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#im gonna use all of these in my writing from now on <-- if you do this, I will personally get my passport, get on a plane, and track you down just so I can thwap you upside the head with a newspaper. DO. NOT. You monster.

:~) challenge accpeted

just for u, a preview of my next fic:

the swooshette leaned forward and placed a hand on the brunette’s shoulder. “rhys,” the scar-faced man said, “you’re a dumbshit bag of dicks”

“oh, jack,” the long legged brunette said breathily, “talk dirty to me daddy”

anyways the only Actually Happy good wlw movies that can make you laugh and have a happy fucking ending that i know of are saving face (2004) and imagine me and you (2005) and honestly? it’s been over ten (10) years. ten. mcfreaking. years. give me a new one goddammit,,, meanwhile the newest one i heard of deals with corrective rape i’m gonna fucking throw myself into a river we aren’t just trauma and heartbreak and we aren’t angst for heteros to enjoy tRY 👏 AGAIN 👏

Daryl loved Beth, and his heart is broken.

& it doesn’t have to be romantic for that statement to be true.