
  • Now if Jumin Han has anything, he has a fucking huge ass EGO
  • So naturally, he decided to prove you wrong and carry your gorgeous ass to the bedroom, despites all the things you were yelling at him
  • He puts you down and stares at you, his onyx eyes ablaze
  • “MC, I do not like the fact that you have so little faith in me that you think I cannot carry the woman I love into our bedroom. If anything, I am capable enough to care for her”
  • It’s not you Jumin, you’re so tall and chiseled. I just… feel so fat and gross,..”
  • He nips that right in the bud, telling you how much he loves you and our curves, every inch of you was masterful in his eyes and he would not want to change anything
  • Of course, that was his opinion, if you wanted to slim down he would help you in every way possible, but he preferred you as you are. 
  • To him you were simply, perfection personified
  • And he showed you how much he loved your body that night hohoho


  • Lemme tell you something about seven
  • He is ripped. Like yeah he hacks all day, but you can’t be a secret agent if you’re outta shape
  • And naturally that made you feel insecure since you weren’t the tiniest pea in the pod
  • One day he was chasing you around the house, tickling you 
  • like the asshole he is
  • when you guys started kissing
  • Obviously, he wanted to continue some place more comfortable
  • So in the heat of the moment, he decided to pick you up 
  • and you kicked this guy in the balls
  • Damn talk about blue balls son
  • When he finally regains his composure, he sees you with tears in your eyes
  • “Don’t lift me, I’m huge and I don’t want you to get hurt”
  • Tears now streaming down your face
  • Ya boi’s heart literally breaks.
  • He feels like it’s his fault, that you feel so insecure and unloved, that he wasn’t doing a proper job loving you
  • He apologizes to you and just holds you tight
  • Seriously, you can’t see but your sweetheart is crying because here is this beautiful being in front of him, hating on themselves?
  • Ridiculous.
  • He tells you that you are perfect the way you are
  • and that he has never met someone so beautiful both inside and out
  • He will tell you that until you feel comfortable, he won’t try to lift you, but reassures you that he most definitely can. 
  • Body. Worship. 
  • All night long

WHOO alright my babes. I just want to take a quick second to remind each and everyone reading this that they are beautiful. Don’t hold yourself to some weird ass standard or think you are not pretty because of god knows what reason. Because trust me, you are. Just be kind to yourself and those around you, my sweets. Love you all, MUAH XOXO.

guardian angel!chenle

im so in love with chenle sfdshfjsdfklf im an unloyal hoe markhyuck look away

-so a lil BACKSTORY ON U

-you moved to a new school a few months ago and you couldnt really make friends with anyone :(((


-so cliche

-you didnt really mind but it still sucked :///


-one day at lunch you were sitting alone and suddenly you felt someone slide into the spot next to you

-next thing you know, a loud voice rings out “hi! im chenle, it’s nice to meet you!”

-”uh… hello…?”

-and later on when classes happened, you realized he was in every single one of your classes

-and then you found out he was also your neighbour???

-who is this creep and why is he stalking you??????

-you were too awkward to call him out but after a week or so you realized he was a really cute and smol precious guy

-your school life suddenly became less awful bc you had a best friend now!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

-but little did you know this lil shit was fuckin keeping a secret from you

-he pulled you aside one day and bluntly stated “im your guardian angel”

-to which you laughed in his face bc ??????? BOI

-”lol chenle, youre amazing and shit but calling yourself my guardian angel is so lame smh”

-”no im actually your guardian angel. im not human.”


-you didnt wanna believe him bUT he showed you his wings and you screamed

-it was lowkey weird having a guardian angel best friend but like perks amirite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-he can get you anything you want

-after all, his goal is to make your life happy and enjoyable

-but you didnt want him to get you anything you want

-you didnt want things to just be handed to you

-you wanted to work for them

-”you know i can make all your wishes come true with a snap of my fingers right?”

-”i dont want that. that’s lazy and dumb.”

-”… out of the hundreds of people ive looked over, youre the first one to ever tell me that.”

-chenle fell in love with you at that moment :((((

-angels arent allowed to date humans

-like, ever???

-and he knew that but

-he couldnt help it

-even though he couldnt use magic to help you achieve your goals, he’ll use magic to get like chocolate for you whenever youre sad

-”chenle where’d you get this bubble tea?”

-”… hahahaha..hAHA”

-all the girls who used to gossip about you suddenly came up to you everyday and asked “omg hey!!111! so like, where’s chenle?”

-”…. if you dont get the fuck away from me you wont ever see chenle again :))))))))”



-”well i have my eye on someone else so it doesnt matter”






-you didnt seem very upset about it but your heart went :((((

-i mean nothing changed in your friendship but it still hurt

-at one point of your friendship a lot of girls stopped approaching you asking about chenle but they also started gossiping about you more???

-and you didnt know why until one of them came up to and asked you “i heard youre dating chenle….. yeah u dont deserve him!!11!111!!”

-you were like ?????

-so on the walk back home after school with chenle, you told him that

-and his cheeks flare up what a bABY

-”w-why would they think that??”

-he was your best friend for years dude

-you literally couldnt remember a time where you were happier

-aaand that’s why everything went downhill :((

-chenle knocked on your door at like 9 in the morning on a saturday smh and was like “wanna go on an adventure?”

-so you were like “:(((( ok” 

-you felt like something was wrong but you kinda just ignored it

-so on your walk the bad feeling pursued because chenle was so awkward during it

-eventually you two ended up in a park and he stopped you two

-”hey…. y/n i need to tell you something”

-”yeah chen?”


-”… im leaving… i got the message a few days ago and-”

-”wait… what?

-youre… youre not my guardian angel anymore?”

“… im sorry”

-”youre sorry? i guess you werent sorry enough to tell me earlier?”

-”y/n, please listen to me-”

-”when are you leaving?”

-”… in two days”

-”two days? two days? so youre just going to throw this friendship away, huh? we’ve been best friends for years! youre just gonna leave like this?”

-”you know i dont have a choice!”

-and you did

-you knew he didnt have a choice but god you were so fucking in love with him and he was your best fucking friend you had every right to be mad but you also had every right to sit the fuck down

-”… y/n?”

-”dont ever fucking talk to me again chenle.”

-his last day was monday

-and somehow the entire school knew he was ‘moving away’ so all the girls flocked to him

-he didnt care about any of them tho

-all he cared about was you

-but you couldnt even look in his direction without tearing up

-no bff chenle interactions for the entire day :((

-after school you two walked together in silence

-right as he dropped you off he mumbled “im leaving tonight”

-you clenched your jaw to bite back the tears and spit out “fine.”

-you didnt know whether or not to go over and become best friends with him again but he was gonna be gone in a few hours so what’s the point?

-youre too stubborn to apologize anyway

-at around 10pm you started getting fidgety because fuck what if he’s gone already what if it’s too late?

-but then your mom came into your room and told you chenle was waiting for you at the door so you felt a smol weight being lifted off your shoulders

-”you know im leaving in two hours right?”

-”yeah and?”

-”… y/n cant you be my best friend again? for another two hours? for our last two hours?”

-chenle was a desperate hoe but you were lowkey too so

-”… dont you get it chen? if we become best friends again… even for two hours… it’ll just make everything harder”

-at that point chele just couldnt take it anymore

-”god youre so fucking dumb y/n”

-”… what?”

-”havent you noticed? everybody else in school has and fuck, probably even the angels too. everyone else but you”

-”noticed what?”

-”noticed that im so god damn in love with you”

-you slapped your hand over his mouth and hissed “shut up youre not supposed to fall in love with humans!”

-”so you dont like me back huh? i shouldve known.” his eyes became glossy and dark and he looked like he was about to cry

-you decided ‘fuck it lmao he’s leaving in 2 hours anyway’

-”chen youre a fucking dumbass ive been in love with you for so long and you didnt even have a CLUE”

-chenle stopped breathing for a good minute before he grinned and glanced up at the sky

-”god im about to be thrown out of heaven for you”

-before you could even question him he presses his lips against yours and rests his forehead on yours when he pulls away

-you didnt even realize you were crying until you felt chenle wiping your tears away

-”youre the only thing that ever made me feel this way, you know? i just thought being an angel was easy because we had no feelings but… i guess i was wrong.

-y/n i-”

-”dont say it. you know theyre listening and-”

-”i love you.”

-*cue cliche drizzle of rain*


-”say it back to me before i have to leave because god am i going to get in so much trouble for this”

-the rain came down harder like it was egging you on so you said fuck it and

-”chenle i love you too.”

  • “i hate you and unfortunately you’re the only one who knows im not human and while im trying my best to fit in here you fuckinG CALLING ME ET WHENEVER WE’RE IN PUBLIC IS HONESTLY RUINING IT”
  • “you humans thought we had come to earth to invade it or whatever but we just came by because we saw that you guys had inhabited it and wanted to welcome you to the galaxy”
  • “bro b r o you gotta help me, i swear these guys know im not human and they looked just like those people in that movie with the suits and sunglasses and everything and—why are you LAUGHING THIS IS SERIOUS THE MEN IN BLACK ARE AFTER ME PLEASE”
  • “you know these alien movies are honestly so insulting, you all really think we’d just come and invade your little planet? what are we, savages? Ill tell you now that my homeland has some of the most precious temples in the galaxy. are you listening to me susan? this is degrading”
  • “on my planet we often send out care packages to other planets in need, but apparently you tell me that i shouldnt of come? heh, BOY, do you know what global warming is? cause lemme tell you—oh you mean everyone would freak out? okay, that i understand”
  • “i work for the men in black and i swear i knew, i knew that bitch wasnt human. holdup lemme get my big guns cause we knockin them the fuck out”
  • “apparently back on your homeworld you had extensive studies about all your neighboring planets, which includes mine, and you’re telling me we have what down in our ocean? youre surprised we’re still alive?? YEAH ME TOO I GUESS”
  • “i was tracking an abnormal lightning storm and i hIT YOU WITH MY CAR ALONG THE WAY”
  • “im on your special elite team or whatever and you people keep handing me papers as if i know how to read your goddamn language, i dont know what this fucking shit says”
  • “hey baby, i heard u a freak in the sheets, i wanna know what makes you so special. two tongues? ..oh. well damn…im still down i guess if u wanna—”
  • “i leave you with my idiotic roommate for two seconds and now they have you cursing with every sentence that you say. no, dont greet me with ‘what is up bitch’, damn it LOOK WHAT YOU DID”

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Hi! I'm a new bnha fan, and this adorable hot and cold dude made me fall for him. How do you think he would react if you (student in the same class as him) asked him to heat up your cold coffee? LOL I'm laughing as I type this. Thank you! :)

Believe me, I know how it feels to be in love with a strawberry shortcake. So same XD Anyways this is cute af and you are cute af for sending this request and you deserve a cute af answer so I’ll try my best. 

Ah, there you were, as usual. The uniform looked so beautiful on you, so did your smile, so did all of your face. You were perfect. So painfully perfect. You were ruining his life.
Day by day Todoroki had spent his classes distracted by the sight of your concentrated features as you studied, sometimes he stopped whatever he might have been doing just to listen to the sound of your voice, or even constantly raised his hand in class to answer Aizawa’s questions just to impress you…even though you still didn’t seem to notice him yet.
It was just a silly crush, he needed to get over it. He didn’t have time to think about nonsense, and his interaction with you seemed to be going anywhere. So as he took the decision to forget about you, as he made up his mind and realized it was better to just give it up,he managed to ignore his feelings for a couple of weeks.
What he didn’t manage tho, what he wasn’t prepared for, was to predict the upcoming events. There was no way to expect you walking towards his desk that morning, there was no clue that could have lead him to you ducking right next to his seat, smiling politely, looking as dashing as ever. And there was no possible way, no existing miracle that could have help him guess the motive of your approach.
“Uh, excuse me” You had caught him spacing off, distracted, his mind totally somewhere else. He looked surprised, scared even, and you began to get your doubts as weteher it was a good idea to talk to him for this. He was so cool after all “could I ask for a favor?”
He cleared his throat, composing himself and trying to keep eye contact with you, even though he seemed to have trouble keeping up with that.
“Sorry, I was thinking about something else” he excused himself. Gosh, why did you have to talk to him now? Now that he had managed to forget how nicely you spoke…“A favor? What is it?”
“Oh, I hope this is not impolite but…” you said. He swallowed hard “could you…” what did you wanted?? Why him?? Why now?? “Could you please heat up my coffee?”
It wasn’t till then that he noticed the cup awaiting in your hand, and it wasn’t till then that he noticed he still wans’t over you and your lovely smile.
“Are you mad? I’m sorry!” you apologized before his puzzled face, not quite getting the hang of what was really going on “I just thought that because of your quirk you…”
“Oh, no, it’s ok” he bit the innert part of his cheek. Hard. Half because he needed to release tension, half as a silent punishment because he was an idiot “hand it to me”
“For real? Thank you, you are my savior!”
He had to make an actual, physical effort for not blushing at that.
“Yeah, I just can’t deal with my day without a cup of coffe, you know?”
Ah, there was that laugh, that beautiful laugh he was so weak for.
“I see” he almost curses as you sat in front of him, turning the chair around for it to face him and place your elbows on his desk. Why were you making it so hard for him?? “Why didn’t you ask Bakugou though?”
“Are you serious?? I wouldn’t trust that guy a rock, not to say my precious coffee”
He giggled, oh gosh you had made him giggle. Just like a pathetic little school girl. It was a low blow. It didn’t mean to happen.
And just when he thought he couldn’t fall even deeper into the hole, you titled your head to the side, looked at him with those luminous eyes of yours, and gifted him the sweetest smile followed by those killer words:
“Did anybody ever told you you have a really nice laugh?”
He didn’t have the time to answer, as a cloud of vapor suddenly filled the air and Kaminari felt the need to interrupt.
“Oi! Todoroki! You are boiling the coffee!!”

Sorry if it was too short, I didn’t want to make it longer by adding irrelevant happenings and Todoroki getting even more flustered XD

Accusations. // Derek Luh // Sweet

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I got requested this a while ago but here it is. I hope you guys enjoyed this and make sure you request an imagine or a ship if you want one. Also thanks for three hunna followers, y’all lit af.

Request: can you do an imagine where your like dating Derek, and he get’s mad about something and throws you naked makeup palette. And you get pissed cause’ like how dare he disrespect you like that? Anyways I know this was a lot so you don’t have to.

Word Count : 1452


I sighed in relief as I entered the apartment kicking off my heels and setting down the shopping bags I had in my hand on the kitchen counter and immediately headed upstairs to get out of these clothes. It was Saturday and I know Derek’s usually at the studio for a few hours on Saturday so I took advantage of that and decided to do a little bit of shopping and some lunch with one of my best friends in the whole universe, I haven’t seen him in so long since I’ve been caught up with work.

I changed into some more comfortable clothes after having a nice hot shower. I walked back into our bedroom picking up my phone scrolling through my notifications seeing I had like damn there thirty missed calls from Derek. I hope everything’s okay?

I tried calling him back three times but no answer. I quickly shot Kevin a text seeing if he knew what was up but all he said was that Derek was on his way home. I checked the time on my phone, it’s still pretty early he’s never back this early. And the fact that Kevin was being so vague and short ended let me know something was up. I turned on the Tv in our bedroom to pass the time but I was so exhausted from today that I just fell asleep but that didn’t last long.


“Y/N!” I heard Derek’s voice yell from the bottom of the stairs, his voice dripping with venom.

Groaning I rolled over on my side honestly not even mentally prepared for whatever pissed him off this time. I yawned and stretched my arms and got out bed leaving the bedroom.

“Why are you yelling?” I asked rubbing at my tired eyes.

“Why are you cheating on me?” He scoffed mimicking me.

Immediately stopping when I was almost half way down the stairs.

“What? I’m not cheating on you.” I said raising an eyebrow.

“You’re not, then what the fuck is this?” He asked holding up a picture of me and my friend posing in front of mirror from when we were out shopping today.

“What does that half to do with anything?” I asked letting out a chuckle.

It really did piss me off that Derek was so quick to get angry over nothing, but It also did amuse me to see him act like that.

“Are you fucking laughing? How Is this shit funny?” He asked balling his fists up.

“You’re honestly mad at me right now?” I asked putting a hand on my hip.

“Of course I’m mad, you’re always on some shady shit Y/N!” He yelled.

I’m always being shady? That’s honestly fucking gold coming from you, don’t talk to me unless you know the whole story.” I heaved turning around to go back up the stairs.

“Where are you going Y/N?” He asked.

“To bed, I’m done having this conversation with you.” I answered still walking back up the stairs.

“We’re not done talking until I fucking say so.” He spat, his voice followed by a loud crash making me stop dead in my tracks and whip around.

“Derek!” I yelled.

“What the fuck?” I said angrily as I eyed my brand new limited edition Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette in pieces on the floor.

“Stop fucking walking away when I’m talking to you, it pisses me off and you know it.” He said sternly.

Rolling my eyes, I folded my arms over my chest and jogged down the stairs pushing past him and into the kitchen.

“You are so impossible, you know that?” I said as I opened up the closet next to the fridge grabbing the broom and dustpan.

“Y/-.” He started to talk but I was so sick of hearing him talk.

“No! I’m talking you’re listening.” I said slamming the closet door shut.

“That guy in the picture is my best friend, and today we were out as friends! I never go out with anyone besides you and your friends so yeah I did take a break and did something I wanted to do.” I answered walking back over to the stairs were my precious makeup palette laid broken into tiny little pieces.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was guy or that you were going out at all?” He asked his voice much calmer than before.

“Do I ever question you about your female friends, and I’m a grown ass woman who does not need to ask you for permission for shit. Oh and newsflash Y/FN is gay, he doesn’t even like girls and I’ve known him for years he’s like my brother.” I snapped.

I ignored anything else he had to say after that and just finished sweeping up the shards of broken glass. After realizing I was adamant on not talking to him he left out the front door.

Typical Derek fashion. Leave when you realize you’re wrong.

I threw away the broken palette and marched back upstairs and rolled back into bed. Even if I genuinely wanted to there was no way I was going to get any sleep this angry.

I’m so sick of the accusations all the damn time, and the fact that he said I was shady? Like are you serious? He travels the world meeting tons of beautiful girls who adore him, he never texts me where he’s going to be every second of the day but he expects me to, and I never ever question him about anything. Because I love him and I know he loves me even when he does shit like he just did now I still know that he loves me, so I wouldn’t question him unless I had solid proof.

I’m most definitely not the shady one that’s for sure.

I wiped the tears that had fallen and did my best to push the thoughts that were clouding my head and dozed off.

A while later I was awoken by the sound of keys jingling and the familiar sound of Derek’s shoes climbing up the stairs. I looked over at the clock on my night stand reading the time, it was nearly midnight now and he’s just now coming back. I laid back down and closed my eyes choosing not to acknowledge or anything that happened tonight.

Seconds later I felt the bed dip down beside me and Derek try his best to cuddle up next to me but I would inch away from him every time until I was almost halfway off the bed.

“Y/N.” He whispered in my ear trying to get me to look at him.

“Derek, your hot ass breath is annoying the shit out of me.” I said still not looking at him.

“Y/N, baby please look at me.” He said gently.

“Just leave it be Derek, I’m over it.” I said.

“Fine you don’t have to say anything, but I need to.” He said with a sigh.

“I know that I can be a real dick sometimes. And I let my anger get the best of me most times, but my intentions are never to hurt you ever. I don’t say it nearly enough, or show it enough but I truly do love you Y/N and it makes me crazy just thinking about you ever being with anyone else. You’re my number one priority always baby.” He admitted.

I turned over finally looking at him.

“What happened tonight wasn’t cool at all Derek, the yelling is one thing but you should never let yourself get so mad to where you throw something. I don’t like that side of you at all.” I said sitting up.

“I know and I’m sorry that I did that, I’ll never let myself get that upset ever again. That’s why I was gone so long, I didn’t know how you’d feel after that.” He said reaching over and grabbing my hand.

“I’m not going anywhere Derek, I’m not sitting here playing house with you. I honestly love you Derek and I see a future with you. That’s never going to change no matter what you do. But changes need to start being made or I’m going to start doing what’s best for me and not us.” I answered looking down at our hands.

“Whatever I need to do I’ll do it, I never want to lose you.” He promised making me smile.

“You still mad at me?” He asked.

“No, I’m not mad at you.” I giggled leaning over and pecking his lips.

“I love you so much.” He mumbled against my lips.

“I love you more.” I said pulling away.

“Not possible.” He answered wrapping an arm around my waist.

Stay Flawless.

- Your Main Hoe, Bella.

Now just take a moment to appreciate how precious is eating-Soo.

I mean, come on, he looks like a little evil bunny here. HOW CUTE.

I mean….weren’t you supposed to cook? Why are you eating so cutely?? WHY?

Those eyes freak me out. He’s always so concentrated and…..intense.


This one looks so sexy–

Hello guys, my life purpose is to became a chopstick. 

Never forget Showtime chicken.


First attempt: FAIL.

Second attempt: fu***ng DONE. 

“so what..? I know I’m cute, don’t disturb me.” 

Disgusted Soo.


And last but not least my absolutely favorite GIF.

Besides Kyungsoo adorable expression that looks like an abandoned puppy (HOW SQUISHY)…just focus our attention for a second on Kai. 

I definitely think that the one being eaten it’s not Ksoo’s sandwich but Kyungsoo himself. 


(hope the gif will work properly) 

ok but guys. drunk!eddie kissing strangers (not on the lips necessarily? but like. on the cheek. on the forehead. etc). drunk!eddie kissing BARRY and talking about how good of a CSI he is. drunk!eddie leaning all over barry and saying “i love you, man,” over and over again while barry is like ‘oh my god i can’t believe this is happening why me

Because It’s Christmas

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Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: One of your friends giving you Santa lingerie for a Christmas present and dating Theo so it end up being more like present for him than her?😏😉 and like hickeys and nail dragging on his back and stuff?

A/N: I may have amped up the dirty talk just a little bit because it’s so late and totally crappy. Amy, it’s pretty mild but don’t read it at work lolz.

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How would they react to seeing their lover "cheating" on them but it was a total misunderstanding. Or how would their lovers react to the mukami's "cheating" on them? (Hopefully it isn't confusing and can you do both? Unless it's too much >.<)

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“Seventeen’s reactions to when they see you rage over a video game?”


This kid would just add salt to a wound because he’s fricking stupid and thinks that being a butt is going to either make you stop ragging or make you laugh and forget about the game. But he’s dead wrong Waaah jagi how did you lose? That game was sooo easy! Let’s all go plan Seungcheol’s funeral


Woo this kid’s a bit speechless seeing you suddenly scream at a tv, so he thinks that it would be best if he just gave you a little space to calm down and just let it all out.  I’ll come back in a little bit jagi, soo.. do you want me to bring you anything to eat?


Honestly this kid is going to find it hilarious that your raging over a video game. Usually he sees you quiet and calm but the fact that you rage over a video game just gives him the giggle because it’s adorable. Like out of all the things you could get mad over it’s a video game. “ Pfffbffbt what a dweeb” 


Honestly this kid thinks that your overreacting a bit, so then he’s going to try to put himself in your shoes by playing the exact game you did. Then…fail and..rage quit! When he fails it’s going to blame it on you~ Yah! This is all your fault! Your cuteness distracted me from the game, that’s why I lost! Not because I suck at games but because you were too cute! Lies


Okay let’s face it, we all know Hoshi’s not the angel that we think he is. He’s going to play the game and purposely lose the first time just to sympathize with you, but then the second time he plays he wins and just sorta rubs it in your face because he’s Hoshi Hehe, I’m better at something than Jagi!~


This kid right here is our #1 actor of the day. He’s going to try his best to act surprise that you lost the game when he clearly knows what you did wrong. So he’s going to wait till you calm down to teach you how to finish the level/game because he’s our little sweetheart.


Your overreacting Jagi He says as he sits down right beside your ragging self and plays the game himself. He think’s that the game was easy but he the all mighty composing Woozi lost as well and even threw a fit! So okay let’s give him about five minutes to calm down. “ Okay, maybe you were right, this game is hard” 


This kid sees your pain and so to avenge you he’s going to play and win this game for you! But..sadly after the 15th try, he still hasn’t won the game, and now he might be going slightly insane seeing the same characters pop back up on the screen mocking him “ Jagi, I swear, I’ll win this time! If I don’t..I’m going to set the game on fire ” 


Okay this kid right here is now your god. He’s going to sit right beside you and throw an arm around you as he plays the level you couldn’t beat. About 5 minutes later, he beat the level, and basically the entire game without even screaming or yelling once. All he does after is give you a small smooch on the cheek “ Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy! If you needed help, why didn’t you just ask you stubborn butt ” 


Okay, this sweet sweet marshmallow right here isn’t going to be yelling or screaming like the other 10 savages. He’s going to let you calm down with some ice cream then play the game himself! And of course he loses because the game is hard, so instead of throwing a fit he does a bit of aegyo to make you giggle and smile. 


He’s not going to take you losing to a game well, he’s going to throw himself onto the floor right next to you and play that goddamn game. I’m going to win for you Jagi, I swear Not only he is going to lose, but he’s just going to get up and leave because he’s so ashamed of himself losing. 


This small little dumpling right here is not about to come over to you while your ragging over a game, that’s like the last thing in the entire world he wants to do. He’s not only afraid for his life, but afraid for the game to. So he’s just going to walk and stop about 5-8ft away from you and roll a carton on ice cream over and toss a spoon on your lap and hope that you chill the heck out.


He’s not even going to try to play the game that you did, he’s going to put in a different game for you to play, like a game that you can actually win in and a two player. But then once you guys start he’s going to lose right away because he made a mistake and now he’s going to be the one ragging and just being a sore loser Jagi let’s play a different game now” no “ Why do you hate me” 

Weeee Hello my precious little marshmallow!!!ヾ(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ゚:。It’s been like twenty years since I’ve spoken and posted for you guys and I’m really really sorry about that!!! (/•ิ_•ิ)/ But, but, but school has been giving me so much homework, that I literally want to cry holy cow, but on the other hand there are two really really cute boys in my health class!! (*ゝω・)ノ♥♥ ・゚:* I hope school has been going well for you guys and that you guys are doing well and having fun in all your classes \(^▽^@)ノ ! Don’t forget if you need to talk about school or anything, I’m here for you precious children! (。◝‿◜。) *。+゚★♥ So please please pleaseee enjoy this reaction and give it lots of love and please please please have fun in school and good lucky babies!!! ゚.:。+゚(●u‿u●)乂(๑n∀n๑)゚.:。+゚        

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IMAGINE if jungkook in the roommate au was pocket sized all of a sudden. He would hide from you all the time and try staying away ,but he’s too tiny so you can just grab him and bring him with you even if wants to throw a tantrum. He would try avoiding you and that “laundry incident” may have happened when he accidently slipped inside your bra. No he hasn’t touched it, he slipped inside which is ten times worst In his little perspective . He’d pull on your sleeve to remind you that he’s a manly guy that knows what he’s doing. He wants to show you his alpha male side, but you can’t help but squeal cause ’ he looks too cute and tiny for his own good.

“ I want you to lean on me too! I’m a guy who knows what he’s doing” he say with his black bangs hiding his eyes

“ Jungkook -ah!! I’m just worried for you , you’re just so so…”

“So small? ” he’d glare at you

“That’s not what I meant !”

“ I’m not cute nor am I a child.” He glared at you “ STOP TREATING ME AS IF I’M ANY LESS THAN A GUY OF NORMAL SIZE”

“ I never said that!! Why would you think such a horrible thing ?”

“ I bet you’d prefer roomming with a regular sized guy wouldn’t you ?” He says in disbelief

“ Jungkook, I just care about you that’s why. Stop thinking of anything else ! There’s no way in the world I’d exchange you against someone else ”

“Then please treat me accordingly to my age” he crosses his arm on his chest

“ But you’re just so precious , I can’t risk to lose you ”

You try ruffling his hair with your finger but he pushes your finger away quite easily.Seems like the little kookie has been working out these little toned arms nowadays. You can’t help but imagine how he’d be if he was regular size. The only thought of it got you fantasizing , but that just in your brains .

“ I’m a man too, remember it ” he points at you with his tiny index and you felt attacked for some reason

I’ve been stalking @apocketsizedjungkook ‘s account and this cute idea came to my mind <3 What if kookie from the roommate au was pocket sized? It’d be so cute >.< This is just a little imagine I made to brighten up your day while you wait for the next update, guys <333 I’m working or pt.10~

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Helloooo, I like followed this blog during your hiatus, but glad to know you're back 😊 Could I request for a reaction of The8, Jun, and Joshua when you cry infront of them during a fan meet because my god they are so handsome it just makes you tear up 😂 thank you in advance~

omG thank you ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Minghao would freak out lol. He is a precious little cream puff and would absolutely not know what to do. He’d be all “Ohmygod???? What do I do??? Please don’t cry!! I’m sorry! I love you, here have this, stop crying!” Poor guy lmao He’d probably wipe your tears and want to hug you

Jun the cheese cake would find this equal parts startling but probs also super adorable. At first he’d be like “oh! Oh no! why are you crying, please stop!” but when you explained why he’d be flattered and kind of chuckle at how cute you are. He’d hold your hands and squeeze them and tell you you are super sweet and he’s so happy you could come and write you a sweet note just for you. 

Joshua awe he’d find this so sweet. He’d be quick to wipe away your tears and try to calm you down. He’d be so utterly flattered that you are actually crying for him and just be an absolute sweetheart about the whole thing. He’d hold your hands tightly and probably rub his thumb across your skin to keep you calm. He’d definitely want a hug afterwards and I think he’d whisper something sweet in your ear. :)


  • Gray: Alright Erza I'll infiltrate Avatar, now I just need to tell Juvia so she wouldn't worry and...
  • Erza: You can't!
  • Gray: Huh?! But why?
  • Erza: Juvia is my precious little baby!
  • Gray: She's what?
  • Erza: She might get involved if you tell her and I can't risk her getting hurt. You guys are my OTP after all.