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who would be a sweet talker/praiser and who would be a degrader?

Oh boy, this…please my heart ovaries can’t take this

Seokjin, 1000000% Sweet talker. Like, nothing but how beautiful you are would ever come out of his mouth. “You’re so beautiful, aren’t you?”, “My sweet little cupcake”, “The sounds you make are like an angel”.

Yoongi, degraaaaddderrrrrrrrrr FFS. I don’t even need to explain it. “God you’re such a little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” “Fuck, you take it so well”, “Your cute little pussy is so fucking wet for daddy”.

Namjoon, 80% Praise, 20% Degrader. Like, his mood would totally shift depending on the day he’s had, but he’d never be aggressive. “Daddy loves it when you moan for him”, “Baby girl, you better be on your knees by the time I get over there”, “Come on, I know my little bitch can be louder than that”.

Hoseok, UGH He’s such a fucking switch I could never tell you specifically which he’d be, because he’s fuckinggggggg extra. You’d get things like, “Oh my princess is so gorgeous today”, “Why don’t you come over here so Oppa can help get rid of some of that stress” ORRRRR “I’ll have you screaming so loud, your neighbours are gonna know how much of a little whore you are”.

Jimin, PRAISEEEE FO DAYSSSSS. He can dirty talk for days, but he’d never be a degrader. He’s sweet, but totally into what you’re doing. “Jagiya, I love you so much”, “I just want to make you feel good”, or this little fuckin heathen would belt out shit like, “oh god, Jagi, you’re so tight, you feel so good around me”, “Scream my name, baby, I want to hear my name off those lips like it’s the only word you know”.

Taehyung, I’m not even sure he can be labeled?? like he’d literally just belt out whatever the fuck came to mind at that exact moment. “Oh shit, that feels so good”, “I just really want to bend you over that counter and watch your ass bounce”, or in a sickly sweet tone, “Jagiiii, can you please come suck me off? I really want to feel your lips right now”.

Jungkook, to be honest? I don’t think he’d be anything. He’d be more of a grunter, a groaner, and a growler. You’d know he was having fun by the noises he made, not the words coming from his mouth. You’d get obscenities like “Oh fuck,” or “holy shit” followed by some heaving panting, but I don’t think you’d get anything near the other boys.

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  • Harley: *exists*
  • Robert: My angel. My cupcake. My little pumpkin. My evil little kitten. My sweet lil' dollface. My silly baby. My everything .!!! Will literally die for, but would rather sleep with !!!

i lov it when i my mutuals go from “hes so soft and sweet ohmygod my little sunshine baby angel cupcake my hearts gonna burst 😭😭😭😭😭💝💝💝💘💗💘💗💘💗💖💖💗” to “hope he fat dicks me so hard i forget my name and date of birth BITCH id swallow his nut in an INSTANT 😛😛😛😛😛💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦” 

Books & Cupcakes’ January Book Photo Challenge

Day 1 - Reading Goal for the Year

I haven’t read about 80% of the books I own, because I borrow lots of books from my local libraries to support them and end up neglecting my own books, so I feel a bit guilty but I really hope I’ll be able to read these this year.

I set myself the reading goal of 52 books this year, which is 20 less then what I read in 2013, so we’ll see how that goes :)

aden17ventos said: Steve did you ever make Tony doing duck noises by surprise hugs

“Constantly! Besides this panicked squeak just before I start tickling him, that quack when I squeeze him is the best sound in the world!”

*mumbles something about definitely not quacking and not squeaking*

“Yes, you do. And it is so adorable. You’re my Ducky. And my little mouse. And my kitten. And my angel, cupcake, sweetheart–”

“Shuddaaaaap. Stop embarrassing me in front of our readers!”

“I’m sure our readers agree with me that you’re adorable.”

HEY FRIENDS remember when Amy wanted to take a seminar on power poses so that she can be assertive and so she can get what she wants AND THEN IN HALLOWEEN III she literally humiliates her boss and stupid man child crazy competitive super sore loser boyfriend by manipulating them both, making them walk 31 flights of stairs, and then later demanding they coronate her (call her QUEEN) and call her an amazing detective-slash-genius I am a-okay as chill as a coolio bean WHO AM I KIDDING IM SO PROUD OF MY LITTLE LATINA ANGEL CUPCAKE ASSERT THE HELL OUT OF YOURSELF AMES YOU’RE AMAZING.


Westallen Appreciation Week

Day 2: Favorite moment

So, okay…I love pretty much all westallen moments so far (and we have had so many amazing ones <3), but I’m obsessed with this moment right here. Something you need to know about me first: I’m the angst queen, I fuel on this shit, okay? Happy go lucky ships are great, don’t get me wrong, but all the tension and longing and waiting and pining and aching and ahhhhh, well yeah, I’m a sucker for all this. So here we have Barry with this sort of new attitude, because now she KNOWS and he’s relieved and I guess a bit lighter but also he doesn’t want Iris to feel weird or uncomfortable in front of him. And this is Barry telling her that he’s not gonna make it awkward and that he wants her to be happy and that the confession was about him and he’s not expecting any kind of response from her, he’s still gonna be there for her. “I’m really happy for you”, he MEANS it, or at least tries to trully mean it. He takes his time looking at Eddie before he looks at her because he wants her to know how much he means it. Because she’s his friend, his love and he would never do anything to hurt Iris. Then we have Iris, my little angel cupcake Iris West. She knows Barry better than anyone else, but this is new territory for her, she’s not her usual super confident self here…she’s uncertain and apprehensive, she still doesn’t know how to respond to him, how to act around him, so she just waits. And then he gives her what she needs at that moment, he knows her that well, and Iris is genuinely thankful, she looks at Eddie as to somehow include him (something Barry does too) but this exchange is really about them and an attempt of making things more normal or at least try to for the time being. But at the end of the day things DID change and there’s no going back now. I think this scene will set the tone for the rest of the season, the tension is now there and is not one sided anymore.


serinda swan + quotes (insp)


LOOK! WE’RE GIFS! Someone teach me how to properly do the Tumblr GIF thing. The quality is horrendous.