my little children let me hug you

The wight - Enoch O’Connor (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children)

Pairing: Peculiar!Fem!Reader x Enoch O’Connor

Warning(s): Adorable Enoch??? Protective Enoch????? A sad Miss Peregrine??????

A/N: I won’t be writing summaries no more because i suck at it. Anyway, the reader’s peculiarity is that she can see Hollowgasts just like Jacob. Also, i’ll write the flashback(s) like THIS.

“Excuse me” said Millard for the third time. All i heard was footsteps. Footsteps everywhere. We were packing our belongings, the wights could find our loop at any moment. I saw Enoch with a few jars full of organs, i smiled sadly at him. I always wanted to leave the loop, but not like this. Not because the Peculiars were in danger. I finally found the last thing i was searching for: my old pictures. I took one and looked at it. It was a picture of Enoch and Olive i took because i thought that we didn’t had enough pictures. I remember the day i took it like it was yesterday, but i knew the picture was really old.

“Stay still!” i glared at Olive as she kept playing with her gloves. She let out an annoyed sigh but listened to me and stood beside Enoch’s armchair.

“(Y/N), please tell us again, why do we have to pose for that stupid picture?” the boy said, clearly frustrated.

“Fine! You should’ve just said that you mind me making memories with my FRIENDS” i put the emphasis at the word ‘friends’ letting them know i’m disappointed.

“We’re not just friends, darling, and you know it” he stood up and walked over to me. I glanced at Olive, noticing her little smirk.

“I’ll be in the hallway” was all she said before she left the room. I looked at Enoch angrily before turning around and heading to the door. I was about to leave when i felt his arms around my waist, holding me tight.

“No, don’t go. Not yet” his voice was muffled as he hid his face in my hair. I let out a frustrated sigh.

“I’m mad at you, O’Connor” i snapped turning my head slightly so i could see him. I registered the first hints of reddened cheeks and i couldn’t help but blush a little too. I tried to hide it, turning my head quickly.

“Too late, i saw it” he smirked and his lips found their way to my neck, pecking it softly. “Don’t be mad, please” he said through kisses. I groaned.

“God, why you’re so clingy today?” i asked trying to distract myself a little from the pleasure.

“Because i’m scared” he whispered. What? No, no, no, Enoch O’Connor won’t be scared or sad around me.

“Wait, why you’re scared?” i asked turning around so i was facing him, my anger disappearing completely.

“What if the wights come back? And the Hollowgasts?” he blurted out. My poor, little Peculiar…

“Oh, sweetheart, no one spotted any wights in a quite long time. And i didn’t saw any Hollowgasts either” i smiled at him, he looked so vulnerable right now. I took his hand in mine stroking it gently with my thumb.

“Are you sure?” i nodded reassuringly. He acted like a lost child and i found it adorable. “Let’s finally take the picture then” he breather out and sat down once again. I walked over to him and kissed him before calling Olive.

“Okay guys, just stay still while i’m taking the picture. One… Two…Three!” and then i snapped the picture.

“Show us, show us!” the girl squealed in excitement, jumping a little.

“Let’s show it to Miss Peregrine” i grinned and runned out of the room.

I smiled at the memory. I heard Miss Peregrine’s voice, telling us to come down. I felt something… Bizarre in my stomach. With the leather suitcase in my hand, i made my way down the stairs. I looked up and saw a man with sharp teeth and white eyes. A wight. He was holding Jacob. I pushed through the Peculiars, finding my way to the front.

“Children, for Jake’s safety, we are going to do what Mr. Barron asks. He wishes to take me with him…” that’s when i muted their voices. Miss Peregrine… Is leaving us? But… She can’t!

“You are sacrificing yourself and all of us… For Jake?” i somehow heard Enoch’s voice and i turned to face him. He noticed me and told me to come to his side. I wasn’t his dog to listen to him so I just shook my head and looked at the sight before me.

“Mr. Barron travels with a Hollow, Enoch. Once it arrives there, we’re all dead. ” the Bird explained, sending him a stern look.

“Enoch, only Jake can see them. She means he’s our only hope” Horace added.

“(Y/N) can see them too!” he raised his voice and i saw the regret in his eyes. He knew i was in danger now.

“Well, look at you, little girl. Aren’t you the prettiest little thing?” Mr. Barron said and suddenly, he relieved Jacob, grabbing me instead. I winced when the blade touched my throat. One wrong move, and i’m dead.

“No, no! Let her go, you bastard!” Enoch tried to attack the wight and Bronwyn caught him by his sleeve quickly.

“Just, go and hide. Please…” i heard my voice break and i closed my eyes. Where’s my confidence? Somewhere, drowned in fear of losing my loved ones. They finally understood that i could die at any moment right now because they made their way to the living room where Miss Avocet was hiding since the beginning.

“It’s been my privilege to care for you all. Goodbye, my children” she closed the door. They’re safe. “Now, let her go” Miss Peregrine said and he listened to her. That’s what i thought at least, until he cut my throat a little. He was playing with her. I let out a shaky breath. She gasped but kept her calm as she saw that i’m fine. “Promise me one thing, Jake, (Y/N). That you will try to look after them all” she breathed out. I nodded, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I promise” i responded before hugging her tightly. “I’m going to miss you, Miss P.” i whispered as more tears rolled down. She was crying too. Then i let go and she took a few steps back before turning into a bird and flying into the cage. Mr. Barron closed it right after, a devilish smile on his face. He took us by the shirts and threw us into the room. I stumbled and fell to the ground. Enoch was quick to react because he was beside me a second after. The wight waved at us, before turning around pretending to leave, then he faced us again with a ‘boo’ making the children gasp. He laughed and closed the door.

“It’s getting dark. You won’t even be able to see their shadows. We have to stay inside. It’s the only place we stand a chance” Jake said and we nodded.

“He’s quite right. Now, where does Miss Peregrine keep her weapon?” Miss Avocet asked and i was the one to respond. “In there. Let’s go” i was about to show them when Enoch stopped me.

“You’re bleeding” he noticed, touching the blood on my throat.

“It’s just a scratch” i joked trying to light up the mood. It’s something i do when i’m scared or anxious.

“Please, don’t do that again. I could’ve lost you” he said, pulling me to his chest. I inhaled his scent and listened to his heartbeat. I felt once again safe “I love you” he murmured before kissing my forehead.

“I love you too, Enoch”

Hi it’s the anon that just asked if I could send you my first writing. Fair warning, I wrote this on my phone so there isn’t really any structure and it’s really long and kind of all over the place. My punctuation, capitalization, and grammar aren’t perfect in this either but I really wanted to share. Thank you for letting me send this in :)

**posters note: i did edit the format a little bit so it would be easier to read on and off mobile. I hope that’s okay! if there are any problems just let me know!!

Ok so tom has said he likes driving but let’s just say you don’t care for it much (like you can but you only do it when needed). 

So whenever you guys want to go somewhere together he’s usually the driver. And sometimes you guys are carefree and fun with the windows down and radio up, dancing in your seats and singing loudly, laughing at each other and practically having a dance battle in your seats. But sometimes you guys are just quiet. Not even an awkward, tense quiet, just a ‘there are a million other people on the road right now but you’re the one sitting next to me and that’s all I care about’ quiet. 

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Brother’s Best Friend // Josh Pieters

Word Count- 1842

Summary- You’re Caspar’s little sister, and when you visit for the first time in years, you not only see Caspar, but your ex-boyfriend, Josh, whom you still have feelings for.

Warnings; Like one swear word, maybe?  

A/n; I really don’t know if I liked this one or not. Might do a part 2, when the reader has to return to SA.. let me know if you’d like one!

Requested; No, but requests are always open!

“Pineapple!” You called, ignoring the odd looks of random people and running at your brother as you spotted his tall figure and blonde pineapple-style hair above the sea of pushing people in the crowded airport. He turned and smiled as he saw you, opening his arms and catching you, engulfing you in a huge hug. “Y/N/N!” He laughed as you clung onto him, refusing to let go. “It’s been way too long!” You told him as you finally, reluctantly let go and looked up at him. “You’re still too tall, that much hasn’t changed.” You teased, and he simply shook his head at you. “You’re just too short, everyone knows it.” He retorted.

You were Caspar’s little sister, and you just turned 22, while Caspar was 23. You hadn’t seen him since he moved in with Joe, with the exception of christmas, where you’d seen each other for one day, and hardly counted it; seeing as you two had no time to catch up, just the two of you. You had such busy schedules, you with school, and him with YouTube, that you’d never really had time to just hang out. It didn’t help you had gone to school in South Africa, making it even more difficult for either of you to visit each other; even if you did have the time.

Finally you had a break on your term, and managed to sneak a vacation to the UK to visit your brother for two weeks To say you were happy was a complete understatement. You missed him loads; you two were very close growing up, the age gap helping to easily get along. There was also someone else you were quite excited to see again, not that you would admit it out loud.

Caspar ordered an uber prior, and after going through baggage claim and whatnot you were driving to his flat. He’d warned you that his mates were ‘round, and you were quite nervous. What if they didn’t like you? That’s what you were trying to tell yourself you were nervous about, but you knew it wasn’t really why you felt sick with nerves. You were nervous to see him again.

You stepped out of the uber, thanking the driver and following Caspar quietly up to his flat. “Don’t be so nervous, loosen up, Y/N!” Caspar said, smiling reassuringly and opening the door. You sighed, and forced on a smile, following him inside. You could hear FIFA in the next room over and rolled your eyes. Typical boys.

You followed directly behind Caspar as he greeted his friends and they all glanced over greeting him as well, before doing a double take when they saw you. You assumed it was because you looked hardly like Caspar at all, and they probably weren’t expecting that. Joe, who’d you met previously from him living with Caspar, paused the game, came over and hugged you first, welcoming you to London. The other boys were slightly confused, but came and greeted you nonetheless, except one. He was sat on the couch, frozen, wide-eyed. You both looked much different, you hadn’t seen each other in years and damn, did those years do him well.

You politely exchanged your greetings with the boys, who you’d now known as Conor, Oli, Jack and Mikey. He still hadn’t moved from the couch, and everyone seemed to notice the tension. You excused yourself to use the bathroom, and on your way returning  you heard Caspar’s voice, and he didn’t exactly sound happy. “-was that about Josh? You didn’t even say hi to her!” You made out, pressing yourself to the wall to hide. You were curious, and hated eavesdropping, but you knew they were talking about you and you too wanted to know why he didn’t even greet you.

Josh didn’t answer verbally, so you assumed he merely shrugged. “You can’t pretend like nothing happened between you two, Josh.” Caspar said, softer now. “Why not?” Josh retorted, clearly frustrated with the conversation. “You two dated for 3 years!” Caspar replied, exasperated. The other boys gasped and muttered a few words of shock. “So? We broke up over 2 years ago, Caspar. There’s nothing else to it. It’s all old news.” Ouch. That hurt.

You see, you never did quite get over Josh. You’d broken up when Caspar moved, seeing as you were heading to Uni and never really had time for a relationship, while Josh was focusing on his Football and Cricket skills, and you two had a terrible argument and ended on bad terms. You had tried to call him, even just to be friends again, but you never had a reply, no matter how many times you’d tried, so you eventually gave up.

You composed yourself and walked out, smiling at the boys. You pretended to just notice their awkward expressions and furrowed your brows in fake-confusion. It was times like this, you were really glad you were a good liar. “Is something wrong?” You asked, your voice laced in confusion and concern. The boys all looked at each other guilty and shook their heads, refusing to speak. You quirked an eyebrow, playing along. “You do realize that was the least convincing possible thing you could’ve done, right?” You said, giving an unimpressed look.

The group of boys shuffled awkwardly and looked to Caspar, seeing as it was his sister. He refused to look her in the eyes, and instead was glaring towards Josh. You followed his gaze, taking a deep breath and realization set in your face. “Oh.” You muttered, biting your lip. You didn’t even have to pretend at this point, because your emotions were quite real.

“Hello again, Josh.” You said, kindly. He merely nodded and looked away. You frowned, but understood. An awkward silence hung in the air, and you didn’t want your entire trip to be like this. “So, you up for me to kick your ass in FIFA?” You challenged Caspar, easing the tension. He agreed with a smirk and you sat down, stealing Miley’s controller and playing with the boys.

Throughout the evening, you and Josh hadn’t spoken a word to each other, and it honestly hurt you. You’d expected to see him when you’d agreed on meeting Caspar, but you didn’t think it would hurt so bad, even after 2 long years. You kept sneaking glances at the redhead, hoping to catch his gaze, to no avail. Little did you know, he was doing the same.

It was now half past 8, and all the boys were cleaning up the mess from dinner. Caspar grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room you were staying in.  “What on earth are you doing, Caspar?” I asked, giving him an odd look. He shrugged, “Just stay here.” I gave him a questioning look, but did as told. He left the room, and less than a minute later, someone came crashing into the room, falling face first into the floor and the door slammed behind him. The crash startled you, and you were a bit shocked as it was sudden and out of nowhere.

You knew exactly what happened though, as soon as you saw the boy stand up, his fiery hair very visible in the dimly lit room. You shuffled awkwardly, biting your lip nervously. Josh walked over to the door and began banging on it, shouting at Caspar to open the door. “You and I both know he won’t open it.” You stated simply, sitting on the bed, looking unfazed. Truth was, your heart was racing at the thought of being in a room alone with Josh. (No, not in that way!) You two had hardly spoken since you broke up, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t still have feelings for your brother’s best friend, so you were very nervous.

Josh sighed, annoyed, and glared at the door, before turning to you. “Well then, what do you suggest we do? Seeing as you’re so smart and you’re the reason we’re in here!” He spat, making your eyes widen in shock. “It’s not my fault we’re in here!” You said, defensively. “Oh yeah?” Josh countered, glaring at you. “Yeah! If you weren’t being such a prat and spoke to me like a normal person, Caspar wouldn’t have thought it necessary to lock us in here!” You shouted back, furiously. Josh scoffed and marched over to you, not stopping until his face was inches from yours.

Your breath hitched in your throat from the proximity of your faces. If one of you moved forward slightly, your lips would be touching. You hesitantly looked into Josh’s eyes, to see his anger diminish and another emotion, you couldn’t quite decipher, filled his eyes.. It confused you, but you couldn’t think much of it because next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. You kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck. God, did you miss this boy.

He pulled away slightly, looking into your eyes. “It hurt to see you again. I mean, I knew you were coming, but wow, I didn’t think it would feel like this. Every little thing we’ve done, from running around as children in the backyard, to playing football with Caspar on his last day in SA, came rushing back to me. I was scared that if I spoke, my voice would crack and I’d break down.” Josh admitted, barely talking above a whisper.

You pulled him into a hug, tears blurring your eyes. “I missed you.” You muttered, resting your chin on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you too, Y/N.” Josh said, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, and leaving a soft kiss on the bare skin. You two let go, smiling at each other, before walking to the door. “Caspar, you can stop listening in now.” You said, laughing slightly. The door opened immediately and not only did you see Caspar, but Joe, Conor, Jack, Mikey and Oli as well. You only laughed, shaking your head.

“Now I get why you’re friends with these people, Caspar. They’re all idiots, just like you!” You said, jokingly. They all cried out “Hey!” in sync, making you laugh harder. “Point proven.” You smirked, walking out of the room, Josh in tow. You heard him being clapped on the back, but chose to ignore it. Boys will be boys, what are you gonna do?

You all decided to put on a film, seeing as you were quite bored of FIFA and had nothing better to do, and you all agreed on a night in. The jet lag was getting to you, but you didn’t want to go to bed. Instead, you curled up into Josh’s side, his arm lazily wrapped around you, drawing random shapes on your back. You felt yourself drifting off, and smiled. You were with your brother and your lover, and you couldn’t ask for more. You may not be here for long, but you sure as hell were going to enjoy your time here while it lasted.

I Didn’t See That Coming!

Request:A  reader is a mundane and gets pregnant (it never happenend before and is not normal) and Magnus knows it before the reader does and helps her to tell Raphael? Maybe he will turn her after the baby is born?                         Warning:None!                                                                 Note!I maybe changed it a little bit on the end,anyway I hope you’re going to like it.Sooo if you do let me know. :)                                                                                                                                                                              I entered into Magnus apartment and saw him standing by the window looking outside.I got a call from him telling me that he wanted to talk with me..’Hey Magnus.’ He turned around and smiled ‘Hey buscuit!’ I walked deeper into the room with hands in my pockets..’You wanted to talk with me,is everything okay?’ He  gestured for me to sit on the couch so I did.’I’m not sure if it’s good but it’s not bad either.But it never happened before.’ I looked confused at him,what the hell he’s talking about??? ‘What are you talking about?’                ‘Darling you’re pregnant.’ He blurted out and I was shocked.I got up from my sit and started walking toward the window for a second,then I stopped and turned around..’You’re kidding me right?’                                                             ‘Oh honey I wish I am but it’s true,and if don’t believe me I can show you if you want.’ And that’s when I knew that he wasn’t lying,I mean he maybe did we all lie sometimes,but not now,not when it comes to serious things. ‘You don’t have to,I believe you it just that I’m really confused right now.’                                   ‘Yeah I totally understand you,like I said it never happened before.As I know vampires aren’t able to have children,especially with the mundanes.’ And that’s when I realized that I need to tell Raphael and I can’t help  but feel a little scared.’Oh God Magnus,how I’m going to tell Raphael?’ He came closer and put his hands on my shoulders..’Don’t worry darling,everything is going to be okay.’ I let out a loud sigh..’Yeah it’s easy for you to say,you’re not the one who’s pregnant with a vamp boy.’ He slightly smiled and then he hugged me..’Don’t worry pumpkin,I’ll help you tell him,hell I’m going to beat him just to make him understand.’I couldn’t help but smile..’Thank you Magnus,honestly.’    As time passed by I got more and more nervous,I didn’t know that waiting for Raphael was so hard right now.I heard a doorbell and I froze in my spot,Magnus let Raphael in and as soon he saw me he walked toward me and hugged me..He let go of me..’Is everything okay,you got me worried over the phone.’  I hesitated for a second,oh this is going to be really hard but here we go..’Actually I don’t know,but maybe you should sit.’                                           ‘I’m sure I can handle it amor,what is it?’ I saw Magnus standing next to me..’Okay,I’m pregnant.’                                                                                     ‘But..That’s not possible.’                                                                                     ‘Believe me I had the same reaction when Magnus told me.’ He now looked at Magnus waiting to tell something..’It’s true..I felt it last time Y/N was here and called her today to come here so I could tell her.’ I saw that he was confused right now and honestly I couldn’t blame him.’It Never happened before we can’t have children with mundanes or anybody else.’ Magnus took a glass of wine in his hands..’I know but lets call this a miracle.’                                                       ‘Yeah a miracle I didn’t see coming..’I mumbled but they heard me anyway especially Raphael who was beside me in a matter of second hugging me.’Don’t worry amor,we’re going to figure something out.’ he let go of me ..’Okay you need to stop saying not to worry,because I do.Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy but I’m also scared of not knowing what’s going to happen.’ Magnus left the room and after couple of minutes he came back with some huge book in his hands..’Okay people I think I found something.’ I came closer to him reading the same line as him,and when I read it I instantly closed my eyes.Raphael stood across us and he probably saw our reaction.’What is it?’ Magnus wasn’t sure if he should tell him but I nodded my head…’It’s say that is possible one in a hundred years when vampire finds his true love,but there are consequences.’  ‘Raphael looked shocked,afraid of even asking ‘What kind of consequences are we talking about?’                                 ‘About-’Magnus stopped for a second and I saw Raphael clenching his jaw,he was angry. About what Magnus?’ Magnus wanted to answer but I was faster..’There’s a possibility I could die.’ Raphael looked at me realizing what I just said ‘No,that’s not true there must be solution to all of this.’ Raphael came closer to me and took my hand in his and kissing me on the head,Magnus tilted his head from the book .’There is a solution,but you’re not going to like it.’ ‘I’m not surprised at all.’ Raphael answered sarcastically ‘What is it Magnus.’     ‘You need to change her but after the baby is born.’ We both looked surprised at him..’There is no way in hell I’m going to do that.’ I turned him toward me ‘Raphael honey,look at me.’ He looked at me with sad expression ‘Maybe that’s not a bad idea after all.’ He put his hands on my cheeks.’Y/N I’m not doing it.’ I wasn’t so sure what to say..but..’You have to or I’ll die.’                                     ‘Even if I want to it says that can’t be done before you deliver a baby.’ I let go of him and looked at both of them..’Then there must be another solution?!’       ‘There is!’ Magnus said ‘What is it?’ He looked at Raphael ‘You need to give her your blood every month so you can keep her alive.’Raphael rolled his eyes..’Oh this is just getting better.’ I didn’t say anything,I couldn’t I’m so tired of all things that I just happened and all I wanted to go home and sleep,maybe the simptoms were kicking in.Magnus left the room,giving us some time alone.Raphael came to me again looking at me.’Are you okay?’And I’m not going to lie when I say…’Not really,Raphael what are we going to do?’ He was quite for a moment..’I’m not sure,but we’ll figure something out.Okay?’                ‘Okay!.’He kissed my forhead and hugged me.Honestly it didn’t matter anymore,not when I know he’s going to be by my side every step of the way.

The Gift Of A Friend

Synopsis: A new case comes, involving foster kids and Y/N’s past. During the case, Y/N is put in front of her nightmare, and feelings she was hiding deep inside her. Memories come back to her, including one of her biggest regrets. Dean and Sam understand why she was reluctant in doing this case. When the truth hits them, and the rule of their jobs comes back, they find themselves asking why they do this job if they can’t save everyone.

Sam, Dean and Y/N were working on a tough case. Foster children were going missing. Y/N told Sam and Dean that this wasn’t a case for them, there was nothing supernatural in it, but Sam and Dean insisted and turned out they were right.

“Now, why would any supernatural creature would kidnap kids?” Asks Y/N.

“To turn them into whatever they are younger, to train them easier, I don’t know.” Answers Sam.

“We have to discover what does that.” Adds Dean.

Sam and Y/N nod and keep searching to find out what took the kids.
After a moment, Sam and Dean decided to interrogate people that were working there.

“You coming with us?” Asks Dean to Y/N. To be frank, Y/N didn’t like this case; she was a foster kid, she knew what it was like and did not want to go back there.

“No. I’m good. I’ll keep searching.
-What’s wrong?
-Nothing, why?
-Because you’ve been avoiding this case like a spider.
-I just don’t like kids.
-We’ve worked on cases that involved kids more than once, and you never avoided it.”

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Thoughts on Outlander S3 E8.

I got so emotional with Claire and Jenny’s reuniting and confessions of how it felt not being around each other for 20 yrs. I wish Jenny knew the truth. 

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I love Jamie and the book put him through so much. But what make me kinda mad is that he treats Claire like it’s her fought that she left. Like um did you forget you made her leave?

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Speaking of, like ok again Jamie went through stuff and I get he wanted a normal life and feel like a Father and Husband but seeing him with Laoghaire’s girls stung. It’s just like he had a few yrs with his son then had some with two girls that weren’t his own and where does that leave Bree? It just makes me mad he doesn’t see he could have gotten all that if he hadn’t pushed Claire to leave.

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Oh and then theres the little Fighting/Sex scene that I was glad to see. I don’t know why but I think because it brings me back to their old ways of fighting then making up.

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F***ing Laoghaire! Like girl the man felt nothing but pity for and your children. Like why couldn’t we get to see this slap again than Claire pushing her?

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Young Ian is the most cutest and adorable character this season. The “Auntie Claire” gets me all the time.

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Ned!!!! I loved this little reunion, he’s like this teddy bear you just wanted to hug. Lets follow his little theory of how to stay looking young.

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*Well that’s all my thoughts that I needed to share. Some of you can agree or disagree but that’s ok. We all have different options of this season/book. Theres lots of gifs but they help me with my thoughts. So thank you all gif makers that are on this post.


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41. “That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to”

“MY SISTER IS HERE!” Thaisa shouted excitedly when she saw Rafa and I in the front door; she was jumping up and down before giving me a warm hug.

“Hello? YOUR BROTHER is here” The boyfriend standing behind me waved his hand in front of his face, laughing at his little sister’s reaction.

“Yes, and of course you too!” Thaisa hugged Rafa after she let me go.

It’s Christmas time where our hearts grow tender with lovely memories, togetherness with family. Rafinha’s parent invited us all to celebrate Christmas together at their house. It’s actually my first time celebrating Christmas with Rafa’s family rather than my own.

“Hi sweetheart” Rafa’s mom, Valeria, came up to me, giving me a warm hug. She’s one of the women I really look up to beside my mom, her closeness with her children is so heartwarming. Rafinha was right behind me, he was hugging his mom when Thaisa took me by the hand.

“I really-really-really need to talk to you!” Her smile grew wider as she walked us to the big couch in the living room, where I saw Bruno sitting down in the floor.

“Hi Bru!” I happily greeted Bruno who was occupied with some games in the playstation. He putted down the controller to stand up and hugged me, “You’re taller now! Last time I remember you’re only about my hip, now you’re up to my waist!”

“Of course! My gym teacher taught me how to grow taller faster! He said I can be taller than Rafa and Thiago!” he answered happily, before sat back down to his previous spot.

“I bet you do!” Thaisa sat next to me in the couch, “So, what’s up?!”

She smiled sheepishly before started answering my question; “My boyfriend wants me to go with him in his family vacation!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Whoa! That’s definitely something you need to tell me! Have you asked for permission?”

“Noo…” she hung her head down,  “I am too afraid to tell mom, or even Julia! Sometimes they think that we’re in the fast track, you know. Pai, Thiago and Rafa would probably be furious”

I pursed my lips, “Yeah, considering you’re the prettiest one, of course they would go all protective about you. If I were you, of course I want to go! But I think you need to talk with your mom first, if she said yes, I’ll help you with Rafa” I winked at her, and relief brought a smile to her lips.

‘Thank you” she said still with a smile and hugged me.  That’s when I heard Bruno walking closer to us and stopped to put his head in my lap.

“I want to play with youuuu!” His little lips pouted cutely, he then got up and started to pull my hand, “OH! You should see my new remote control helicopters I bought for Christmas!”

“What? You bought that?!”

“Yes! I asked mom to buy, but she insisted that it was for Christmas but I don’t want to wait until Christmas!” he tugged my shirt repeatedly.

“Bru! Stop that! Can’t you see that we’re talking?” Thaisa took his little hand away from me, “Just ask Rafa to play with you.”

“I don’t want to! I want to play with her!” The little one started shouting at Thaisa, I was about to arbitrate them when Rafa poked his head behind the door

“Hey guys, what are you two fighting about? Leave her alone” He sauntered into the living room, sassing them.

“Bruno was pulling and tugging her when she’s still talking with me, he wants to show her his new remote control helicopter” Thaisa explained, she leaned her head back to the couch.

“Well, Tata was talking to her since she came. It’s my turn now” Bruno innocently answered before Rafa picked him up.

“Turn what? Spending time with her?” He tickled Bruno and threw him in the air, making little Bruno laughed endlessly, “You know she’s mine! Are you trying to steal her away from me?” He tickled him again.

“Rafa, stop. His face is getting red.” I chided him, making him stop. Thaisa just shook her head in amusement. He put Bruno back down, and walked closer just to pull Thaisa to standing position. “Go help mom in the kitchen,” he pushed Thaisa to the door, “and you go find Pai” he point at Bruno before pushing him too.

“Why did you do that?” I giggled. He sat himself next to me, pulling my head down to his shoulder.

“That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to” He murmured, “They usually willing to share anything to each other, but you. So you must be something.” He placed a small kiss to the back of my right hand. “Besides, it’s my turn to be with you.”

“Well, you had me almost for like 24 hours a day”

“Yeah, and that’s not enough” Leaning forward, he lifted my chin with his other hand and kissed my lips tenderly.

“Mmm,” John gives a soft murmur of satisfaction and stretches his socked feet out toward the fire for toasting. He shoots me a glance over his (third) glass of mulled wine, then smiles down into his drink when he sees me looking at him. Is it a significant sort of smile, or is that only my fancy? No, don’t let’s get into all that again or I’ll lose my nerve. I open my mouth to make my offer, but John interrupts me, “I’m glad we decided not to travel for Christmas this year.”


“Yeah, I mean it was lovely of your parents to invite us, but…” John trails off and looks around the room, “Well the flat looks nice. This is you, isn’t it?” He gestures toward the twinkling tree in the corner with his elbow. “I didn’t know you went in for this sort of thing.”

I shrug, “It’s only fairy lights and paper snowflakes, John. Hardly worth writing home about.”

John smiles, “Yeah, but you made the snowflakes yourself.”

“What sort of person would buy paper snowflakes?” John laughs, and I grin back, “It’s homely, isn’t it? I thought you might.” Shrug again, “I thought you’d like something. Normal.”

“Ahhh,” he says softly. “Something normal. Hmm.” John sips from his wine glass, “Maybe for the sake of law and order I ought to stop trying for normal. It doesn’t seem to be doing anyone any good, does it?”

My stomach twists. I fidget with the outer seam of my pyjama trousers and look at the tree, “You don’t like it.” 

“Oh no, Sherlock. That isn’t what I meant at all,” John’s voice is so soft with drink and concern that I look away from the tree to meet his eye. “It’s lovely.” He leans forward, “You’re not the problem, really you’re not.”

“The problem?” John does not answer, only leans back in his chair with another little sigh and sets his nearly empty glass on the side table. My moment may have passed. Has probably passed. Then again it’s the sort of thing that only exists in the imagination. Dither briefly, then stand and stretch. I make for my music stand near the window and shuffle the sheet music about noisily. “John?”

John looks up dreamily, “Mmm?”

I lift my instrument, “Any requests?”

John cocks his head, “Do you know I’ll Be Home For Christmas?”

“Of course,” I turn to the window, raise my bow and begin to play. Glance at John’s reflection in the window, and he’s watching me intently with something so like pleased cunning flickering on his face that I nearly miss a note. Shut my eyes. Focus on my fingers. I play it through twice quite slowly and sigh with the last notes as they fade from the air, my eyes still shut. “Anything else?” I lower my violin and turn toward John’s chair to find John himself standing just behind me.

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Christmas Surprise (Austin Carlile) (Of Mice & Men)

Word Count: 1,065


“I miss the three of you so much, I hate being half way across the country and you’re at home with the twins on their first Christmas.”

You sighed and ran a hand through your hair as you looked into the upset eyes of your husband of a year Austin Carlile through the webcam on your laptop. Of Mice & Men were touring and unfortunately it fell during the period before Christmas, sure they had no shows until after the 26th December but that meant Austin couldn’t fly back for one day without causing hassle for the management.

Austin had already said goodnight to your twins and waited until you put them to bed before he got pouty and upset. You were just as upset because he was missing your first Christmas as a married couple.

“I love you Austin. But you’re making hundreds of fans happy and doing something you love, we’ll find a way to make something work once you’re back off tour.”

“How did I end up with such an amazing wife?”

You shrug your shoulders.

“I guess you got lucky Carlile. I’m going to have to go in a second because I hear sniffling on the baby monitor.”

Austin sighed and shook his head; he was lying on his hotel bed with his head propped on his hands.

“Can we Skype again tomorrow morning? I don’t care about the time difference, I want to see my kids and wife on Christmas day.”

You nod and chew the inside of your mouth.

“Of course we can love, now I need to go. I love you and merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas y/n. Goodnight.”

Austin ended the call and your laptop screen went black. It hurt you seeing him moody and upset. Then as if lightning had struck the perfect idea came to you and it was crazy enough that it might work. You reached for your phone and scrolled through the contacts until I found Alan’s number and hit dial.

“What a pleasant surprise y/n, what can I do for you pretty lady?”

I explained my plan to Alan and he agreed that it was perfect to cheer Austin up. He told me to get the twins ready and he’d get the plane tickets. It looked like we would be spending Christmas as a family.

~ Skip plane ride ~

You were more than happy to land in New York; it wasn’t exactly fun travelling with two infants who didn’t want to sit still the whole flight. It was 6am on Christmas day. Alan and Tino waved at you from across the terminal and you walked towards them through the near empty airport.

“It’s good to see you y/n. Austin needs this, he’s been a grumpy pants for the last couple of days.”

You nod and side hug Tino as Alan plucks your daughter from your hands and starts cooing and tickling her stomach. Tino takes your son and tells you they’ll keep an eye on the children while you get your bags. Your children really did have the best uncles in the whole world.

The ride to the hotel was filled with the guys telling you tour stories that had you in stitches. Some of the things these guys got up to when away from home was unbelievable, they were big children pretending at being adults.

Tino got your bags and Alan handed your children back as you entered the hotel lobby. The five of you walked in silence up to Austin’s hotel room where Tino and Alan said goodbye and retreated to their own rooms. You took a deep breath and knocked on Austin’s door and waited for an answer.

After a couple of minutes of knocking and annoying the neighbours shuffling could be heard on the other side of the door and Austin’s sleepy morning voice took you by surprise as he opened the door while rubbing his eyes.

“I didn’t order room service.”

You hold back your laugh and hoist your daughter further up your hip.

“So I guess I’ll take myself and your children back home since you clearly don’t want to see us Austin.”


I recognised that voice anywhere but she couldn’t be here could she? y/n and the children were in LA, well they were when we Skyped a few hours ago. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and had to blink twice at the sight in front of me. y/n stood smiling in front of me holding the twins, our daughter squirmed in her mums arms and attempted to reach out for me.

“Merry Christmas Austin.”

I took my daughter and the biggest smile erupted on my face as I ushered y/n and our son into the room.


y/n laughed and sat down on the edge of the bed bouncing our son up and down on her knee while I clung to our daughter as if I still didn’t believe they were here with me in New York.

“I ran Alan and told him my crazy plan. Him and Tino met me at the airport and here we are. This is our first Christmas as a family Austin and we need to be together.”

I bent down and kissed her forehead.

“This is the best Christmas present you could have ever gotten me babe.”

The four of us ended up staying up until we heard a knock on the door at around 9am. I got up off the bed and opened the door and had to brace myself as the rest of the band attacked me in a group hug. Behind me y/n laughed and Aaron and Phil let go of me and ran towards her.

“Oh my god y/n you’re really here. We’ve missed you so much.”

Aaron all but squeezed her to death; he’d known her since before we started dating.

“I’ve missed you guys to. Now go and say Merry Christmas to your niece and nephew.”

Phil squealed like a little girl as he abandoned y/n and ran to the children. He plucked our son from Alan’s arms while Aaron took our daughter off Tino and started fussing over them.

I walked back over to y/n and pulled her into a hug as we watched the children’s uncles fight over who got to hold who. We were really one big family and I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

25 tips for hosting an exchange student!

My most popular post is probably the one with tips for exchange students. Since I’m now hosting an exchange student myself, I thought I’d share some tips for that as well!

  1. When your host student first arrives, make sure to show them the entire house. Tell them about each room, whether or not they’re allowed to go in the room, etc.
  2. Inform them of your daily routines! If a family member always watches football games on TV, let them know so that they don’t accidentally interfere.
  3. IF they accidentally ruin your routine, forgive them. They’ve been transplanted into a new world, and are learning.
  4. If you want them to help around the house, let them know.
  5. Provide them with reading material in your language (for exchange students from countries with a different one). Depending on their interests, this can include anything from newspapers to children’s books to magazines.
  6. Let them know in clear terms what you will and won’t tolerate. 
  8. Ask them about differences in your and their home country.
  9. Give them time to call/Skype with/email their old friends and family every once in a while. Every person is different. While doing this every day is not recommendable, a weekly (or monthly) update will please both them and their family back home.
  10. Take them to see your city/village/town! Even small field trips such as showing them the park, pointing our arcades or malls as you drive them around, or visiting different restaurants is good.
  11. Help them with their homework if they need the help! Even just different formats can confuse students.
  12. Provide them with a place to call their own and to study at. 
  13. Make sure to mention any events, festivals, or other such activities happening in and around your area! (and take them if they want to go)
  14. Don’t fuss too much about grades, and don’t let them fuss too much either. While they shouldn’t be failing their classes, they’re here to have fun, get to know people, and learn as much about you as possible!
  15. Encourage interests in school clubs and events.
  16. If you have a fight, try to resolve it as quickly as possible. Giving your exchange student the cold shoulder will be uncomfortable for everyone.
  17. If they make a mistake, forgive them.
  18. If you feel that there is friction or discomfort between you, try to resolve it. However, there are cases where the chemistry between host family and exchange student just isn’t right. This isn’t the fault of either of you, but it is a valid concern and should be addressed.
  19. If you have other children, explain to them that this exchange student will be treated as family. DO NOT let them become petty or angry that someone else is receiving attention.
  20. Give your exchange student as much attention as your other children/siblings!
  21. GIVE THEM HUGS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. (When I did my exchange year I had very little physical contact with my host family and it was such a change from back home and it made me sad).
  22. Respect their boundaries.
  23. Support the friendships they make!
  24. If they get lost somewhere, save them if they call you. If they figure their way out themselves, praise them!

anonymous asked:

hi! Can I get headcanons where the RFA meets MC in real life for the first time, only to find that she's super short? Like 4'11'' or less? Thank you!

Hello Anon. Me myself.. I’m short as hell. So this is no problem for me. 
I used to be 4′11″ but I think I’ve grown a little! I hope… Gah… I need to measure my height now.
Alright! Let’s let this going!  (V and Saeran under the cut~)

- Mod V.


  • He honestly thought you were a tiny monster at first. 
  • Or a child.
  • To him, Children are the worst monsters.
  • Once he gets over the whole monster ordeal, he just scoops you into his arms and gives you a deathly tight hug, just squealing about how tiny and cute you are.
  • He often teases you about your height- calling you things like Tiny But Mighty or Little Spoon
  • Those are the simple ones.
  • He gets very original with these names.
  • Whenever you cant reach something, he’ll get it for you… Only to hold it up out of your reach and laugh like an evil villain.
  • Oh, You want to kiss him? Cue him getting onto his toes and looking down at you, chanting “Kiss me” as you whine.
  • He actually thinks you’re the cutest thing to have ever walked the earth.
  • Does he worship you as his god now?
  • “MC… Please grant me the strength to finish work today.”
  • You’re now having to explain that you’re not some goddess.
  • He’s now given you the title “Goddess Of Cuteness”
  • He won’t stop
  • He won’t listen to reason
  • You’re trapped with this new nickname.
  • Now he’s got Zen doing it?!?
  • Anddddd now he’s back to teasing. He just loves switching between these two modes.
  • He also really likes giving you piggy back rides.
  • and carrying you bridal style
  • he just loves holding you


  • Oh my god…Does this mean he’s no longer the small one?!? YES!
  • He had no issues with this from day one.
  • Yoosung is suddenly proud of his height. Like… Really really proud.
  • Is this what it’s like to be taller than someone?
  • This feels like a superpower
  • He loves helping you when you can’t reach something-
  • It makes him feel needed.
  • He’s started helping you reach things you easily get on your own…
  • But you still love him regardless.
  • The cute smile he gives you when you say “Thank you” makes it all worth it.
  • Poor little cinnamon roll offered to let you sit on his lap at dinner. So you wouldn’t have any trouble.
  • In front of the entire RFA
  • He can’t understand why Zen is looking at him that way…
  • He seems to really like when you sit on his lap while he’s playing LoLoL. 
  • It’s so easy to play even though you’re right on top of him.
  • You fit into his arms so perfectly. Cuddling is just a bliss.
  • He has given you a new nickname!
  • …Bunny. He calls you bunny.
  • Why? Because they’re smal and cute,of course!


  • This first meeting was certainly interesting.
  •  He had to take a moment to process the height difference.
  • He quickly took a liking to resting his chin atop you head.
  • He has no problem with crouching so he may kiss you.
  • …Well he didn’t
  • But now its starting to strain his neck
  • Well… He’s bought you a stepping stool.
  • Does he expect you to carry it around with you everywhere you go?!?!
  • “Just in case of emergency kisses~”
  • He purposely hide all of your shirts so you’d be stuck wearing one of his!
  • … And now he’s given himself a nosebleed.
  • He can literally never be mad at you because you’re so damn adorable.
  • His neck and back really ache from looking down at you all the time
  • But your adorable face distracts him from the pain.
  • He’s forever amazed by how much talent, wit, intelligence and love can fit in a package so beautifully tiny.
  • Nothing is as cute as you trying to reach a jar of coffee or sugar from the top shelf.
  • Hugs are the best feeling ever… It’s the perfect opportunity to kiss your forehead.
  • He has a million reasons to laugh. Like- even when you wear heels, you’re still shorter.
  • If you’re ever upset- He’ll probably be too busy thinking about how cute you are to actually be upset with you.
  • If you ever need to reach something- He’ll lift you up so you can get it.


  • Oh my god… it’s a real life kitten!
  • Well…You know he had to ask how old you are.
  • He doesn’t seem to bothered by it… He doesn’t really tease you- but you always notice the smile that lights up his features when you have trouble reaching something.
  • His favorite moments are when you pull him down so you can whisper in his ear.
  • What a perfect armrest he has obtained!
  • He’d never admit it… But he loves the fact that you have to get on your toes to kiss him.
  • And even then you struggle- D’awww…
  • Don’t worry… You’ll never have to worry about your pants being to long again!
  • He’s had clothes custom made just for you and your petite little body~
  • Seeing you and Elizabeth the 3rd cuddling is what he lives for. 
  • He literally treats you like a kitten when it comes to psychical affection.
  • You can not make him happier then when you decide to sit on his lap.
  • He’s really possessive- so if anyway flirts with you, he’ll lift you up by your shirt and kiss you.
  • Once he notices that your feet aren’t touching the ground- he actually chuckles! 


  • When first meeting you- she’s not sure what to think. 
  • “You’re so short… N-Not that that’s a bad thing!”
  • She feels really bad about commenting on it.
  • She does offer help when ever you need it, but she doesn’t do anything unnecessary.
  • She wants you to know that you can do things on your own- Your height won’t drag you down.
  • The praise you get from her after achieving something you’d normally need help on is really nice though!
  • She’s like you’re own little cheerleader.
  • Oh? You can’t do it?
  • Suddenly there was no possible way you could have.
  • There’s no way you can be defeated.
  • She doesn’t even acknowledge the fact than you failed.
  • It didn’t happen.
  • “It’s okay to be short. There are plenty of things you can do that tall people can’t.”
  • Now she can’t help but love this height difference.

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for acoustcmichael​‘s plus size!5sos blurb night :)

“It doesn’t matter!” You heard Calum sigh as he leaned up against the bathroom door, talking to you through it as he tried to jiggle it open. “Unlock the door so we can talk about this.”

“No,” you insisted, trying not to cry as you looked down at the scale. You’d wanted to lose a few pounds before your wedding to Calum, and you hadn’t made half as much progress as you wanted, with the ceremony now only a week away.

“(Y/N),” you heard a thumping sound against the door, which you assumed was his forehead. “You are perfect just the way you are. I don’t want you to be any other way.”

You stepped off of the scale with a huff, grabbing some toilet paper to dry your tears as you sat on the edge of the tub. “This wasn’t for you, Calum, this was for me.

He gave another loud sigh and you could tell he was probably going crazy on the other side of the door, so you got up and opened it, laughing slightly when he immediately wrapped his arms tightly around you.

“Please talk to me,” Calum’s words were muffled against your neck, and you hugged him a little tighter before letting go.

“I just wanted to feel beautiful on our wedding day.”

“You are beautiful,” Calum said, brushing your hair away from your face. He took you hand and led you over to the mirror, standing behind you with his hands on your shoulders.

“When I look at you, I see the love of my life. I see my future wife, the future mother of my children; the woman I am going to wake up next to every day for the rest of my life.” His eyes met yours in the mirror as he wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. “You may not always feel beautiful, but you are. Inside and out. You know that I love you, but maybe it’s time for you to love you, too.”

You turned in his arms and kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Thank you, Calum,” you told him, smiling when he brought one of his hands up to brush away your tears.

“Anytime, babe. Trust me, there’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be than right here with you.”

You smiled, hugging him again, “Same here.”

For @titaniasfics based on talking about postwar Panem and orphans and Katniss and Peeta

All mistakes or whatever are mine. I am also apparently a real cheeseball right now, so forgive me my excessive cheesy-ness. Anyway hope you enjoy a little fluff involving our favorite couple and a horde of kids :)

The Community home had been moved to the end of Victor’s Lane. Peeta had argued strongly for it to be closer to the home he shared with Katniss so it would be easier for them to pitch in and help out and for him to deliver bread and baked goods. Katniss had argued equally strongly for it to be at the end of the lane for the noise and for privacy. Haymitch had been on Katniss’s side. They had won. And as Peeta strolled arm in arm with Katniss early one June morning, he was glad of it. They enjoyed their privacy. Quite a bit.

And he was going to miss it.

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This Life You’ve Given Me

Summary: Just a quick CS future family one-shot.  Because you can never have enough Daddy!Killian and Jones family fluff! (Rated: K+)


Killian Jones woke the same way he did every morning, with a nose full of blond hair and two ice cold feet wrapped around his calves.  He smiled as he inhaled his wife’s familiar coconut shampoo scent and placed a light kiss on her forehead before pulling her in tighter with the arm that he had draped over her middle. 

As the sun began to rise over the next few minutes, his wife began to stir and eventually opened her green eyes to find his staring back at her.  

“Good morning, handsome,” she said with a warm smile.  

“Good morning my beautiful love,” he responded, reaching down for a gentle kiss on her lips.  “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmm, I did.  I dreamed about our wedding.”

“Ah, did you still marry me or did you change your mind?”

“I don’t know.  I woke up before I said ‘I do.”  But I was eying one of the dwarves pretty intensely,” she teased.

“You are such a bloody minx,” he teased right back, poking her sides where he knew she was ticklish.  

She erupted into a ball of fitful laughter, begging for mercy before Killian rolled on top of her and ceased his ministrations.  Emma looked up into his eyes and pushed his dark, tussled hair from his eyes.  

“I wouldn’t trade the last 8 years for anything,” she said, cupping his cheek and running her thumb over his scar.

Just as Killian was about to capture her lips in his, a knock came at their bedroom door.  Both releasing a sigh, Killian rolled back to his side of the bed before they both sat up to see who their visitor was.

“Come in,” Emma called.

The door slowly opened to reveal their 4-year-old daughter, Ava and their 6-year old son, Liam each carrying one end of a tray full of food.  Behind them was Henry, now 21 years old, with his arms outstretched ready to catch the tray if one of his siblings lost their grip. 

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during cohf...
  • Brother Zachariah: I want to see Tessa more than anything in the world
  • People who've only read tmi: aw how sweet, I wonder who this Tessa is
This Life You’ve Given Me


Summary: Just a quick CS future family one-shot.  Because you can never have enough Daddy!Killian and Jones family fluff! (Rated: K+)


Killian Jones woke the same way he did every morning, with a nose full of blond hair and two ice cold feet wrapped around his calves.  He smiled as he inhaled his wife’s familiar coconut shampoo scent and placed a light kiss on her forehead before pulling her in tighter with the arm that he had draped over her middle.  

As the sun began to rise over the next few minutes, his wife began to stir and eventually opened her green eyes to find his staring back at her.  

“Good morning, handsome,” she said with a warm smile.  

“Good morning my beautiful love,” he responded, reaching down for a gentle kiss on her lips.  “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmm, I did.  I dreamed about our wedding.”

“Ah, did you still marry me or did you change your mind?”

“I don’t know.  I woke up before I said ‘I do.”  But I was eying one of the dwarves pretty intensely,” she teased.

“You are such a bloody minx,” he teased right back, poking her sides where he knew she was ticklish.  

She erupted into a ball of fitful laughter, begging for mercy before Killian rolled on top of her and ceased his ministrations.  Emma looked up into his eyes and pushed his dark, tussled hair from his eyes.  

“I wouldn’t trade the last 8 years for anything,” she said, cupping his cheek and running her thumb over his scar.

Just as Killian was about to capture her lips in his, a knock came at their bedroom door.  Both releasing a sigh, Killian rolled back to his side of the bed before they both sat up to see who their visitor was.

“Come in,” Emma called.

The door slowly opened to reveal their 4-year-old daughter, Ava and their 6-year old son, Liam each carrying one end of a tray full of food. Behind them was Henry, now 21 years old, with his arms outstretched ready to catch the tray if one of his siblings lost their grip.

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Things I Will Never Say To You (Sober)

Dear James.

I’m a itty bitty bit… tipsy.

Okay scratch that out. I am flat out zonked out of my head.



Dear James.

You’re hot.

When you get on your broom I want to lick a line from your neck to parts nether to your neck. 

Really, really nether to your neck.

And your hair.

Your dazzling hair.

Do you know why I hate your hair?

Because it makes me want to rip of your bloody clothes so all that you wear is that head of hair I can bury my hands in.

I hate your bloody hair.

I don’t hate you though.


You I love.

I really, really do.

I love that you’re really funny, and you make me laugh when I feel like the world is bollocks and I’ve just stepped on owl dung.

I love that you just know who I am and you love me anyway.

I love that you love children. Don’t deny it. I’ve seen you coddle that little Hufflepuff girl.

I love that you fall asleep so quickly and that sometimes, without you knowing it, you end up on my lap, or my shoulder.

I love it even more when you let me sleep on your shoulder.

I love it when you hug me. I love it because you hold me as if you alone can keep me safe from everything that hurts.

I love it because when you hug me nothing hurts and there’s just butterflies in my stomach, the good kind because they make me bubble out laughter.

I love it when you’re here and you love me because James do I love you.


She woke up with a driller in her head and someone cementing her eye lids. She slowly blinked one eye open and was immediately assaulted by the glare of the sun through her window.


She groaned when the whispered word echoed like a trumpet in her head.


He let out a chuckle. And even though her head was splitting she knew that chuckle…


“Drink this.”

He supported her head and tipped a glass to her lips. She was then assaulted by the taste of stinky socks.

She tried to push it away but he kept forcing it down her throat.

“Ugh that’s nasty!”

But the cloud cleared from her mind… the echo slowly fading into a dull throb somewhere.

“You’ll be better after a bath. Off you go.”


“Oh and Lils”

He turned back to her a giant grin on his face as he leaned against the doorjamb to the entrance of the Head Girl’s room.

“I love you too.”

He then briskly walked away with a grin whilst Lily spluttered in her bed.

She looked to the foot of her bed where James was sitting and saw the crumpled up parchment and the words rip your bloody clothes off.

Her scream rivalled that of a banshee.

anonymous asked:

I have a prompt if you want to write it! (about Merida of course :D) she is sick and her daddy taking care of her. pretty please? :)

Her Daddy: 

He holds her closer as the coughs wrack her body, small muscles clenching tight against him, the heat of her skin making him shudder to the bone.

“Mommy,” she pleads, her tone so weak and pitiful it hurts him to hear her speak.

“Shhh, little dove,” he whispers, sensing her small whimper as her arms begin to slack. “Daddy’s got you. Just rest, alright?”

It’s been torture, keeping mother and daughter separated through this ordeal, but Merida’s pneumonia could put Regina and the baby at risk. So he’d insisted, and she’d given in, balking only at his suggestion that perhaps she go stay with the Charmings for a couple of days.

There was no way in hell she would leave her home when one of her children was sick, she informed him promptly, so he could kindly just toss that suggestion out the window and never mention it again.

He hadn’t. But God, this hasn’t been easy.

Roland’s bronchitis had gone far deeper in his little sister, and they’d sought the doctor yesterday when her fever had spiked to 104. He’d enlisted Henry’s aid to keep his mother from trying to carry the girl to the car herself, reminding her that she needed to stay home and take care of their other daughter, and to please trust him to take care of the one now buckled into her car seat, her coughs making him wince, her body limp and pale.

It had been next to impossible, but he and Henry had finally convinced her.

Merida’s now on an antibiotic and a regular regiment of Children’s Ibuprofen and Tylenol, but she’s weak and still feverish, sucking on popsicles when prompted, sleeping through Scooby-Doo under two blankets on the couch. He’d picked her up gently and carried her to her bedroom, kissing her warm forehead, wondering just when this damned fever would finally break.


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