my little children let me hug you


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41. “That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to”

“MY SISTER IS HERE!” Thaisa shouted excitedly when she saw Rafa and I in the front door; she was jumping up and down before giving me a warm hug.

“Hello? YOUR BROTHER is here” The boyfriend standing behind me waved his hand in front of his face, laughing at his little sister’s reaction.

“Yes, and of course you too!” Thaisa hugged Rafa after she let me go.

It’s Christmas time where our hearts grow tender with lovely memories, togetherness with family. Rafinha’s parent invited us all to celebrate Christmas together at their house. It’s actually my first time celebrating Christmas with Rafa’s family rather than my own.

“Hi sweetheart” Rafa’s mom, Valeria, came up to me, giving me a warm hug. She’s one of the women I really look up to beside my mom, her closeness with her children is so heartwarming. Rafinha was right behind me, he was hugging his mom when Thaisa took me by the hand.

“I really-really-really need to talk to you!” Her smile grew wider as she walked us to the big couch in the living room, where I saw Bruno sitting down in the floor.

“Hi Bru!” I happily greeted Bruno who was occupied with some games in the playstation. He putted down the controller to stand up and hugged me, “You’re taller now! Last time I remember you’re only about my hip, now you’re up to my waist!”

“Of course! My gym teacher taught me how to grow taller faster! He said I can be taller than Rafa and Thiago!” he answered happily, before sat back down to his previous spot.

“I bet you do!” Thaisa sat next to me in the couch, “So, what’s up?!”

She smiled sheepishly before started answering my question; “My boyfriend wants me to go with him in his family vacation!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Whoa! That’s definitely something you need to tell me! Have you asked for permission?”

“Noo…” she hung her head down,  “I am too afraid to tell mom, or even Julia! Sometimes they think that we’re in the fast track, you know. Pai, Thiago and Rafa would probably be furious”

I pursed my lips, “Yeah, considering you’re the prettiest one, of course they would go all protective about you. If I were you, of course I want to go! But I think you need to talk with your mom first, if she said yes, I’ll help you with Rafa” I winked at her, and relief brought a smile to her lips.

‘Thank you” she said still with a smile and hugged me.  That’s when I heard Bruno walking closer to us and stopped to put his head in my lap.

“I want to play with youuuu!” His little lips pouted cutely, he then got up and started to pull my hand, “OH! You should see my new remote control helicopters I bought for Christmas!”

“What? You bought that?!”

“Yes! I asked mom to buy, but she insisted that it was for Christmas but I don’t want to wait until Christmas!” he tugged my shirt repeatedly.

“Bru! Stop that! Can’t you see that we’re talking?” Thaisa took his little hand away from me, “Just ask Rafa to play with you.”

“I don’t want to! I want to play with her!” The little one started shouting at Thaisa, I was about to arbitrate them when Rafa poked his head behind the door

“Hey guys, what are you two fighting about? Leave her alone” He sauntered into the living room, sassing them.

“Bruno was pulling and tugging her when she’s still talking with me, he wants to show her his new remote control helicopter” Thaisa explained, she leaned her head back to the couch.

“Well, Tata was talking to her since she came. It’s my turn now” Bruno innocently answered before Rafa picked him up.

“Turn what? Spending time with her?” He tickled Bruno and threw him in the air, making little Bruno laughed endlessly, “You know she’s mine! Are you trying to steal her away from me?” He tickled him again.

“Rafa, stop. His face is getting red.” I chided him, making him stop. Thaisa just shook her head in amusement. He put Bruno back down, and walked closer just to pull Thaisa to standing position. “Go help mom in the kitchen,” he pushed Thaisa to the door, “and you go find Pai” he point at Bruno before pushing him too.

“Why did you do that?” I giggled. He sat himself next to me, pulling my head down to his shoulder.

“That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to” He murmured, “They usually willing to share anything to each other, but you. So you must be something.” He placed a small kiss to the back of my right hand. “Besides, it’s my turn to be with you.”

“Well, you had me almost for like 24 hours a day”

“Yeah, and that’s not enough” Leaning forward, he lifted my chin with his other hand and kissed my lips tenderly.