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If we criticised the princes/male characters the way the princesses are criticised

Okay, so anyone who know me know that the criticism of the princesses is one of the things that really irks me to the core. And as I thought about it, I realised there is little to no criticism of the princes/male characters of Disney (why is that? Well, I think we all know the reason). So, I have decided to critique the princes/male characters the same way! (Note: this is satirical, and to point out the sexism regarding critiquing the princesses while the princes have done very similar things!)

Snow White’s Prince: he is solely there as Snow White’s love interest! And he also falls in love with a girl he’s just met, and kisses said girl when she’s believed dead.

Prince Charming: falls in love with one girl at the ball he just met, then searches for her based on her shoe. 

Prince Phillip: willing to disgrace his country and marry a peasant (which was highly frowned upon). Lucky said peasant was actually the princess!

Prince Eric: was willing to give up his chances with an actual, real girl, because he had fallen in love with a girl’s voice who had supposedly saved him (who could have clearly been a hallucination). Lucky said girl was real!

Prince Adam/The Beast: he was a spoilt brat. That’s why he was changed into the Beast to begin with. And he falls in love with Belle, but no-one is calling him an idiot with Stockholm, are they?

Aladdin: lied about being a prince because he fell in love with a princess he met once. Almost destroys an entire country and gives an evil madman unlimited power in the process. Actually, lies a lot. 

John Smith: calls an entire race savages, and only doesn’t shoot Pocahontas because he’s attracted to her.

Hercules: gave up being a god for a woman. He’s called “noble”. Ariel gives up being a mermaid and is called “weak”.

Shang: thinks that not chopping off a woman’s head because she was in the army (and did a much better job than any of the men) is the same as going out of the way and almost dying in the process to save someone’s life. Doesn’t believe Mulan, because she’s a woman, that the enemy has infiltrated the palace even though she was right every other time. And oh what a surprise she was right again.

Naveen: uses women for his own gain. Only wanted to marry someone for their money. He changes, yes, but so did the princesses and they’re still criticised

Flynn/Eugene: thief, was doing everything in his power to try to convince Rapunzel to back out of the deal instead of just taking her to the lanterns. Changes only because he has feelings for Rapunzel. 

Hans: does this even need a mention? Psychopath who does what he needs to get what he wants. Almost leaves Anna to freeze to death and then almost decapitates Elsa. But people are still cuddling him, saying it “wasn’t his fault” because of his hard life, but then call Elsa a demon and treat her like she’s a horrible person.

Kristoff: had no intention of helping Anna until she bought him things. Criticised a princess. If you’re not of royalty, you don’t criticise royalty. Ever.

I am certainly not saying these characters are bad, I’m just pointing out that they have flaws, and yet I never hear “they’re terrible role models” or anything of that nature. There is a hidden sexist nature inside the criticisms of the princesses, because even though the criticisms are very similar between some characters (Hercules/Ariel), I very rarely see criticisms of male characters. I believe its due to the notion that female characters are still expected to be perfect with zero flaws (or character) and make no mistakes whatsoever, while male characters are constantly forgiven for their mistake, and these criticisms do come from feminists and other people who want “strong” female characters. I don’t want “strong” female character. I want naive female characters. Female characters that stuff up. Why? Because it gives them depth, something so many female characters don’t have. That’s what the princesses have. And that is why they are so heavily criticised.