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why have you lived in so many places?

sometimes …. people who are poor …… have to go unconventional routes to accomplish goals

Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)


Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time


@pixelhorrorjam Update #3! Also known as the “Fuck I love purple” update. Not the greatest gif quality in the world, but here you go. I’m trying to not give away all the maps I’ve made…

Anyway, progress update!

Maps - 10 / 26 (This will hold steady for a while. The first ten maps make up the bulk of the game. The remaining ones only get seen once or twice, so I’m going to tackle them as they come instead of all at once.)

Sprites - 9 / 10

Portraits - 4 / 12 

Eventing - 21%

Overall -  40 %

I had to slow down a bit to take care of some work stuff, but that’s mostly done with now, so… yeah. Thanks for sticking around.


An art rendition of this fic by Kakarot-kun

edit: I added a cover because it looked like it needed it

Vaporwave Rick taking a big break at a bar across the ‘verse

Look what I was finally able to collect from the post office! The prints are in amazing condition and the bike Keith is a matte finish and it just feels so much better and more durable than society6 mini prints. The inking perfect, again the prints from other artists I ordered once from s6 were flawed with spots and scratches.
The artist is the amazing @v-0-3 and gosh the little Keith doodle made my heart melt it’s so sweet

Merry chrismas little buds! ;)

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