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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

So I’ve seen this come up with other characters from other fandoms but I’m going to use the Joker as an example when explaining it cause he’s the one I’ve seen mentioned the most recently.

Most of these points came up in one of those weird arguments(the topsy-turvy ones where you start on whether schools are secretly run by energy sucking aliens that want to take over the earth by making the new generations weaker and more apathetic and end on the dubious/controversial sexuality of villains) that I had with a friend, so hopefully it covers everything. If not feel free to pop by to talk more.

(I’ve used the terms queer and gay here as umbrella terms because the Joker’s sexuality is not confirmed and is a speculation)

Okay so with the lego batman movie lots of people are seeming to have the Holy hell is Joker gay??? Has Joker always been gay????? thought process and some are not happy with it due to the fact that Joker in most forms of canon (*cough*with the exception of the legoverse*cough*) is a terrible person(which is true. He is a completely terrible person.) and so see showing him as gay to be both terrible representation and terribly homophobic.

I’m just gonna give you my tiny opinion on why I think otherwise(it’s of course completely okay for people to have different opinions and I wouldn’t mind listening to and talking about them too) so please before you start planning to raid my house and gun me down in my sleep read on ;

Is the Joker straight? From the evidence given I’d say no in most forms of canon. (again this is up to your interpretations of canon.)

Is the Joker a good representation of the lgbtq+ community? NO.

Why do I think Joker being a terrible lgbtq+ representation can be excused because it’s not about the representation. Now HOLD UP! Before you start asking my address to bomb my house listen up

Is good lgbtq+ representation needed in media?? YES.

So why is it okay that you can’t get this from the Joker? Because the Joker as a character is someone you should never feel represented by. I mean the guy is literally a mass murdering clown??? No one should ever feel like he is there as a representation for anything. Ever. Unless of course you are ,like, Pennywise in which case Iloveyou.Pleasedontkillme

If Joker was the only character in DC that was shown as (possibly) being gay then of course a #burnthemtotheground would be appropriate (not that I’ve seen anyone use this # now but it would definitely be the one I’d start if this was the case) but DC has lgbtq+ characters who are much better people who can be used as representation

Why is making a character ,as terrible as the Joker, be (possibly) gay and having him “act” as such ‘okay’ (in my opinion) ?

(again this is totally my opinion and maybe I’m wrong and am actually a terrible person but this is actually the way I see it)

Let terrible, completely horrible people be gay. Let angelic, pure cinnamon rolls be gay. Let morally ambiguous/on the fence people be gay. Why. Because your sexuality has nothing to do with your moral compass. It’s never said or even implied that the Joker is gay cause he’s an evil person. No is it ever said or implied that he’s an evil person because he’s gay. There is ,in real life, no correlation between the two at all and ,how I see it, there shouldn’t be one in fiction either.

In conclusion lgbtq+ people are just that - people. Humans. And all humans have the ability to be either bags of dicks or the melted cheese on top of a pizza. Their sexuality has nothing to do with that. So with the Joker being (possibly) gay/acting like it (aka inappropriately hitting on men, confessing his undying love to Batman on a regular basis) I see it as the same thing. He’s gay. He’s a bag of dicks. Both true but neither have anything to do with the other.
So the way I see it that doesn’t make it homophobic. It’s not like they took their sole gay character and just so happened to turn him into a warm fizzy-less fizzy drink. No, they just had some of their queer characters be the weird black smudges you get when you use a bad eraser and had the others be that last beautiful chip at the bottom of the bag.

In contrast to these reasons why the Joker being shown as gay is okay there is this ;

there’s gonna be those few people who live completely isolated from the views of the modern world who pick up on the fact that villains can be gay and take it as absolute proof that all lgbtq+ people are villains. What can we do to prevent this?? I don’t know…These are the type of completely whacked people who’d believe a crazed killer clown who fights a man dressed as a bat for an occupation is the absolute perfect representation for the whole real life lgbtq+ community. These are the kind of people that can be set off by literally anything. If it isn’t something like a villain being gay that sets them off then it’ll be the next thing. They could literally show two pure, loving cinnamon rolls of the same gender holding hands on tv and these people would flip because “ohmigodthegaysaretakingover!!!!1!@!!1!”

What can we do about these people? I don’t know…

Should characters like the Joker not be made queer in order to not set these people off? In my opinion, no. Why. Because these people are going to be set off no matter what you do. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that a queer person is like any other regular old human and like any other regular old human they make the choice on whether they are a good or a bad person and like any other regular old human their sexuality doesn’t help determine this choice. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that being queer doesn’t automatically equal to being evil(specially when they get this kind of conclusion from a character like the Joker…because seriously what!? )

Anywho those are my honest opinions…though of course nothing is ever fully unproblematic

Again if anyone wants to talk or give different opinions/thoughts or are pissed/offended(is2g that was not the intention) by anything I said then I’d love to talk about it (unless of course if you’re Pennywise, energy sucking aliens or my childhood friend’s older sister who I owe 20 to , in which case I’m not home please go away.)

(I can’t believe I wasted time on a fucking essay on the Joker’s sexuality……what even is my life…….)

@diantha SAME I love Octavia so much she was so incredibly good and wholesome like. My favorite thing ever is how not only did she raise her kids by Marcellus and by Antony, she ALSO raised Antony’s kids by Fulvia AND after the battle of Actium she raised his kids by Cleopatra and worked to give them good lives and advantageous marriages which is so selfless and noble and GOOD. Octavia desperately tried to prevent triumvirate infighting - that line in Plutarch about how she begged Antony and Octavian to remain on civil terms bc in the case of war she’d be robbed of her brother or her husband , GOD. Like she was deeply politically involved w/ the Second triumvirate & during the early empire- she always had a strong sibling relationship with Octavian and he cared a lot about her and gave her privileges and positions not usually granted to a Roman woman w/in the imperial government …. I Love Her SO MUCH

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This is super late because of exams and because I’m not fast but CONGRATS, Jack, for reaching 13 million subscribers!! Thank you for being such a beacon of positivity! :D


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