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  • THEN
  • Steve: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?
  • Tony: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
  • NOW
  • Peter: But I'm nothing without the suit!
  • Tony: If you're nothing without this suit then you shouldn't have it.


Forever in our Hearts ~ Part VI do not like to leave a long time between the parts, so I’m back with the sixth part of my little story. : 3

I have to say: It surprises me how people like it and I’m glad about it, too! Actually it is only a small insight into my feelings about the different episodes with Gaara … Thanks for your support! :3

The last time we had completed a whole season with Gaara and after these episodes it went on with the fight against Madara Uchiha.
I still hoped … Please don´t kill my baby ;-; xD ♥

It was still about bringing Naruto to his father. Kurama gave Gaara this advice before he was drafted by Madara and Gaara did not hesitate. He immediately took him to Minato to save him ~

After Gaara brought Naruto to Minato and the fight with Madara went to the next round, Gai fought against him. He opened all eight inner doors, which was his sure death. Naruto saved him! Gaara remembered the fight with Lee. Aweeesome ♥

“Naruto … If you’re Hokage, let’s go for a drink.”

And then the Jutsu of Madara was activated. All fell into a kind of dream world … also Gaara. My heart was broken.

The dream of Gaara was heartbreaking. I cried bitterly when I saw this. The dream was from his childhood. How it could have be … How it should have be.

And of course Temaris Dream! Her brothers are so hopeless ~ ♥

Then came the dream of Killerbee. These episodes were incredibly great! It was a Dream of the Bijuu and Jinchuuriki teaming up and fighting together against Akatsuki. These consequences were GREAT ♥ I loved it!

Gaara played with Tsunade and … yeah.. XD

Btw, this smile of him in front of the other Jinchuuriki Fu was so adorable, so pure ♥

So sad this was just a dream …

And then … JINCHUURIKI SQUAD!! ♥♥♥

And then it came, as it had to come … The dream was ended, Kaguya was defeated and the war was won. My heart was so heavy and broken, it was so sad and so beautiful … I cried a few days very often. I was sad and happy because i knew: The End of Anime war near …

The second Handshake ~ ♥

After the official end of the main action followed a few special consequences. Including one of Gaara. An insight into his childhood.

After this episode was officially clear: Rasa kept his siblings away from Gaara. This little Bitch, I hate him.

This … little … Bitch.

But it was warming my heart to see little Gaara smiling so often. The episode was very nice but thanks to his super father also very sad. But Gaara was still happy and smiled … I love him so much ♥♥ ALWAYS ♥

The next part will be the last one. The last part of the wonderful story of Gaara.

Part VII follows.

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the other day i was hanging out w/ my uncle and i mentioned i had pet rats and his immediate response was “they’re just food, i used to get them for my snake.” so im like??? “they actually have a lot of personality, theyre super sweet and are basically like little weird puppies, i love mine 2 bits” to which he responded “nah theyre all just food” and then proceeded 2 graphically describe how he used to kill rats to give to his snake, which included drowning them, suffocating them, and bashing them against the concrete. this is a reoccurring theme ive noticed that happens when i talk abt my rats. people are immediately like “ew thats so gross id just kill them” AND IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH BC!!! YR TALKING ABOUT MY FUCKING PETS!!! MY LITTLE BABIES THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!  u wouldnt talk abt killing someones fucking dog or cat!! so dont fucking pull that shit with anyones animals no matter what they are!!!! its no different!!!!! 

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32 38 and 50 for... elandras 😇 sorrynotsorry

*curls into a ball and weeps because my tiny babies*

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

ANDRAS. Mostly with Elain, I think? She just loves listening to him talk and he has all these ideas and they have really intense little sessions where Lucien wanders in and they’re just talking away and it’s all eager and excited and they’re just bouncing off of each other at a hundred miles an hour and it’s just so Good? Lucien joins in too sometimes but while I think Andras and Elain tend more towards human (fae?) nature and people and motivations and that sort of thing Lucien gets more into the realms of philosophy - especially morality and ethics. 

But sometimes Andras just sits there and watches Elain and Lucien debate and he’s just like :O my husband/wife are both amazing, remind me never to do this with either of them ever. But Lucien and Elain love that, they love the challenge and the contest and they love the tension and the friction and it keeps their political claws nice and sharp which is also good. 

38. Who likes to star gaze?

ALL OF THEM. Sometimes they just all pile outside in the middle of the Spring Court and gaze up at the heavens. Rhys talks a lot about how the stars/nights in Velaris are better than anywhere in Prythian but Lucien, frankly, begs to differ. Spring is just so raw and wild and the nights are so devoid of light - Velaris is a city and it’s always lit up but Spring is pure darkness at nights and the three of them will sometimes just line on the lawns very late gazing upwards. 

Andras is the only one who actually knows the proper names of the constellations. (Lucien knows the ‘names’ too but they are..not correct and used only for making Elain giggle and Andras (affectionately) roll his eyes) But Andras knows the names and shapes of each and every one of them, and the stories behind them. Elain absolutely loves listening to him talk about them (he has this lovely, rich, slow, measured voice that just…gilds the eardrums with deliciousness or…something idk) Lucien has heard each and every story several times over but he just closes his eyes and lets them wash over him again. They’re comforting, familiar, they remind him that not all the days that belong to the past are tainted and bad. Some of them…Some of them were good, too. And Elain…Elain is just filled with so much wonder staring up into the dark sky while Andras talks to them. 

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Okay Andras is definitely a mushy romantic (he blushes lots when he flirts and brings Elain flowers and Lucien…sparkly things) But Lucien is the hopeless romantic with the real soft spot for it. He likes like having all these huge elaborate dates planned out for both Elain and Andras and sometimes them both together and they’re just so dramatic but also just so deeply personal and well thought out? And neither Elain nor Andras likes that much fuss (especially not Andras) but Lucien can’t help himself? He just…He just has to do it for them? It makes him so happy and it makes them so happy and that makes him even happier and it’s just. So much drama and flare and romance but he doesn’t do it too often and…well, there’s no harm in making the people he loves most feel special, is there? 

ask me for ship headcanons and I’ll answer!

Hellooooo… (* ^ ω ^) 

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in betaing (I don’t think that’s an actual word) a JongYu fic. 

The story is a 8000+, G-rated, very fluffy (in a non-fluffy way), innocent AU oneshot. The plot is quite simple and takes place in a span of only 2 hours. There is nothing dramatic happening…no warnings…just a slice of life so to speak. 

Plut summary: Cuddling

I’ve never actually written any JongYu in my life, so this is a first (this is a half-truth…I’ve tried to write JongYu once 7 years ago…and abandoned it after chapter 1). I just wanted to try something else for a change. Turns out JongYu works perfectly fine when I want to write innocent things.

I don’t have any requirements as long as you notice mistakes I’ve made. If you are interested, just send me a message or reply to this post, and I will contact you…^^ (this sounds way too formal…like some business proposal)

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If you haven’t read anything I’ve written so far  -> there you go ^^

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Where is the she-devil in all of this? She'll be livid that she's missed an opportunity to shoehorn her way into that little group.

Poor baby wasn’t invited. My heart is aching for her.  Perhaps they trio was picking her up at the airport? 

But alas, no I doubt that as there certainly would have been a snap in the car, letting us know how chummy the roomies plus Etai, Darren’s ex “platonic roommate” truly are.

But thanks to her absence, they threw so much shade at her and the situation. Seriously it is amazing how much joy a 10 second snap (?) has given me.  I really have laughed all morning.

It is endlessly irritating when people refer to their followers as a pet name.

This isn’t directed towards any one specific individual but rather the community as a whole.

“My little baby dumplings”
“Little baby bugs”
“My children”

It is even more irritating when they claim the title “Mother” or “Auntie” or whatever nonsense.

Have fun, you’re not hurting anyone I get it, but it is SO GROSS in my opinion. 🤔🙄

You’re just a person. They’re just people.
Can we not?

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momma I'm worried about my baby, my lovely little cuddle bug, my cat. On one ear he has so many ear mite bites and the other ear only has a few. The one with a lot of bites is bleeding and I can't afford medicine for my baby. What do I do? 😿😿 he's laying beside me rn and I worry about him so much. Thank you for your help. 💞💞💞

hello sweets. you may be able to get some cheap ear mite meds at a pet store. i think the one i paid for was about meh, $16. it takes a few days.

im sorry your baby is sick :c i hope they feel better soon.

im tagging my best friend @johtopride bc she works with animals. she might be able to answer some questions for you.