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W: Stan, it’s been really great hanging out with you again. I feel like you’ve changed somehow. In a really awesome way.
S: Yeah well, I guess a lot of things… change, don’t they?

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Commission List

Alright thank you @kitty-sews for reminding me that I needed to update my commission list ^^

1. Depending on the commission it can take me a week or more to make it.

2.When I open commission, they will be in slots of 5 and 2 plushies per slot.

3. If the commission is for something I have do not have a pattern for it will cost more money.

4. I am willing to ship outside the US! It will take longer and cost more for shipping.

5. I am willing to make OCs or characters other then Undertale. Prices will vary.

6. Sans - $65 (only time i may make him more is if its Error!sans since all the colors) Papyrus - $75

7. I can be payed in full up front or do half up front and the rest later.

If you have any other questions. Feel free to ask me! If something seems off please let me know ^^


I was tagged by @wonderfulworldofwinchester to post 5 crushes you may not know I have… so here we go

Well. AFTER Dean Winchester, who always tops my list….

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1. Nick Miller- New Girl

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2. Steve Rogers…and Captain America

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3. Chip Gaines

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4. Tyler Connolly (lead singer of Theory of a Deadman)

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5. Thomas Rhett

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Five Things Tag

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1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Probably 100 chapsticks

3. Phone charger

4. My wallet

5. Work stuff


1. Books

2. A million notebooks

3. DVDs out the wazoo

4. Cat toys all over the damn place

5. A lot of white. I haven’t really decorated yet lol


1. Lose the weight I want to lose

2. Find a job I actually love

3. Travel

4. Fall in real love

5. Be happy


1. The dumbest Irish Niall

2. My amazing friends

3. Music

4. My idiot of a cat

5. The city at night


1. Niall Horan

2. The Greatest Showman

3. Dancing around my living room

4. Writing

5. Singing loudly


1. Put my laundry away

2. Finish the next chapter of FOH

3. Hair cut for sure

4. Survive this winter weather we are about to get

5. Go see The Greatest Showman 5000 more times

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My list of 5:
1) Sneak out in the middle of the night with someone you like. Drive to the middle of nowhere to simply watch the stars and the moon from the roof. Talk about the universe & everhthing in between.
2) Draw. Sculpt. Or write. Put your tangled thoughts into art. Show it to someone or hide it under your bed.
3) Put yourself first sometimes. Do what you want even if people tell you otherwise. Wear the clothes you want & listen to the music your heart desires. Don’t fall under pressure of pleasig others.
4) Spend 1 or 2 hours alone everyday. Go to a coffee shop & sit by the window. Bring your favorite book or look at the people surrounding you.
5)Go out at night. Dress up for once and make sure to feel beautiful and classy. There is just something strangely exciting about looking like you’ve got it all together but deep down you’re a nervous wreck.


Happy birthday to the smol and precious birb and Karasuno’s loud No.10, Hinata Shouyou. ^^

June 21, 2017

the kind of music asks i always want to see

so i made my own list:

1.    a song from the year you were born
2.    a song that reminds you of school
3.    a song tied to a specific moment in your life
4.     a song that is not sung in your native language
5.     a song over 5 minutes long
6.     a song under 2 minutes long
7.     an instrumental
8.     a classical piece
9.     a song with no percussion
10.   something you’ve heard performed live
11.   something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
12.   a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country)
13.   a song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
14.   a song made suddenly awful because of a special someone
15.   something to BELT SHAMELESSLY/do DIVA HANDS to
16.   something to SCREAM ALONG to
17.   a song for raging
18.   a song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone
19.   the last song you had stuck in your head
20.   a song you’re dying to master all the words to
21.   a song that you could SLAY at karaoke
22.   a song you can’t help but dance to
23.   a song that makes you want to dance on a table
24.   a song that makes you wanna STRIP
25.   a song with a great music video
26.   a song that makes you act out the music video when you hear it
27.   a song with counting
28.   a song with spelling
29.   a song with lots of clapping
30.   a song 40 years older than you
31.   a song you wish your parents didn’t know the words to
32.   a song whose lyrics shocked you once you were old enough to understand them
33.   a song you have ZERO patience for
34.   a song you’d like your favorite artist to cover
35.   a great song you discovered thanks to a movie
36.   a great song you discovered thanks to television
37.   a song you’re ashamed to have in your music library
38.   ok what’s the song you were too ashamed to even post for #37
39.   the most played song in your music library
40.   favorite disney song

this image is fantastic and here are a few things of note: 

  • Aizawa’s combo of a suit jacket and pink sweat pants
  • Uraraka’s cool pink fingerless gloves
  • basically everything Uraraka is wearing
  • Bakugou’s blue vest
  • also he apparently doesn’t wear socks
  • he’s gonna land on Iida’s head 
  • Iida i’m so sorry you deserve better
  • Kirishima’s christmas colored shirt, tie, and belt
  • Aoyama is facing the wrong direction
  • Shouji and All Might’s bowties
  • at least five people have red shoes
  • in fact i’m fairly certain All Might and Bakugou are wearing the same brand of shoes just with different colored heels 
  • Todoroki is Too Cool For This
  • Izuku still can’t tie a tie
  • Tooru’s super fancy dress
  • Jiro’s fishnet stockings and leather jacket
  • honestly her whole outfit is fantastic
  • Tsuyu’s surprised expression at All Might running besides her

Happy birthday @brewka!!! <333

I hope you like my present for you and that have a wonderful day :))))

Blast from the Past: Cassandra Cain

Batgirl (2000) starring Cassandra Cain was the first run I became invested in when I started reading comics a few months ago. Having just finished Issue #36, I just need to gush about my favorite girl.

In #36, Batgirl is tracking down this guy known as Alpha, who has planted a nuclear bomb somewhere in Gotham that’s going to go off really soon. Fortunately, Cass finds him fast enough. Unfortunately, Alpha’s suffering from amnesia and doesn’t even remember that he’s an assassin.

Thinking he’s a secret agent on the side of Good, Alpha helps Batgirl as best he can to the location of the bomb. As they get closer, Alpha remembers a bit more…

And Cass tries to keep him away from the bomb.

She doesn’t want him to remember that he’s an assassin - at least, not immediately. Maybe if he spends enough time being good, he’ll choose to stay good after his memory returns.

Of course, she still needs his help with disarming the bomb, so he doesn’t get anymore time. They reach the bomb, Alpha remembers everything, and he pulls a gun on Batgirl. 

She still tries to get through to him.

She’s so dedicated to helping this one man help himself, she takes off her mask. Because if she - daughter of David Cain, trained weapon - can change, so can Alpha.

Look at that guy’s face.

Fortunately for everyone (including Gotham, because you know, this story features nuclear bomb), Alpha has a true change of heart and remote disarms the bomb as he makes his escape.

And when asked about Alpha…

Cassandra lies. To Batman’s face. Let’s be real, he knows she’s lying, she knows he knows she’s lying, but she still lies.

Cassandra believes whole-heartedly that people can change, that people can be better given the opportunity. Given evidence that a villain might reform, she’ll put her money where her mouth is, risking both her civilian ID and her mentor’s ire. She won’t risk other people’s lives (eg she brought him to the bomb knowing it would trigger his memory because nuclear bomb about to go off), but she’ll shoulder personal consequences for a stranger.

Cassandra is just…such a good person. She won’t hesitate to kick ass when necessary, but she still sees people in the villains she fights. It’s a hard worldview to hold onto as a Gotham vigilante, but damn if Cassandra isn’t holding on.

Also, in the issue before this, we get:

Cassandra Cain, Ace Detective

God, I love this girl.