my life was better before this fandom

Before I was a dumb Zelda fanartist I was a dumb Soul Eater fanartist and seeing Soul Eater stuff on my dashboard made me nostalgic, so here’s some Maka fanart! Even if it’s been years since I’ve left the Soul Eater fandom/series and have moved on to better things, I still have a soft spot for this kid.

first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

The pounding headache that currently plagued you was going to be a serious problem. You took medicine to try and ease it but it hadn’t kicked in just yet.

Your best friends Pietro and Natasha took you out for drinks the night before to celebrate you landing your dream job. One drink turned into four and the night got hazy after that. You knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing to go out the night before you were to start a new job, but you were in a good mood and wanted to.

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Mistakes Made 1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader // Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Angst, Drama, Drinking, physical altercations later on in the story (basically someone or someone’s get punched). Also this does turn into a Peter Parker x Reader story.

A/N: Please Remember My Peter Parker Is Andrew Garfield. Not Tom.

Steve doesn’t know about your wild crush for him. When he starts dating a girl, Agent Holly, he met on a mission, you don’t take the news well. Jealousy and an attitude take over you, trying to move past it, trying to be friends. You find comfort in Peter Parker, who makes you laugh and looks at you in a way that makes your heart stutter. After too much to drink one night, drunk texts and a confused Steve are standing in your door looking for answers, to Peter’s dismay. Will you cough up the truth about what you’re feeling for who or will you let everything come crashing down?

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A dear friend of mine is in the V:LD fandom and curious, I looked it up, to my distaste I have seen a lot of people telling others they should delete a wonderful picture simply because the creator posted some NSFW stuff of the characters. I refuse to be a part of this fandom. I absolutely abhor antis, why would one send hate to one who is going on with their life? To be a nuisance? Why are you even bothering? Does one truly have nothing better to do?

I have to wonder if people understand that fiction is simply that. None of this has any affect on real life, there has been older males shipped with younger males before. Such as Eren/Levi. Sebastian/Ciel.

People will not stop shipping what they love, in fact, some may even ship it just to spite antis. Each has their reasons. Sometimes it is special and other times it is not. Their lives do not affect yours, but you decide to make yourself a menace by sending hate and so on and so forth. People call “Shaladin” shippers pedophiles yet I have heard that some of these antis LOOK UP child pornography to send to harmless shippers because of their ship. Doesn’t that make them pedophiles considering they WILLINGLY looked it up and sent it. If they hate it so much, why look it up?

In those pictures are REAL children.

Not CARTOON characters.

Keith is in his LATE teens.

Lance is in his LATE teens.

Hunk is in his LATE teens.

Granted Pidge/Shiro does squick me. She is 14 after all. And for some reason Lance/Shiro. But because it makes ME uncomfortable does not mean I am going to become a self-entitled brat and send hate to those who ship it.

Each to their own after all.

And I have to wonder if these antis realize that there is a possibility that the creators of the show may stop producing it all together if they are continued to be harassed by childish people who feel they are justified in their actions. Such as what happened to poor Josh Keaton.

A producer may feel it is time to pull the plug if it continues to be a problem-in class, if one continued being a nuisance, something good was ruined for the entirety of the students. Such as day off. Movie day. Doesn’t matter, it was ruined by ONE person.

I am just saying maybe people should lay off, you never know what may happen. There is always cause and effect. Negativity will always bring Negativity.

I for one refuse to be friends with anyone who says “so-and-so can choke”. Although people will be people, this will go ignored and things will go on.

Seriously if you don’t want your idols dating...

1) get a life

2) don’t mess up their chance for happiness for your own selfish agendas

3) they do so!! much!! for you. their entire careers are built around making others happy by sharing what they’re passionate about but that does not mean that they should suffer. i don’t care if you claim them as selfish because honey… take a good look at yourself when you say you don’t want them to date until 50

4) if you really, truly want to call yourself a fan of exo, then how about actually showing support where it’s most needed. Not in voting for shows or streaming videos!! But supporting every member in their personal decisions if it makes them happy. Think about it - dating isn’t hurting anyone. It’s a part of life and they’re human. If it “hurts” you, then refer back to my first point.

This pisses me off so much, especially during the times of Baekhyun and Taeyeon, and Kai and Krystal. Every comment I see about it still saddens me and because of what I saw on “Party People,” I can see that it hasn’t gotten any better. Of course I can’t get the word out to the Korean Exo-ls that were in the audience, but for everyone seeing this, please think again before you say something about not wanting your idols to date.

Represent as a good fandom, Exo-ls, that truly and really love and support the group our fandom is based on. Without them, if we push them to all quit, what are we?

So I had a thought while in bed last night..

Like many of you, I’ve been pretty devastated over the news concerning Stefan’s health. It’s been a rough few days and I can only imagine how very much worse it’s been for Stefan and his family. There’s a lot of sadness and uncertainty right now and no one knows how much time our beloved Plant Dad has left with us.

But I had a thought float into my head last night while I was trying to sleep last night and, while it may sound cold to some, I wanted to post about it for those it might help, even if only slightly.

In a way, everyone is terminal. We’re all going to pass on some day whether we like it or not, and none of us truly knows when our number is up; none of us know when we’re going to go. Could be in five minutes, could be in fifty years. And that’s why it’s so important to cherish everyone in our lives every day. Because none of us know how long we have, or how long any of our loved ones have. The only thing that changes about our exit from this world are the circumstances, so…as hard as it can be sometimes, we can’t take anything, any precious day, for granted.

I love this fandom. You guys make me feel like I have a home online. I’ve never felt like I fit in a community so much before. I love you. I love you all and I’m so so glad that–even if peripherally in many cases–you’ve touched my life. You have all made my life just a little bit better by existing and creating and sharing and loving, and that’s the best thing anyone can ever do for others: make their lives better.

I don’t know how much time we have with Stefan. I also don’t know how much time I have, or how much time any of you have. Which is why we need to share our love and compassion with everyone now…because later isn’t always guaranteed to be there.

I love you guys. Keep creating, keep sharing, keep loving. And keep memeing.

Little Dove (Kylo Ren x Reader Drabble)

A/N: Hi padawans, its Gossip Ren. Welcome to my shit post or welcome back to my shit post. I hardly ever write drabbles! like I actually wrote something that wasn’t a text from kylo! I wrote a physical story and not a text! what the what! this is legendary!  the kylo fandom is shaking! stans everywhere in tears. kylorenisagarbagedump cannot even (just kidding she’s fine. I love her). yeah- uh- at the end of the day I am just a shit writer with nothing better to do than writing shitty fanfics. I keep doing what I’m doing because for some reason there are people on the internet that actually care about me. also- I may have watched too many Tana Mongeau videos before writing this note….

SIDEBAR: I really hope you enjoy this drabble! I actually worked hard on something once in my life and I’m so happy with the mediocre results! I wanted to write something with a GOT (Game Of Thrones) feel but I still wanted it to be true to the star wars realm without having to classify it as an AU. so if you like GOT then maybe you will like this?! if you haven’t seen GOT then that’s ok. this fic doesn’t reference it like that- nor spoils it! I just wanted to write something dramatic, dark, and different. 

words: 1.5k

Rating: 18+(?) 

Warnings: mentions of the word rape. inappropriate touching. No one is hurt!

The air was light out and the night was going smoother than expected. People of all noble titles danced freely with one another while onlookers sat at nicely dressed tables eating and drinking more than their fill.

It was a night of celebration and welcoming. The first order had been invited on the planet of Daharice by the King and Queen. They were seeking protection and an alliance that meant no harm to them and their seven kingdoms. The people of Daharice knew the resistance could only do so much and protect only the royal family. If they had sided with the General, their planet would have just been taken over by the first order in the end.

“I ‘ope everything is to your liking” the king smiled, cheeks rosy from the wine.

The Commander kept his eyes forward, watching the room through his visor. “I could honestly care less, but my men seem to be enjoying themselves.”

The King drunkenly laughed, joyfully slapping the Commander on his back. “Well, I ‘ope that’s good!”

Kylo slowly turned his head brushed the King’s hand away ready to spit venom when suddenly he was interrupted by a small figure that approached the table. Her hair was like nothing he had seen before. Her skin was glowing and her eyes were beautiful, orbs the shade of (e/c). He stared intensely at her as her thick lashes fluttered and her plump lips pulled into a smile.

“Father, I’m quite tired. May I go to bed?” she said softly yet still loud enough to be heard over the music.

“What do you say?” he smiled peering over the high top table.

Pleeeaseeee,” she giggled reaching up and placing her hands in his.

The king kissed the tops of her hands. “You may rest now, little dove.”

“Goodnight father.” she gently pulled away.

The king cleared his throat. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh- yes!” she glanced over to the Commander and offered her hand. In return, he delicately held it and gave it a squeeze. “Goodnight, Commander.”

Kylo Ren enveloped her hand completely holding it between his own. “Goodnight, little dove.”

She smirked as she moved away, her eyes slowly trailing away from his hidden ones and he watched as she sauntered away. Silently mesmerized.

The king said nothing at first but a laugh rose deep from his chest and he smiled from ear to ear. “Ya’ like ‘er? That’s the baby ou’ of mi seven. The last to be married.”

“I saw no ring.” Commented the Commander.

“Oh, that’s because I can’t bring myself to promise her to anotha’!” He tisked.

“And why not?”

The king pursed his lips. “‘Cus she’s my baby, my little dove! No man is worthy of her!”

“Oh what a shame.” said the commander, now intrigued.

“Aye, but that’s life. Rather my dove be a spinster then in the ‘ands of some no good Rancor.”

                                               ❈  ❈  ❈

It was well after the celebration and the sun was ready to rise. The shuttles were being boarded and men in first order uniforms began to take off. They left with lavish gifts as a thank you for coming and as a small bribe to work with the Seven Kingdoms.

The king and queen did not sleep easy at night. They stayed up together and tried to reason with the commander but unlike his men… he could not be bought. He was offered one of the kingdoms but turned it down, he was given a case of wine but he did not drink. They offered him a brothel but only offended him. There was nothing in the galaxy that they could promise him that he couldn’t just take for himself.

Kylo sat in an empty interrogation room he had just been using moments before. enjoying the lingering feelings of a tortured life form. It was nothing he could physically hold but more of an energy his spirit could feed off of.

In the middle of his high he was interrupted by a bucket head and a man he had never seen before. The man was dressed in the house colors of the royal family and in his hand was a tattered scroll.

“A stowaway?” Kylo quizzed.

“Sir,” the stormtrooper began, “he’s a squire. Claims he comes bearing a gift you cannot refuse.”

“Aye sir!” the boy bowed.

Kylo growled, stepping dangerously close to the harmless squire. “I thought I made it clear that I did not want anything- that I could not be bought!”

“But sir-”

“Whatever it is, send it back or else I’ll send you back in pieces, boy!”

“It’s not an it but she.” he corrected naively.

Kylo grabbed the squire by the collar of his idiotic costume and raised him to eye level. “You brought me a whore??? Do you have a death wish???”

“N-no sir!” he squawked. “But I bring you no whore!”

Releasing the boy, The commander paced around the room angrily. The squire stared in fear anticipating every back and forth motion made by the masked man dressed in all black.

“GO ON! OUT WITH IT!” kylo snarled.

Fumbling to his feet, the boy opened the scroll up. “As a gift to Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren, Jedi killer, the Commander of the first order, and grandson of the great Darth Vader, the king and queen of seven kingdoms bestow upon you (y/n) last virgin of house (l/n), the untouched, the first of her name, the Kyla, and princess of the seven kingdoms.

When the blaster door opened more stormtroopers stepped in, with them the princess. 

She stared up at kylo with her big doe-eyes.

“Everyone out,” he ordered and the room emptied.

Kylo stood back and studied the princess. Her dress was white but clingy; the material of her dress was so thin and so stuck to her body that he could make out every inch of her. He was certain that in the wrong (or right) lighting her sheer white dress would be see through. 

He ran his index finger over the straps of her dress which were nothing more than lazily twisted pieces of fabric held together by a piece of dyed leather cord. He tugged on the leather and in one swift motion, her dress was at her ankles. (y/n) moved her arms to cover her chest but when she did they were ripped away. A glove-clad hand roamed her bare skin, groping at her breast. 

Kylo buried his mask on the side of (y/n) face and she watched as the hand on her breast traveled down her stomach. He put his hand between her legs, rubbing her but never parting her.

“I want you to scream like I’m hurting you.” he whispered in her ear.

She pulled her head away and stared into the visor of his helmet. “What?”

Kylo retrieved his hand and stepped away from the girl. “They’re expecting me to rape you, to leave my mark on you. Why else would they send me the virgin princess.”

(y/n) kept her eyes locked on the commander. Though his instructions were clear she wasn’t quite comprehending.

“Scream like I am hurting you- like I am raping you.”

“No! Wait! Stop!” she shouted at no one.

“Good,” he whispered, “Louder this time.”

(y/n) looked around the empty room and off the top of her lungs let out a scream. “PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE! AHHH-”

“Can you make yourself cry?”

As if on command tears poured down (y/n) face. “PLEASE, YOU’RE HURTING ME!” 

She continued to sob as kylo stepped near her. He gathered the dress at her feet and tucked under her arms as if he were wrapping her body in a towel. He freed her (y/h/c) hair from its elegant braid and disheveled it. 

(y/n) let her sobs turn into silent tears as he pinched the tip of her nose and the tops of her cheeks, giving her face a flushed appeal.

“Good girl,” he whispered before turning to the door. “You may enter, General.”

A man with flames for locks and blue sea glass for eyes opened the blaster door. He had a look of disgust and his nose turned upwards as if he had just smelled fresh dung.


Kylo turned back to (y/n) and stepped close behind her. “Tell the king and queen I have accepted their gift and that the first order will make good on their word. We shall form an alliance and for offering their (once) virgin daughter they have our protection as well.”

“Excellent.” the General nodded.

As two figures dressed in white armor joined the conversation, (y/n) was handed over to their custody.

“To my quarters, untouched by your hands,” said kylo firmly. “I’m not finished with her just yet.”



but guess what? I don’t give a shit. this is my “tuesday selfie” and I’m completely content with that. my last selfie, I told y'all that I wasn’t really feeling myself and I was faking my happiness. WELL I’M BACK AND BETTER THAN BEFORE! technically this isn’t a “selfie” but I’m feeling super confident about myself and my body.

no matter what someone tells you and who they are, don’t let another bring you down. YOU are the #1 most important person in your life and you come before anyone else (physically, mentally & emotionally). you all are so very important to me and if anyone is struggling with anything, please talk to me if you would like. I’m always open to talking with you guys. this fandom has offered me so many things such as compassion and love. you guys taught me how to love myself, made me feel important and supported me through everything. for that I owe you all the world, thank you guys for all that you do for me and each other! I love you! 😇

and I promise my bath water isn’t dirty or anything, I had a bath bomb in there and the water turned a really dark blue…
Christmas Presents

So, I’ve gotten back into painting. I love it. So much. And those of you in the TS fandom have made my life so much better since I joined Tumblr.

So, to thank you all, I’m going to pain something for you.

I’m creating a Google Form for you, and if you want me to paint something for you, fill the form in. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never interacted before- I still want to thank you.

I’d appreciate it if you reblogged this, to show other people, and I’d also appreciate it if you filled the form in by November 15th so I can have a chance to paint them all.

I also don’t know if the form’s going to work the way I think it will, so message me if you’re not sure about this.

If you have any other questions, message me and I’ll answer them. Thank you all!!

hat films are my special interest, and this fandom is not dying

I know that this isn’t a huge fandom like Supernatural or whatever. 

There’s so many people leaving, or that have left, that made good content and added to the numbers of us that are still around. Now it seems like the same content is shared over and over in our little bubble on media, which again, is good - we all have the same interests - and there isn’t a lot of variety in the content on tumblr that’s new, or there’s just not loads of it. 

Being a small fandom isn’t a bad thing, at all in fact. We’re still standing, we still have the same liking of those three that keeps us laughing and loving each video. 

The amount of times people have told me (in other fandoms that I’m in) that there really isn’t any point in loving these guys so much when the fandom is “dead” is really too much to put down in figures, and I’ve stopped counting anyway - it just goes over my head. Why? Because Hat films are my special interest. 

It’s a term in the autistic sort of group here on tumblr that I’ve seen it being used- it basically is just something we, as autistic persons, can get very attached to and excited about. We can talk about our s.i’s for hours on end and be very happy to do so! Every autie could have a different one, it could be an animal specie, a person in their lives, a tv show, literally anything. And since about 2012, mine has been Hat Films. 

Today, that means I have loads of ideas on the daily about aus and fic ideas, I love watching them and talking about them - heck, the whole reason I’m on tumblr was because I love the idea that there’s other people like me that also like them as much, maybe more, and won’t be like people outside of fans who don’t know what I’m talking about when I babble on and on about them so much. 

So when someone initially told me not to bother anymore about them or the fandom (since it’s “dead), I was initially upset. I wouldn’t have anything to be excited about- no one to share that with. 

But I realise that now, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Like I said before, the fandom is coming back from where it had a little downturn, and there’s more of us coming back or joining in. 

But personally, I don’t think I’ll be agreeing when people say this fandom is dying or is dead. I have met so many good people here - so many good creators, writers, artists, heck, I met the love of my life through watching three guys on the internet insult each-other and play video games. 

I’m going to try to be a better creator here - more fics and that, more activity. I like talking about and liking Hf in general, and if I can spread that, I’ll try to. 

Thank you to so many creators in this fandom - @threeplusfire, @blithe-bee, @marblellous, @lukadarkwater, and so on. If you read this and you are a creator - whether you write novel-length fanfiction or draw tiny sketches - I owe you so much thanks. You keep us going. 

A small fandom is still a strong one. And we’re a good one. 

anonymous asked:

I really like that you and a few other TS fandom blogs are like a big group of friends. It really makes me feel better after a rough day, to just see what the fandom puts together.

Oh yes, we’re famILY. ^^

I love this fandom so much. I’ve never felt so included in my life before. It’s really heartwarming to see how sweet and supportive everyone in this fandom is. So many awesome content creators, it’s just wonderful. Everytime I read a really good fanfiction I am in absolute awe of how someone can come up with such amazing stories and tell them in such eloquent ways. I’ve read many books but sometimes fanfiction are way better.

It’s insane when I think about it. Some fanfiction writers have ripped my heart into pieces in a way no book author has ever done before. Kudos to you.
And also my fellow artist who are way better at drawing than me. You are all so wonderful and talented and I love your works so so much. Keep it up! <3

So today I have been in the Miraculous Ladybug Fandom for two years! Time has gone by so fast when I first made this blog. I had watched it with @gigiree and we enjoyed it so much!

I remember my very first post and how it got over three hundred notes for a drabble almost overnight and I was beyond floored because I had never got that may before!

I remember making great friends like @alyseb630 , @miracufic , @thelastpilot , @panda013 , @chassecroise , @princessofharte and so many more! 

I just, this fandom has been here for me, has been a springboard for me as I’ve changed and adjusted to life after grad school. I found solace here with my anxiety and depression and being a content creator for this fandom has made into such a better writer.

I can finally say that I am very proud of my writing. I love it a lot. I like what I made. Miraculous Ladybug helped me become comfortable with that aspect of myself.

Thank you for following me and being around as I change and grow and grow and change. This fandom is amazing.


Imagine: Always standing up for others and getting in trouble with Umbridge so halfway through the school year you’re covered in lines and Fred takes care of you and cheers you up.

It was becoming a regular thing for you to be in Umbridge’s office in the evening doing lines. Because of that the lines on your own body had spread from your hand. This particular one was currently burning into your chest right above your heart. You had no idea it could spread like this. 

“Does the message seem clear to you now, dear?” she asked you. On your chest in bright red now stood “I must not disobey”.

“Clear as a crystal,” you mumbled through gritted teeth. You looked down at your hands that were also covered in lines. You really should’ve learned by now to keep quiet, but you couldn’t let her treat the students like this. Especially not the first years. They were way too young but you could take it. Most days you managed to take enough attention to keep a lot of kids out of detention with Umbridge. 

“Then you can go,” she said and made that annoying sound that sounded half like a laugh and half like she was choking on something. You got up without a word and headed for the common room. It was nearing midnight so you were praying no one was up. Everyone acted like you were some kind of hero for standing up to Umbridge and you didn’t want that. You didn’t do it to be a hero; you did it because it was right. 

“Y/N?” someone said as soon as you came through the painting and as the dark silhouette came into the light of the fireplace you recognised him immediately. 

“Hey,” you whispered and didn’t even notice that you were rubbing your new scar on your chest. 

“This has to stop,” he whispered looking you straight in the eye. Tears were welling up in your eyes but you knew yourself well enough to know that you’d be doing the exact same thing tomorrow. Some part of Fred knew that as well. 

“I can take it,” you said trying to act tough but you wanted nothing more to be left alone to cry all through the night. 

“Come here,” he said leading you to the couch. He put a damp cloth on your newest addition and you felt an instant relief. There must’ve been some herb on it. 

“I hate knowing that she’s hurting you,” he whispered placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. 

“I know. But rather me than some first year. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something to stop that,” you replied and Fred nodded. 

“You’re a crazy lady,” he said making you laugh. 

“Well, I’m your crazy lady so you better get used to it,” you teased. Fred never failed to cheer you up. He was the light in the darkness for you. Before him you never knew that life could be this good. 

“I love that you’re my crazy lady,” he said making your heart almost burst from happiness. You didn’t care what Umbridge did to you as long as you had Fred. 

“And I love you.”


Simsrena: a day in the park

As most of you will know, I haven’t been as active as I usually am in recent weeks because this idiot broke her laptop. How? Well, let me just say, it was basically a series of unfortunate events that would never have happened had I done my usual pre-sleeping routine and come in at my usual time the next day…

In short, I spilt a tiny bit of water on it.

Originally posted by swearwho

And when it wouldn’t turn on I of course panicked like any other fangirl who lives her entire existence online. And then I realised, I hadn’t backed up Simsrena…

Originally posted by swearwho

I wish it was like, in fact it was mostly full blown panic. Swearing, tears, snot, the whole lot! It wasn’t at all dignified nor adult… but then again I’ve never claimed to be either of those things. 

So since the last Simsrena update many things have happened. I met Jemma, met some awesome Berena peeps, turned 30(!), and… oh wait… you want to know about Simsrena? Fine!

Bernie and Serena (now safely backed up by the way) are still on a pretty big high from being engaged. Wedding preparations are well underway but they did need to take a little time out for the twins to grow up.

Look at them! They obviously had a birthday at some point which I can’t remember happening because I’ve been without a laptop for so bloody long. Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m still feeling pretty bitter about my laptop even though it’s fixed and I have it back. Just saying…

Anyhoo, while Cam and Serena were at work, Bernie had the day off! Yey! And she decided to take the twins to the park. Cause they’re clearly having way better weather in Simsland than we are in real life. Jealous!


Originally posted by eilidhsx

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

And if that didn’t kill you off, just you wait…

I so live for Bernie playing with the twins. Like seriously, I have no idea what I used to do with my time before Serena had the twins. Sad? Maybe. Time well spent? Maybe not. Do I regret it? DEFINITELY NOT!

Especially when we get family time.


Originally posted by terry-ferguson

I hope this little Simsrena update made you feel all warm and fuzzy! I know the fandom is at a low at the minute and that we seem to be losing members but we can still lose our shit over these women no matter what happens. At least this fangirl will continue to fangirl and lose her shit over these women and drown herself in the wonderful world of Simsrena. Denial is a glorious thing sometimes. Who’s with me? :)

Theory of Liminality (3)

Chapter 3 (AO3 mirror)

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

Pairing: Aizawa Shouta/Present Mic ( Maizawa / erasermic )

Word count:  12,000

Rating: M (as a story)

Tags: Parental abuse and neglect, lots of loneliness highschool AU, small town AU, disability AU, slowburn, Deaf character, Deaf Mic

Notes: Tw for parental abuse in this chapter. Also, summary has been updated to better reflect the story. Feedback is greatly appreciated!!


Aizawa Shouta has lived in rural Yuugen his entire life and has found himself shunned and hated by most of the town and by the summer before the last year of high school, he’s counting the days until he can leave this terrible place and the past he’s created within it. Family life is dysfunctional at best, and Shouta has essentially been pushed out of the community.

Plans are interrupted, though, when the Yamada family moves into the forever-vacant house across the street, bringing the deaf Yamada “Mic” Hizashi along with them. Very quickly, Shouta finds his life intertwining with the boy across the street. It’s there that it starts, in the summer before school starts, and from there Hizashi brings a whirlwind into Shouta’s life as Shouta struggles to communicate and Hizashi tries to survive the cultural shock of moving to a place where people have hardly even heard of deaf kids. Complete with high school drama, dysfunctional family relationships, sign language, struggles to leave a small town, and romance.

Chapter Summary:

The problem with Aizawa Shouta.


And then there was this boy.

Aizawa Shouta was his name, apparently. He’d learned that today and Mic hadn’t quite come up with a nickname for him yet. For now, it was just Shouta and that was how he’d stay until an appropriate nickname came to mind. Aizawa Shouta had been the first person Mic had seen in this rundown town, sitting there on the train platform, seeming to not even be waiting for anyone, just sitting there, a notebook of neat, precise writing sprawled on his lap. Mic didn’t think he’d ever forget the look of absolute shock he’d seen the moment Mic had smiled at him when he’d gotten off the train. He hadn’t understood, but he’d gone with it, only to find out that Shouta was living in the house across from him.

Read on AO3 or below

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“Code blue, hostile territory, aborting mission. There’s too many enemy tampons.” Jensen shouted furiously into the phone to you. You couldn’t help but burst with laughter into the phone.

“Seriously Jensen get it together.” You stated. You heard Jensen groan on the other end. “Suck it up buttercup. I’m at work and I can’t leave right now and I’m in dire need of these tampons.”

“But there’s people staring at me. I don’t like it. It’s creeping me out.” Jensen cried into the phone.

“Jensen Ross Ackles.” You were sure you heard him stand straight up as he heard his full name. “You’re going to buy the tampons with no more complaining. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” Jensen swallowed hard to the sound of your commanding voice.

“I’ll be home later. I love you my peacock haired, tampon freak out of a boyfriend.” You smirked as you spoke into the phone. Jensen rolled his eyes.

“I love you too. See you at home.” Jensen said before hanging up and grabbing a box of the tampons and paying for them. “What are you looking at?” Jensen said to the teenagers staring at him who quickly looked away. “That’s right. You better be staring at my awesome hawk.” Jensen said running his hands along his mohawk and flipping the teenagers off before walking out the door.

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To the fandom, why?

Before I start, this is very different from what I normally do. If you get sad after this, try reading this(shameless self-promoting! Ok thats my last joke)


“Why can’t I love Sakura-chan, fandom?”

When she trusted me when no one else would

When she comforted me when I needed it

When she supported my dream


When she never blamed me. 

When she would worry over me, when no one else would 

When she understands me better than anyone 

When she saved my life 

When she would do anything to keep me safe

When she makes me smile 


“Fandom, why shouldn’t I love her?" 


"Why must I love Sasuke-kun, fandom?”

He ignores me 

He insults me

He attacks me 

 I don’t trust him 

He breaks my heart 

“Why can’t I love Naruto, fandom?" 

When he always supports me 

When he always protects me

When he always cheers me up 

When he’s my motivation

When he would sacrifice anything for my happiness

When I’m hurt, he’s hurt

When he’s my hope

When he understands me the best. 

When I don’t know what I would do without him

When he means the world to me

"Fandom, why shouldn’t I mature?”

Why can’t we be together, fandom?" 

Because our relationship started so negatively?

Because we became closer than ever?

Because we made mistakes? 

"Why can’t you realize, fandom?”

I never wanted this

I don’t want this anymore

But we both do want this.  


Imaging you and Thomas Barrow marrying each other to hide your sexualities.

**Based off of Two by Lenka**

If anything, the bond between you and Thomas was more that of siblings than of lovers. You had your arguments but, in the end, you shared something undeniable. You were both submarines, trying desperately to float under the radar in often-hostile waters. You offered support and comfort to each other. You loved each other in your own way. It was a bond of mutual understanding and struggle.

Before you met Thomas, you had felt utterly alone in the world. In a world where a woman was expected to marry a man and anything else was considered sacrilege, it was difficult to be happy at all. Finding others like you had been immensely difficult. All of the subterfuge, all of the fear, it had tainted your every waking hour. With only one you, you had been searching for love and had never actually found it. You had always ended up empty-handed as you tried to collect the pieces of your heart. You had never been so lonely.

And then you had met him. Someone who understood. Someone who could be an ally in enemy territory. You had latched onto each other almost instantly. Things were so much better with two. With Thomas, you weren’t alone. You didn’t have to hide. You could simply be yourself around him and the relief was glorious. Sure, he could be an ass, but that was of little consequence to you. You were just happy to have someone like you.

It had seemed only natural to find a way to hang onto him. And he had devised a perfect plan to deflect suspicion. So you had gotten married for a different kind of love.

“Are you going out tonight?” you asked as you wiped down a few dishes.

Thomas shrugged, “I think I’ll stay in. You?”

“I’ve got a date,” you admitted with a giddy grin, unable to contain your excitement.

“Yeah, well, be home before dawn,” Thomas advised, lighting a cigarette. “And stay safe.”

“You know I always am,” you teased.

Thomas’ lips quirked in a slight smile, “Well, I love you, so you’d better come back, alright?”

“I love you too.”

Yes, life with two was definitely better than one.

Gif Credit: Thomas

It’s the 17th of November at my place so here’s my contribution to the Mushroom son’s Birthday - My first ever RemRitsu Fanart!!! XDD. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REM!!! ;w; I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I’ve adopted you as a fictional son, You’ve made me cry and laugh about you and I don’t regret every single tear I’ve shed for you cause you’re precious :”) 

Even though I still think that you deserve to be treated much much better than how you are now, I’m still thankful that Dance with Devils created you and because of that, I was able to ‘meet’ you and appreciate you as a character. 

I don’t know how long I’d be able to continue being active in the Dance with Devils fandom before it’s time for me to start adulting and move on with life but one thing’s for sure is that you’ll forever remain as the first fictional character that I’ve ever got emotionally attached to and I hope that in the 10, 20 years to come, my passion for you will never change. This is cheesy I know but Thank You, Rem, for existing in my life. 

anonymous asked:

Are you Going to remain in the fandom even after rebels ends?


Rebels has become such a huge part of my life over the past years; since it’s what actually started me drawing (Properly at least). And it’s helped with my dumb depression and anxiety. This show and the fandom will remain part of me for freaking years.

Hopefully once my art get’s a lot better, I want to start a comic thing based on Mira and Dawn. Or F. Sabine and Ezra before they had Mira. No matter the outcome of the finale!