my lips are my fav feature

Screaming Mustard - [ Metahuman V2 ] - Natural Skin FEMALE

I have found my fav skin ♥

- near full coverage
- added Petal soft natural lips
- deep set natural Caucasian eyes with one lid
- sharper nostrils
- light wrinkling under eyes
- enhanced cleavage
- lowered butt area 

-This skin comes in two options. One is a smooth flawless skin, the other has unique light freckling.
-Because it is an overlay, some makeups will not show through (Maxis, etc). All of my makeups are made to show through this skin with no problems.
-For female, teen +.
-Found in the skin detail section.


Hey 114845 followers,
My name is Farida im 5'7 n im 18 im half egyptian and half turkish. I have long brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin with pink undertones, small features, thick brows, an oval shaped face and wide arab eyes?? Idk how to describe them but they’re one of my most prominent features and full lips. i speak four languages and arabic is my first language i love watching films so much and tv shows and i wanna move to a city like new york or have a house on a beach, i stan lana del rey, asap rocky, jake gyllenhaal, adriana lima and james franco. I also love fashion and im always serving looks. Im studying international business and my goal is to become an entrepreneur and own a cosmetics line. Im also a makeup and skincare enthusiast and own more makeup/skincare products than I should. Traveling is my fav thing ever and ive been to dubai, jordan, lebanon, turkey, barcelona, france, Italy, croatia, holland and kuwait and would love to travel the rest of the world. I enjoy writing as it helps me let me thoughts out. Despite my excessive typos im actually really good at English and got one of the highest scores on my IGCSE final. Im super intuitive and i be knowing shit before i be knowing shit and i always see through bs. This is a step towards getting to know myself since i dont know her and I tag u all to do this. Also love is a social construct and this was lame im sorry


Hi! So this year I’m trying something different I never stick to my goals but maybe this year if I have supporters I will complete my goals. I will update my goals for each month on here but, before we do that I believe everyone should get to know me.

(100 notes and I will post my name and maybe a picture)

Here goes nothing meet me!!!

0) 16 years old

1) I live Raleigh,NC

2) My favorite drink is water or sprite

3) My favorite food is ANYTHING.

4) Cat person

5) Never had a first date

6) heterosexual (sorry mom)

7) I can’t leave home without my phone

8) last book I read was city of angels by *casserole carrot*

9) My best physical feature is my lips

10) I have brown eyes

11) My fav color is blue,brown, and black

12)my fav ice cream flavor is waffle cone

13) I listen to all types of music, literally

14) I love leggings and tank tops

15) most commonly used swear word is fuck, whore, and hoe


17) No tattoos

18) Cuddling over kissing even tho I never did either.

19) I like them all depending on the teacher

20) My mother won’t let me work until senior year

21) Biggest fear is losing my family, or falling from a high place or sitting in a very light place and darkness starts coming

22) never had a boyfriend or girlfriend or a bestfriend

23) I have too many favorite actors/actress

24) me in one sentence is….. A very goofy girl who wants to help people and love everybody.

Rates 1-10 1-low 10-high

Fashion sense-10

Driving skills- never drove

Cooking skills-8

Sex- virgin

25) First app I check is twitter for laughs

26) My worse habit is that I care too much

27) my favorite thing about my self is that I’m funny, helpful, smart, and a great friend

28) My hobbies are watching too much tv, running sometimes

29) I consider lying, cheating, hitting me unforgivable

30) I’ll do a different post for my tv shows

31) I would love to travel the world

32) September 13 (my birthday)

33) the most annoying thing boys do is ask for sex when we’re not even dating

34) the most annoying thing girls do is think I’m a hoe ( i stopped being friends with a girl because of this)

35) My race is black

36) I want an Audi (doesn’t matter what type tbh)

37) I HATE people who HATE minorities. Simple!!!!!!!!! (Sexual orientation/prefences,religion,race,etc)

38) I love God. Y'ion love God, what’s wrong witchu

39) I feel like if I get a big enough fan base one day I’ll call y'all happydopes.

40) This is basically my diary now.