my lipstick collection

I’ve just made these 10 Sleek Blushes!

I hope you like it because it’s the first time I made blushes. 

They are coming soon on TSR.

[Hair] by Missparaply

[Eyebrow] by Pralinesims

[Lashes] by Kijiko

Lipstick from my ABH Satin Lipsticks collection that will be available on the 2nd of February on TSR. 

Stay tuned!

Love xxx

I cut down my lipstick collection to ~12 lipsticks. I’ve been wearing one of those remaining colors each day so far to decide if I really like the color/formula. So far ¾ colors are staying. Such a good tactic - highly recommend as a way to purge your makeup!


Depotting all of my MAC lipsticks into a MAC Pro 24 palette!

I should’ve done this so long ago! My MAC lipstick collection is always growing and I have started to struggle to fit all of my lipsticks into my Zuca case, so I was so excited to depot them into a MAC Pro palette!
This will help me to keep my kit more organised as well as make things a lot quicker during my freelance work. I typically spend a fair amount of time rummaging through my lipstick zuca bag trying to find the right shade, so having my palette will definitely help me speed up so I am so excited to start using it on my next job!
I now want to buy more lipsticks just to create another one!!

Thought y'all might wanna see this. This is just the maybelline lipsticks I’ve lifted lmao and I’ve got one more but it’s all the way downstairs plus like 5 of those vivid matte liquid ones they have. This is all in like 4 trips total I wanna guess? Maybe 5. I thought the last box would be too big for my lipstick collection but this box will only hold one brand. I think I’m good on lipstick for quite a while, what about y'all?

                         … It’s fitted and flatters what little curves I have.
                 My hair falls in soft waves around my face, spilling over                                                                   my shoulders to my breasts. I tuck one side behind my ear,                                                            revealing my second-chance earrings. I have kept my makeup to a minimum,                                 a natural look. Eyeliner, mascara, a little pink blush, and pale pink lipstick.                                … collect my satin wrap and silver clutch purse and go in search of my Fifty Shades.