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Sleepover Saturday

starting right now, I am doing my very first sleepover saturday! I got this idea from @purelyparker and i may have also copied a majority of their post on here… but i also added some of my own. you can send in any of these:

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  • submit stuff! your own moodboards, headcannons, blurbs, etc. i wanna see what all of you guys are creating!
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  • literally anything you can think of! i am READY people!

popular text posts + ask memes (part two) 

❛ i don’t have time for a relationship. do you know how many books i need to read? ❜
❛ i think it’s hilarious when people tell me i’m laid back because i’ve pretty uch been screaming nonstop in my head since like fifth grade ❜
❛ coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just… not good ❜
❛ i’m a piece of shit, but it’s fine ❜
❛ how i am supposed to have a lit summer with $4.65 ❜
❛ i’m a huge fan of space; both outer and personal ❜
❛ and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything ❜
❛ any full cast musical number can be a solo if you believe hard enough ❜
❛ kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo ❜
❛ no amount of under eye concealer can cover up how tired i am of this world ❜
❛ i’m ready for autumn, but not autumn responsibilities ❜
❛ today i’m wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don’t piss me off ❜
❛ i’m not making enough boys nervous ❜
❛ i really want my last words to be ‘hey, wanna see a dead body?’ ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it? ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for conspiracy theories ❜
❛ i wanna make a diss track about myself ❜
❛ true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch ❜
❛ i’d be such a good girlfriend/boyfriend/s.o. you’re all missing out ❜
❛ sorry i was late. i can’t conceptualize time. ❜
❛ fuck what the aliens said ❜
❛ sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments ❜ 
❛ if outfit repeating was a crime i would be sentenced to life without parole ❜
❛ does anyone have ten thousand dollars they don’t want? ❜
❛ i want a sugar daddy, but i know nicki minaj wants me to be independent  ❜
❛ i stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if anyone wants to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ tbh sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic because i will get over it, but let me be dramatic first. ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ if we date, you have to hold my hand in the car. no exceptions. ❜
❛ in an unfortunate development, i am now awake ❜
❛ you’re hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you ❜
❛ kinda hurt, kinda offended, kinda not planning on saying anything about it ❜
❛ trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary. i do it to myself just fine. ❜
❛ if you don’t think i’m a princess then you’re 100% right. i’m the fucking queen. ❜
❛ fuck summer. i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october. ❜
❛ lana may have fucked her way up to the top, but i am bullshitting my way up to the middle ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ so… do you want to watch 49.7 hours of parks and recreation with me? ❜
❛ i hit rock bottom like every two weeks ❜
❛ can someone please be proud of me? like fuck, i’m trying. ❜
❛ give me a few days to overthink about it ❜
❛ can i sell my feelings on ebay? i don’t want them anymore. ❜
❛ i’m really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time ❜
❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when you wake up and you’re awake ❜
❛ i lowkey just wanna make sure you’re happy as fuck ❜
❛ i literally have no idea what i’m gonna do if i don’t end up rich ❜
❛ you know you’re in deep when you love listening to them talk and you get attached to their voice ❜
❛ no offense, but when is it my turn for someone to be in love with me ❜
❛ i’m an asshole with a really big heart ❜
❛ i have to be funny because being hot is not an option ❜
❛ can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do ❜
❛ okay that’s cool, but consider the following: snuggling with me until i fall asleep ❜
❛ please handle me with care. i am a very sleepy and soft creature. ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk. ❜

Things I’ve said out loud so far while watching Stranger Things

“OK I’m 30 seconds in and I’ve already had a heart attack.”

“How old are these children what’s happening here.”

“Can I just… adopt all of them… please…”

“Aw he’s taking care of herOH SHIT JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK-”

“Oh look it’s Asshole McFuckface go suck a dick you wafflehead.”

“The fuck is that thing can y’all not.”


“Oh shit Veronica went nuts.”


“You made her look like Poppy why would you do that.”

“This teacher is so chill why don’t they make those in real life.”

“Asshole McFuckface is back congratulations I hate you.”

Lesbian/Bisexual Movies and TV Shows

Alright so I thought I would make a list of some good movies and tv shows, most of them are on netflix. If they have a * next to them then they are not in English but they do have subtitles.


Imagine Me and You 

I Can’t Think Straight 

Lost and Delirious 

Blue is the Warmest Color*

Kiss Me*

Loving Annabelle 


But I’m a Cheerleader 

My Summer of love 

Itty Bitty Titty Committee 

You Will Be Mine* 


Jenny’s Wedding

Better than Chocolate 


Girltrash: All Night Long

TV Shows


The Fosters 

Black Sails  

Orphan Black

Game of Thrones

Chasing Life

The 100

Faking it

Chasing Life

Orange is the New Black

The Real L Word 

The L Word

Lip Service 

Lost Girl

Greys Anatomy

Pretty Little Liars 

Vampire Diaries (last season)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



Sense 8

I’ll add more later if I find more.
Some of the shows aren’t based on lesbians but has a few to a lot of lesbian scenes

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the last stand, korra risked the entire avatar cycle and her own life going into the avatar state just to save kuvira and the whole zoom in her face showing exactly the determination she had to do just that without knowing if she would succeed... sister, that entire scene keeps me up at night, makes me lose my track, stops my thoughts mid exams and to this day i don't know another piece of media that shows a woman this strong, benevolent, good, passionate and human. the legend of korra? a masterpiece. fight me

anonymous asked:

pssst do u have any good funny lighthearted shoes or comedies or things like that to recommend to me because watching crime shows all the time can get kiiiiinda depressing for me sometimes lol

  • superstore: a cute lighthearted workplace comedy, cute romance stories, 10/10 would die for amy dubanowski
  • john mulaney’s specials new in town or the comeback kid are both amazing, the last bit on the comeback kid owns my ass
  • trial and error: hilarious comedy about a lawyer who goes to a small city to defend this clueless guy on a murder case, those strangers who become a family kind of show
  • hasan minhaj’s special homecoming king: it’s not necessarily lighthearted, it’s pretty emotional but also funny
  • bo burnham’s what. is amazing if you haven’t seen it yet (i would recommend make happy as well but it can get pretty emo so i’d avoid that if that’s not your vibe)
  • kroll show: i miss this show every single day of my life, publizity and wheels ontario were my faves
  • the good place: i would die for bisexual icons eleanor shellstrop and tahani al-jamil
  • brooklyn nine-nine: cops who find family in each other….. cutest tv show out there
  • bob’s burgers: fave animation, funny puns, best family on tv, louise belcher is the tsundere icon we should all die for
  • jane the virgin: if you’re into love triangles and frustration, which apparently i am
  • parks and rec: makes local government look wholesome, 11/10 would die for leslie knope

these are the softest ones i can think of right now? if u need more lmk and i’ll try to remember others

sleepover saturday!

hey everybody! i said yesterday that i’m going to do my very first sleepover saturday tonight and i’m really excited! make sure you send me stuff! this will be happening at around 8-9ish EST and if you don’t wanna see these posts, just make sure to blacklist purelyparker’s sleepover saturday; i hope you all can participate xoxo :)

  • fmk
  • crush stories
  • tumblr crushes
  • have you ever’s
  • would you rather’s
  • unpopular/popular opinions
  • confessions
  • get up in my BUSINESS and ask me stuff :-)
  • tell me something good or bad that happened this week! talk to me about your life!
  • my top five _______
  • send me/ask me for recs: fics, books, movies, tv shows, songs, bands, etc.
  • make me compliment someone else’s blog
  • ask for advice! idk if it would be helpful but i sure can try!
  • ask for a moodboard (character ones, you + a character/person, aesthetic, etc., but be aware that this might take a little bit of time bc i put a lot of effort into perfecting my moodboards HA)
  • submit stuff! your own moodboards, headcannons, blurbs, etc. i wanna see what all of you guys are creating!
  • ask for a lil headcannon/blurb? (it’s gonna be all fluff and angst just a psa)! i wanna go beyond tom, so you can ask for any of the mcu cast, including spidey hoco, holland bros and any other actor/character i know (i’d love to do some seb or chris evans ones if ya want hA)
  • send me your name and i’ll make you a name playlist! 
  • ask for a blograte! 
  • literally anything you can think of! i am READY people!

blograte format (ft. some of my favorite male characters!):

url: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | andy dwyer 

icon: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | winston bishop 

mobile theme: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | bellamy blake

desktop theme: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | dustin henderson

posts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | bucky barnes 

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | peter parker

(also big shoutout to my gal @hufflepuffholland because i totally used her sleepover saturdays as inspiration and like half of these ideas came from her acc lol. love you bb!)

⟶ feel free to change pronouns, tenses, tweak the sentence to fit your muse, etc etc.

1.05 –– art is like religion

“I feel a little bit bloated today.”
“Jesus flying fuckballs.”
“If your enemy will not be humbled, destroy him.”
“I’m just feeling a little emotional today.”
“Decay and death haunt every breath we take.”
“I’m a fucking mess.”
“I see you, villain. I see you, with your fucking villain mustache!”
“I can’t breathe! I can’t think! I can’t remember anything.”
“You tacky, cheap-weaved, plastic titted whore!”
“Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.”
“Art is like religion.”
“I’ve got a hard-on that’s gonna last all week.”
“I prefer to assume you’re a hallucination.”
“Is it we who makes the choice, or the choice that makes us?”

1.06 –– demons

“They’re never going to stop, unless we make them.”
“I hate violence, but sometimes violence is necessary.”
“I thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on you.”
“You don’t know what I want.”
“You’re a dangerous, perverted demon who never seems to have any clothes on.”
“He thinks a lot about everything.”
“If someone’s got a problem with me, I should know about it.”
“What is the secret to be a great lover?”
“I come here after a long night to smoke and converse with the sun.”
“All I’ve got is hash. It’s like pot but better.”
“It’s not the drugs that make a drug addict, it’s the need to escape reality.”
“I’m afraid I’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life.”
“It’s a terrible song about a mother killing her baby, but I always found it comforting.”

1.07 –– wwn double d?

“This isn’t a fair fight.”
“If you guys are starting some crime fighting, Charlie’s Angels shit, count me in.”
“Sometimes the only place you can find a brave and honest woman is in prison.”
“I’m not lucky. I’m privileged, not lucky.”
“This was our first night out ever.”
“You have to admit it was the best night of your life.”
“I’m not the bad guy. I’m the sad guy.”
“He’s twice the man you’ll ever be.”
“I’m feeling very Whitney Houston right now.”
“I would never go straight.”
“There was a time when people who heard voices were considered saints.”
“There must be some meaning to all of this that I can’t see.”
“Gods don’t give a shit about us.”
“I try not to think of you, but every time it brings me straight to you.”
“Do you think our connection is a sort of miracle?”
“I’ve always hated being alone.”
“Does this happen often?”
“So you’re already late? Would you like to be a lot late?”
“This could destroy my career, my whole life.”
“We are creatures of habit.”
“Have you ever not checked your email while waiting for coffee?”

1.08 –– we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts

“How can something still look so beautiful after we saw what we saw?”
“Why are you whispering?”
“How do I tell them apart if you keep calling all my friends motherfuckers?”
“This is the nicest thing a motherfucker has done for me today.”
“I miss my dog.”
“Sometimes it feels good to remember.”
“He would do anything for you.”
“Many educated people are stupid.”
“That’s how I take my coffee too.”
“A lot of things that are hard to talk about happened here.”
“I want to see that volcano nobody can pronounce the name of.”
“You cannot go back to that asshole.”
“We make choices and life has a way of making us pay for them.”
“If life has taught me anything, it’s that I can take a punch.”
“If this was an episode of CSI, I’m hooked.”
“That doesn’t sound sinister at all.”
“This isn’t a movie or a fucking tv show.”
“This is the real fucking world. Nothing’s fair.”
“In the end, we will all by judged by the courage of our hearts.”
“The idea of praying to a god for my own fate is sad and primitive.”
“Your tone is scaring me.”
“I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life.”

How Web Series Became My Thing

When I was a kid, I forced my friend Maddie to make with me what I referred to as a television show. We filmed a mostly-improv “comedy” about two puppets with my family’s camera more often used for home movies. In a sense, this was my first web series, though no one saw it outside of my parents.

I say “when I was a kid”, but most people would probably say I still am. I’m 18-years-old, and just about to graduate from high school. My whole life, I’ve been driven by a basic desire; when I consume media I enjoy, I want to create something like it. Reading a good book? I have a sudden desire to become an author. Watching a musical? I’m plotting out my own during the intermission. This way of thinking had never amounted to much. My brain tends to move from one thing to another far too quickly. When I found something that stuck, I knew I’d stumbled upon something really important; what I wanted to do with my life.

Discovering The Chris Gethard Show in the summer of 2013, lonely, depressed, 14-year-old Jules absolutely fell in love. TCGS was a variety television show on public access TV in New York City, but most of the fans found it through the internet, watching the livestream when it aired. The show was full of absurd comedy that felt like it truly came from people happy to be there with each other. I dreamt of getting involved in the community, maybe even interning for the show, but though I attended multiple tapings of the show and joined a chat room dedicated to it, I never really felt like I belonged.

We’re getting to web series, don’t worry.

As my interest turned towards video content, my desire became to make a television show or movie. My parents, seeing this and desperately trying to find a way for me to socialize, signed me up for a one-week film class in the summer of 2014. I didn’t get much out of it from the teachers, but I made one very good friend, Simona, who told me about a web series airing at the time that she was absolutely obsessed with, the web series Nothing Much To Do.

I caught up on NMTD in a night, and continued to watch until the end. I’d watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries during my Vlogbrothers phase, but it didn’t really stick with me as something I could potentially do myself, mostly due to how professional it seemed. NMTD was of the same type of show as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - a vlog-style web series inspired by a work of literature - but it was made by teens just like me! Older teens, sure, but teens! Once again, my brain returned to that desire; I wanted to make something like it.

I bought a $200 camcorder and made a post on Tumblr asking if anybody wanted to help with a NMTD-esque adaptation of As You Like It, my favorite Shakespeare play. I got two responses, fellow NMTD fans Sarah and Julia, and together we wrote the 50 episode series Like, As It Is though a Google Doc. Then, I stretched my resources as far as I could to find a cast, mostly through old friends or casting websites, and from January to August of 2015 I filmed the entirety of Like, As It Is.

Looking back at 16-year-old Jules running an entire production by herself, I think I must be insane. Like, As It Is was truly a test of my ability to keep my brain in check and not back down, which was ridiculous because I was just leaving the worst mental health period of my life. I could barely interact with my classmates in high school, but there I was, managing a cast. Actors dropped out, or worse, turned out to be way older than they said they were in their acting bios, creating many uncomfortable situations where I had to tell someone they just couldn’t play a 16-year-old. I filmed almost the entire series in my family home. Everything was difficult, and nothing worked out.

But there I was, at the end of August of 2015, with an entire series filmed and edited. I posted it online to a much smaller audience than I’d hope for, but I’d done it. Immediately, I wanted to do it again.

I got a better camera for Christmas, wrote another script, this time an adaptation of Twelfth Night written entirely by myself, and that December my next production began. I was addicted. This new series, Twelfth Grade (or Whatever), had as rough, if not more difficult, a production process as Like, As It Is. But Twelfth Grade looked and felt better than the series I’d filmed before, and the internet must have thought so as well. The first episode of Twelfth Grade is approaching 5,000 views on YouTube, with most of the episodes approaching 2,000. I am so incredibly proud of the work the actors and myself did on Twelfth Grade, and the relative success of the series did nothing to stave off my addiction to making web series.

I’ve worked on two more web series since then; The Uncanny Upshurs, a continent-spanning original series, and The Emma Agenda, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. This fall I’m going to college, and I’m likely to study film. Discovering the world of web series has absolutely changed my life. I’ve found something I love to do, and I’ve got the means to do it. I’m still socially awkward, sure, but I’m finally part of a community.

And if I’m a little bit obsessed, who cares? My obsession is with making stuff, and that is what I’m doing. In the end, I think that’s all that matters.

Meet the Author
Jules Pigott is a student filmmaker and writer from New York City. She has written, directed, and edited for numerous web series, including
Twelfth Grade (or Whatever), The Uncanny Upshurs and The Emma Agenda. Jules co-founded the group Quip Modest Productions, which is dedicated to telling stories through an online platform. One time, she did stand up comedy dressed as a reindeer.

ID #11541

Name: Cecilia
Age: 31
Country: Italy

Few days ago I was at my bestfriend’s home and we’ve started to talk about the old good times (not really good but old for sure) and she showed me her box of snail mails from when she was a teenager. That made me realize that I miss having a pen friend, It was something that made me happy. So hi!
I’m Cecilia, 31 from Italy.
I’m a pastry chef so to make food and talk about food is a big part of my life, it’s what I’m good to do and the better way to express love to someone.
I like watch too much TV show, crime mostly but I’m open mind. My favorite are: Oz, The Shield, Justified, The Wire (remember? I’m old! And a David Simon’s groupie), Electric Dreams, Better Call Saul, The Americans. And movies, of course .
I’ve started to loom knitting mostly because I like to make thing but I’m like Edward Scissorhands and I was the worst to knitting with a needle.
I like reading, go to Gym and basically I like to know new things, to like new things.
And I would love to find a penpal, maybe for snail mail or just for email. Gender and age are not important.

I don’t really know why I am doing this but here goes...

Ok. So. Who has seen “In a Heartbeat?” If you have no clue what I am talking about, go watch it right now. Look it up on youtube. You may cry. I cried. And I am going to do a review of it. Right here right now. 

Okay. So. Overall, 10/10. Or 3/2 @destinycreate you know this ahah. Ok but seriously. Best thing I think I have seen in a VERY long time. 

Summary/Synopsis/What I think it was really about: 

So as I was watching, I kinda noticed a crap ton of symbolism throughout the 4 minute animated video. I noticed how one character’s heart “beat right out of his chest from nerves,” and went to the other character, immediately, and how before then, the character had been too scared to approach the other boy. He had been thinking with his head instead of his heart, and when his heart led the way, he began to “think with his heart,”/ “follow his heart.” You can tell that the red haired boy is terrified of his heart getting “broken” or “hurt.” The “heart” tries to bring the two boys together to the point where it does get broken from the red haired boy (the owner) pulling it away from the dark haired boy. One half of his heart ends up with the red haired boy, the other with the dark haired boy. 

Later on, the black haired boy approaches the red haired boy, and tries to take his hands that are hiding his half of the heart, but he pulls away, “trying to protect the only part of his heart he has left.” Finally he gives in and the black haired boy “heals his heart,” and they sit together under the tree and their hearts glow with happiness. 

What I liked: 

First of all, I ADORED that it was a silent video. No words, no sound, nothing. Just the music. I feel like this was a great way to go about it for multiple reasons. 

1. A lot of the time, the LGBTQ+ community feels “closeted” or like they can’t be open or voice who they are, which I feel is somewhat represented through the silence of the film, and more so with the actions. 

2. With a silent film, the audience is forced to really focus on the visual things, and that leads us to analyzing and understanding more. 

I also loved that it did show a kind of dark part of being different in sexuality. There is a few seconds where the two boys fighting over the heart are seen by a group of students who stare at them judgmentally. I loved that. Because it showed that even though we may have rainbow decor, not everything is rainbows and happiness. 

I LOVED how different things (such as the heart and “fighting over the heart”) actually meant different things. I found this video not long after my first girlfriend broke up with me, and said to myself “This is exactly how I feel, and I wish she would come and return that half of my heart she stole from me.” Overall I just thought that was a great way to represent the animator and storyteller’s points. 

I thought it was amazing, that even though I am a 85% lesbian woman,15% straight woman who has only dated two women in my life, I was able to connect so deeply with the storyline. 

What I want: 

MORE. I WANT MORE OF THIS STUFF. I wish I could contact the creators and request a bisexual storyline about the struggles of bi-erasure and liking both genders, or a lesbian storyline, or an asexual, transexual, pansexual, transgender, literally anything. I wish there was more of this out there. In books, movies, tv shows. This is the sort of thing I wish Disney would do. But these brilliant people did instead and all I can say, is Thank you.

Thank You. Thank you for creating this amazing film. Thank you for pouring your heart, soul, time, energy, and effort into this project and making it a reality. Because before now, I had nothing to compare my love life to, and now - now not only me, but so many more people have something to look up to, something that represents an extremely accurate relationship, no matter the sexuality, and something that shows the goods and bads, ups and downs, happy times, and depressing times of being a minority in a world of majorities. 

I tag anyone who feels like they need to say something about this video to say anything (it does NOT have to be nearly as lengthy as mine). But to start the ball rolling here is just a few:

@destinycreate @loveforpride @sherlock @fuckyeahgaycouples @lovegaygirls @ladiesinlovee @her-exgifriend @aelin-and-feyre

Since Tumblr decided today is Asexual Pride day, I thought I’d talk for a bit about my ace identity.

I knew there was something about me that made me different from other people in my life. I never really “got” our society’s obsession with sex. Other guys in my class would talk about watching porn and wanting to see girls naked, and movies and TV shows make sex look like the most fulfilling thing in a man’s life. But I just didn’t understand what the big deal was about. I thought it was because I was being a good little Catholic boy. Look at me, saving myself for marriage, God must be so proud of me. I’m still against having extramarital and premarital sex, but I think that’s only part of what was going on here.

Fast forward to when I have a smart phone and Internet access. I’m scrolling around the ruiner of lives ™, TV Tropes, when I stumble across a page titled “Asexuality”. I learn that there are people who just don’t feel sexual attraction to others. I keep reading, and it just kinda resonates with me. I talked about it with my friends, and it turns out they noticed how I never showed an interest in sex and very rarely had crushes on anyone, guys or girls. I did some more research on asexuality, and again, a lot of what people said about it really resonated with me. So one day, it just kinda hit me like, “oh shit, I’m ace”.

I only started identifying as ace a few months ago, and I’m still figuring things out. I know that I fall somewhere on the ace spectrum, and I still think there’s a possibility that I’m gray asexual or demisexual. But for now, I identify as ace. I am not, however, aromantic. I identify as panromantic. Despite my disinterest in sex, I am a complete sucker for sappy romantic stuff. I’d live to find someone to fall in love with, get married, and have children, either my own biological children or adopted children.

I firmly believe that aspecs should be considered LGBTQ+. Asexuality is a sexual orientation, and acephobia is real and harmful. Even cisgender heteroromantic asexuals have to deal with discrimination and erasure. I want more positive asexual representation in media. That way, young people will start to realize that they are ace sooner, and society will stop seeing asexuality as either a myth or a mental disorder.

Because I started identifying as ace recently, I haven’t had to deal with acephobia on a personal level. Even before I found out what asexuality was, I never thought that I was “broken”. The people who know I am ace have been nothing but supportive and accepting so far. That could change in the future however. Heck, I’m posting this on Tumblr. I could very well experience acephobia firsthand within the next hour. Even so, I’m glad that I identify as ace now. I know who I am and I’m proud of that.

I have watched a lot of medical TV shows, but Kim Sabu is the first TV doctor that I would actually want to be my doctor. Like, he’s super-good at his job, but he also doesn’t make the patients’ situations about himself, which is my number one pet peeve about every medical show. Like, Kim Sabu will treat you and treat you well and he won’t waste time thinking about how your condition mirrors some conflict that he’s going through in his life! He just wants to heal you!

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Well... I guess we'll just have to do what we do best: Get inspiration from the series to make more BBRae content of our own Just hope you and your fellow BBRae shippers don't get harassed by smug antis now. It'd be insult to injury.

Lol the antis are already out celebrating as we speak (some are even my mutuals…). I’m just blocking freely as I scroll along because I really don’t need that negativity in my life. Hardly anyone did that to Rob/Rae when Dick was cast as older than Teagan, but for some reason, there are folk here who really have a passion on hating a purely fanon ship and its fans, where it would have been good to have an interracial ship like that on TV but OH WELL.

Eh, I can’t take inspiration from the show as the age gap makes it too fucking weird. I’ll stick to reading the old comics and surviving on fanon, like I have been for ages now.

What Fanfiction Has Done for Me

First, backstory: my friend used my computer recently for some school stuff and I had some fanfiction open in a new window. Yes, it was explicit (because I know who I am and what I’m about) and she gave me SO much shit for it. And I realized that I’m so used to being around people who appreciate fic that I forget that a lot of people hold on to the stereotypes of like Wattpad “Me and Harry Styles” fanfiction. So this list kinda came to mind and I just needed to write it out, idk. 

  1. It has opened my eyes to the LGBTQ+ community in a way that nothing else could. Before I started reading fanfiction for my favorite tv shows, I had never really watched a show with gay characters on it. I live in a pretty conservative area (and have pretty conservative parents) and I hadn’t met anyone gay. I knew what it was but that was about it. Reading fanfiction made me want to see more quality LGBTQ+ content on TV and not just in the minds of writers. It made me want to look into what that particular community was facing and how the love I had seen in stories manifested itself in real life.
  2. It made me want to be a better writer. Now, I’m not planning on writing fanfiction anytime soon, but the (initially surprising) quality of characterization and character development and world-building and plot development I saw in really good fanfiction made me want to step up my game. It made me want to write something that could evoke emotion in the same way those fics did. 
  3. It made me want to join more fandoms and watch tv shows/movies and read more books that I would never have read otherwise. Crossovers especially. 
  4. It’s such an awesome escape from the craziness that is my life. Good fluff can always put a smile on my face. Really well thought out plots can draw me in and make me forget about what a horrible day I’m having. A great angsty storyline makes my life suddenly look so much better in comparison. 
  5. It kind of rekindled my love for reading. After entering high school and suddenly finding myself with little to no free time, I found that I had less and less time to read, something that I really enjoyed previously. After discovering fics, I found myself making time to read them (which may be good or bad depending on how you look at it). Then I realized that some of the fics I was reading were longer than books, and I started reading again (still not as much as I wanted but it was a start that was long overdue). Even better, I found myself looking for the same characteristics I enjoyed in fic in the books I read. (quality character development, a cohesive plot, writing that could evoke emotional response, etc)

So yeah. That got a lot lengthier than I expected but I guess I had a lot of thoughts to put out there. 

To anyone who sees this, I’m curious. What has fanfiction done for you?


My name is Hadley and I would absolutely adore a pen pal. I have always been under the impression that I was born in the wrong century, connecting more with the slow gentility of the Jane Austen times. Of course I know things are better now and technology is freaking awesome (I mean tumblr and Netflix, like hello) but I think to have a pen pal with whom I can share all my day to day musings and deepest troubles that cannot be shared with anyone else would make my (and hopefully their) life infinitely better!

I am 17, turning 18 in October. I live in South Carolina in the good old USA, but I do not follow the possible southern stereotypes that may sway you away from me. I love reading classical novels (Jane Eyre and pretty much any Jane Austen being my weakness), listening to chill, acoustic music (John Mayer being a particular fav), creating art, going on bike rides, cuddling with my 3 cats, begging my parents for a dog, watching ALL movies (literally I love all genera’s), watching your usual cult TV shows (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, etc), and I am neither religiously nor sexually firm (haha). I am going into my senior year of High School and have taken on a crazy amount of classes so I’m hoping for a pen pal who would be cool with chill conversation, little gifts, doodles, life advice, and fancy stationary (because I literally have a quill and ink pen I’ve been dying to use).

I’ve never had a pen pal before and don’t really know how this goes, but I am consumed with excitement! Just as a warning I only speak English and a little French (very badly I might add) so if we could communicate in English that would be really helpful! I’d really like someone around my age, but I live by the one human family mantra so gender, sexuality, and religion doesn’t sway my desire to be your pen pal!

Contact me at
My tumblr: That_awkward_moment
Or my email:

Feel free to stalk my tumblr to get to know me or ask any questions!!!!!
Hadley Out ☁️☁️☁️

That feeling when South Park says the things you always want to say, and makes you realize where the true problem lies.

That feeling when after all these years the show still surprises you and thrills you. 

That feeling you have befriended with the whole town all your life. Yes I know it’s all imaginary yes I know the characters have all kinds of problems but who cares. 

If you can only take one TV show/ movie to a deserted island, my choice would be South Park. I’m super cereal.


Day 2: Prison Mike Businessman

A few years ago, I was at my worst and thought about ending my life every day. And for some reason, I would only find comfort in watching The Office. So I kept telling myself ‘if you die today you will miss the next episode. Hang in there until next Thursday’. So… yeah. It is no exaggeration to say that I was able to survive due to the TV show. 

Just.. thought about the old days while making Michael Scott 3.0. I know I should edit him like 100 times. But at least it’s a good start to recreate my Simcranton save with TS4.

You know I used to make fun of men that wanted male gems
Until my little brother asked me
I couldn’t look him in the eye and say “well you shouldn’t get one because we’re underrepresented in most other media and…”
I could do it. Because I would be doing what they have done to women in media for so long. I would make my brother feel how I’ve felt my whole life watching good TV shows. I would make my brother feel like shit for no fucking reason other than blatant sexism. You want a male gem? Well too fucking bad. That’s just like saying you want a female character? Well too fucking bad. We like it being all men.