my little brother's drawing



Sora (or Sky)

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this because it felt like something that was forbidden territory, and I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly his design came naturally to me. (Especially the hair). After receiving an influx of messages asking me to do my take on Sora (AND I MEAN A LOT OF MESSAGES) I figured I’d at least try it. So here he is. I based this outfit of the “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH 3D” outfit. I wanted to show that you can put POC (Especially black people) in these kinds of stories and still get the same effect. It’s really not as hard as people think and it can be done without making them stereotypes or tropes. The “Key” is to have a love and appreciation for the core of who the character is. The essence of who they are.

In this drawing, Sora reminds me of my little brother, Julius. Its probably because of how warm his personality is and how much he doesn’t hold grudges and has a genuine love for people. Like Sora, He’s playful, but he’s got a lot of wisdom for his age. There’s an innocence to him, that I feel is prevalent here. I guess I subconsciously ended up drawing that here. Now that I think about it, He’s 13 going on 14 years old now, which is the age of Sora in the 1st KH. So maybe that’s why…. He’s also is a big KH fan himself. (That’s my fault) I guess, I’m doing this for him too.

And Yes, you can cosplay as this and yes I’m doing Riku and Kairi and a few others later. Don’t worry. Mkay. I’m rambling. Back to work!



I have never been prouder in my life

so we’re out eating for easter with my family and i’m drawing in a mad libs book because we have nothing else to do and i’m using a purple marker

so my little brother says “hey can you draw the gay pride flag?” and i figured the joke was that i only had a purple marker so i said “okay” and drew a bunch of lines

he says “no you drew it wrong it looks like this” and showed me a picture of the overwatch logo

i’m in tears

theyre bananas for equality!


Hi everyone!!

 I decided to share with all of you this little storyboard I did last year, I needed it for a job I was applying, so my brother help me to write a little story for me to draw.

It was so  muuuuch work and I had to be out of my comfort zone with this project, I had to draw backgrounds, my worst enemy! hahaha and when I ended drawing it, I feel like I illustrated a whole book!!! (believe me I have worked in that before and its super exhausting)

Of course I didn’t get the job haha but it was fun!

Hope everyone likes it!  (and of course, the dog is my own baby momo)

Last giveaway piece for the wonderful @thedestinychosenforme ! She requested one of the LOVE SQUARES so…i had to go with Ladynoir <33 !!


Family meetings be like.

Hey, a new character!

Her name is Rose! She worked as a pilot in the UNSC Air Force, then as a commercial pilot in her civilian life before recently retiring. She’s got a passionate, fiery personality; she is always upfront and outspoken about what she thinks, whether it’s flattering or not, and she’s protective and affectionate to those she loves. She liked to finish building her father’s model planes when she was younger, played football in school, and loves to endlessly dote on her favorite people, her wife, her daughter, and her little brother.