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Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.2)

I don’t usually post the second part of a series until it reaches 50-75 notes, but it’s about time I do what I want, right? Enjoy.

It’s Y/N’s first day of public school, she’s making friends, enemies, and hey, she’s even been invited to a party.

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Chapter One

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Speaking in to the void

Just need to say it somewhere, I guess.

I’m not doing well. I feel overwhelmed by almost everything. I don’t feel like I do enough, accomplish enough. I’m working 7 days a week between two jobs, plus trying to run my sword school, and I feel like I should be doing more. There is a laundry list of things I need to take care of for my sword school; a stack of books on equine training, anatomy, behaviour, and nutrition that I need to be reading if I’m going to be any sort of decent trainer or barn manager; my trainer (who I’m interning/apprenticing under) wants me to be at the barn more but can’t pay me more and I have bills; I need to find a new place to live or a small RV or travel trailer I can finance before my lease on this flat runs up…

Meanwhile, thanks to fucking up my shoulder I haven’t been able to practice longsword or sidesword this week, or my violin, and I feel powerless to help my friends who need it.

Today is not a good day, this week is not a good week, and this month hasn’t been in the top 10. It’s almost April. Maybe it will be better.

148 days left in the army. 63 days until my terminal leave.

To do list method

Idk about you but I get overwhelmed like it’s my day job. This leads to me putting things off and overall being stressed. Solution? Go grab a piece of paper, and make a to do list. Make sure it’s organized in some way (category, alphabetical, whatever makes sense to you) and make it as neat as you can get it. This to do list should be ready to be proudly displayed next to the Mona Lisa, that’s how neat it should be. Now instead of a looming, giant task, it’s in understandable small chunks. Next, think of a place you like. Maybe it’s a park, or the ocean, or space! Anything you enjoy will work. Begin wherever you want, and each time you finish a task, reward yourself with a cute doodle of whatever your heart desires. It shouldn’t be perfect, just a cute doodle. For example, if your theme is park add a tree, or draw a fountain. Eventually, you’ll run out of things to do and end up with a beautifully decorated page of your achievements! Pick a new theme everyday or draw penguins every single time. This helps you break down your day into manageable pieces, keep track of what you need to get done, and helps you stay motivated to finish the page.

anonymous asked:

What is something I can ask myself or tell myself every day to maintain close contact with the truth, and continue being grave in a difficult situation? Survival tactics?

You could follow a lord’s prayer with a sort of fencing of ego, saying “I love and accept myself unconditionally even though… (your list of go to I hate myself because… thoughts [I’m fat, I’m ugly, nobody likes me, my teeth are crooked, I have a scar on my face, etc].  And like advertising, the repetition will wear you down, and you’ll just have to accept that you are a mortal whose body will eventually age and die, and start living.

BJD Blog Exchange: Update

Added everyone who commented on the original post to the list, but here is just a reminder you can also send me an Ask or Chat message! :D

I also reached 200 followers (although the number has been going back and forth for a couple of days now, damn porn blogs!). Still, I am thinking of doing a give-away for you guys! I just got some good news for my business but it might mean I need to take a break from the BJD Etsy shop for a month or so, and before that I want to clean stock, so I’ll do a give-away when the BJD Blog Exchange list reaches 100 people!

anonymous asked:

I really love tattoos/piercings/colored hair and have a list of tattoos I would want but I would also like to act and I dont want to always play a stereotype ya know? Hair can be changed and piercings taken out so its mostly the tattoos I am unsure about (only for job reasons) advice?

I had to go through this dilemma too

rambles under the cut

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@aryanotstark‘s character using A7 from this

I’m going to be doing these little requests every Wednesday open all day to take a break from doing a full request and practice drawing simpler stuff. You don’t need to be in the request list to ask for one of these just specify which emoji you want and give me your character in your message.

My request requirements page is here, please read it before you request anything :/

Likes are nice, reblogs are awesome! Please share so I can draw for more people!

Teas for Witches: the Basics

I can talk about tea literally all day (and I have because I’ve worked in a spice and tea shop for years), and there is SO much to talk about with both health and magical benefits. Teas are made from tea leaves called camellia sinensis, with the exception of herbal teas/infusions. For this, I’m going to list magical and health benefits by type of tea.

Black Tea

Feminine * Earth * Winter * Strength * Stability * Death * Expelling Negativity * Alertness * Energy

Black tea is the most fermented and oxidized of all teas. Its tea leaves look shriveled and black. It combats heart ailments, digestive problems, high cholesterol, asthma, and breast/menstrual problems. Black tea also has a lot of caffeine (47 mg, still less than coffee) and too much of it can cause acidity issues in the stomach.  

Examples: English/Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsung Souchang, Ceylon, Earl Grey

**There is a subset of black tea called Pu-erh, a post-fermented black tea. Some consider this to be the “purest” of all teas and connect it to the aether, as it is rare and valuable.

Green Tea

Masculine * Fire * Summer * Passion * Healing * Conscious Mind * Sexual Health * Love * Energy * Progress * Magic

Green tea is slightly steamed but not fermented, which maintains its green color. It has many health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing cholesterol and weight, boosting immunity and stamina, and reducing blood glucose. It has less caffeine than black, but still some. 

Examples: Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha, Gyokurocha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Gunpowder, Dragonwell

Oolong Tea

Feminine * Water * Autumn * Reflection * Meditation * Wisdom * Serenity * Concentration * Romance * Friendship

I always describe Oolong as being between Green and Blacks, since it is half fermented. It can help manage weight and stress, balance blog sugar levels, remove free radicals, and promote healthy skin and bones. HOWEVER, too much can actually speed up bone degradation because it sweeps away excess calcium. And beware of its high caffeine content (I used to drink Raspberry Wulong to pull all-nighters).

Examples: Milk Oolong, Formosa, Wulongs

White Tea

Masculine * Air * Spring * Happiness * Wisdom * Moon * Purification * Protection * Clarity * Cleansing * Beginnings

White tea is a little harder to find. Either the tea leaves are plucked as immature leaves and steamed, or the leaves have not been processed (there seems to be little consensus across cultures). Some have a small amount of caffeine. It’s a great antibacterial and antioxidant, and it improves the heart, oral health, and skin. Drinking a couple cups works better than one, and you can reuse the tea leaves, granted that the second cup will brew longer.

Examples: White teas come in many flavors and are usually labeled as white tea. You may need to seek out a tea shop to find some.

Herbal Tea

Magical properties depend on which herbs are used

This tea seems to be the most popular for witches on tumblr, because it is composed of dry, unprocessed herbs, seeds, fruits, or roots, and has no caffeine (as long as the herb doesn’t!). There are many recipes online as herbals are easy to make. In general, herbal tea promotes calm, reduces cholesterol and risk of heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes. Due to its lack of actual tea leaves it has less antioxidants than other teas. Some don’t even call it a tea, but dub it Herbal Infusion.

Examples: Rooibos, most Chais, Ginseng, Chamomile, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus

**Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is notorious for its high caffeine levels (you’ve probably seen the energy drink). It also zaps one’s appetite and can become addictive, so be careful around this tea!

As always, feel free to add/message me of any corrections, and I hope you find your cup of tea!

Shower Dysphoria Tips

Okay, this is about to be a long list but I hope it helps someone.  Being genderfluid myself, I just showered for the first time in several days because of my disabling dysphoria.  I always see tons of tips about clothing, hair, behavior, and even makeup, but I don’t see a lot of tips on here about dealing with shower dysphoria.  Some of this is going to be aimed at trans*, genderfluid, and genderqueer individuals specifically, and some of these tips are for agender and other nonbinary individuals, but most can be applied to all of the above.  Let’s get started!

- If possible, listen to music.  Whether it’s on a phone, laptop, or portable radio, listen to music you enjoy, and listen to it as loudly as you’re able.  It helps me to have something else to focus on while I go through the motions of showering, even if it’s my own horrible singing.

- Use shower products marketed towards the gender you identify with. Since I’m genderfluid, I keep both “male” and “female” bodywashes, shampoos, and face washes in my shower so that however I’m feeling, I’ve got the products available to reduce dysphoria as much as I’m able.

- Have your clothes ready inside the bathroom with you. I always make sure that my clothes are completely prepared for me to throw them on as quickly as possible after my shower.  My dysphoria is increased significantly when I’m undressed, so not wasting time turning my clothes right-side out, or searching for clothes helps.

- Keep a mental list of the steps you need to complete during your shower.  1. Prepare clothes 2. Turn on water 3. Get in shower 4. Shampoo hair; ect. Having a mental list of specific steps you need to complete helps break the process down so it isn’t so overwhelming, and you’ll be able to keep track of how close you are to being done.

- Use genderless shower products.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find shampoos and body wash that aren’t marketed a specific way.  The best brand that I’ve found is Lush products.  Almost all of their products aren’t targeted to any gender at all.  Unfortunately, if you don’t live close to a store (the closest one to me is over two hours away) it can get pricey buying online once shipping and taxes are applied.   One that has been suggested a couple times is Trader Joe’s brand, but I’ve been told it mainly pertains to the west coast. Also, a more widespread brand is Head and Shoulders! If anyone knows of any more common, genderless brands, feel free to add on or message me and I’ll edit it in!

Unfortunately, for those of us with dysphoria, showering is probably always going to suck at least a little bit. If anyone else has helpful tips, feel free to reblog with your additions.  If you’re not comfortable with that, message me on here and I can edit it in.

Above all, just remember that:

Your dysphoria does not define who you are.

You are valid.

You are loved.

Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

I browse AO3 for new YOI fics everyday, at least four times a day. Yes, that is my life now. This is Part Three. Part OnePart Two, Part Four, and Part Five also exist.

1. Once More, With Feeling
Yuuri wakes up in Detroit after going to bed under heavy stress and emotional turmoil due to Victor’s declining mental health. Things are different. He’s dreaming, obviously. And in dreams, people can do what they want. So Yuuri decides to do what he wants. If only he could have accepted this new reality. Then the realization wouldn’t hurt so much later on. But ignorance keeps the pain of reality away.

2. Re: Yuri Katsuki
Phichit Chulanont is fiercely loyal to his best friend Yuri Katsuki. So when he randomly gets a direct message on Instagram from one v_nikiforov, it’s only natural for Phichit to assume it’s a prank. That is until he comes to realize it’s not a prank.

3. Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts
Having endured what was probably the worst day of his life, Yuuri wakes up with the hangover of a century and a desperate plea for the world to forget about his existence. Alas, the world has other plans. So does a certain Russian skater.

4. By My Side
Things happen a bit differently after the banquet. Yuuri doesn’t actually forget everything. And he wants to see Victor again.

5. A Glittering Path
Four times Yuuri made Viktor cry (happy tears, that is!), and one time (or more) they both cried. (You’re allowed to cry at a wedding, aren’t you? Especially if it’s your own.)

6. Winter Song
Yuuri was aware that at some point — a moment in time he couldn’t quite place — Victor had become his boyfriend. There wasn’t a single instant when it happened. It was a slow awareness, as if Victor had silently been asking the question for months now, and Yuuri had been giving him the answer a little more with each passing day.

7. Lessons in Love
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do. He just didn’t expect to become a fan, too. (He didn’t expect to fall in love.)

8. The Spaces Shaped for You
The paths they’d chosen after the Grand Prix Final wouldn’t be easy, particularly with Nationals just ten days away, but one thing was certain: no matter what happened, their paths would always come together in the end.

9. Bear Your Soul on the Ice
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star — and Yuuri’s idol — Viktor Nikiforov.

10. Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family
The new skating season begins, and Yuuri works hard to get his gold medal for the Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family. Yes. The Russian Skating Family.

11. Makes the Heart Fonder
This was going to be hard — they both knew that — but they would willingly take any of the punches thrown at them. It had been rough when Victor returned to Japan to be at Makkachin’s side, but they both pulled through. And, either by willingness or stubborn determination, they would manage, time and time again. But now— now when Victor was in Canada, and Yuri was in Russia on Victor’s side of their bed, where the pillows sighed his scent and his cologne, he missed the sound of his fiancé’s voice more than anything in the world.

12. With Fire in Their Eyes
Not applause. Screams. The light is wrong because a fourth of the ceiling projectors are missing. The sky is dark. No stars. Something gleams behind the broken sky. And moves. Something he can’t — won’t — something. Something that’s looking at him.

13. You can have everything…
Before the Grand Prix Final starts in Sochi, Yuuri finds Victor’s phone. He returns it— and hijinks and heavy flirtation ensue.

14. I’d rather be skating
Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no. Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.

15. say not a word; I can hear you
“He was from Hasetsu,” Chris tells him quietly. “Oh.” Caught mid-laugh is a slight, young man with kind, brown eyes. He’s soft all around where edges should be, nothing like - nothing like a Ranger. “You think he’s gone back there? Really?” There’s a pause, Chris spinning his spanner around his knuckles. He shrugs. “I dunno, Yuuri’s always had a streak of crazy in him. So. Maybe.”

16. sharp dressed man
Victor’s such a peacock normally, and now he looks a bit like a half-molted one; glitzy fabric half-hidden under the sober visage of a respectable coach, skates exchanged for Yuuri’s gear.

17. to the winner goes the gold
In which Yuuri and Viktor are competing against each other in the following year’s Grand Prix Final, and they’re still (very much) smitten with each other.

18. in the spaces between
Yuuri’s life in St Petersburg is spread between four languages.

19. falling through the ice
Home. Home is Viktor’s sparse St. Petersburg apartment, which is now where Yuri keeps his clothes and his toothbrush and his silver medal, which Viktor hung above the fireplace, and his extensive collection of Viktor Nikiforov posters, because Minako had mailed every one of them from Hatsetsu. (Yuri had shoved them into a drawer, but Viktor put some of his favorites on the fridge, next to the photos he’d had printed of Yuri in his juniors costumes.) Home, where every time Viktor sees Yuri chattering excitedly to the triplets over Skype or hears Mari complain over the phone about the time difference, he feels guilty for keeping Yuri to himself, as if he’s the one stealing Yuri from the world now. “What will Viktor Nikiforov’s fans say if he falls like that in competition?” Viktor sighs, not moving. “What will his protégée and rival Yuri Katsuki say?”

20. never stop until the grave
Back in St Petersburg, Victor attempts to combine coaching Yuuri with preparing for his own return to competition. The spirit is willing but the flesh may be weak.

21. he meets me where i am
Something gold catches the light, drawing his attention. There’s a gold ring on Victor’s ring finger. “Ah,” Yuuri says, his heart giving a last squeeze, a futile reminder of the silly crush he once had. “Congratulations on your marriage,” he says, as cheerily as he can.

22. our doubts are traitors
Some ghosts of your past you leave well alone.

There are a lot of shorter pieces on this list, but nonetheless I’m grateful to the authors - and the artists! - who continue to provide high-quality content even though the anime isn’t airing right now. Has Season 2 been confirmed yet???

Quick Morning Magick

Here are some quick magickal techniques you can use first thing in the morning to help make your day go a little easier!

Morning Shower Meditation - use the element of water to cleanse yourself of any lingering negativity from the previous day. Use herbal soaps, herbal bags for aromatherapy, oils, or other means to help you focus on your intent to wash away negative energy down the drain.

Light some incense - I do this on most mornings to set a tone for how I want the day to proceed. Aromas can produce powerful emotions and moods. Here’s a brief list of some of my favorites scents and some of their attributes.

  • Frankincense and Myrrh - uplifting
  • Amber - comfort, healing, and happiness

  • Cinnamon - success and strength

  • Jasmine - love and wisdom

  • Pine - grounding

Altar Devotion/Invocations - You can light some candles on your altar and speak some invocations for your deities to guide you throughout the day. I do a Goddess Devotion every morning to ask Her for her strength, vitality, love, and intuition to guide me.

Breakfast - Even your breakfast can be spiritual! You are filling yourself with the nourishment that the Earth has provided you with. Be conscious of what you eat. Try fruits, oatmeal, grits, milk, juices, meats, and breads to start your morning by showing your gratitude to all that is.

Glass of Water - Having a glass of water in the morning can be used to cleanse the body, just like the shower. You can even do an herbal tea blend to incite a mood just as the incense does.

Yoga and Exercise - This can also be a form of meditation in the morning.

Dream Journals - You can keep a dream journal by your bed so you can record your dreams in the morning when you first wake up. Writing can also be considered a form of meditation and getting into a routine can become your personal ritual.

Greet the Sun - Going for a walk outside or just watching the sunrise can be a very powerful ritual. The Sun lends us its strength, passion, and love as we go about our busy day. Greet the sun and ask it for guidance.

Send my muse a curse!

M!A’s based on original curses and some inspired by famous curses in history.

Button Eyes: whoever sends this has ownership of a voodoo doll especially made for my muse, and can inflict harm on them at will. Lasts as long as they want.

Bad Luck: muse has a classic case of bad luck and nothing will go right for them for a full day.

The Crying Boy: muse feels like their insides are on fire. Lasts a full day.

Lost Soul: muse is stuck in a ghostly dimension; they can see everything going on around them, but no one can see or hear them. Lasts two days.

Worst Fears: muse is haunted by the thing(s) that scare them the most. Lasts a full day.

Kennedy: bad luck follows not only my muse, but all of their friends and family as well! (Ask permission from other muns before involving anyone else in this curse). Lasts two days.

Seeing Red: muse sees blood everywhere they look. Bonus points if they’re afraid or disgusted by blood. Lasts a full day.

Murrain: muse is deathly ill. Lasts two days.

Ravenous: muse is constantly starving but cannot be satisfied. Lasts two days.

Loathly: muse is transformed, becoming increasingly more haggard and/or monstrous in appearance. An act of kindness towards them will break the curse.

A New Roommate: an evil spirit possesses my muse’s body. How it behaves is up to the mun. Lasts three days.

Followed: spirits from my muse’s past are following them around. Lasts two days.

Not a Wink: muse can’t sleep no matter how tired they feel. Lasts three days.

The Bell Witch: muse’s home is plagued by relentless poltergeist activity. Lasts two days.

Just curious, are any of y’all fans of the following?

MbMbaM Podcast

The Adventure Zone Podcast

CoolGames, Inc Podcast

My Brother, My Brother and Me (Seeso) 

Monster Factory 



Touch the Skyrim

Griffin’s Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge

Griffin’s Amibo Corner

or any other McElroy/Polygon content? 


You’re a Newly Self-Discovered Empath; Now What?

So you’ve just figured out that you’re an empath. What should you do now? Here’s a quick list of essentials to get you started. 

  • Shields: You need these. I mean need them. Going out without a shield is like leaving your house on a freezing day buck naked. To create shields, visualize the element you are the most connected to surrounding you in a protective shape. For me, it’s earth. My shields are made of very large visualized boulders surrounding me in the astral plane. You can also keep certain crystals around to strengthen your shields. 
  • Practice: Just as they say, practice makes perfect. You can harness your abilities and use them to your advantage, and others’. Read your potential boss and use your findings to nail that job interview. Use your ability to communicate with your deities, or household spirits. Become familiar with your friends auras so that you always know where they are in the house. Read new potential friends so you can better communicate. Practice reading the energies of various stones and objects.
  • Project your aura: Some of us have always been powerful, and have never known our true strength. Because of this, we never knew how to control it. When I feel something strongly, everyone around me feels it. When I am angry or sad, everyone around me becomes angry or sad. I don’t have to say a word or make a face. This is another reason for why shields are so important. We as empaths feel things so deeply that it can and will affect those around us. 
  • Meditate: Meditation allows us to practice and get in touch with ourselves. It will help us discern whether or not the emotions we are having are our own, or from someone near us. 
  • Astral travel: This will make you help you harness your abilities, as well as control them. In the astral plane, it will be much much easier to set up shields and work on your shiz. Plus, it’s really fun. 
  • Journaling: Journal things as you learn and realize them. Notice something unique to being an empath? stick it in your handy dandy empath journal. Notice something unique to YOUR experience as an empath? Jot it down in your journal. It will make things so much easier. 

Put this in your phone, right now. This is the hotline for the US Congress. All those House bills you’re hearing about, (such as the one to terminate the EPA, defund Planned Parenthood, repeal the ACA, etc), this is where you start protesting them. It starts with a recorded message, and will ask you to input your zip code. It will then give you a list of your representatives, House AND Senate, based on that zip code. Leave messages for all of them.

I know this is tough for some of you. Believe me, I know. My hands shake all day leading up to and following these calls. Some of you might not have the time during your workday. You might not be able to even hear the prompt over whatever is going on in your head, in your home, in your life. If all you feel you can do is signal boost, please do. Type  “Who represents me” into Google, find out who your reps are. Visit your representatives’ websites, fill out those “Contact Us” forms, blast their contact info all over your FB page if you feel it’s safe to do so. 

I haven’t been seeing many stories lately about conservative representatives whining that their constituents won’t leave them alone. Let’s change that. 

ESC Love Songs 💕

Here we go, another list (Slavic one[x], Happy one[x]) and this one is.. for well.. the love some of you hopefully are receiving today and everyday ♥ or let’s be real for otps and (day)dreaming ♥♥

Love - Sasha Son 

Love Wave - Iveta Mukuchyan

Love Injected - Aminata

La La Love - Ivi Adamou

Love Is Blind - Donny Montell

Love Me Back - Can Bonomo

I Want Your Love - Eduard Romanyuta

I Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger

Show Me Your Love - Tina Karol

Cliché Love Song - Basim

Love Symphony - Quartissimo feat. Martina

Words For Love - Lior Narkis

S.A.G.A.P.O. - Rakintzis

L'amour à La Française - Les Fatals Picards

Je T’adore - Kate Ryan

I Love You Mi Vida - D’Nash

Grande Amore - Il Volo

Call Me - Feminnem

Carry Me In Your Dreams - Kejsi Tola

Hold Me - Farid Mammadov

Be My Valentine - Svetlana Loboda

Candle Light - Csézy

The Fire In Your Eyes - Boaz

Playing With Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi

Romanca - Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents

Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

Never Forget - Greta Salóme & Jónsi

Everything I Want - Vesna Pisarović

Everyway That I Can - Sertab Erener

We Could Be The Same - maNga (e-akustik version [x])

Marry Me - Krista Siegfrids

I Wanna - Marie N

I Do - Fabrizio Faniello

You Are The Only One - Sergey Lazarev (ft. Helena [x]) (or this guy [x])

My Number One - Helena Paparizou

My Heart is Yours - Didrik Solli-Tangen

Your Heart Belongs to Me - Hind

Here For You - Maraaya

Die For You - Antique

Feeling Alive - Stelios Konstantas

On Top Of The World - Edsilia Rombley

Always. - Aysel and Arash

Here is a list of things I do to motivate myself to study on my bad days:  

  1. Tidy up Clean your living quarters and declutter your work space. 
  2. Take a shower or bath Wash away the bad vibes. 
  3. Step outside Breathe some fresh air and appreciate nature. Maybe even go for a walk. 
  4. Try meditating Even if it’s just for five minutes. There are a lot of great guided meditations on Youtube [x] [x] [x] if you’ve never meditated before.
  5. Drink Water Hydrate yourself. 
  6. Talk to someone It can be a good friend, a family member, or even a stranger. Just socialize a bit.
  7. Music Listen to your favorite song or album to pump yourself up.
  8. Make a List It doesn’t have to just be things you need to get done. It can be your favorite things or stuff you want to do before you die. (I personally find making lists relieving and they inspire me to work harder.)
  9. Study in a new place Go to a library, a coffee shop, or even a park.
  10. Do some exercises/stretches It will ease any tension in your body and make you feel less stressed.
  11. Do something you enjoy Give yourself a bit of a break and try to study later knowing you were able to do something you like.
In Case You Missed It pt. 2

Hey guys.  This is Part 2 of a master post of fic y’all might have missed.  Some of it’s older, some newer, some never even posted to Tumblr.  Take a gander, click on some links, and support your fellow fandom writers.  

If anyone would like to be included on a list, or if I missed you, please feel free to message me and I’ll draw up another list in a few days or so.  

Part 1 is here, in case you missed it (ba dum tssssssst)

Wonderful You by @contrivedcoincidences6

*Oh my God, THE FEELS.  This cancer arc drabble melts your damn heart. BRB, I’m gonna go read literally everything else by this author because clearly I need a good cry today. 

Waiting For You by @alexkryceks –

*An AU set during and after the Pilot.  Seriously, we need more Pilot fic in this fandom.  I can’t get enough of it. 

In Utero by @nnyyssssaa –

*This one is a pregnant!Scully doozy.  Sheesh.  More feels for you.  So many beautiful feels.

N+1 by @scienceandmysticism –

*The best answer for the “one lonely night” bit that CC threw at us.  This is now my headcanon, and it should be yours as well.  

The Eternal Return by @storybycorey

*HOO boy, Revival smut.  Smutty smut.  (insert eyebrow waggle gif here)

Together by @sunshinetoday

*A beautiful little post Founder’s Mutation fic.  Ugh, we so need more of these.  For real.  This is lovely. 

Under a Wide Sky by @frangipanidownunder

*Wooooot an update to this crazily interesting casefile.  We actually featured this a while back on @txf-fic-chicks so obviously it’s a must read WIP!

Leaving or Waiting by @crossedbeams

*What’s this? A post Chinga fic??  Some serious goodness in here. 

#65 by @bohoartist

* *fans self* pheeeeew ok.  This baby is def NSFW.  Deliciously so. 

We Are Disfigured by the Things We Do to Cope by @chileananderson

*Sorry @chileananderson I gave it a title (a line from your poem).  This beauty is far too gorgeous to be 1. untitled, and 2. not read by every single one of you right now. 

Days in the Unremarkable House pt. 4 by @scully-loves-ruthie

*Holy hell, this part starts out with a gut punch, and then continues to just hurt you in all the right ways.  Freaking awesome, man.  

Bubbles in the Wind by @piecesofscully

*uh, of course I’m going to include this.  LOL ain’t no shame in my self promotion game, folks.  I write for you to read.  So read. 

Coming Home by @kateyes224

*Look, do you ever find an AU that you just want to curl into bed with and live in it forever?  Because that’s this fic for me.  It’s perfection. 

Guys, thank you all for writing for the fandom.  I’m sure I can speak for every reader on here when I say you and your efforts are appreciated. <3

a quick guide to seamlessly integrating spanish into fic dialogue

this is going to be a quick and easy to follow list of guides and examples of how real cuban americans use spanish in their day to day lives without sounding ridiculous and forced. enjoy: 

  • random words, usually objects, are referred to in spanish for some inexplicable reason often in mid sentence and perhaps the only spanish word in the sentence
    • “Hey can you hand me my bolsa from the couch other there?” 
  • interjections and direct instructions are almost always in spanish even if the rest of the sentence is entirely in english
    • “Mira, I finished the dishes so all you have to do is sweep now.” 
    • “Oye, I told you not to bother your mother when she’s working.”
    • “Digame, I have to know what the guy said.” 
  • swearing is in spanish, and cuban swearing is with the main workhorse swears (conjugate as you see fit)
    • “coño”
    • “me cago en diez” 
    • “carajo” 
    • “comemierda ” 
    • “joder” 
  • food. food food food food foooooood. if it’s cuban food you bet your ass it’s said entirely in spanish. 
    • you don’t want in and order a guava pastry, you order un pastelito de guayaba 
    • it’s always arroz blanco y frijoles negros
    • it’s tostones not banana cookies don’t even dare   
  • family members are always referred to in spanish
    • Mami/Papi, Tia/Tio, Primo/Prima, Abuela/Abuelo, Bisabuela/Bisabuelo, and so on
      • oh and it’s common for older family members to speak entirely in spanish and for everyone else to speak to them entirely in english 
      • and yes everyone understands each other.
  • and perhaps most important and close to the heart of any spanish speaker: Idiomatic expressions
    • can be sprinkled in conversation with both spanish speakers and non spanish speakers (we will say it if it fits the situation no matter if you understand it or not) 
      • Good weather: “Paya playa piscina piscina”
      • when someone is being obnoxious because they skipped a meal and they are sooo hungry: “muerte de hambre”
      • a cheapskate: “Camina con los codos” 

and that’s the list for now! if anyone has anything they’d like to add feel free

ok so i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. you might know i have synesthesia; in my case i find sounds have colours. this is no exception for music as well, every song is unique in their colors and movements of it, and listening to it it’s so fun! but i don’t want to talk about synesthesia, i want to talk about the colours in green day discography and how it affects the way i feel about their albums. i’ll talk about every album that’s come out and, based on my synesthesia, the best time in the day to listen to them. i’ll try my best to describe the albums, but don’t expect it to be a super detailed list! also if you want to know a particular song you can always ask me! also there are some songs that deserve an analysis on its own. so here we go!

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