my little dream home

i´ll never forget the moment i saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. we were driving over the bridge into paris and i could just make it out between the buildings and trees. i wasn´t even aware of how loud i screamed until or that i´d started crying until Z asked me if i was okay. it was then that it hit me that i was actually in france. that this place i’d been dreaming of would be my home for a little while. it was overwhelming. it was beautiful. in that moment i truly believed that anything was possible.

Nicknames: Potter, Morgz, Morg

Gender: Whatever you wish.

Current time and date: Monday, May 18th 2014 and it is currently 21:41

Birthday: June 27th 1994

Average amount of sleep: around 7 :)

Lucky number: 10

Last thing I googled: ellen pompeo bad blood

First word that comes to mind: Murple

One place that makes you happy: With my cats, and Xenaras house. 

Favourite characters: Trevor GTA, my character on Skyrim (we have spent 900 hours together)

Favourite food: Vegetarian Lasagne 

Favourite drink: Red Bull

Favourite book: UMMMMM. The Island.

Favourite TV show(s): Greys Anatomy, The L Word, South and Nowhere.

Last movie I saw in the theatre: I can’t even remember, I think it was HOME with my little brother. 

Last holiday: Amsterdam. 

Dream holiday: Anywhere in USA. Mostly L.A.

Dream wedding: Harry Potter.

Dream job(s): Illustrator for children’s books.

Zodiac: Cancer.

Relationship Status: Single. 

What are you wearing: Hollister Tee, and joggers. 

ladyfenric asked:

What is your favourite day dream / fantasy / idle wish

Having my own cute little old home that I’ll decorate for Halloween and have the smell of yummy baked treats wafting through the window, vines climbing the walls, and a big garden in which to drink lemonade ^-^

Cheesy and naive but I’d love it.

I wish

-I really wish it was you. I wish you were the one for me. I wish I was laying down next to you. I wish you were cuddling me right now. I wish you were kissing me. I wish we were in our own little home watching a movie. But those were my dreams before and they didn’t come true. I’d be stupid to think it would be different this time. I’m sorry but I will try to replace you. I will try to move on. I will try to be happy. I do however want you to know that wherever I go you will always have a piece of me.

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Nicknames: Lemon Lady, Love

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Favourite colour: Plue (midnight blue and royal purple)

Current Time and Date: 8:43AM, 15/05/2015

Average Amount of Sleep: Ehhhhhh 5 hours?

Last Thing I Googled: pale moon dictionary I needed an update for my browser

First Word that Comes to Mind: PEPPERONI! and it was all just a dream just a dream just a dream

One Place that Makes Me Happy: My bedroom

Favourite Character: Dil Howlter (a Sims character)

Favourite Food: Macaronni and cheese pizza!

Favourite Drink: COFFEE also suicide drinks (you mix every single fountain drink available)

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: … I don’t even know when I last went to the movies, but my little sister saw Home?

Last Holiday: Spring Break!

Dream Wedding: A small, traditional-styled wedding but with a reception like that ending scene in Rugrats in Paris without completely ruining everyone’s fancy and expensive clothes

Dream Job: … I wanna do everything, but probably a youtuber

What are You Wearing?: My fave hoodie

I tag: fortsocialanxiety​, i-cry-over-gay-space-rocks, majesticgerard, mimimumbles, and wafflelord26