my life's not perfect


“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.”

A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need
And as the seasons your mind change
In the end their imperfections makes them perfect and truly beautiful, for you
—  Viola CN ‘’imperfect’’ 

emoprincess73861-blog  asked:

i have a question for E1 Barry and Sebastian what was the wedding like and you guys are hot love you guys

E1Barry: It was *sighs, twirling his band* the best day of my life. Everything was perfect.

Sebastian: It was everything I- *sniffles* I wanted an- *crying* Jules, you both were so beautiful…

Me: *cuddles* Aww I know…so were you

scrawls-of-daisy-jacobs  asked:

So I've been reading Neil Hilborn since I noticed how taken you are with him (thank you for that) his writing came into my life at the perfect time, he speaks so well on mental illness while also being a brilliant storyteller. . . I was wondering if there's anything else you could recommend that has that effect on you, anything: poets, literature, fiction, podcasts even?

ikr! he’s amazing isn’t he?

As for other things, the first thing that comes to mind is Dessa. She was the first musical artist I absolutely fell in love with and I haven’t found a band that meets the intricacy and beauty of her prose since.

I’m also a fan of magical realism and that sort of blending the mundane with the strange. PJ Liguori (youtube: kickthepj) has a way of making magical-realism-ish stories that are somehow simultaneously magical, relatable, and unsettling. especially in his older stuff. I still go back to gems like this when I need an extra creative boost.

(I just realized I didn’t include any of the genres you actually asked for. Along the mixing of sci-fi/fantasy with reality line, Kurt Vonnegut is a p great author, and welcome to night vale is a podcast I used to listen to, but stopped for unknown reasons. Otherwise, Sam Rush is an amazing slam poet, I’m a big fan of their more recent stuff like this.)