my little domesticated angels

day 4 - domesticity

Story Time:

Story #1

Row 1: It’s Monday morning and Peggy has to go to work, so like the responsible woman she is, she gets up and gets ready. Steve, on the other hand, has the day off and thinks Peg should get back in bed for a little morning fondue.

Row 2: Later that night, after Peggy finally manages to free herself from her desk, Steve decides to take her out. It doesn’t matter what they decide to do for date night, whether it be stay at home or go out for a nice dinner and dancing, it never fails that these two lovebirds will end up eye-fucking from across the table / room.

Row 3: Peggy has been telling Steve to do the laundry while she’s at work every day for the past week. Now, it’s Saturday and she still refuses, saying “Darling, it’s my day off and I’ve been asking.” Steve puts it off again. When Sunday, Peggy heads off to the market to pick up a few groceries. While she’s out Steve finally resigns himself and gathers up the dirty clothes. With his hands full he starts searching for the basket. When Peggy returns, she goes straight to the bedroom. Steve hears her from his place in the washroom and calls, “Peg! I can’t find the laundry basket! It was in the closet before but it’s gone!” Just as he’s about to head back into the bedroom, she comes to the door with a very full basket. “I got us a cat!” Steve can do nothing but laugh. “This little dork really is my right partner,” he thinks to himself.

Row 4: A new week has begun. It’s Monday morning and this time, Peg has managed to get the day off. Steve’s between ops and decided to get up early to work in the yard. When he comes back in to clean up, Peggy is still sleeping… Or so he thought. By the time he starts walking out of the washroom, she’s awake and luring him back to bed.

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