my little baby ;~;

Things that make me smol

🌸Ask me what color something is

💕Ask me to count out something

🌼Fill up my bottle or sippy for me

☀️Make me cute meals on my cute plates

🌻Give me small baby snacks and portions

✨"Come here baby"

🎀"Hold daddys hand"

❄️Tell me im too little to do things

🍭"Use your words sweetie"

🌺Tell me I need a nap

🌤Tell me to do things!

⭐️Being an instigater for little things

🌨"why dont you go color daddy a picture?“

🌈Check up on me!

💫"What have you eaten today baby?”

🍓"Does somebody need to go potty?“

🌟"Did you drink enough water?”

☃️"How’s my little girl?“

klance bedtime headcanons

time to be soft™ bc this fandom is going wild rn and this was in my drafts so why not

  • keith “i don’t like physical contact” kogane ?? the cuddliest sleepy boy
  • likes to bury his nose in the crook of lance’s neck and just kinda breathe in real steady bc lance always smells good (he smells like home & cinnamon and coconut shampoo and boy)
  • lance gives so many little sleepy kisses..,,,kissing keith’s forehead and his cheeks and his eyelids and his nose !! boop!!
  • before bedtime lance always has to do is nighttime routine and one night he’s doing his face mask and Keith is like “what the hell is that stuff anyway” and lance gasps like !!! why keith…,,you must experience this
  • so lance takes keith through his whole nighttime routine and keith finds he actually….,,really likes the self care, it’s super calming and gentle and he likes the texture of the face mask on his skin it feels smooth and gooey and cold and he likes it
  • side note: keith’s skin begins to clear and glow beautifully bc he’s now doing the same routine as lance and lance is so proud of himself like “yeah, that’s my pretty boyfriend, look at this, i did that”
  • obviously keith has a plushie hippo but also have you considered lance having a plushie shark …,.they both need their buddies to get to sleep
  • one year for lance’s birthday pidge made lance a device that could simulate like calm nature noises so sometimes they’ll fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or rain and it’s bittersweet bc it’s so calming but also makes lance a little homesick. mostly though it just helps them both fall asleep
  • keith snores and not even in a cute way it’s loud and obnoxious but lance doesn’t give a shit he loves every single thing about keith so he learns to live with it and maybe turn the ocean sounds up a little louder flsoskdlsmsksj
  • they both love to spoon and switch off with big spoon and little spoon pretty consistently. some nights keith really needs to be held, or some nights lance really needs to be held. either way they just love being close together
  • lance is a blanket hog and it’s Rude™
  • sometimes after long missions they both just collapse in bed right away and curl up together and knock the fuck out
  • also sometimes in the morning lance will wake up with Keith’s entire leg slung over his stomach and he looks over to see keith somehow ended up laying horizontal on the bed and what the fuck keith
  • lance usually wakes up first and sometimes he tickles keth to wake him up and keith giggles but is also like “i hate you, you heathen” and throws a pillow at his head
  • sometimes when keith has nightmares and can’t seem to calm down or fall back asleep lance will hold him and hum something sweet and his voice is really pretty and keith will just. knock right out seconds later
  • baby boys they’re so cute bye