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Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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Important Russian Words/Phrases

I’m saving these for the day I meet Artemi Panarin. You know, just in case:

  • Hello          Здравствуйте   (zdrastvooyte

  • Goodbye               До свидания   (da sveedaneeya)

  • Yes          Да   (da)

  • No          нет   (net)

  • What’s your name?          Как Вас зовут?   (Kak vas zavoot?)

  • My name is…           Меня зовут…   (Meenya zavoot…)

  • How are you?           Как поживаешь?   (Kak pazhivayesh?)

  • I’m fine           Прекрасно   (Preekrasna)

  • Thank you           Спасибо   (Spaseeba)

  • You’re welcome           Пожалуйста   (Pazhalooysta)

  • Nice to meet you           Приятно познакомиться   (priyatno poznakomit'sya)

  • Do you speak English?           Вы говорите по-английски?   (Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?)

  • Do you like America?           Вы как Америка?   (Vy kak Amerika?)

  • You are a great hockey player           вы великий хоккеист   (vy velikiy khokkeist)

  • You are adorable           Вы очаровательны  (Vy ocharovatel'ny)

  • I love you           я тебя люблю   (ya tebya lyublyu)


**DISCLAIMER** I do not speak Russian. These are rough translations I acquired from the internet. So, I apologize if some of them are slightly off. I also linked a video to most of the basic words to help with pronunciation.

The final signed product! Thanks to the amazing mylittleblackhawk for drawing this! The players loved it!

You can find Video of Oliver and Mikkel Signing it Here! Thanks to ayysmitty for that!

Here’s a short rundown on reactions from other players!

Vermette just started laughing and couldn’t stop. 

Klinkhammer snorted at it, Schlemko laughed.

Yandle’s reaction was the best. 

“Oh My God. Dude. DUDE. Did you ~SEE~ This? This is awesome.” He signs it. “Dude! I want one. That’s so awesome." 

"It’s from a photo of them at the Children’s hospital.”

“That’s even better.”

I slid over to Moss, who was next to him and he grinned and laughed. “That’s so awesome. It looks like those two after a night out.”

I just laughed.

SHANE THO. Shane was all “Oh that’s adorable. You know they’re two peas in a Pod right? Always together.”

“Oh I know. Moss said it looked like them after a night out.”

Shane laughed and went “Yeah that would be Harry in the Wagon.”

For those of you playing the home game. Half the team calls Oliver Harry because he was Harry Potter for Halloween Once.