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Hey! Imagine Marinette change her outfits and Adrien hugs Marinette and Mari says "ADRİEN LET ME GO!" and he says "I like pretty things!"

Like this?


that was a perfect shot, too.

Little Box / Self care box

I was discussing with princessjellyfishie and she suggested I made a Little box because I wanted to explore more my little side. Since I also wanted to make a Self care box I decided to mix the two!

Little stuff to put in my Little box :
-Coloring picture
-Colored Pencil
-Teddy bear
-Baby’s bottle
-Sippy cup
-Candy / chocolate
-Bath / shower items
-Nintendo DS
-Juice boxes
-Hair / facial mask

-Self care jar : 

*Encouragement from Sensei (Daisaku Ikeda)
*Cool quotes
*DIY ideas
*Recipe ideas
“Build a blanket fort”
“Films/series ideas
"get a mani-pedi”
"Full body strech*
"Drink a cup of water*
"put on new nail polish*
"hair / facial mask”

I might add things and I will post a photo when the box will be filled enough!

Letters From War

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @missyplatina !!!

I decided to write you a Nalu fic ^^ my writing is not up to par with yours yet but I really hope you like this! A part 2 will be out in a few days!!

And I really hope this cheers you up after all that happened this week!!

This is loosely based on a true story :)

You can read all parts here

“I don’t know..” Lucy winced when her friends all whined.

“But Lu! It was your idea!” her pixie sized friend Levy ran over to the couch and sat next to her.

“Yes, you were the one to tell me as well,” Erza calmly sipped her tea as the rest of the room flipped out.

“It’s a good idea! But I wouldn’t know what to say!”

“You’re a writer, Lucy. It shouldn’t be too hard,” Mira pointed out.

“Well.. what if the guy turns out to be a perv who only want me to send him dirty pictures!”

“Then do it! Probably the only action he’ll get over there!” Cana excitedly explained, spilling her beer.

Lucy sighed and slumped into the couch cushions. About a month ago, she found a flyer of the bulletin board at her local gym. It was called ‘Operation Gratitude’, it was a way to send support and appreciation to all the men and women fighting overseas. Via letters, gifts, food and what not.

At the time, Lucy was all for the idea of helping someone out. Until her friends were practically forcing her to do it.

“It’s such a good cause, Lu! Please consider it,” Levy pleaded.

“Why don’t we all do it!” Lucy would feel better if they did it with her.

“Juvia will not cheat on her beloved Gray!” the quiet bluenette jumped up and glared at Lucy, holding her hand made Gray doll to her chest.

“I don’t think Laxus would appreciate it either,” Mira held a hand to her blushing cheek.

Oh right, they were all married.

“But.. if it’s such a good cause then they wouldn’t care, right?”

“Sorry sweetie, Bacchus would chew my ass out,” Cana and Bacchus weren’t married, but they had been together for an awfully long time.

“Jellal wouldn’t say anything, but I doubt he’d be pleased.”

“Gajeel would be an annoying brat about it.”

Well there went that plan.

“It would be good for Lucy too!” Juvia sat on the coffee table in front of Lucy, holding her hands, “You need something new in your life.”

“What are you talking about? My life is great! I’m finally on good terms with my dad, I have an amazing job, my novel is almost done.. I have you guys!” Lucy smile was strained as she thought of more, “… Plue is finally potty trained..”

“I see a problem,” Cana pointed at Lucy accusingly, “don’t you?”

She narrowed her eyes, “”

“No love,” Juvia explained as Cana yelled, “Ya need a good lay!”

Erza glared at Cana, “They are both correct. You’ve been single for far too long.”

“I do not need a boyfriend,” Lucy said slowly, like she was talking to 5-year-olds, “And even if I did, how would writing to a man overseas help?”

“It wouldn’t,” Mira giggled, “but maybe it’ll push you in the right direction.”

Sighing again, Lucy couldn’t help but think how useless this conversation was.


They all turned to Levy, who had been sneakily playing on Lucy’s laptop.

Juvia looked at the screen, “It matches you with someone right away?”

“What did you do?” Lucy asked.

“Yep! You can even put in certain stats too!”

“What’s going on?”

“Ooh. He’s from around here!” Cana cheered as she too peered at the screen.


“My, my. He seems impressive,” Erza added.


“Aww, no picture,” Mira pouted.

“Levy!” Lucy finally got a glimpse of her own laptop,“You signed me up for that thing?”

Levy sheepishly handed her the computer, “You never would have done it, so I did it for you!”

Levy had put in all of Lucy’s information and some ‘must haves’ for the guy she wanted to talk to. She already had a confirmation email thanking her and had all the information needed.

“Levyy!” she groaned.

“Please do it, Lucy!” Mira clasped her hands together, pleading.

“It really is a good cause. Especially with the holidays coming up,” Juvia’s puppy-dog eyes weren’t helping.

Cana and Erza stared her down.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” before her friends could celebrate, she added, “Just one time!”

“What if he replies?” Levy asked.

“I seriously doubt that.”

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I am officially tapping-out at 64 times of having seen HTTYD2 in theatres. It was a good run, but now it is time to save up for The Boxtrolls and Big Hero 6!
I can just barely fit all these stubs into their own container and they are now guarded heavily by my bewilderbeast, along with all the other ticket stubs I keep and collect, mostly in shoe boxes.
This IS the highest number I have reached so far, but I bet I won’t beat it again until 2016, when HTTYD3 comes out in theatres. Until then, I’m gonna keep trying! Wish me luck!

so, was really bored and i had to make use of some sharpies (i have over 200 lol). first drawing in a while. but friendship goal right there. markiplier and therealjacksepticeye, i really hope you guys enjoy this. have a lovely day/evening, gentlemen. :) <3