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Lucky me.

“AH FUCK YEAH AN IMAGINE BLOG LOVE YOU ALREADY! *clears throat* Hi there! Could I please have an imagine of my crush and I at a party and I find him sitting down and we like flirt for a little and then we go off and get a little ~freaky~ not too freak just like let’s be cute and cuddly but also hot and heavy while other bitches stare and be jealous ❤❤ hoped this was useful thank you (oh and my crush smokes if you’re cool with that)”
I hope this is what you asked for! I feel like it’s really shitty, but eek! Thank you for requesting this one, I enjoyed writing it. 
(C/N) - Crush’s name.
(E/C) - Eye colour.

Sweaty. Muggy. Sticky. 
The rooms air was thick, nothing but bodies against bodies. Grinding, dancing, swaying. Red solo cups were littered throughout the room, some individuals still holding theirs, alcohol swishing over the rim of the cup, spilling onto the floor. Short, skin tight dresses cling to some teenagers bodies, their heels restricting their ability to dance. Others in skinny jeans and crop tops. 

A giggle escapes my mouth as my eyes focus on a pair of teenagers clumsily dancing together. Shifting my eyes to the mass of others, my eyes skim across the group of people sitting on the couch. I do a double take when I notice a familiar face.

My feet are dragging me towards him, his arm draping across the back of the couch. His t-shirt tight around his biceps, the material stretching. Before I know it, I’m stood in front of him. His (E/C) eyes land on me, travelling from my feet accommodated by a pair of black heels, trailing over my simple, long sleeved black dress. Nothing too fancy, but just the right amount of sexy.

His body shuffles over slightly, creating a small space for my body to sit. I take a seat next to him. Instantly, the smell of his cologne and the distinct smell of cigarette smoke surrounds me. My red solo cup is clutched tightly between my two hands, bringing it up to my mouth, I take a sip. The alcohol trickles down my throat, the slight burn following instantly after.

“Might I say, you look gorgeous tonight,” A deep, husky voice whispers. My heart stops, realising that (C/N) is so close to me. A small smirk slips onto my lips, turning my head towards him, “You don’t look so bad yourself, (C/N),” I whisper back. 

He smiles at me, his eyes a shade darker than they normally are. His large hand is placed in front of me, my smaller hand slipping into his. He intertwines our fingers before he stands, pulling me up with him. I give him a confused look, eyebrow arched and eyes squinted. He shoots me a smile before walking towards the staircase.

We take each step slowly, careful not to trip over cups or of course, drunk teenagers passed out. As we reach the top of the stairs, (C/N) turns right, heading down the long hallway accompanied by multiple doors.

“Where are we going?” I question nervously. He comes to an abrupt stop, turning around to face me. 

In the blink of an eye, I’m pressed against the wall, all the air from my lungs leaving me. (C/N)s hands hold mine against the side of me, his face mere centimetres from mine. His head tilts down, leaving a chaste kiss to my neck. I groan quietly, shocked by his actions.

His tongue leaves a searing lick up the side of my neck, his lips gently taking my earlobe, his teeth nibbling at it slightly. “As much as I want to have you screaming for me right now, I’m not like that, you know? I kind of just want to cuddle,” his voice trails off, his eyes casting downwards.

I giggle quietly, “I want nothing more than that, honestly.” His face brightens, his whole tough guy facade now gone, showing his true, sweetheart side. His arms drop to his side, before his hand is now in front of me again. I interlace my hand with his, him pulling me off to the direction of a bedroom.

Lucky me, right?


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robert telling aaron he’s not who he was anymore.

Happy Birthday (ReaderxDean)

Prompt: It’s Y/N’s birthday and Dean gives her whatever she wants

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, smut, slight sub!dean

Words: 2301

Note: This is my birthday present to myself and a thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and everyone who follows me. <3

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Luke Hemmings & Ashton Irwin Smut → Dirty Talk

Pairing: Luke, Ashton x Reader 

Requested: Yes

A.N: It’s the ‘third’ part of the Talk Dirty To Me trilogy. It’s gonna be kind of a threesome one where Luke and Ashton talk dirty to you.

It was friday night and I decided to call over my best friends Ashton and Luke. I didn’t hang out with them alone in ages so I thought it’d be a good chance tonight. I just finished changing out of my pj’s into something more presentable when I heard the doorbell. I walked down the hall to the front door and opened it. I was greeted by two tall, wide smiling boys. “Heya (Y/N).” Ashton said and pulled me in for a hug, his hand dangerously near my ass. “Hey guys. Good to see you.” I said and let them both in. “You know inviting us over was a great idea. We have so much planned for tonight.” Luke said and I could have sworn I saw the boys exchanging a look and winking at each other. “Oh yeah what?” I asked curiously. What in the world have they planed? “You’ll see.” Luke smirked and shot Ashton a look.

“So uh, you guys want something to eat?” I asked and sat down between them on the couch. Ashton looked over to Luke and gave him a little nod.

“Just one thing.” Ashton smirked and placed his hand on my upper thigh. “Do you remember last weekend, the party, where we played truth or dare and you admired you really want a threesome?” Luke asked and started softly kissing my neck. I gulped and opened my mouth, trying to say something but no words would come out of my mouth.

“So, do you?” Ashton whispered, spreading my legs with his hand, pushing my skirt higher. “I- uh yeah. But I don’t- I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I tried to say without moaning. I know there has always been a little sexual tension between the boys an me but I never thought something like this could ever happen.

“Are you sure. Because we’d make you feel so fucking good.” Luke said and placed his hand on my other thigh. “How about we gonna tell her what we’d do to her?” Ashton asked and looked at Luke. “Only if she’s gonna be a good girl.” Luke said and moved his hand further up, running his index over my panties. “You gonna be a good girl for us (Y/N)?” Ashton whispered and started sucking hard on my neck.

I just nodded, I was unable to speak. Two guys feeling me up at once. I didn’t believe this was actually happening right now. “God, (Y/N) we’d make you feel so fucking good. We’d fuck you so good you’d scream out our names and beg us to stop.” Luke said and pressed his index finger harder against my, now, really wet panties.

“I’d start kissing you all over your stunning body. Kissing every inch if it, making sure to leave a lot of marks behind. Then I’d suck on your nipples, licking and biting them making you moan.”

“And I’d kiss your legs, working my way up to your thighs, but ignoring your already so fucking wet pussy.” Luke said and pushed my panties aside, sliding his finger up and down my slit, felling my wetness. “You’d moan and tell me to fuck you. But we’d take out sweet time. Wouldn’t we Ash?” Luke smirked. “We sure would.” Ashton said and his hand moved under my shirt, feeling up my boobs, squeezing them. “Fuck, you’d beg us to finally do something. We’d eventually give up on your begging and I’d start sucking on your clit, I’d suck you so fucking hard, making you scream out my fucking name.” Luke mumbled into my ear, while his finger started moving sloppy figures over my clit.

I bit my lip keeping myself from moaning as I felt another finger circling over my pussy. “Oh baby you’re so fucking wet for us already.” Ashton said “While Luke here would eat you out, I’d start fingering your tight little pussy. I’d start with one finger, making you beg for more and I’d push another one and another one inside of you. Thrusting hard and deep. Would you like that baby?” He whispered. “Y-yeah.” I moaned, overwhelmed by the feeling both of them gave me. Fuck just hearing them talk dirty to me almost makes me cum.

“I’d suck so hard on you and you’d scream out, moaning so hard. Fuck.” Luke hissed and started sucking on the other side of my neck. “It wouldn’t take long till you cum so fucking hard. But we wouldn’t stop, I’d thrust my finger harder into you, curling them around, finding your g spot every fucking time I thrust my fingers into you.”

“And my tongue would swirl around you clit and I’d suck even harder on you. You’d be screaming from the top of your lungs begging us to stop.”

“Your second orgasm would hit you even harder that your first one. You’d be moaning so hard, moaning our names. God and then we’d fuck you hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for the next few days.”

“Fuck.” I moaned breathing heavily. “God, I want you so fucking bad. I want to fuck your fucking wet pussy so damn much right now.” Luke hissed. “I want to hear your scream my name while I hold your hands up, fucking you hard. God (Y/N) I want you so fucking bad.”

I bit my lip and looked at both of them, noticing their prominent boners. Fuck I wanted them, I inhaled deeply before I finally said. “Stop talking, just fuck me already.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) x


[6 months married: favourite royal wedding moments]

Half way through walking down the aisle with Sofia’s father Erik on her side, the bride meets her husband and takes the last few steps with him. Carl Philip looks absolutely proud and delighted. He couldn’t take his eyes of the gorgeous bride, who was wearing a Ida Sjöstedt wedding gown and her own tiara, which she’s received from her parents-in-law, the King and Queen, as wedding gift. It’s said that Carl Philip helped to design it.

Carl Philip’s sisters Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria were deeply touched and couldn’t blink back the tears. Queen Silvia otherwise smiles like the proud mother she is. The lovely gesture, as Carl Philip strokes Sofia’s hand, is just lovely to see. (✿ ♥‿♥) // Video: SVT


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