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I think I’m settling with this layout.
Since I’ve got things to do but also want to record everything in my life, I have a weekly bullet journal page and a weekly journal page right after that. This layout works soooo well for me.

Today’s photo quality isn’t the best tho.
I have no idea why it is so gloomy these days :(

But hey, thank you for 100+ follows! 💙
I’m a newbie and I think my start isn’t so bad and that’s all thanks to you !!

asterhythm  asked:

ok real talk is riverdale worth watching

you know what? i honestly have no idea

i thoroughly enjoy it because i’ve been reading Archie comics since i learned how to read and to have this integral part of my childhood and adolescence come to life in front of me in the form of attractive millennial garbage children is akin to ascending to a higher plane of existence

but to break it down


  • everyone is attractive
  • asian reggie 
  • all black josie and the pussycats who call archie out on his white privilege ON THE DAILY
  • veronica wears capes all the time like that’s something highschool students in small towns do and i’m living for it 
  • archie is shirtless in every episode and in the third episode betty and veronica were very seductive and yet more covered than archie usually is? which is cool in terms of objectification of women (kinda) but anyway there are some Very attractive characters and when they’re half naked they’re usually men
  • kevin keller exists
  • jughead jones is a grungy little snark basket 
  • hermione lodge calling her daughter ‘m’hjia’ added 50 years to my life 
  • veronica and betty to the casual not-heteronormative observer fall deeper in love every single episode 
  • it is an incontrovertible fact that both veronica and chuck were looking at betty in the exact same overwhelmingly aroused way in the third episode 
  • whoever did the costume design for this show knew what the fuck they were doing 
  • ‘what was it like, suicide squad?’ and ‘can you spell it’ objectively the best insults i’ve ever heard in grudge match flirting ever in my life
  • maybe it’s just me but every time the characters do or say something not wholesome my whole being is Shook. this started with archie andrews, the all-american golden boy, saying ‘wank bank’ like!! oh shit!! that’s not child friendly!! as someone who read archie comics religiously this show feels like staying up to watch an inappropriate tv show at age 10 and being blown away by things adults are allowed to say. betty tried to drown someone. archie’s fucking a teacher. i’m literally overflowing with illicit joy


  • i can’t tell if it’s badly written which means it probably is and i’m just blinded by my beloved characters coming to life
  • miss grundy in particular can go the fuck to jail already but also like 50% of the adults in this town are sentient garbage fires 
  • their treatment of chuck clayton was at best the unnecessary character assassination of a creative, kind, character who could have been given more depth & at worst some racist bullshit 
  • they’re probably going to ignore jughead’s asexuality like COWARDS
  • biphobia? kinda? i think? 
  • queerbaiting on the DAILY because lbh that’s what the cw does best in this world and i’m nowhere near ready to trust them with the beautiful pure wlw friends-to-lovers opportunity they have in their grimy little hands 
  • they… literally slutshame…. in an episode that condemns slutshaming…
  • twincest? the potential of twincest??? i don’t even fucking know what’s going on there
  • kevin keller’s v much played as the token gay guy
  • miss??? grundy????

idk like is it the best show of our generation? no. is it objectively a good show?? i honestly don’t know. 
but it’s much more diverse than it needed to be/could’ve gotten away with being, it’s got an underlying murder plot that i realise i haven’t mentioned up till now, and it suits all your trashy teen drama needs

also, to top it all off, it’s on netflix so you don’t even have to go out of your way to watch it really


anyways I’m starting a fic rec on this blog because I have nothing better to do with my life!! i’ll do weekly ones, monthly ones, lots of different things, but these are my most recently visited fics: (✳ means my favorites)

long hair don’t care (by ballsdeepinjesus):  harry is sheltered and louis is a thief. or, a tangled au. (20k) ✳

everything comes back to you (by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Harry owns a diner, and Louis’ been coming in at 2am the past two months. Cue pining, mischievous friends, and a lot of fluff. (6k) ✳

only thing that can quench my thirst (by eyesofshinigami or @hazandlouwho):  Louis wouldn’t exactly call it a thing, his newfound fascination with the curly trail that starts below Harry’s bellybutton and disappears into his skinny jeans. It’s definitely not a thing. It’s just… Alright, maybe it’s a thing. And that’s okay. (6k) ✳

not heartbroken (also by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Two months since they had broken up. Louis is just trying to get over him and move on. Bumping into him on the street doesn’t help. Or “we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realize i’m wearing your shirt” (2k)

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I hate when people say “money can’t make you happy/can’t buy happiness” when they very obviously mean “money won’t cure the gaping hole in your heart that stems from selfishness, arrogance and the bleak loneliness of your constant vapid, shallow, loveless interpersonal relationships”

money CANNOT buy people’s respect and genuine friendship and love, but money can absolutely solve every single one of my problems fairly quickly and with little to no hiccups.


So because SPN’s new episodes coincided with one my of weekly cooking nights, I ended up with a bit of a tradition. Call it my “weekly date with Sam”. A screenshot of his lovely face, next to whatever meal/dessert I made that night. Sadly, Sam does not seem to approve of my dietary choices in some of these. Lay off, Sammy, let me eat my sugary food in peace.

…Is the hiatus over yet? My Wednesday meals are very lonely without Sam now.