my little flyer

Paley Centre Event

The Paley Centre event was great (despite the very awkward question from the lady about the stoning scene) and it was such fun to see Téa, Tim, Barbara, Lori and Bob up close. But since you all saw the live steaming I don’t need to tell you about that. But I’d love to share my cute story from after the show.

We waited outside and it was very badly organized, someone at Paley needs to take note and sort out some barriers because Téa was visibly scared by a group of big guys with folders, backpacks and A4 laminated pics (clearly to sell on eBay). Tim tried hard to guide her away from them. There was a girl in a wheelchair who we had been talking to and the men virtually jumped in front of her and she was pushed to the curb. All very scary.

So I stayed right at the back at the line of cars and when Tim came towards me I politely asked for an autograph and he said “Ahhhh you’re the Scottish girl from Twitter, I’d recognize that accent anywhere. I can’t believe you flew all the way out here”. I told him that I have a friend here and came out to see some shows on Broadway as well (including his sisters….which he smiled at). So he signs my little flyer from the show and thanked me for flying all the way out. Then he calls to Téa to come over and explains that I’m the “Scottish girl from
Twitter”. She’s all excited and takes the piece of paper and asks what my name is. When I said Caroline, she looked at me and said “Oh you’re gonna have to spell that with that accent of yours”. Hahahahaha. So as I was spelling it she realizes what my name is and she’s says “Oh Caroline, like Caroline Kennedy!” She felt dumb, and that made me laugh.

Then she asks how on earth I’m so into the show when it only started in the UK this week, I just kinda winked and told her that the eps are out there to watch if you know where to find them, which is obviously VERY bad…but she asked so I wasn’t gonna lie. Anyway she was very impressed by the lengths I was going to to watch the show.

Tim had disappeared during all this so I asked Téa if we could take a pic and she said “of course”. As I was lining up my camera Tim shouts from the background “wait a minute Scotland, I want in on this” and he runs up behind us. I mean the pic isn’t the best as my flash didn’t go off and my arm isn’t long enough but I just snapped it and let them get to their cars. They thanked me again for flying over and I thanked them for being so lovely.

So I’m still a bit in shock that it all happened. Flying home tomorrow after a fleeting trip, but definitely worth it.

my flawless little flyer. she has so much ahead of her she doesn’t even know, I can’t wait to see how far she takes her cheer career. look for her on a worlds team in a couple years;)