my little boy now a big big boy

This is Eddie.

Eddie is a wild boy that wondered into my boyfriend’s garden and proclaimed it as his. So, now he has his own little fenced space where he lives happily, munching his clovers and dandelions.

He likes to take walks around our big yard, like a king exploring his little kingdom. I’m not sure about his age - we’ve ben told he’s about 15, but I think he might be much older. Look at what has that beautiful shell been through!

He’s a Testudo Hermanni, and currently we’re looking for a girl for our big boy! ^_^ ❤


Here’s the complete trilogy of my little series I did recently, “Little Ladies and their Big Bad Boys”. Featuring fairytale/nursery rhyme pinup girls and their greaser boyfriends, we have: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and Little Miss Muffet. Thought up little names for the dudes, too - Jack (wolf), Billy Gruff (sheep), and Itsy (spider). I had a ton of fun with these. I’ve been meaning to do rockabilly and 50s retro style stuff for a long time now. I just love that stuff.


HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY DEPP! This is a momentous day and I just wanna say thank you for all things you’ve done, for all your films and characters. You’re my life, love and inspiration. You made me better and I’m very grateful to you for it. I don’t even imagine my life without you.


I came out as trans to my little brothers (7 & 9; will refer to them by age instead of names for privacy reasons). Here are some highlights.

Me: “I feel like a boy. That’s what I’m comfortable with.”
Mom: “And he looks like a boy, too.”
7: “And you sound like a boy!”

Me: “So how do you feel about having a big brother?”
9: “It’s good.”
7: “Now I have two big brothers!”

Me: “Since you’re so used to it, it’s ok for you to still call me [old name], but I would really like it if you tried to call me Landon sometimes.”
7 & 9: *perfectly used my preferred name and haven’t misgendered me yet*

7 & 9: *seriously didn’t give a damn and even had to be pushed a bit to participate in the conversation, were not surprised, didn’t have questions, were just super cool with it because it’s actually not that big a deal*

7: *actually went out of his way to use my name and pronouns*

9: *acting like nothing has changed, which is kinda true*

In conclusion. That wasn’t a big deal really, and I can now exist and feel okay and be okay and be myself at home and with my family now and I’m very happy and this is just a relief ok.


On Tuesday, Sept 20, the boys had a London show and we had this fan report by @hazza-tommo:

Another thing about the gig tonight Louis, Niall and Liam were all going on about how loud it was for a Tuesday and they kept going on and on about Tuesday and Liam went “What’s so big about Tuesday? This Tuesday or Next Tuesday?” and Louis was like “Well today’s Tuesday and we’ve got a gig” and I was DYING. I literally checked my phone to see how close we were to 10pm to see any big news dropping. They fucking know the fandom is on edge on a Tuesday the little shits.

So of course, we took that into consideration, thinking maybe it was a head’s up from the boys, but nothing significant happened the following week on Tuesday.

Now this past Tuesday, October 20, the boys were supposed to have a “gig” but it was cancelled for the first time in One Direction history.  

I started thinking about the fan report, and I could have sworn we had video of the exchange as well but after trying to look and with the help of @silentlarryshipper we weren’t able to find anything.  I wasn’t sure what date the boys had this exchange, but when silentlarryshipper discovered it was on Sept 29, I looked into the shows that followed.  

Ok so we have Tuesday Sept 29 in London.  The thing is the next Tuesday the boys are supposed to have a gig is the show that was cancelled on October 20.  So between the London show on the 29th and the show that was supposed to happen on the 20th there were no Tuesday shows.  

Looking into what Liam said “This Tuesday or Next Tuesday?” it is one big ass coincidence that the next Tuesday they were supposed to have a gig was cancelled.

Now this is just something we stumbled upon, it could very well just be a big ass coincidence and Liam was really sick, but I mean you know how it goes with this band and coincidences.  

If anyone happens to find a video I’d greatly appreciate it!