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That time my grandpa went back in time

Hey sixpenceee! I just wanted to share a story with you that my grandfather used to tell me about what he said was the scariest moment in his life. It is a perfect example of glitch in the Matrix. Ok so here it is: My grandfather was at his father-in-laws home for some reason I don’t recall. This was probably in the early seventies because my mom was still a little girl at the time. Anyhow evening was coming and he was heading home which wasn’t too far from his father-in-laws apartment. Now they lived in a city called El Monte which is a suburb 45 minutes outside Los Angeles. The 10 freeway runs right through LA and down the middle of El Monte heading East. As he was driving he said that he took a turn down one street and began to notice a host of citrus trees. In it’s heyday the city was know for it’s expansive orange groves and it even hosted a lion farm. Anyhow, he was driving and couldn’t figure out where he was so he decided to head to where he knew the 10 was. As he drove and the sun set further on the horizon he passed an Asian woman watering wearing a kimono. She did not even glace up as he slowly passed, and he realized everything about her was off; she looked liked she belong from an earlier time period. That is when he saw it; there was no freeway only miles of orange groves as far as the eye could see, and the road was now dirt. In a panic he turned around and sped off as fast as he could. Within minutes he was back where we had started, no woman in kimono or orange groves. He took an alternate route home and when he arrived my mom said he looked so shaken the family thought something horrible had happened. Until he passed away several years ago he swore that this had happened and not word of it changed. I’ve tried to do some digging but haven’t been able to find any info about the time period other than what I already know. I hope this tickles your fancy and if anyone has any similar stories from the area I’d love to hear them.

Dan x Reader - Hobbit Hair

edit: this is a sort of prequel to my new imagine called Winter Proposal. go check that out of you wanna see what happens next! 

 I woke up to light rain drops on the glass door of Dan and I’s room. Drip. Drop. Drip.
“Good morning love.” Dan says charming me and lovingly gazing at my face.
I looked up to see a natural hair Dan with a soft closed smile. He looks so cute, and so soft. Like an angel, aw I’m in love.
“Hiiiii Dan.” I said sleepily, while he went in to kiss me.
“What do you want to do today? It’s raining, England at its finest.” Dan said chuckling lightly. There was a little grin on his perfect chiseled face and baby pink lips that complimented his big ebony eyes.
Ok y/n, stop you’re daydreaming.
“Could we just stay inside and cuddle? Take a little walk and come back…” I said snapping out of my daze and smiling at him.
“Yeah, sounds good.” Dan said agreeing with his pupils dilating.  He made a kind little smile, where you could meekly see his left simple.
“Okay let me get ready.” I said getting up to change into something warm, as it was probably freezing outside since we had the heating on at the highest setting.
“Dan?” I walk into see the 6'3 child attempting to straighten his curly hobbit hair.
“Yeah?” He says turning around continuing to straighten a section of his hair. I giggled profusely at the adorable site. I didn’t say anything but just continued in my light laugh.
“What y/n?” Dan says confused but lovingly looking at my laugh.
I come closer to him, “Why are you even trying to straighten your hair?” I question tilting my head.
“I need to at least attempt to fix the bushel of a mess.” Dan lightly shaking his head rolling his eyes and then looking at me straight.
“No! You look so cute, I love your hobbit hair.” I concluded.
But Dan just continued ignoring me, until I came up with a fair point.
“Alright, but it’s only going to get messed up with the weather…”
“Really? Going with that argument are we?” Dan said chuckling to himself continuing to attempt a strand of his curl at the top of his head. Was he still really trying?
I ignored his last statement to continue, “Well, of course if you insist. But it would be a shame for you to spend so much time on curls…” I grinned slightly, while Dan just tilted his head up at me from the bed.
“…for them to just fizzle out and then we’ll miss some valuable time. Doing well, I don’t know.” I said and winked leaving Dan to grasp with his imagination whatever “valuable time” meant, and boy did he grasp it.
Dan looked up, “Fine, you get your way this time y/n.” Dan said kissing my forehead and then changing to his thermal black shirt quickly. I smiled to myself, satisfied that my view was going to be hobbit hair all day. Then we headed out, hand in hand, like the cheesiest couple you’ve ever seen.

EXO: A Summary
  • XIUMIN: abs. omfg his motherfucking abs good god. have u seen them so fucking gorgeous i literally cant. also his smile. acc his whole entire face. ACC HIS WHOLE ENTIRE EXISTENCE JUST SLAYS ME IM DONE HES SO HOT IM TRASH BYE
  • LUHAN: no please dont im gonna start crying (but the most beautiful piece of shit ever omfg just. i hate him)
  • KRIS: NO NOPE NO gonna start crying even more (my galaxy king why)
  • SUHO: the leader and hes like really rich i guess. tbh im still tearing up over kris and luhan
  • LAY: dimple. fucking perf. angel. ummm yea. unicorn. ok basically hes lowkey perfect and it makes u wanna punch him. moving on.
  • BAEKHYUN: ok this little shit. where tf do i even start. hes that frat boy that knows hes fucking sexy and funny and perfect AND RUBS IT IN UR FACE IM DONE FIGHT ME BACON
  • CHEN: ok he would be frat boy #2 except hes so fucking sweet and kind. even tho hes cute af and funny and CAN SING LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL hes just still such a genuinely nice person. i cant. fight me too.
  • CHANYEOL: ok.... u know what.... i cant. his smile is like literally happiness and he fucking knows it and he FUCKING KNOWS HOW HOT HE IS and hes practically frat boy #2 except hes a sneaky little shit who knows how to be just sweet enough to make him seem like a good boy. no. hes fucking not. ive got u figured out yoda ears.
  • D.O.: omg.... so basically he really did creep me out in the beginning with his big ass eyes and his blank expressions XD but lol he chill and he knows how to keep the frat boys in the group in check and im grateful for tht <3 also hes acc a good actor like damn satan where u been hiding
  • TAO: THIS BITVH OMFG WHERE DO I START. i love him so much. and i hate him so much too. omg. so hes a panda. he can like kick ur ass and be all sexy af and all but then HE WILL DO A TRIPLE FUCKING BACK FLIP KICK SHIT AND MAKE UR HEART FUCKING POUND LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS BECAUSE HES FANGIRLING OVER A STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!! WHO GAVE U PERMISSION!?!!?!?! and lets please for the sake of my sanity not delve into more detail bc just no. although it should be noted that he cant be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels reach heights beyond this world and just i cant deal with it and i want to fucking fight him so hard.
  • KAI: ahhh kai someone normal to talk about. well kinda. hes got that whole jekyll and hyde thing going on. because when hes performing and shit (dance beast btw) hes like the sexist piece of shit ever like omfg his face everything is just sex. like im sorry but its true. BUT THEN when he gets off stage hes this cute little piece of shit like ???? BITCH WHAT ????? NO U WERE JUST MAKING ME FEEL ALL TYPES OF WAYS AND NOW U ACTING LIKE THE VIRGIN MARY ALL PURE AND SHIT LIKE U DIDNT JUST DO THE STRIPPER DANCE OF UR LIFE. bitch.
  • SEHUN: oh good god. i just. where do i even start omg. um hes rude, hes cocky. but hes fucking gorgeous and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT. im srsly so done with the frat boys in this group knowing how fucking hot they are and basking in it LIKE PLZ BE LIKE CHEN. PLZ STOP THRUSTING UR DICK IN MY MOUTH LIKE U KNOW IM GONNA SUCK IT. (bc i would omg i hate myself) he also cannot be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels also reach extraterrestrial heights. but not as high as Tao's bc Tao is so shameless about himself. but back to sehun. check out his butt, its hot.
  • ~{wow this turned out so long im sorry}~