my life was better before this fandom

Before I was a dumb Zelda fanartist I was a dumb Soul Eater fanartist and seeing Soul Eater stuff on my dashboard made me nostalgic, so here’s some Maka fanart! Even if it’s been years since I’ve left the Soul Eater fandom/series and have moved on to better things, I still have a soft spot for this kid.

first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

The pounding headache that currently plagued you was going to be a serious problem. You took medicine to try and ease it but it hadn’t kicked in just yet.

Your best friends Pietro and Natasha took you out for drinks the night before to celebrate you landing your dream job. One drink turned into four and the night got hazy after that. You knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing to go out the night before you were to start a new job, but you were in a good mood and wanted to.

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A dear friend of mine is in the V:LD fandom and curious, I looked it up, to my distaste I have seen a lot of people telling others they should delete a wonderful picture simply because the creator posted some NSFW stuff of the characters. I refuse to be a part of this fandom. I absolutely abhor antis, why would one send hate to one who is going on with their life? To be a nuisance? Why are you even bothering? Does one truly have nothing better to do?

I have to wonder if people understand that fiction is simply that. None of this has any affect on real life, there has been older males shipped with younger males before. Such as Eren/Levi. Sebastian/Ciel.

People will not stop shipping what they love, in fact, some may even ship it just to spite antis. Each has their reasons. Sometimes it is special and other times it is not. Their lives do not affect yours, but you decide to make yourself a menace by sending hate and so on and so forth. People call “Shaladin” shippers pedophiles yet I have heard that some of these antis LOOK UP child pornography to send to harmless shippers because of their ship. Doesn’t that make them pedophiles considering they WILLINGLY looked it up and sent it. If they hate it so much, why look it up?

In those pictures are REAL children.

Not CARTOON characters.

Keith is in his LATE teens.

Lance is in his LATE teens.

Hunk is in his LATE teens.

Granted Pidge/Shiro does squick me. She is 14 after all. And for some reason Lance/Shiro. But because it makes ME uncomfortable does not mean I am going to become a self-entitled brat and send hate to those who ship it.

Each to their own after all.

And I have to wonder if these antis realize that there is a possibility that the creators of the show may stop producing it all together if they are continued to be harassed by childish people who feel they are justified in their actions. Such as what happened to poor Josh Keaton.

A producer may feel it is time to pull the plug if it continues to be a problem-in class, if one continued being a nuisance, something good was ruined for the entirety of the students. Such as day off. Movie day. Doesn’t matter, it was ruined by ONE person.

I am just saying maybe people should lay off, you never know what may happen. There is always cause and effect. Negativity will always bring Negativity.

I for one refuse to be friends with anyone who says “so-and-so can choke”. Although people will be people, this will go ignored and things will go on.

Actual conversation in my house yesterday:

8 year old: “Harry Potter isn’t real.”

Me: **gasps in shock**  “How dare you? I’ve raised you better than that!” 

Husband: “Even if it was, Sirius and Remus are dead.  Have been for years.”

Me: **hand on my chest, being as melodramatic as possible**  “You filthy Muggles! Stain upon my house!”

Both son and husband laughing hard, but 8 year old speaks: “Mommy, it’s not real!”

Me, before epic flounce: “That’s it!  You will besmirch the honor of this house no longer, you’re disowned! I’m blasting you both off the family tapestry!!”

**ignores howling laughter and calls of ‘But we don’t have a family tapestry!”**

How dare these filthy Muggles?!?!?

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hat films are my special interest, and this fandom is not dying

I know that this isn’t a huge fandom like Supernatural or whatever. 

There’s so many people leaving, or that have left, that made good content and added to the numbers of us that are still around. Now it seems like the same content is shared over and over in our little bubble on media, which again, is good - we all have the same interests - and there isn’t a lot of variety in the content on tumblr that’s new, or there’s just not loads of it. 

Being a small fandom isn’t a bad thing, at all in fact. We’re still standing, we still have the same liking of those three that keeps us laughing and loving each video. 

The amount of times people have told me (in other fandoms that I’m in) that there really isn’t any point in loving these guys so much when the fandom is “dead” is really too much to put down in figures, and I’ve stopped counting anyway - it just goes over my head. Why? Because Hat films are my special interest. 

It’s a term in the autistic sort of group here on tumblr that I’ve seen it being used- it basically is just something we, as autistic persons, can get very attached to and excited about. We can talk about our s.i’s for hours on end and be very happy to do so! Every autie could have a different one, it could be an animal specie, a person in their lives, a tv show, literally anything. And since about 2012, mine has been Hat Films. 

Today, that means I have loads of ideas on the daily about aus and fic ideas, I love watching them and talking about them - heck, the whole reason I’m on tumblr was because I love the idea that there’s other people like me that also like them as much, maybe more, and won’t be like people outside of fans who don’t know what I’m talking about when I babble on and on about them so much. 

So when someone initially told me not to bother anymore about them or the fandom (since it’s “dead), I was initially upset. I wouldn’t have anything to be excited about- no one to share that with. 

But I realise that now, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Like I said before, the fandom is coming back from where it had a little downturn, and there’s more of us coming back or joining in. 

But personally, I don’t think I’ll be agreeing when people say this fandom is dying or is dead. I have met so many good people here - so many good creators, writers, artists, heck, I met the love of my life through watching three guys on the internet insult each-other and play video games. 

I’m going to try to be a better creator here - more fics and that, more activity. I like talking about and liking Hf in general, and if I can spread that, I’ll try to. 

Thank you to so many creators in this fandom - @threeplusfire, @blithe-bee, @marblellous, @lukadarkwater, and so on. If you read this and you are a creator - whether you write novel-length fanfiction or draw tiny sketches - I owe you so much thanks. You keep us going. 

A small fandom is still a strong one. And we’re a good one. 

so this blog turns one year old today.

quite frankly, when i made this blog, i didn’t expect it to have…such a major effect on my life. or, not one effect, rather, but many.

the past year of my life has been filled with many, many ups and downs, and this blog has played a shockingly large role in helping me deal with those things. though it sounds strange, it has genuinely changed my life and who i am as a person.

if it were not for this blog and this fandom, i would not have met the people i now consider to be some of my best friends. i would not have had the support network to turn to online when my offline one started shrinking, and it frightens me to think where i would be, mentally, if not for that. not to mention the fact that it was through talking to people in this fandom that i was able to start accepting my own identity.

if it were not for this blog and the people i met through it, i never would have cared about hockey. that seems insignificant, sure, but it’s given me something else to care about, or at least with which to distract myself, when my mental health is in a bad place. and though it’s a long story, i may not have gotten into college without it.

this fandom encouraged me to start writing again. that’s something i didn’t think i’d ever do again. so i owe that to this fandom, or at least to the comic.

this fandom has been a place of escape for me, but it’s also been one of education. this online community has exposed me to many issues about which i knew very little before, and it’s helped me understand both myself and the people around me better. and i’d like to give a shoutout to the people of color, trans people, and other gay people in this fandom who have to put up with the racism, transphobia, and homophobia this fandom can produce.

though this fandom certainly has its ugly parts that cannot be ignored, i can’t deny that overall it’s made my life better. i have friends that i love and trust. i have a group of people that are willing support me through hard times. that’s been something that i’ve struggled with a lot in real life over the past year. to be able to find some comfort online is truly wonderful.

so thanks for the year, friends. as always, much love.

sometimes i get really sad - and then i remember that these people exist, and i feel a little better. (a non-comprehensive list, or we’d be here all year.)

alphabetical, but… the first shout-out must go to @seahenge for being one of my very best friends for the past 3 years. love u elise.


@a-mi-zivi: sara!! you’re funny and i like you. if you ever catch me spelling your name wrong, please give me a good kick.

@angelxcakes: i kinda love you, meri. (i haven’t forgotten that i owe you a graphic!! im posting it on fuffy day.)

@anyasbunny​: is there a sweeter human being than giulia? how can so much talent and loveliness be packed into one person??

@bimarthajones​: lucia!! bc of you i will probably start lucifer. you already know this, but!! (i predict i will love maze the most. maybe? possibly??) anyway, i hope school is going ok <3

@buffyfaiths: chelsea, i don’t know if i’ve ever told you how much i love your gifs? no one else’s colouring compares, imo. we don’t talk, but i always admire how strong you are.

@buffylovesfaith: one day i want to go on a Great American Road trip to hug all of my friends in the usa. meet me there? i love you clementine xx

@buffysummere​: lucie, i adore you. what would my dash be without your gay posts about buffy summers?? a sad place, that’s what.

@burntlikethesun​ and @oodlyenough​: not to get all fangirly, but ben and kali are the only two bloggers i’ve been following since i first joined tumblr as nowrunalong in 2013. they’re both funny and clever and have great opinions about… well. pretty much everything. i’ll stick with you guys for as long as you’re on this hell site tbh!!

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I'm going through your nygmobblepot tag right now and I regret not watching the show sooner (like about 2 years sooner) so much I missed so much awesome stuff :( you seem to have had so much fun with the shipping and au-making etc and now everything seems to be nothing but discourse, especially with cory and robin :(

Hi! So maybe some will be offended by this donno and I’m not into causing drama obvs but just gonna reply for once.
Yes seeing tons of notes on my old stuff tonight makes me very feelsy! I thought everyone would be as happy as me and my friends when s3 started and Nygmo finally got what they deserved in airtime…but it turned into so much drama and crying whiny babies shouting queerbait after 2 episodes. I have met amazing new ppl too, don’t get me wrong!! Because I mean I’ve been late into fandoms too obvs. But to see so many ppl jump on the ship in 3.5 and 2 eps later geting hateful and angry at everything becuase Nygmo didn’t become canon hurts to see. It’s sad that I untracked the Nygmobblepot tag because it got filled with NONSENSE that didn’t even fit there. And as Ella now said tonight, look at how safe Robin & Cory felt to go all Nygmob rp on twitter in public before, look last summer how excited they were for Nygmob! Thinking everyone would love it as much as them, as much as me. Instead they get hateful comments from both homophobes AND lgbt ppl shouting queerbait at them…well done you all! I shipped Nygmob forever, ppl saying you can’t ship them now because everything that happened are wrong according to me, s3 is everything I waited for. And I want more Nygmob and canon Nygmob ofc, but I ship them as much as I did in early s1 as I do now! The most sad part is how it maybe have hit the actors that do an amazing job. So yep, this is why I never jump into drama threads going around, I don’t need that. I block people that are whiny babies pain in the ass because I’m on tumblr for pleasure and Nygmob and Smaylor are so important to me. Never feel bad for blocking anyone, if someone ruins your casual fun tumblring they don’t deserve your attention. Because I’m still here as you see making tons of gifs, that’s because I LOVE Gotham so much and there are so many amazing people here that I love!! But I mean this is fandom life, every fandom has drama! It’s just been so hard for me on Gotham, coming in when it was tiny and see how it grew into this mess. But I won’t let hateful ppl ruin MY enjoyment. I mean I see hate on my other shows too, block block! I want nice people on my dash. I don’t think it will go back to before but maybe it can be better. It seems like Robin & Cory didn’t dare to play around anymore because the hate, and if they would go all giggly they would be accused of QB. Which is garbage.

And as said I don’t wanna cause drama so I won’t write too much more about this. I love all amazing messages I’m getting and seeing all amazing fan arts and gifs! Because remember if you feel things are a bit rough that there are amazing people here, and they keep me here <333 Hugs!

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Are you Going to remain in the fandom even after rebels ends?


Rebels has become such a huge part of my life over the past years; since it’s what actually started me drawing (Properly at least). And it’s helped with my dumb depression and anxiety. This show and the fandom will remain part of me for freaking years.

Hopefully once my art get’s a lot better, I want to start a comic thing based on Mira and Dawn. Or F. Sabine and Ezra before they had Mira. No matter the outcome of the finale! 

Drama Queen

I’m probably being a drama queen but I need to vent and unload this shit I’m feeling. I’ve started and deleted this post many times, I feel like an idiot, but I’m gunna put it out there and hopefully it will make some sort of sense.

As you all know I haven’t been here very long and this is the first time in my life I have been a fan of ……. well anything really. You know, I liked shit, but never has anything grabbed me and been so relatable to me. So clearly I’ve never done fandom before. I didn’t know until I came here that what I was doing and feeling had a name, shipping.

A few of you have been doing this for a while so you know better than me how this all rolls. Why are so many of you so zen about this whole S/C, MM thing? I’m not dealing with it so good. I feel like I am grieving. I feel betrayed, I feel like these people I trusted lied to me, I feel like they sucked me in and I believed them, I feel hurt, and I feel angry, but also heartbroken and gutted.

Now, I don’t know if what I have seen in the past, interviews, red carpets etc, was all a lie, were they faking it and playing me the whole time? And I don’t know if what I’m seeing now is real or another lie, more faking? Looking at the photos from the weekend of Sam and MM, it looks real ……. sorta. I would have put my house on it, I was so completely 100% convinced that S/C were together/married.

I know I’m not supposed to say this, and I’m supposed to be all PC, wish them well, as long as their happy, blah blah blah. Well I don’t and right now I can’t. I cannot stand the sight of MM. I think her career never really started so she latched onto Sam to further her career. I think she is totally out to gain for herself only and an attention seeker. It really boils my piss that on her SM she could easily block and/or delete all the nasty comments, but she chooses not to. Then when the shit hits the fan and the bullying gets to much for her she runs to Sam to make it stop. Playing the victim. This is your fucking mess which you could have stopped but chose not to, so put your big girl panties on, suck it up and deal with it. Like every other adult has to. I’m even angry that Sam put his hand on MM where he puts it on Cait when they have photos.

I can’t look at photos of S/C I find it too upsetting. I definitely can’t look at photos of Sam and MM, not only do I find it upsetting but I seem to get angrier and angrier. Sam’s smiling and all in photos with MM but it’s not that beaming, radiant smile he has with Cait. He’s doesn’t seem as affectionate and loving in photos with MM as he is with Cait. And how is Cait feeling about all of this?

I have told myself many times to get a grip, put it into some perspective. It’s not as if I know these people. But I do feel like I sorta do know and love them. I don’t understand why I care so much. I’m not fucking normal am I?

For those that have been here a while and been in multiple fandoms, is this normal behaviour for this business? Why is it happening? Were they never together or were and are no longer? Is this really completely final? Are they not together and it’s got nothing to do with the show or does it have everything to do with the show? I don’t know what’s real and what’s not. I understand that there are multiple players and big dollars to be made by all, but why would 2 grown ass intelligent adults let these people run their lives like this? If in fact that’s what’s happening. I don’t want to sound like I’m bat shit crazy that believes in conspiracy theories …… which I don’t.

I really don’t want to leave this ship, and I’m trying so hard to still believe in S/C but I need something to show me that I’m not kidding myself. I just want things to go back to being right, like they were at T2. And honesty, I need complete honesty. Straight up, blunt, honesty.

I truly really enjoy hangin with you bitches, you’re funny as fuck, there’s always a laugh to be had even when things are up shits creek. A dinky di, gotcha back sisterhood. And I thank you for it.For me it’s a big step, this is about the only adult interaction I do, I don’t do friends long story …….. well not really, if ya wanna know just ask I’ll tell ya. I can hear you all yelling ‘shut the fuck up’, so that’s what I’m gunna do. I’ll try not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out.

Thank you for letting me crap on ……. not that I gave you a lot of choice. Ok, I’m really going this time. 🙏✌️😘


Requested by Anon!♡

Warnings: alcohol, nsfw, brief mentions of smut

The three of you had been researching for the past hour on this damn case and with no leads to even go on, it was definitely a looking to be a draining hunt. Sitting in the motel room continuously reading through some book of lore was beginning to bore you, with a frustrated sigh you got to your feet, heading over to the fridge to grab a beer. 

“You guys want one?” you called over your shoulder, earning a raised eyebrow from your boyfriend as he looked up from his laptop. 

“It’s 11am,” Sam pointed out. 

“It’s 5pm somewhere, Sammy,” Dean winked over at him, getting up and taking one of the beers from your hand.

Sam let out a huff and shook his head to himself, “whatever,” he grumbled, getting up and heading to the bathroom.

Dean raised an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with him?”

You shrugged, “this case is an ass.” Deep down, you knew it was more than that. This case was meant to be a quick one, and you and Sam had planned to take the weekend away alone together- but that wasn’t looking likely right now.

Dean nodded, unconvinced, “uh huh, well let’s get back to it then.” 

He walked over to the table, frowning when his phone buzzed on the table, a message from Sam lighting up on the screen, “what’s he texting me for?”

You tried to contain your laughter at the look of pure disgust on Dean’s face before he practically tossed his phone on the table away from him, “oh god, let me stab my eyes out,” he groaned, fake gagging.

“What’s wrong with you?” You chided, picking up his phone and reading the text from Sam.

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a:tla was my first hardcore fandom over a decade ago and STILL TO THIS DAY my instinctive reaction to kataang—if i see it, which is never—is a derisive snort

it’s an old show. it’s been finished. i don’t engage in Shipping Wars. i’m a fucking adult. kataang was endgame and it’s perfectly nice. these are all objective facts. they are so far removed from me at this point in my life

but my lizard brain will still stir ever so slightly, rear it’s weary and cavernous old head for just a moment, and it will whisper “zutara was better” before settling back down for, hopefully, a long and uninterrupted hibernation. settle down for, hopefully, ideally, its final and most eternal sleep

I started writing this as a comment on a post I saw but screw it I’m just going to write my own post cause I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. Sorry if this has been said before but I’m new to the fandom side of the show and I’ve never seen this said (yet) so here are my thoughts.

I just??? Like??? Do antis???? Not understand the concept??? Of people changing??? Do they watch the show??? Do they ignore the points where Mon-El tries to better himself??? And shows his guilt??? And condemns the system he grew up in??? Or idk actively shuns his parents because of how they act??? He’s acknowledged how he has lived his life is wrong and is currently trying to fix his mistakes. Lol this is like someone saying that the person you were when you were 10 is the same person you are now.

I just casually watched the show up until recently and what I gathered from his plot line was that it was reflecting the real life instances where people are brought up with this internalised misogyny/racism/classism etc. and how, when they realise it’s wrong, they start to try and fix it. But when something is that deep rooted in your upbringing it’s hard to change completely so it’s all about adapting and realising when you’ve done wrong and learning. And as we know Supergirl enjoys reflecting racism and the like with its alien characters.

Idk I just always saw Mon-el as this representation of all the people brought up in racist or misogynistic or any other hateful environment and showing that you can change. You aren’t your parents and you don’t have to stay set in your ways just because it’s how you’re raised. You’re your own person. I’m sure the majority of people have got to that point in their life where they realised that they were being discriminatory in some way and had to make the choice to change that to better themselves. I see his character like that. Just on a more extreme level. You know, whole planet destroyed, landing on a completely new one with different customs and practices and everything where he has to hide his identity and has several people constantly ready to judge his misdemeanours :)

(I’m very worried about posting this I’ve never really voiced strong opinions like this before but idc right now my anxiety is low and I’m ready fight me)

Lost - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Words: 1144
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: a lot
Warnings: guns, fighting, training, almost drowning
Requested by anon
can you do a fic with the avengers and the character is the youngest out of them and they’re really protective of them and they almost drown or gets badly hurt on a mission and they all worry and when they wake up they say they’re okay & fluff
Authors Note: this was really fun. SITUATION: you are the same age as peter parker (even though he isnt in this) and have the power to shoot balls of lights. yay.

Masterlist. Request List.

“(Y/N), you have to be more careful,” Natasha advised as she stood above you. Training with Natasha was always something, and you never were able to beat her.

“I’m trying!” You groaned out of frustration, “It’s just hard with you moving as fast as Pietro.”

“Don’t compare me to him, he’s annoying as all hell,” Natasha warned, only receiving a shrug from you.

“Give ‘em a break, Natasha,” You heard Clint’s voice enter the room, a little laugh following.

“Steve told me to work on training; that’s what I’m doing!” She argued.

“But look at (Y/N),” Clint gestured to you, still on the floor.

“Stop acting like such a dad,” Natasha rolled her eyes.

“But, they’re the youngest! I can act like a dad with the little baby!” Clint argued, holding his hand out to help you up.

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Big Name Fans, and fandom behavior

This is a subject that’s been on my mind for a while. Since I started getting active in fandoms years ago I’ve seen some irritating things that I’ve been wanting to address. Maybe it’s time I brought it up because the more I see it, the more irritated I get.

What’s below is a bunch of opinions and frustrations I’ve had over the course of seven or eight years. It is my opinion based on observation. I don’t expect widespread agreement, or think my opinion is the end all be all of opinions on the subject.

People who get ‘fandom famous’ are often referred to like this. They get popular, sometimes early on in the growth of a fandom, providing art of some kind, music, fanfiction–either RP based or independent– or drawings, that get a lot of attention, either due to low content or interesting subject matter– be it a ship or a catchy tune.

They often tend to run in similar circles and get into close knit cliques. Groups form around them, either with the intent of individuals elevating their statuses based on the BNF’s popularity, or gaining free art from a popular artist.

I’ve noticed, though, a few times, actually, that fandom fame goes to a person’s head. Sometimes someone who was perfectly reasonable before their fame can become an asshole once they’ve been elevated by their base group. 

They start treating people who aren’t in their group with a good deal of disrespect. They go to great lengths to lord their abilities over other people. They seem to lose a sense of shame, because whatever they do, the group consensus is 'they can do nothing wrong’.

There was an artist I was aware of, in the Invader Zim fandom, who was popular for drawing 'emo’ Zim. Another artist drew something interesting and only similar in the vaguest of senses, her version was something more along the lines of visual kei, however the first artist, being bigger and more popular within the fandom, wound up running the second artist from the group, using her fanbase to drive her point home.

This is a shame because the artist is a sweet, talented person who deserved the recognition she was getting.

There was another artist, a writer, who, when she transitioned to another fandom, got upset that she wasn’t getting the same reception she had in her original fandom, and grew prone to bitch fits over it.

Another artist sought to create drama with other artists in order to make them not want to work to become a singular popular provider of art for the fanbase. She pitted two BNFs, who’d been friends for years, against one another, effectively ending their friendship.

Other artists created RPs and excluded people who called them on their poor behavior, while allowing their friends to enter into the RP, putting restrictions on whom their characters could interact with off forum.

Yet another artist I’ve known in my time grew upset if you expressed appreciation of another person acting as the character they portrayed most. If you were their friend you could only like them, not another RP person, not another actor, or cosplayer. This same person changed room plans on me, my partner and best friend last minute, and said it HAD to be that way because she was in charge of the room and that’s the way it was going to be. She threw a fit and slammed my friend and I, in front of my partner, in a large group chat aver kicking us from the group. That needed to get off my chest.

Further people were known for purposely triggering people they didn’t like, throwing fits in group chats when someone expressed anxiety, lied to friends and caused breakups due to jealousy, and rigged tryouts for projects they were working on because they wanted one BNF over another, or even received payment for commissions and never even thought about turning out a product, treating their commissioners as personal bank accounts. There were even people who, once they gained popularity, thought their opinion on ANYTHING was worth more than anyone else’s.

Of course there’ve been the few BNFs I’ve seen who actually seem to care how they present themselves to their colleagues. They’ll offer critique to other artists, call people on their bullshit, and talk to their fans with respect. They have good commission turnouts, don’t trashtalk other artists, and in general treat people with respect. They seem immune to their fame, treating people like they matter rather than gunk on their boots. There’s a certain level of respect I reserve for these people.

Here’s the thing though, no one should ever treat other people in these forms. You’re a member of a fandom, you are not on the silver screen, or the radio, or the New York Times Best Seller list. You do not get to act like a Prima Ballerina because a bunch of people on the internet think you’re hot shit. To me it seems like once you’re a BNF, you become a representative of your fandom. Outsiders judge your group based on your actions. In my opinion, once you gain fame within a fandom, you have to behave even better than you did before. Maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it, but it’s important how you present yourself once you gain popularity. Your life is no longer yours. It’s irritating and kind of a shame, if you want to look at it like that, but that’s the way it is.

Of course, BNF people aren’t the only ones who should keep their behavior in mind. Blogs that track drama within a fandom only contribute to bad behavior and bullying. Trampling over people’s head canons is also a problematic situation that needs to be addressed. You don’t get to tell people they can’t think what they want to think, flood a given tag with hate, or treat other people like crap because you don’t agree a character is a certain ethnicity, gender identity or sexuality. You don’t get to trample over someone who thinks a certain character acts a certain way, especially when the source material is vague on the details. You don’t get to complain that you don’t like a certain piece of art.

Then there’s anon hate. When someone disagrees with your head canon, or the direction of a certain piece of source material, you don’t get to go into their inbox and tell them they should die for the behavior. If someone doesn’t like the same BNF you adore, you don’t get to declare them a piece of shit. You don’t even get to send death threats to someone who doesn’t like the band you worship.

It’s just a show. It’s just a book. It’s just a comic. It’s just a band.

A lot of us are adults now. It’s time to start acting like it.

I don’t know, this is just a thing that’s been on my mind. You’re welcome to ignore it, agree with it, disagree with it, whatever. It’s just my opinion on the situation and I might be a little irritated and pissy about people’s behaviors in my fandoms in general over the years.

A note from Lili (lililibird)

Hello, everyone!

I’m not sure where exactly I should be starting; but I do know that I owe you all some explanation.

Some things in my life recently have been…very difficult for me to process. Like a lot of you, I used Tumblr as an escape from the everyday. Recently though, I took it much too far.

A few weeks ago, my dad passed away. It was unexpected and has - without a doubt - been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. My life has thankfully had a definitive lack of tragedies, and I honestly haven’t had to learn to deal with loss that hurts more than losing a childhood pet.

I used Tumblr, not as a way to cope or talk about my feelings; but as a way to pretend it had never happened. Lililibird never stopped having a dad, but I did. It became a very unhealthy situation, as you can imagine. I used this blog as a way to deny the loss in my life; and I (very much so) became addicted to just…existing within Tumblr. A moment of clarity tonight made me realize how horribly unhealthy it was.

So I deleted the blog before I had a chance to rethink it. (I also removed my Fanfiction, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.) I had been considering cutting ties with the ‘fandom life’ for nearly two months at this point, and I have no healthy desire (beyond friendships formed) to stay.

I do not plan on returning. I had a crazy amount of fun finding my way within this fandom, and meeting some of the best people to (probably) ever exist. I am thankful for each and every one of you, and every second that was spent turning this community into another home for myself. Tumblr and Fanfiction were  the entirety of my high school social life for years after I left the public schooling system. There were many days and even weeks where the only people I spoke to were via this site. For that, I am forever grateful.

I cannot express how much this experience on this site has truly changed me. Before the Percy Jackson fandom, I was a completely different person. This blog has genuinely shaped me in ways I cannot even comprehend. I really want to thank you all for that, for making my attempts to be a better person successful; and it was largely due to the positivity I received on this very site.

My sincerest apologies to those who I selfishly abandoned all at once. It honestly had nothing to do with any of you - if I could have you as friends in my day-to-day life, I’d take you without a doubt. (I am also sorry to @riptidescap whom I promised to beta a story for yesterday, and to the @pjoawards2k16 staff who now have three nomination slots to fill up.)

I wish I was in a place where I could have prepared myself for my account deletion, and sent each one of you a personal message like you deserved. However, I know for a fact I would have never left. I know, I’m a coward - but I know I’m not taking much from your lives by leaving; and hope that, if you’re angry with me, you can forgive me for leaving so abruptly.

I’d also just like to say that I will be okay. I’m not suicidal, I’m not dealing with any depression besides grief, I haven’t acted out in any ways but this one, and I have a great and loving support system within my family as I move forward from this.

Thank you all so much for making this time so precious to me. Thank you to @percyyoulittleshit, for giving me the opportunity for this closure. Thank you to @bananannabeth for being the best wife any sixteen year old straight girl could ever ask for. Thank you to @son-of-rome, @blackjacktheboss, @falloutpercy, @somethingmorecreative1, @scriptorsapiens, @zoenightstars, @ishelmascarinas, @maireep, @cinderdrilla @hamabee and @ofswordsandpens for quite literally being the best friends and fandom tour guides I could have ever asked for. I’m sure I’ll think of plenty AUs in the future that I’ll wish I could tell you about!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the rest of you, thank you for caring about me in a way I never thought possible. However, please do not bother my friends on this site for information about me. They know just as much as you do, and I’d like for my exit from the fandom to be as quiet and painless as possible for all of us.

I wish you all the very best. Remember that I adore you all and hope that you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of as time goes on! I hope I brought even the slightest bit of happiness to your lives with my blog! Stay amazing and thrive, lovelies!

But, for once, I’m not looking back;

Delilah (AKA lililibird)

To the fandom, why?

Before I start, this is very different from what I normally do. If you get sad after this, try reading this(shameless self-promoting! Ok thats my last joke)


“Why can’t I love Sakura-chan, fandom?”

When she trusted me when no one else would

When she comforted me when I needed it

When she supported my dream


When she never blamed me. 

When she would worry over me, when no one else would 

When she understands me better than anyone 

When she saved my life 

When she would do anything to keep me safe

When she makes me smile 


“Fandom, why shouldn’t I love her?" 


"Why must I love Sasuke-kun, fandom?”

He ignores me 

He insults me

He attacks me 

 I don’t trust him 

He breaks my heart 

“Why can’t I love Naruto, fandom?" 

When he always supports me 

When he always protects me

When he always cheers me up 

When he’s my motivation

When he would sacrifice anything for my happiness

When I’m hurt, he’s hurt

When he’s my hope

When he understands me the best. 

When I don’t know what I would do without him

When he means the world to me

"Fandom, why shouldn’t I mature?”

Why can’t we be together, fandom?" 

Because our relationship started so negatively?

Because we became closer than ever?

Because we made mistakes? 

"Why can’t you realize, fandom?”

I never wanted this

I don’t want this anymore

But we both do want this.  

Project: Reimagining Bedelia

Hey, guys,

So, you might have noticed by now that I’m hardcore Lecterphile, but before I was a Lecterphile, I was a Fannibal. What does that mean? That means that I’ve got a past on this fandom, but to consider myself a true Lecterphile I had to open my eyes to some things and leave some stuff behind. There is only one thing I hold on to: Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier.

“So, what’s the deal?”

My dear @autumnsunset101 and I were talking and the conclusion I’ve drawn is that you’re dangerous Bedelia would have a way better life if she met the real Dr. Lecter, I mean Harris’ Lecter, the one who fell madly (no pun intended) in love for Clarice Starling.

“Your point being…?”

I’m gonna start writing a series of fanfics trying to reimagine Bedelia into the book-verse.

I’m open to prompts on Bedelia/Clarice, Bedelia/Hannibal and even Bedelia/Clarice/Hannibal.

And yes, I write smut. Love it. Haven’t been practicing in a while, but, please, bring it on!

I still don’t know if I’ll work on NBC’s Will, probably not, but let’s just say I’d love to have my fun with him, so yes, you can ask for some nasty stuff on Mr. Graham. (Just to remind you guys that I’m no longer a Hannigram, haven’t been in a while, so don’t expect this ship to show up).

Anyway, hope you enjoy the fanfics and, please, please, please, send prompts.

Tricks - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Words: 594
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Warnings: none, probably kinda cringe tho
Requested: no
Authors Note: so since im binge writing for my series I decided to write a little drabble to at least get somehting out today. (it’s a bit longer than a normal drabble but ya feel). I got the prompt “Can you be romantic for once?” from THIS PROMPT LIST! and its a great list tbh i love it. so, here it is. (im really not feeling like myself tonight and this took me so much longer to write than imagined, so I hope it actually turned out okay)


You walked through the halls of the Avengers facility, shouting the name of your boyfriend. He seemed to be nowhere, and you hadn’t seen him for days. “Tony, have you seen Loki?” You asked.

“I don’t pay attention to him as it is,” Tony shrugged, leaving you standing aimlessly in the hallway.

Before Loki helped Thor and you in The Dark World, you were sure he was going to try to destroy any world he wanted. But after he met you, he was determined to change his ways so he could try to have a better life. He fell for you hard, and if that meant “doing time” on Midgard, he was all for it. He did miss Asgard, but having you with him on the strange Earth made him bare it a bit more.

It took him a while to get you to go out with him, but eventually, you agreed to a date That quickly led to more dates, and something more. He had his cute and romantic moments, but recently, he has barely been sweet at all. He’s been all about tricks and playing jokes, something that made you upset. And with him missing, it only made you angrier.

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bellechuangtw said:I just find your blog and really love it. The way you explain Kook/min really helps international army not familiar with Korea culture to knew the differences between v/min. However, I am really curious about people says Jimin is the only member who can"challenge “ or “diss"Suga. And I was wondering if you could tell the differences between Kook/min and Yoon/min? Is Yoon/min circumstances like Kook/min, too? Thank U~ 

This is completely my opinion and you are free to disagree, but I personally don’t think Jimin is someone who can “challenge” Yoongi. Don’t get me wrong, Jimin is a very dear dongsaeng to Yoongi and their bond is one of a kind and there is a reason why this couple is popular, but there are two other people in Suga’s life who serve that role a little better: Rap Mon and J-Hope. But since Yoon/seok is popular and I’m sure tons of people in that fandom have done a lot of commentaries on them, I’ll go ahead and briefly talk about Suga/Monster before I focus back on Yoon/min & Kook/min.

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