my listening year 2013

Gonna be listening to until I’m sick of it, (my New Years ritual since 2013).

It’s An Idea: a playlist of what the guys have accomplished this year


One of my most vivid memories of March 22nd, 2013 was talking to someone on tumblr about how scared I was that we were never going to hear from the guys again. It seemed like they could have just cut off all contact and that would be it. Thankfully, I was wrong. Even though they aren’t making music together anymore, they still care. They’re still there for us. They’re all still about My Chem’s message. Like Gerard said: It’s not a band. It’s an idea. 

01.  Where Are My Fucking Pills (Death Spells) // 02. Joyriding (Frank Iero) // 03. Isn’t That Something (Ray Toro) // 04. Why Is Love So Disastrous (Death Spells) // 05. Millions (Gerard Way) // 06. I Lied (Electric Century) // 07. 2.5mg Just Ain’t Enough For Me (Frank Iero) // 08. Fake Your Death (My Chemical Romance)


Nissy ♥ Sorry, I… Still Love You (Eighth Wonder Version)

Thank you @SookieBunnie for the videos (*–)人


My 2013 (listen)

This year was about discovering new music for me so here is a mix of fourteen songs by artists I came across in 2013 that have inspired, influenced and made my year incredebly better. 

I.LORDE // ribs II.BASTILLE // pompeii III.MARINA & THE DIAMONDS // E.V.O.L IV.THE ICARUS ACCOUNT // little things V.MUMFORD AND SONS  // hopeless wandrerer VI.IMAGINE DRAGONS // demons VII.BASTILLE // sleepsong VIII.ED SHEERAN // I see fire IX.DAUGHTER // lifeforms X.MATD // obsessions XI.THE LUMINEERS // big parade XII.KODALINE // all my friends XIII.LORDE // buzzcut season XIV.IMAGINE DRAGONS // radioactive

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Queens of the Stone Age on Austin City Limits doing “Smooth Sailing” 

This is great, as is their new album.