my little blackhawk


Pix from the Hawks/Islanders game on January 2nd.  We were in the 2nd row behind the bench.  It did not suck, even if it meant braving a snow storm/blizzard that resulted in a 4 hour commute home (which was longer than the game, FYI).

As you can just barely see in the screen grab from TV, I’m rocking a My Little Blackhawk Pony Bollig puck angel tee, because what else would I wear?

Click on each group for larger images.

so i’m starting another tumblr for random scribbles. some will be hockey related, some wont. this is pretty much just an excuse to draw more things in different styles and challenge myself. all My Little Blackhawk stuff will be on that blog and i may reblog stuff from here to that one if it’s hockey related…maybe… either way, this is just unfinished randomness from my sketch book.