my lightstick came in ;a;

So I have a quite nice seat and I can see them boy so clear. When Taeyong came out for the intro, I almost drop my lightstick because of his handsomeness, my my he’s like a final fantasy character, is him real? But Haechan, omg Haechan, the photos didn’t do him any justice. He looked better outside, really handsome, how could he didn’t think himself as handsome when he really that handsome? Tch, this kid! And his legs too, splendid legs are surely splendid really! But sad that he rarely smiled, most of time he looked down, maybe because of the cap, why he wore that cap tho? I bet he’s more handsome without it. I feel he’s more relaxed at Once Again, he smiled in this perf, so precious! The fan yelled his name a lot, I sat next several girls who fiercely shouted, screamed his name nonstop. There’s fan who yelled “Haechan ah gwenchanha saranghae” through the 4 performances while holding a Mark banner 😂. Her voice cracked many times, and even drank water then continue to yell! I screamed too, and wondered if he could hear the fans yelling his name. He’s better hear it tbh, because he needs to know that there are fans who still love him, adore him, treasure him fiercely no matter what happened. (And also because we lost our voice because of screaming so…).
Because too busy to scream, I didn’t take any picture of them ;_;. But the proof that I’ve been the concert was the pic above