my little flawless flower

fun facts about the bae Quvenzhané Wallis:

  • youngest actress to be nominated for an Academy Award at nINE FUCKING YEARS OLD
  • her name is creative and beautiful as hell - a mixture of her father’s name Qulyndreia, and mother’s Venjie, and the Zhané means ‘fairy’ in Swahili like damn girl that’s gorgeous
  • she lied about her age in Beasts of the Southern Wild because the minimum age was six and she was five
  • director of said movie changed the script to suit her strong-willed nature because he realised she was exactly what he was looking for
  • darling lovely girl is the first African American child actor to be nominated for an Oscar
  • has to put up with a lot of bullshit at a very young age
  • is super adorable
  • is also better than all of us and a fucking inspiration