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I don’t usually share process, but I thought it would be fun to show a few of the steps that brought this pattern for to life. 

Up top is my sketch. I rarely add color to sketches, but I felt like it this time, and it ended up shaping the final palette. In the second image, I made all of the elements in the sketch into final drawings, and set them up to become a repeating pattern. From there, we decided to make the layout airier, and remove the more vulgar elements—the knife, tongue, pill bottle, and tampon all had to go. Lastly, we added in some new cute things, like the cat and heart balloon, and I redrew a few objects that I wanted to look slightly different, like the bra, ice cream, and scrunchie.

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun pattern is available on an iPhone case, pencil pouch, keychain pouch, notebook, and tumbler from here.  

i’m ready to have a transformation sequence and go from being an almost-directionless postgrad to someone who’s livin w her bb in their own apartment and buying groceries, making food, having wacky (but useful) kitchen utensils, having an alcohol cabinet (instead of ur parents’ cabinet), and being able to pay tha bills


Yo dawg I heard you like Wolf 359 so I made you a Q&A vlog :)

Songs are sung, animal noises are made, computer repairs are attempted, and more!


For all who asked ?’s we didn’t answer, please join us next Friday, February 12th, 2016 for another LIVE AMA on YouTube (link in the description of the video above on YouTube).

Psyched to finally get this up. For all who look forward to the weekly upload, I’m going to be switching my publishing day to Thursday instead of Monday because my life is way saner like this.

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Sakamaki: one and only. Requested by animeprincess94.

At the ball they would make their love for you known, in front of everyone would they get down on one knee and ask you to be their’s for the rest eternity.
You had already survived being turned, and now they would ask you to be the one who stood by them and would bare their child.

He gulped as he watched all of his brothers do the same thing he wanted to do. Finally he couldn’t stop himself, and the plans he had made washed down the drain.
“(Y-y/n),” he stuttered your name and mentally cursed himself. “Throughout my life, I have always wanted the undivided attention, and I have always been a little bit out there. Even going as far as to kill the brides so they can’t leave me. Because I didn’t trust them. But with you, I can trust your you have a love for me that true and pure and I knowing that even when your not by my side that you still love me more than anyone. You show that day after day, and night after night.
Just being with you calms me down, I can’t seem to get mad anymore and things just settle into place.
Also just like my dolls I want to keep you forever, but in a different way, because I don’t think I would be able to last a second in a world that your not in. So please do me the honor of being my doll.”

He smirked as he got down on one knee,
“It’s my turn now is it. I never thought there would be a day that I would be doing this. Or a woman I would want to spend forever with. But here the day is, so in front of everyone I want to declare my undying love for you.
Yes love, just as I never thought I would get married I never thought I would love either. But you came in and ruined everything I thought.
Everything I thought about woman, about sex, and about love.
You showed me woman are much more than just toys, and you stood up with me with such great fury I feel for you harder than I thought I could. Or even realized at the time.
As for sex you showed me what it’s really meant for, that it a magical thing. And bat it’s so much more special and different when it’s with a person you love. And no matter how many times you have them it’s different because you have fallen more and more in love with them.
And love, I thought it was bullshit, but you showed me it’s the swell of the hearts and a joy that gives you the feeling your walking on air. And the ache when they depart.
So my greatest and only love, will you be my wife, and show me more and more wonders with each and every day for the rest of our forever?”

He took your hand and gulped, as he lead you out to the garden. Since he was last he wanted to do something grand to wrap up the engagements of all the Sakamaki brothers.
He was silent as he lead you out to the garden where was was a small gathering of vampire. It wasn’t long before the garden was filled up though with onlookers.
“Here among the roses is where I feel in love with you. So it seemed only fitting that it is here that I ask you to be my wife.
Some time ago I thought I was a monster that is unable to love and didn’t deserve love.
You changed that for me, you picked up my broken pieces and created me a new man. So the only way I can possible show you my emotions is with a kiss and not with words.”
With that he leaned down and captured your lips in a soul binding kiss. This kiss said all the promises and all the emotions he would never be able to fully put into words. Because words are simply enough to do justice for the ocean big love he had for you.
Pulling away he got on one knee, “As all the others have asked their’s, and ask you humbly on my knees before you if you will be my wife.”

As someone that’s been disabled since birth and also in a wheelchair when I learned what was going to happen to Felicity I was heartbroken. I love her so much and that was the last thing I ever would want to see her go through.

I’ve been fighting my own demons for pretty much all my life and it seems like I lose more often than I win. I really hope one day I can be as strong as Felicity and finally stop seeing myself as never being good enough. I truly have no words for how proud I am of her and how happy this episode made me. I also hope one day I can find my own Oliver who will stand by me through anything.

Confession:  I absolutely adore Liara. When she came to me before the final battle to show me the star map she made, I was sobbing in real life. I made a promise to her that no matter what, I would come back to her. So when the ending came around, my choice was simple. Anything to reunite my (female) Shepard and Liara. She became more important than the galaxy to my Shepard, and in real life I want to find a love like that.


The conscious choice has been made, now it is time for the true healing to begin. His rehabilitation aided and overseen by Rey, Ben Solo will now get to explore the life that he never thought he would get the chance of living, having been in the dark for so long. With Rey by his side, could redemption really hold such treasures: love, a family?

Metamorphosis - fanfiction by ImaginationPlayground

anonymous asked:

As another adult professional, I want to make sure you truly have all the evidence. Please be gracious and read the Larry Stylinson links on this post toobadforthefacts(.)tumblr(.)com/post/138489827241/this-is-not-your-fathers-larry-mega-masterpost

Honestly this is one of the most condescending messages I’ve received in awhile. Firstly, I’m a bit awestruck that you are going to appeal to my age and try use it as an advantage. Meanwhile I’m still getting several messages a day from anti’s, hets, and freddies telling me what a horrible waste of life I am because I’m “old.”

Also I’m not the one seeking out people who have a viewpoint that is diametrically opposed to mine in order to send them masterposts and I never would seek out anti’s/hets/freddies to send Larry masterposts to. So instead of asking for my graciousness perhaps ask for my time and consideration first.

Finally, the clear assumption that you have made is that I never considered other viewpoints or the fact that Louis and Harry might not be in a relationship. And that is where my biggest issue is, because now you are questioning my intelligence. You know nothing about my thought process, because if you did you would know that I have read many many things that argue that Louis and Harry aren’t together and that Louis actually had a child with Briana. I do not live with my head in the sand and I try to look at everything through many lenses and from many angles. And even after all of that the only conclusions that I can reach are that Louis and Harry are in a relationship, that Louis is not a father and that they will be coming out.

At this point nothing can change my mind that they weren’t in a relationship, and I don’t see anything happening that could change my mind about current events. Just like I am sure there isn’t anything that is going to change your mind. And I can respect your opinion while disagreeing and not bothering you. So I would ask that you do the same.

Today is the four year anniversary of getting my pacemaker. This year has been blessedly uneventful for the most part, and the few things that weren’t were easily fixed with a few tweaks to my programming. Having an adjustable heart is pretty cool sometimes.

I wondered if there would ever come a time where I would forget that I had a pacemaker, or at the very least not have it be so ever present in my mind. I think I may have finally gotten there. What I forget sometimes is that for the people in my life that know I have one, that may not be the case. 

Case in point: Yesterday in ballet class. It was the end of class, about the third time through grand allegro our teacher made some comment asking where everyone’s energy had gone. Now I have a tendency to sarcastic. Morbidly sarcastic sometimes a lot of the time. So I without even thinking I said “Sorry, my battery ran out.” 

The look of pure panic on my teacher’s face was priceless. of course my response was “Sorry, sorry! Metaphorical battery, not literal battery.” 

After class I went to apologize to him again, and attempted to explain that he didn’t  have to worry because if my battery had really run out I’d be passed out maybe dead on the floor, not just a little lackluster during  the third run of a grande allegro. Which… didn’t exactly help things. Oops. But I fell back on my ‘I know when I need to stop. Unless I say otherwise, don’t be afraid to push me.’ Luckily all of my ballet teachers have been good about that. I guess I need to remember that just because my pacer has become a fact of life that I can mostly ignore (or more often than not something to joke about), to other people it’s this big scary thing. Either way I know I am so lucky to be where I am, able to do the things I can do. 


So I told my mom tonight about my sugar daddies. I tell my mom everything, even detailed things about sex. So I wanted to finally tell her about my sugar life. We went to PF Changs and had a nice meal and shared a bottle of wine. In the last 10 or so minutes we started talking about all the crazy stuff she’s done with men. So I figured this would be a good time to bring it up.

Note- my mom is the most chill, liberal, nonjudgmental person I know. Like I made pot brownies with this woman for fucks sake. So I’m not worried about her judging me, just her being worried or thinking it’s her fault because she lost her company which supported our family. I didn’t want her to think I was doing this because she couldn’t support me anymore.

So I just told her everything. Every detail. And she took it surprisingly well! And guess what she told me?! She had a sugar daddy herself before she met my father! Crazy right! And she even gave me advise about staying safe cause older men are more likely to have STDs and to save up all the money I can. She told me I should open my own bank account so I can start saving in an account my father wouldn’t have access to view.

Who knew my mom was such a boss ass bitch!! I’m so happy I finally told my mom. I honestly feel so relieved. It was something I just couldn’t hold in anymore… But I will never in hell tell my father lol

this is fake deep sounding but…
when i made my super popular “don’t read old conversations” post i was at a super bad time in my life and never thought i’d get better and i thought i’d always be heartbroken over this one person and i’d never find anyone and they were “the one” and my entire life would end if i didn’t have them but like, here i am, three months later super in love w another person n finally in the healthiest relationship i’ve ever had where there’s no cheating or no 20% from them and 80% from me and no constant fights and no just using me for my body and it’s so good it’s so nice.
anyway, i guess what i’m saying, is PLEASE WAIT. everything does happen for a reason even if it feels like you can’t breathe and every fiber of your being hurts. everything will come together and you’re going to be okay. everything will be okay. even if it doesn’t seem like it now or even tomorrow or even in three months. it will be. i promise.

My excitement lately has been, something I haven’t felt in so long. All the belief I ever had in myself disappeared in 2015. I had zero confidence. I convinced myself I’d never run again (maybe because people were saying crap like that too). I believed in the worst case scenario of every single thing in my life. Depression and anxiety flooded me daily. I forgot how to be positive (even when I desperately attempted). I lost that sense of “warrior Christiana.” I just told myself to give up on trying to run. I was desperately waiting for perfect conditions when I knew all along that if we wait for perfect conditions, nothing would ever get done.

The last few weeks when I finally decided to take a leap of faith and just do what I love, to truly, fully, and really believe in myself and what I am capable of and made of…I haven’t felt this way in ages. And although it was so hard to go through 2015, I know that when I continue to train, both mentally and physically, this is all going to serve an incredible purpose. And I cannot WAIT for my first race on the track, and then cross country…and to capture again what I missed so much. Fear became too much of something sitting on my shoulder. I forgot what it felt like to believe in myself and to trust myself instead of what everyone else was telling me.

3 HEMA years old today!

Train, spar, compete, repeat. So what’s next?

February 6 2016

Three years ago today I attended my very first longsword session. I was super curious to finally get to learn about sword fighting and get to practice it but I had no idea Historical European Martial Arts would have become such a big part of my life.

The last year has been especially intense. I know that in my weapon of choice, longsword, I’ve grown technically. I’ve trained regularly, trained a lot, read sources, competed a lot, done my part both in taking advantage of my opportunities and in supporting the people/events/clubs that made them possible and overall squeezed as much HEMA experience as I could out of the past twelve months in a way I’m happy with.

To improve my technique and further my competitive experience, I’m going to keep doing the same because I can’t honestly think of something more to do. Train, spar, compete, repeat.

What’s new is that along with all the above, now I want to grow in a different way as well. Getting into my fourth year of HEMA, I feel it’s time to grow out of the beginner’s mentality. To know one’s place as a humble student of the Art is one thing and I have no intention to change that, but to keep on considering myself a beginner when I’m not, is another. It becomes a limit and even an excuse and I don’t want that to be the case.

This means taking more responsibility for my shortcomings, be a good example for the newbies but also be more confident in my choices and my abilities. And above all, trust my gut. That’s important. So far, when I trusted my gut, it has paid off; my weapon of choice, the cross training I do, the clubs I train with and the people I regularly spar, the competitions I go to and so on. Within my range of possibilities, all these things have been my choices and they have all kept my enthusiasm and motivation going and boosted my progress. Now it’s time I trust my instincts sword in hand too.

I mean to keep working on my weaknesses same as before but I also want to put my strengths to better use and dig what I find exciting about sword fighting more actively. I haven’t done that yet. No practical changes in my training but rather a shift in perspective to reinforce growing out of the beginner’s mentality.

Will I be a more confident 4 HEMA years old next year today?

I look forward to tell you!

So anyway, when I was 17 and first took the original Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz that was released on the site, I got Ravenclaw. I thought it made sense; at the time, I firmly felt that I would have either been placed in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I grew into that and welcomed it heartily. And now I’m having an existential crisis because last night I took the new one and now I’m in Slytherin. I’m sure it has a lot to do with me changing over the years but b*tch DO I NEED THIS STRESS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway hello hiss hiss meet y’all down in the dungeons to head to our common room (at least I’m finally in the same House as my family….Lucius….I’m coming home……….)

anonymous asked:

Did you really fail three semesters? I'm retaking a class because I failed the first time and I'm not doing that well. It makes me so embarrassed every time I get my grade back and my self esteem just drops. Everyone else is doing so much better than me. Idk how to deal with this.

Yes I did why would I admit that and it not be true? Its not an easy thing to tell people. 

Whenever I finally got my life together and I started retaking classes so I could finally pass them I made sure I used all the facilities that the school offered. i went to all the study sessions, I used the tutor labs, and I asked a million and one questions to the professors. i even asked professors to take time out of their day to tutor me, and guess what none of them said no. 

Its all about stepping forward and doing your best to get the grade you deserve. If you still arent doing well then know that you tried your hardest and maybe this is something you need to be proud of cause its your work. 

Life has this weird quality that makes it seem like there is something just out of your reach that if you could only grasp, you would finally understand how to effortlessly translate your desires into reality. You’d be happy and content and in love and enough.

And while that’s a nearly universal feeling, it only sends the individual chasing their tale, because ultimately, there is no secret. 

You aren’t missing anything. 

You are already enough for more than your wildest dreams (I promise). 

You always have been. 

You’re more powerful than you know (and perhaps as you read these words their truth quietly resonates). 
Yes, you’ll stumble from time to time. Yes you’ll be embarrassed and say the wrong thing from time to time. Yes sometimes you’ll be lazy for no good reason. Yes you’ll get depressed and frustrated. 

And it’s ok. 

I promise you, it’s ok. 

These are simply component parts of being a human, as inescapable as the color blue or the need to drink water. 

The “secret” that I want to leave you with isn’t one and it has more to do with life than leadership. 

It’s simply this: there are no secrets. You’re ready. You’re more amazing than you know. You always have been. 

God speed.
—  By Jason Connell on Ignited Leadership

Finally it happened. I expected something like this happen!! but said it would be impossible!! LOOK. NOW LOOK AT THIS. Kishimoto should be happy to know that his boys will finally confess! I need this cd and I’m already buying.

THIS IS A DREAM! NO! I DO NOT WANT THIS IS A DREAM! When this wonderful cd comes, and well on my birthday!!! I will cry like never cried in my life. WILL THIS BE GREAT!!

Thanks Kira you made my life much happier!!

Let me give you the details. It was 2010, I had just got birthday money, which was like $50. So I asked to go to gamestop, at that point they were still doing those 20,40,45 dollar boxes with some cheap games. So I’m digging through and I found Final Fantasy XIII. I didn’t know at the time that this game was bad, I just knew I liked VII so I bought it. 

The next day, I made it a goal that I would beat the game before the summer. That didn’t happen because after playing for EIGHT HOURS, I noticed that I really didn’t like the characters or the story for the most part. That and the fact the game is super super boring. That day, I felt like my life was wasted. 

P.S. I traded it in the next day, the game was freaking brand new when I bought it!!

Birthdays are usually a cause for celebration, most people throw parties and invite over their closest relatives and friends. Well, the mortality rate in my family made that quite difficult to do. Don’t get me wrong, my sister Joy and I had friends but we didn’t much feel like a celebration without mom and dad. Somehow it felt wrong without them. So we kept it simple and baked a cake together, and blew them out at the same time. She told me to make a wish and she made hers but I had the distinct feeling mine would not come true.

It wasn’t long after our actual birthdays that I set out for Widenburg finally, leaving Joy to the house in Willow Creek. With us both being old enough it was time to go about living our lives as adults. My newfound freedom also felt odd at first, with mundane day to day tasks I set to keep myself busy. I tried for a while to distance myself from the many women in my life but somehow I was always drawn in by each and every one of them.

At some point, I started to feel empty, and my life was on auto-pilot for a while. Every day was the same as the day before and no two days were different. I started to crave more out of life, and even though I was living in a new town far away from the things that were familiar to me I still felt that I needed more. But I couldn’t quite figure out what I needed more of, it would take a few more years for me to figure it out. And when I finally did I couldn’t have been happier.

I started writing when I fell for you.
Back when life was just a dream
that could only be described in
pen and ink.
I would write and write and write.
From morning till night there’d be
a pen in my hand.
You brought out the dreamer
that dwelled deep within the realist.
Writing was something that I thought I could never stop.

For many months,
it felt like life was just a fantasy.
You didn’t just make me fall for you,
You made me fall in love with life.
Every moment was something to be cherished.
Every day on Earth was such a beautiful gift.
Everything in this world was worth writing about.
Everything would somehow just turn out right.

Then one day,
It was like I finally woke up.
I saw the ugliness of the world again.
I saw how things were never fair.
The pain in the world outweighed the happiness.
Writing was suddenly the last thing on my mind.
Writing was something I had finally left behind.

And after six months more came and went,
I was something that you could leave behind.
The words I wrote,
the words you loved,
the words that made you fall in love with me were gone.
So I don’t really blame you for anything.
After all, it wasn’t your fault but my own.
I never should have set down that pen.
I only wish I had known that then.

—  “And now the dreamer has become a realist once again.” -m.i.
(I think this is the last poem I will ever write)