my little boy now a big big boy


He’s growing up so fast now!! My little mochi!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HOTTEST MOCHI!!!!

This is Eddie.

Eddie is a wild boy that wondered into my boyfriend’s garden and proclaimed it as his. So, now he has his own little fenced space where he lives happily, munching his clovers and dandelions.

He likes to take walks around our big yard, like a king exploring his little kingdom. I’m not sure about his age - we’ve ben told he’s about 15, but I think he might be much older. Look at what has that beautiful shell been through!

He’s a Testudo Hermanni, and currently we’re looking for a girl for our big boy! ^_^ ❤

My beautiful ocean boy

“Mama do you always look at the ocean?” A little boy no older then six asked as he climbed onto his mothers lap.
She smiled down at him running her fingers through his short brown hair. She had been sitting by the window for almost an hour now.
“Because it reminds me of someone I love very much.”
The little boy seemed confused “if you love him so much why do look so sad?”
She sighed softly “because I lost him and I pray every day he will come home.”
“Who is he mama?” He asked.
“He’s your big brother Lance.”
The boy tilted his head to the side “but I don’t have a big brother…”
She chuckled softly, “yes you do my baby. And he’ll come home some day and you’ll be able to meet him. My beautiful ocean boy.”

———————————————-Part 2:

PROMPT: Couldn’t get a babysitter and had to bring my kid on this blind date AU (Link to prompt: here)

- His friend and coworker, Lily Potter, was begging to set Remus up on a blind date ever since they met.

- But Remus kept putting it off saying that he had too much marking to do and had to look after his son, Teddy.

- Both he and Lily were teachers at a prestigious private school in Cornwall, England.

- They both had gotten on like a house on fire since the moment they met.

- Lily always invited Remus and Teddy around for dinner at the Potters where Remus met James and Harry and became great friends with the both of them.

- They always wanted to set him up with their friend and Harry’s god father, Sirius, but their schedules never met up when Remus came around so they never had chance to meet.

- But that was just fine for Remus.

- Truth be told, he just wasn’t ready for a relationship, and he didn’t want to confuse Teddy by bringing another man into his life.

- He already had two mums. Two dads would just be extensive.

- Especially if it didn’t work out.

- Tonks and Fleur have been Remus’ best friends since his early twenties and asked him to be the father of their child when he was 23.

- He was reluctant at first because they were all so young, and even though he wanted his friends to be happy with a family, he always wanted his first child to be *his* child and not just be a donor for somebody else. 

- When he brought up his concerns to them, they just laughed.

- “Remus, do you seriously think we’d ask you to be the donor and not the father? Of course you’re going to be involved! We’re a family after all.”

- Five years after that encounter found Remus at home in a small cottage down the road from Tonks and Fleur, looking after Teddy whilst they were away for the weekend.

- Teddy, who was now four years old, was sat at a small table in the living room drawing a picture of his family whilst Remus sat with him marking some papers.

- “That’s a lovely drawing there, Teds!” Remus smiled over to his son. “Whose this person stood next to me?”

- Teddy beamed up to him. 

- “Thats Mr Question-mark!” he answered. “It’s gonna be my other Daddy when I finally gets to meet him!” 

- Remus heart broke a little, but was also soaring.

- This cute little pumpkin. 

- His phone started vibrating on the table destroying the peace. 

- “Hello?”

- “Remus! I’ve had enough. I’ve set you up on a blind date tonight with my friend Sirius. No more excuses, you’re going!”

- Remus sighed. The woman would not take a hint.

- “Lily, I can’t. I have Teddy tonight, and Fleur and Tonks are away for the weekend with no one to look after him. I won’t be able to get a sitter so late on a Saturday night.”

- “I can look after myself, Daddy!” Teddy piped up. “I’m a big boy now! I at big boy school!”

- Remus cooed slightly to himself. 

- Damn, his kid was adorable. 

- “No, Teds sweetie, you can’t look after yourself just yet. You got to stick with Daddy, okay?”

- “Oh, okay!” He gave a toothy grin and went back to his drawing.

- “Bring Teddy with you! Sirius wouldn’t mind, he loves kids!”

- “No, Lily, I’m not bringing Teddy on a blind date with someone I’ve never met before.”

- Teddy’s little face snapped back up to him.

- “Oooh! I want to go with Daddy! Pluease, Pluease, Plueaseee!”

- Remus sighed heavily. This was not how he wanted to spend his Saturday night.

- “See,Ted’s is up for it. Come on Remus, it’s about time. Meet Sirius at Wacky Warehouse at 5pm. You won’t regret it, I swear.”

- He scrunched his face up.

- “I’m sorry. Where?”

- “You heard, just do it. Have a great night, Remus!” 

- Lily rung off, leaving Remus to sit there in an utterly confused state.

- Why the hell would anyone go to a Wacky Warehouse for a blind date? 

- What was Lily Potter playing at?

- Looking at the clock, he saw it was already 3:30pm. 

- It was a half an hour drive to the place, so he told Teddy to go and get himself ready to go.

- Teddy was thrilled and ran up the stairs as fast as his little legs could carry him and got changed into little jeans and a batman lego shirt.

- Remus was hmming and ahhing about what he should wear, but settled on a pair of dark jeans and light green jumper over a crisp white shirt. 

- He quickly sent a message off to Lily cursing her, and telling her what he was wearing so this ‘Sirius’ could find him easily.

- Then they were in the car and on the way to the place Lily told them to go.

- The place was packed out with children running wild and parents looking disgruntled. 

- Why anyone would come on a date here was beside him.

- Then he felt a soft little tap on his shoulder and turned around.

- In front of him stood the most handsomest man Remus has ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on.

- His eye’s were bright and silver, his smile gleaming at him. He had several piercings in his ears, and a tattoo that showed slightly under his plain white t-shirt near his collar bone that looked like an antler. 

- This man was an adonis.

- God, he hoped he was Sirius.

- “Hi. Are you Remus by any chance?”

- Jeez, why did he wear a sweater? It was far too hot in here right now.

- “Erm, yes? Yes, hi. I’m Remus. Err … Sirius?”

- The man nodded and smiled widely at him.

- Remus could not stop blushing. 

- He felt a little tug on his hand and looked down to see Teddy hiding slightly behind his legs, looking up at Sirius.

- “Daddy? Is this Mr Question-mark?”

- Remus’ eyes budged out of his head. 

- “No, Teds. This is Lily and Prongs’ friend, Sirius!” He smiled at his son.

- “Oh, and this is Teddy. I’m really sorry, I didn’t have a babysitter…”

- “It’s not a problem, I have Harry here with me anyway!” He smiled down to his side.

- Remus finally noticed the little boy holding Sirius hand grinning largely up at Remus.

- “Hi Moony! Hi Teddy!” He smiled. 

- Of course this is why Lily set them up on a blind date, so they could be the babysitters for the evening

- Remus laughed to himself.

- “Hi there, Harry!” He smiled at the boy then back up at Sirius.

- “So I take it our ‘blind date’ is ‘Lily and James wanted a night off’ play date?”  

- Sirius grinned and rolled his eyes.

- “Could they be anymore obvious? I guess it worked out nicely for me though, Moony.” He winked.

- Sirius knelt down so he was on the same height level as Teddy and Harry.

- “Hi there, Teddy. My names Sirius.” He said gently, holding his hand out for Teddy to shake.

- Teddy eyed it then back up to him.

- “Like the dog star?” 

- Sirius beamed whilst Teddy took a hold of his hand.

- “Yeah, exactly! You’re very smart, Teddy.”

- Teddy’s shy demeanour sudden changed after the compliment.

- “Daddy says I’m very smart, too! I’m four years old!” He said, proudly showing Sirius his age using his fingers. 

- Sirius giggled.

- “Four! Wow! That’s a good age to be! Do you know how old Harry is?” 

- “Erm…” He mumbled looking down at his fingers. 

- “Five!” He smiled showing his hand to them. 

- “Yeah! Padfoot, I’m five!” Harry joined in, showing his hand too.

- Sirius put his hands on his cheeks and feigned surprise and gasped

- “Wow! We’ve got two clever little boys here, don’t we, Moony?” 

- Sirius smiled up to Remus who was still stood looking down at the adorable display.

- God, he was just G O N E.

- He couldn’t even find his voice to reply, so just sheepishly nodded. 

- “Hey Harry, why don’t you and Teds go into the play area for a bit whilst me and Moony go and find us a table so we can get some food, yeah? Make sure you stick together though.” 

- “Yeah!” The boys cheered, running toward the entrance of the play area.

- Standing back up, he rubbed the back of his neck and smiled nervously at Remus.

- “So, you want to get a table and tell me why you’re called Moony?”

- “Only if you tell me why you’re called Padfoot?” he quipped.

- They shared a private smile and wandered over to a small booth that would fit them all and ordered some soft drinks.

- The date went surprisingly well.

- Both Teddy and Harry were on their best behaviour and ate their chicken nuggets and chips nicely.

- Remus learnt that Sirius was best friends with James Potter since they were 11 years old, and became his adopted brother officially at the age of 16. He owned his own auto mechanics shop, loved to paint and look after Harry in his spare time.

- Padfoot was a nickname that James gave to him whilst they were in high school because he always said Sirius resembled a puppy because he was very hyperactive and it was fitting as he was named after the dog star.

- Sirius learnt that Remus was an English teacher at Lily’s school and knew the Potters for nearly 5 years, loved to write in his spare time and how he had actually been talking to a publisher about publishing a few children stories he wrote for Teddy.

- Moony was his nickname because back when he was in high school he was obsessed with space, the moon and astronomy, so much so that on his 18th birthday he got the moon cycle tattooed on his forearm, which he begrudgingly showed to Sirius who traced his fingers slowly along it, sending goosebumps up and down Remus’ spine. 

- Sometime during the date, Remus didn’t know when, he and Sirius started holding hands across the table.

- Sirius kept playing with his fingers whilst they flirted softly as they were in front of the kids they didn’t want to be inappropriate.

- Around 8 o’clock, the Wacky Warehouse announced they were closing and they had to leave. 

- Teddy had gotten very tired and had curl himself up around Remus’ neck and fallen asleep.

- Harry was still awake, but it didn’t look like he would be for long.

- Reluctantly, they left the place and started walking back to their respective car’s. 

- “Can we do this again some time, Remus?” Sirius asked, hand placed on Remus’ lower back whilst the other was holding Harry’s hand who was sleepily rubbing his eyes.

- “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that. A lot.” He smiled.

- “I can’t believe I put this off for so long, Sirius. It’s just, with Teddy its hard meeting someone who … yano, want’s to deal with a young child being involved.” 

- Sirius beamed, ruffling Teddy’s hair gently as not to wake him.

- “I understand. But I really like you Remus, and Teddy is such a sweet kid. I’d really like to take you on a second date. One that we’re both a little more prepared for.” 

- Remus let out a breathy laugh.

- “I’d like that too. Maybe next time, James and Lily will take the boys for the night.” 

- “Oh trust me, they will.” Sirius smiled, pulling his phone out. 

- “Is it okay if we exchange numbers? So we can organise something ourselves?”

- “Yes! I mean … yeah, yes. Of course. sure.”

- ‘Smooth, way to not seem over eager.’ Remus winced, but Sirius was too happy to notice.

- “Paddddds, I’m tiredd.” Harry whined, pulling on his arm.

- “Okay, buddy, let me just get Moony’s number and we’ll go home okays?”

- They exchanged numbers and Sirius softly left a kiss on Remus’ cheek.

- “I’ll text you soon, Moons. Goodnight.” He smiled, walking away to his car with Harry in hand.

- Remus couldn’t help but watch them walk away, grounded to the spot.

- “Daddy?” A sleepy voice came from his shoulder.

- “Yeah sweetie?” He kissed Teddy’s forehead and nuzzled his hair.

- “Are you and Paddy gonna end up in love, and gonna live together like Mummy and Momie? Cause I’d like if Paddy was my other Daddy.” 

- Remus let out a breathy laugh.

- “Would you now? Well … I guess we’ll see, won’t we, sweetie?”

- Teddy yawn deeply and snuggled back into Remus’ neck.

- “I told you I’d meet Mr Question-mark one day.”

- Once they got back home, Remus had tucked Teddy into bed with one of his own stories. 

- He walked into the small kitchen to make himself a cup of tea when his phone vibrated in his pocket.

- ‘Thank you for a wonderful night, Moony. I’m really looking forward to our next date. I’ll get Lily and James to babysit Teddy next time, the Potters owe us ;). Though if I’m honest right now, I think I owe them so much more. Sleep well, Moony :) <3 xx’

- Yeah, Remus thought to himself, I think he might be Mr Question-mark, Ted’s.

the mcelroys have officially ruined my education!! i was in physics and we were doing kinetic energy and gpe and blah blah anyway he was like “i have a computer program demo for conservation of mass and energy” and i expected like a ball but it was a skater ??? and there were sliders for mass and friction so i thought it was a little funny to watch the skater animation at 0 friction but nothing crazy right??

but then i was like “oh sir would mass affect the speed at all?” (it doesnt) and he was like “lets see” and he did the slider for mass and what i didnt expect was the little skater to scale up by a factor of two?

so i just fucking start laughing really hard because its ??? its like fucking monster factory in my head and its just a big skater boy!!!! so through my laughing i ask if we can make a little boy by sliding down but i CANT bc im laughing really hard and im starting to cry so my friend asks for me and i catch half a second of the boy scaling down before i just fucking LOSE IT pt 2 bc now its a little skating boy!!!!!! a small skating boy!!!! on a ramp too big for his lil board!!! on an infinite loop until the eventual heat death of the universe bc there was no friction on the ramp

i was the ONLY one laughing and afer abt five minutes i finally calm down from my laughing fit and then my teacher just goes “now if you remember our little skating boy” I JUST FUCKING START CRYING AGAIN LIKE IM THE ONLY ONe LAUGHING AND AIDNFJRMDKF,,,, IT WAS SO STUPID AND ALL BECAUSE MY BRAIN KEPT REMEMBERING GRIFFIN MESSING WITH HEIGHT SLIDERS AND CALLING THEIR CREATIONS LITTLE BOYS

“Awwww wook at da widdle baby in his DIAPERS wiggling his crinklebottom. What’s wrong baby, can’t you hold it?”

“No,” I say, “pweeze Mommy I'ma big boy”

“I don’t think so, sweetie. Big boys use the potty, not cute widdle baby diapers like you sweetie.”

“Buh I don wanna peepee my diapers Mommy…” I whined unconvincingly.

“Oh stop it baby, yes you do! You love wearing your widdle baby diapers and I KNOW you wuv to make tinkle-pees in your didees don’t you baby?”

She was whispering this in my ear as she gently tickled my nipples. I couldn’t resist becoming aroused and I knew she was right about me.

“I… I wuv to make pee-pees in my diapers Mommy I do!” I admitted as she she tickled my tummy. I squirmed and giggled like a baby in delight.

“Aww of course you do diaper baby I knew Mommy’s widdle stinker wikes his warm peepee diapers squishing against his widdle stiffie doesn’t he?”

I’m dancing around holding my diapered wee wee try not to pee, but Mommy’s detirmined to see me wet my diaper. Her and Daddy laugh as I wimper and giggle as she tickles me on my sensitive belly and legs.

“Here, let’s speed this up a bit.” She says, and grabs my arms, then twists them behind my back. She pushes me down to my knees in the center of the room. Daddy comes over and gives me a more intense tickling on my bare tummy with his fingers.

“Who'sa peepee DIAAAPER baaybeee…” Mommy teased me as I giggled and squealed under Daddy’s fingers, my diapers crinkling noisily. I squeal and squirm but as I struggle I feel myself losing control. The diaper hisses and swells as a wet spot appears and spreads quickly. They both laugh and tease me as I pee.

“DIAPER BABY DIAPER BABY widdle peepee diaper baby!”

“Awwwww, sissy’s gotta wet diaper now, couldn’t hold it little pee-pee boy?” Daddy grabs the front of my diaper and squishes it for effect. The plastic crinkles as the diaper gets soggy and heavy. I feel relived, but try to hide my other growing discomfort in my bottom. My gut growls and piques Mommy’s interest.

“Is that baby’s tummy grumbling? Oh sissy don’t tell me my little boy has to make poopies too, this will be priceless!” She said as they laughed together.

“Mommy pweeze, no, I…”

“Oh come on now sissy, you’re already sitting here with a soggy diaper, and you think you’re a big boy now and can use the potty? No, little sissyboys like you make their stinky poopies right in their diapers.”

I start sniffling and sulking as pressure builds up in my bottom. I hold out for a while but Mommy & Daddy just sit and tease me until my face turns red and I’m in obvious discomfort.

“Little sissyboy’s gonna make a big poopoo in his diaper isn’t he?” Daddy says. “Say it!” Mommy calls to me.

“I-I-I’m a little diaper sissy.” I stammer.

“And what do little sissys do?”

“M-Make big stinky squishy poopies in their diapers.” I answer on cue.

“Tell me what baby’s going to do when he got a poopy load in his diaper.”

“I.. I… I’m gonna sit and squish my poopy load all over my widdle baby bottom.” I replied, blushing as she continued to tease and tickle me.

“That’s right sissy baby. You’re gonna make a big stinky poo-poo in your diaper and smoosh it alllll over baby’s widdle bottom! Oooh, it’s gonna be and warm and gooey isn’t it?”

“Uh-huh Mommy… I wuv to make poopies in my diapers and go squishy squishy wif my dirty diaper load.” I said. My face was bright red now, she had got me to admit to my most embarassing secrets in front of her and she loved every minute of my unease.

“Look, little sissy likes it! I bet his widdle pee-pee will be really stiff when he pushes out his big stinky mess and sit on the gooey poopy load!” she says, pointing at my tented diaper. She continues to pat my bottom while she whispers in my ear.

“C'mon sissy, fill your diaper up, you know you want that big stinky load on your bottom don’t you?”

“Uh huh mommie…”

“I know my widdle stinkybottom can’t wait to sit and squish his warm gooey load, can you? Now be a good widdle sissy and fill your diaper baby!”

The pressure in my bum bum is too much for me as a cramp hits and I feel myself start to poop. I try to hold it back but I realize quickly my hopeless situation. Mommy is still whispering naughty things in my ear and encouraging me to give in to my secret desires.

“Poooopy diiiaaper baaaaaybee…” she whispers in my ear, tickling my belly and rubbing my crinkly bottom as I squirm and fuss. I grunt, whimpering as I start pushing. My body takes only a couple seconds as it realizes I’m ready to unload in my diapers. A crackling sound fills the room as I feel the first big log push its way out of my bottom and bulge outward on the seat of my white disposable diaper. Mommy’s chuckles to herself and holds her hand gently against my diapered butt, feeling the growing lump on my bottom. They both watch and smile as my white diapered bottom bulges out bigger an bigger with a big stinky lump. I can’t believe how much is coming out of me; I feel my poopy load nestled up against my buttcheeks as yet another log comes sliding out of me, the stinky mess pushing tighter and tighter against my diapered bottom. She pats my expanding load and giggles. I let out a girlish groan as I felt another mushier wave of poopies pushed my sagging diaper bottom out even lower.

“Oooh my little stinkybottom, look at the size of that lump on your butt! what did you do baby?”

“I got poopoo diapers Mommy!” I giggled and blushed, wiggling my bottom around causing my buttcheeks to kiss the warm poopy load snuggled between them.

“That’s right sissyboy, big stinky diapers. You want to sit and squish that stinky load all over your cutee widdle bottom don’t you stinky?”

“Oh pweese Mommy! I wuv my poopy diapees, pweeeeeese let me sit and squish my dirty poopy diapers…”

“Not so fast silly baby, stinkybutts gotta earn their squishies…”

Daddy stepped forward and my heart skipped a beat as I realized what she meant. My stiff little pee-pee twitched in my poopy diapers in excitement.

“Now it’s time for your milk, sissy.” She shot a big smile over at Daddy who was already grinning.

“Little sissyboys in poopy diapers get their milk right from the source, sweetie.” She said. Daddy stood over me and began unbuckling his pants. I got scared and looked at Mommy but she just laughed.

“Don’t worry sissy, I’ll be right here to help you learn to be a coc-ksuc-ker.”

I fearfully look at Daddy’s tented undies as he looms over me. He ties a bib with a catch pouch around my neck. It has little babyish prints of erect pen-ises squirting c-um all over it.

“Now first thing sissy is to tell Daddy how much you want his milk. ” She said, then whispered in my ear what I had to say.

::pss pss psst::

“Oh Daddy, pw-eeze fill my mowf wiff milk”

::pss pss psst::

“I w-want your big c-coc-k in my mowf, Daddy, pw-eeze spurt kweem in my mowf. Pweeeze Daddy I w-want suc-k your big dic-k and taste your hot sperm…”

“You wanna squish this big poopy load don’t you widdle diaper baby?” She taunts me, gently pushing the warm stinky lump into my eager buttcheeks.

“Pweeeze Mommy baby wanna squish poopoo diapers Mommy pweeze!” I begged, my peepee stiff and twitching as my squirming bottom pushed the poopy load closer.

“Poopy babies hafta make Daddy’s big coc-k go spurt spurt in the diaperboy’s mouf, honey. You ready for baby’s first taste of Daddykweem? She pushed my poopy bottom harder, eliciting a girlish ‘mmmph’ out from my lips.

"pweeze Daddy I wanna suc-k your dic-k” I moaned as I lost my last ounce of resistance. I was moaning like a sissy in heat as I rubbed Daddy’s tented prec-um stained undies all over my face.

Daddy pulls his undies down and let his stiff coc-k bounce into view. I whimper and lick my lips as it points at my face throbbing and drooling prec-um. Daddy pulls me toward him and rubs the head on my face. A strand of stringly goo connects his coc-khead to my lips as he pulls away. “Kiss it” he said. I take a breath as I prepare myself to suc-k coc-k for the first time, nervously puckering up and sticking out my curious toungue to his juicy mushroom tip. My tongue gently flickering the underside of his throbbing coc-k as I got my first taste of him, salty and exotic.

“Now open wide Sissyboy, wrap those lips around his coc-k and get it nice and wet.” Mommy told me. I took a deep breath and streched my mouth open wide as Daddy pushed the back of my head down, slowly lowering my mouth around his pen-is. It felt hot in my mouth as I feebly tried to move up and down on it.

“No no sissy, don’t just move your mouth over his dic-k, rub your tongue on it and taste it!” She commanded me. I let the air out of my mouth and enveloped Daddy’s coc-k. I swirled my tongue along the underside as Daddy moaned, “Yeah, now you got it sissyboy! You like my big daddy dic-k in your mouth don’t you?”

“Ummmf! Mmmmm…”

I was timidly moving up and down his coc-k; it felt warm and soft against the top of my mouth, but hard against my swirling tongue. I could feel the texture of his flesh, and the individual veins beneath it as I slurped his stiff coc-k between my lips.

“Make some noise Sissy, Daddy needs to hear you enjoying his dic-k.” Mommy said. I started moaning with every stroke as Daddy was pushing in and out of my mouth now a little faster. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but my heart starting pounding in my chest as I slurped his coc-k. I couldn’t stop moaning now, emitting a little girlish squeal with every thrust. My own tiny little weenie was rock hard in its poopy diaper prison as I suc-ked and licked Daddy’s milk stick.

“Mmm, tastes good, doesn’t it sissy? I’m about to fill your mouth with my hot salty cream, you better swallow it wimp.”

“Mmph! Ooooh Daddy pweeze fill my mowf wit kweemy sperm Daaaaddddy!” I gave off a long sexy moan to let him know I couldn’t wait for his big sweaty balls to unload in my mouth. I licked my way up his shaft, leaving a sloppy trail of saliva in my wake. I repeated this treatment all around his coc-k, then allowed my tongue to swirl around his purple, swollen head. Kissing the head of his coc-k, I formed a small circle with my lips and thrust my hungry lips around his pulsing coc-khead. As my head is bobbing up and down furiously on Daddy’s coc-k I thrust my diapered crotch in time with my mouth. The poopy load shifts under my butt; I love to make the warm gooey squishy mess smoosh against my sissy bottom. I can feel the drool dripping off my chin now; I savor the warm, meaty flesh pumping my mouth. I’m losing myself in ecstasy now as the sound my plastic diaper squishing and my mouth slurping my Daddy’s coc-k in time with my moans. He puts his hands on my shoulders; I know he’s about to spurt in my mouth.

“Umf! oooh Yeah!” He cries out. “Gonna bust in yo mouth little girl! Drink it sissy!”

His balls tense up; I can feel his coc-k twitching and throbbing in my mouth. All of a sudden he groans as his big stiff dic-k finally creams in my hungry mouth. Right as his big coc-k floods my hungry mouth, he pushes down hard on my shoulders, forcing me to sit right down on my poopy load. The warm squishy sensation on my bottom combined with the exploding coc-k in my mouth puts me in total abandon. I squeal like a horny sissyboy and squish my loaded poopy diaper on the floor of my crib, instinctively thrusting forward as the mess is pushed up all over my little balls and wee wee. The overpowering taste of his c-um finishes me off as my pee-pee helplessly tingles and spurts in my dirty diapers. I can’t savor c-umming in my stinky mess too much, however, as I concentrate on swallowing the sperm from daddy’s stiff throbbing dic-k filling my mouth up. I squeal like a girl as the salty c-um floods my mouth, my moans gradually falling with every squirt. His coc-k pulses with each creamy spurt of spooge completely filling my mouth, painting my cheeks and tongue as he explodes inside me. I try to keep up but his giant balls pump load after salty load of c-um into my mouth until finally my bulging cheeks can’t hold it all. It gushes out past my tightly enclosed lips, down my chin into the bib.

His thrusting slows as he pumps the last couple squirts home, then pulls his wet coc-k out of my mouth. My sissy lips follow the string of jizz oozing from my mouth but Mommy sticks a spoon in my bib and scoops out every last drop of sperm that dripped out back into my mouth. I gulp down every spoonful, still letting out short satisfied grunts of pleasure. When my bib is clean Daddy then sticks the drooling head back past my lips. I hold it like a bottle and gently slurp on the head as Mommy squishes my sissy poopy diaper all over my bottom.

Little Red Riding Riot

It’s the story of a little child
His name was Little red riding riot
He was preparing a big basket of food
His poor little grandma Denki was very sick
So he decided to come over visit him and bring him food to make him feel better.
Grandma Denki was living in the forest
But what Little red riding riot didn’t know
It’s that there was a dangerous wolf living in the forest
He was named, Big Bad Bakugou
Legends says that we can hear howling the night “DEKUUUUUUUUUUU”

Little red riding riot started his journey to his grandma Denki’s house, happily walking in the forest
Big Bad Bakugou was hungry, very hungry, when he suddenly smelled a nice scent, it was a mix of meat, cheese and veggies.
He walked around and saw Little red riding riot, carrying his basket of food.
Big Bad Bakugou froze for a moment “This boy, why the fuck is he wearing a dress ??”
But, apart from that, he was thinking the little boy was looking cute, but he wanted something more than him, his food.

He got an idea, he went to the boy, and tried to be the nicest he could (and it’s kinda impossible)
“Heyyy nice kid, I’ve heard you got nice food in your basket, you mind if I take it ?”
“Oh hey Mr.Wolf ! I’m sorry but this food is not for you ! It’s for my grandma Denki who is really sick, and if I don’t come over he’s gonna die, bye Mr.Wolf !”
Little red riding riot just continued his way leaving the wolf all alone
“That god damn kid-” Big Bad Bakugou was about to go angry, but he got an idea.
He ran over to grandma Denki’s house
“Oooh is it you Little red riding riot ?”
“Fuck you old man who is called grandma, I have a basket of food to get”
He wanted to eat the grandma, but he didn’t, he just tied him and locked him in the closet.
Then he disguised as grandma Denki and lied in the bed, waiting for the red boy to come.

Little red riding riot finally came, he saw the grandma lied in bed coughing.
“Oh my poor grandma ! Don’t worry I’ve brought a lot of food for you !”
“Oooh that’s very nice.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you hair are very spiky !”
“It’s to comb them easily my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you have very sharp claws !”
“It’s to have pretty nails my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki ! You have very sharp teeth !”
“It’s… to eat you better my child !”
Big Bad Bakugou revealed himself over the disguise and attacked Little red riding riot.
He was about to eat him, but he didn’t, he didn’t know why.
“…Why ?!” He screamed
Little red riding riot was confused, the wolf was.. being nice ?
“Maybe.. maybe because you don’t want to ?”
“That’s ridiculous ! I want to eat you so I can get your food !”
“Oh, then take it !”
“Huh ?”
“I don’t care about the food anymore ! Just take it, but give me grandma Denki back !”
“Your grandma.. I’ve locked him in the closet.”

Little red riding riot runned over the closet and freed the poor grandma.
Everything was okay, but why ? Why Big Bad Bakugou didn’t eat grandma Denki or even Little red riding riot ?
“Why you didn’t try to eat us ?”
“I don’t fucking know ! All I wanted was your food, but now I don’t even care anymore. I’ve been looking at you in this forest and, I wanted to get your attention.”
“Aww Mr.Wolf wasn’t being mean ! He was just feeling needy !”
“Shut up ! I’m not needy !”
“Yes you aaaare~”
Little red riding riot just kept on teasing Big Bad Bakugou.
At the end, the red boy shared the food for his grandma to the wolf too, then the boys went away after eating.
“I don’t think you look like a big bad wolf”
“You don’t ?”
“Nope, you actually look nice, because you didn’t eat me or my grandma, that’s cute”

The end of story is just : be cute like Little red riding riot, and you’ll get to share food with Big Bad Bakugou~

Big Boy

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(Or, in other words, here’s the slightly late fic for day 5: Gifts!)

The days leading up to Antonio’s birthday did not go as smoothly as Lovino hoped. In hindsight, it was foolish of him to expect anything restful. He’d never owned a dog before, only several cats (a creature Antonio remained consistently and stubbornly allergic to), so really, Lovino had no idea what he was doing.

The creature sitting beside him on the car shed a lot of fur. With every minute, more white threads littered the carseat, as though the dog was a giant, shaggy salt-shaker. He’d rescued the big boy from the pound. No-one wanted to take him, and those who did, often returned him for his ‘attitude’, which Lovino found morally reprehensible. A pet was like a child. You couldn’t just give it up because you didn’t like its behaviour. 

The dog was panting hard and fast, like a train engine–ha-ha-ha-ha–Lovino figured it was a stress reaction. His cats would always get anxious in the car too. Something about the ground moving underneath them threw them off. Whenever he could, he petted the dog’s large chest.

“You’re Antonio’s dog,” Lovino told him in his most soothing pet-voice. “Antonio’s a bit like a puppy himself, I’m sure you two will get along. He’s not home this week. Work trip. But he gets back on Saturday, which is also his birthday, and he’s always wanted a dog, so I figured, why not surprise him?”

When the car stopped in traffic, children from other vehicles would peer out of their windows and squeal. Lovino found himself smiling awkwardly at a little girl and her father as they waved at his new dog. 

“Already a celebrity? Good for you, big boy. Say,” Lovino glanced at the panting dog, who shifted nervously in the front seat, “what should we name you?” 

The dog turned his huge, furry head away from Lovino.

“We’re stuck with each other for a week, so I do have to name you. The pound people said you didn’t have a name.” Lovino drummed his fingers against the steering wheel. “Until I think of something, I’ll just call you Big Boy. Is that okay? Of course it’s okay, because you’re a big boy.”

I told you, you should have bought a puppy. Easier to train.” Gilbert’s tone was so exasperated, Lovino practically see him rolling his eyes, even through the damn phone. 

“Don’t lecture me, give me advice!” Lovino snarled, putting a hand on his hip as he watched the huge white dog dig his paws happily into his and Antonio’s shared bed, his claws ripping out the bedding. Lovino put his hand over the mouthpiece and yelled, “STOP IT, BIG BOY! STOP! BAD DOG!”

It seemed to have no effect on Big Boy. 

You’ve named him Big Boy?” Gilbert scoffed, “Jeeeeesus.” 

“Shut up, Gilbert. I’ve never owned a dog before, I don’t know what to do with him. Are you going to help me or not?”

“Okay, well, if I were you I’d leash him and drag him off the bed.” 

“Leash, leash…” Lovino wandered through the hallways, trying to remember where he’d put Big Boy’s new leash. He’d walked him this morning…

Ooh, what’s Antonio going to think when he comes back after a week and sees the bed in tatters?” Gilbert’s tone was thick with implication. “Are you cheating on me, Lovino?” he cried, doing a dramatic rendition of Antonio’s Spanish accent. 

“Shut up, Gilbert. The second he sees Big Boy, he’ll understand.” Lovino grabbed the bright blue leash off the coat rack by the door. (He’d have to find a better place to put that.) The leash was thin, with white dog bone prints. He’d even got a matching collar, that Big Boy sported around his neck. He still needed a doggy tag. Lovino had stocked up on all the things Gilbert had advised him on. Food, shampoo, treats, vet’s phone number, and surprisingly expensive toys. 

When Lovino entered the bedroom, the dog had gone from ripping up the bed to chewing the headrest. His teeth had chipped into the wood, leaving nasty bite marks and splinters. “GET OFF THE BED, URSA MINOR!” was, for some reason, the first thing Lovino could yell when he clipped on the leash and tried to drag the dog off.

Ursa Minor?” Gilbert asked through the phone. 

“Little bear.” The phone fell out of Lovino’s grasp with the hysterical, cackling noise of Gilbert laughing. The dog, meanwhile, didn’t budge an inch.

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Little boy: *sitting on couch, looking down at lap and playing with fingers*
Mommy: *cooking in kitchen* Little one, will you come here? Come see mommy!
Little boy: I… I’m big! *blushes*
Mommy: *looks at little skeptically* Are you sure about that, doll? You look like a little baby to me.
Little boy: *squirms* No… I have to be big!
Mommy: And why is that sweetie?
Little boy: I umm… I don’t want to be annoying..
Mommy: Oh baby! You couldn’t be annoying if you tried! I love everything you do! I know you need and want to be my little baby right now. That’s totally okay, be little baby. You need it.
Little boy: *sits on floor and wraps arms and legs around mommy’s leg* Thank you momma.
Mommy: *chuckles, rubs little’s hair and keeps cooking* Don’t worry about it kiddo.

Luhan - The one out of Billions♥ [Part 1]

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Member: Former Exo Member Luhan

Pairing: Idol!Luhan & You

Genre: Fluff

Words: 2,356

Summary: People rarely have the chance to find their soulmate, but it looks like you just met yours. Your one out of Billions. And he just might be your Bias as well.

A world where, somewhere on this planet, there is a person that loves you unconditionally. A person that will always only love you. Bad thing that there are over 7.3 Billion people on this planet. Another bad thing is that men feel the pull to their ‘destiny’ immediately. For women it will take about a week to notice. It feels like something is missing. Something important. Many people will never find their destined. That’s what we call the ‘missing piece’. People still fall in love. But the pull towards your missing half is stronger.


I never thought my day would go like that. I woke up this morning and it was already 6.15 am. Usually I stand up at 5.45. I put on minimal make-up and brushed my hair. I put on black jeans, a T-shirt and my hoodie, took my black backpack with the 'exodus’ symbol and ran to catch the bus. To my luck, the bus was late this morning and I didn’t have to worry about missing school. I plopped down on the seat next to my best friend. She looked at my backpack and shook her head in an annoyed way. She never really understood why I liked those 12 boys but to me, they are like sunshine on a cloudy day. Their personalities always seem so happy and excited. I take my headphones and put them on. Overdose immediately blasts through the speakers and I carefully nod my head to the beat. Although I don’t speak their language I carefully moved my mouth the way I think those words are pronounced and take out my Spanish book. My finals are nearly done and my life is just one stressful thing. When the bus stopped I quickly hopped outside and walked the last few meters towards my school. Inside, I sat down at one of the computers in the computer room and checked my tumblr. At that time I didn’t know what would be happening right now…

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A DuckTales fic? How about something where Louie gets to be a hero.

“Your name is Big Time, right? I can see why.” Louie leaned back in his school chair, hands in his pockets. “You’re gonna go big, aren’tcha, Big Time?”

“What’s it to you, kid?” Big Time asked as he shut the door behind him, though he looked quite pleased that his victim had remembered his name. “I bet yer surprised I’m here, huh? Bet you thought all them Beagle Boys were too dumb to think of comin’ to yer school, huh?”

“It was a smart plan,” Louie agreed, spreading out his hands on the table. “I’ll bet you even thought of shutting off the cameras, didn’t you?”

“The what?”

“The cameras,” he repeated. “Most schools have them.”

For a moment, Big Time looked spooked, but then he shook himself out of it. “Aw, whatever. Who wouldn’t wanna be remembered as the dog to corral Scrooge McDuck’s brats?” He smirked down at the duckling. His teeth were yellow with decay, but plenty sharp. “I got yer brother at lunch. And that other one workin’ on some doodad in the workshop. Bet you didn’t expect that, huh?”

The boy’s easygoing smile flickered for a second, then came back full-force. “Guess that leaves lil’ old me, ey? Didja save me for last on purpose, or because you knew I’d be in detention?”

Big Time didn’t answer that. “We doin’ this the easy way, or the hard way?”

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Alenxander Goth

“The rain keeps pouring, stay here, mia rosa.”

The Handsome Brunette Man touches his mother’s elbow, their gazes meet, the close-up of her eyes, she wears golden eyeshadow the fallout of which glitters softly on her cheeks. Mother’s expression is slightly scared, like that of a sheep, but also sexual. That barely-legal, good-girl-with-daddy-issues kind of sexual. They will have sex later in the plot, his mother and The Handsome Brunette Man. Alexander stops the video and presses a button to mark this frame. He will cut all of it later.

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Here’s the complete trilogy of my little series I did recently, “Little Ladies and their Big Bad Boys”. Featuring fairytale/nursery rhyme pinup girls and their greaser boyfriends, we have: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and Little Miss Muffet. Thought up little names for the dudes, too - Jack (wolf), Billy Gruff (sheep), and Itsy (spider). I had a ton of fun with these. I’ve been meaning to do rockabilly and 50s retro style stuff for a long time now. I just love that stuff.

There’s an age gap between him and his little sister (EXO)

Ranging from toddler to late teens

Xiumin: -what older brother would want to supervise his younger sister’s first date but his main focus was on her dates hands the way they would slid close to her butt. He would walk up and quickly knock the date’s hand away getting in his face- “your both 15 years old and I expect you to know how to properly act when you’re with a women”

Suho: -his mother mentioned how his 5 year old sister wasn’t acting her age. She didn’t play, draw, or watch cartoons and it worried their mother. He quickly bought cute little things to peak her interest which it slowly was- “I guess Mr.Bear and I will be leaving then. But I think he needs a sweet little girls love”

Lay: -watching the little sister who was an infant when he left to become something big. His eyes went wide when during an interview they brought up a picture of the small girl who was roughly 7 in her little school gear for the first day of school this year and he need a moment- “she’s getting too big. I miss seeing her grow up but our mother sends me many pictures of her so I can keep up with her. Soon enough I’ll have to watch out with boys and be scary big brother”

Baekhyun: -he just watched as Chanyeol flirted with his now legal sister, the mindless flirting from them both. What brother would want to watch a boy his age flirt with his little sister, who had no experience with men yet. He felt like Chanyeol would treat her right but the nagging in his head about beating up anyone who flirted with his sister- “why would Chanyeol want to date my sister?”

Chen:  -what 2 year old wouldn’t want to cuddle their goofy big brother. When Jongdae came home to find out the little Kim wanted nothing to do with his love he got goofy trying to get her to do just that- “come on sweetie I came over to see you. I want to cuddle you’re getting so big and I won’t get the chance soon”

Chanyeol: -homecoming was the night he never wanted to see it happen but he couldn’t stop the fact his little sister wasn’t going to be little anymore. She looked amazing in her dress and the way her date nervously slid the corsage onto her wrist as she giggled about his sweating hands and how they weren’t needed. He couldn’t help but smile at the them maybe he could like this guy- *gif*

D.O: -he never expected to be waiting to see if his baby sister would wake up from a car accident, he understood how it was to have older friends but he never wanted her to have legal friends who could drink and cause trouble. Now all he could do was wait til the second she wakes up and he could check on her- “you need to be fine, you’re too young to have to deal with this”

Kai: -he was amazed how much she matured since the last time he saw her. Puberty hit and his little sister was growing into a young woman, it was also very scary because he’d have to up his big brother game more than he was planning- “I like how you’re growing up but slow down, I’m not ready to kill any guy who tries to flirt with you”

Sehun: -it was scary he was old enough to be his baby sister’s dad, but he loved the little 4 year old with all his heart. His mother would send him her cute little drawings, they consisted of him and her. The crude drawings melted his heart and he’d always hold them close- “my gosh can she make things anymore precious”  

Dreamer by Tom Felton

So off the clouds of Nova Scotia
I’ve been flying trying to photograph my face for posters
I’ve been sailing further from family lately
driving me crazy or maybe that’s just me 

Tangled up I’m in my own web
It’s been 16 days at least since I’ve seen my own bed
I’ve been chasing dreams & sleeping less & less 
My mom said I need to relax & be back for cups of tea
She asks me 

Boy how’d you dream so big
When you hardly sleep at all
Boy how’d you dream so big 
When you hardly sleep at all
Boy how’d you dream so big 
when those eyelids rarely close
I don’t know mom we’ll find out I suppose 

 "Well I don’t know What my friend You know what" 

Dress in fancy clothes sounds fun
I’ll admit I even smiled a little bit in round one
But now I’m searching for a purpose 
And I haven’t found one 
Driving me crazy or maybe that’s just me 
Seem to disappear in my own mind
fingers in my ears holding out for gold & sunshine
sometimes wondering why I just can’t seem to stop time
find me a lady, have a baby or maybe 3 gee 

Boy how’d you dream so big
when you hardly sleep at all
Boy how’d you dream so big 
when you hardly sleep at all 
Boy how’d you dream so big 
when those eyelids rarely shut 
I don’t know my friend but I don’t really give a…

 "There’s crazy laughter out there"

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notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

disclaimer: disclaimed

Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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