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❝ ‘i love my life’ means a lot of things. it means being happy, it means laughing genuinely, it means wanting to wake up in the morning to just spin around in the sunlight. ‘i love my life’ means loving the skin i’m in even if nobody else does. ‘i love my life’ means thoroughly enjoying every moment and living to the fullest because all i want to do is smile. it means getting that little butterfly-ish feeling just because. it means enjoying myself, and loving myself — my body, my face, my hair. ‘i love my life’ means self-love, enjoyment, happiness, laughter, and fulfillment. it means everything to me, and it is a goal i have accomplished despite trials and tribulations.❞


Life lately.

I’m officially a freelance Visual Merchandiser, this past week, and this week I’ve been plotting and executing some great retail spaces in unitedbyblue’s flagship store on North 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia. 

I’ve also been spending more time at the farm, as my parent’s help me source, clean, build and create some of the props and furniture. They are essentially, my creative partners with all things in The Publishing House Company. In the barn, cutting wild and domestic grasses, exploring the architecture for possible events in the future. 

Percy, my Main Coon has been with me a couple weeks now, and he’s a hoot. Something out of a Dr. Suess book, he flips, flops dips, dives and jumps. He also sleeps, terrorizes Pippa, and loves to talk. 

My kitchen, at one time was my entire studio apartment, has now become half a planting/floral studio workspace, and half an office.

Anyway, keep up with my life via my twitter & instagram @tkowkat.

I don’t know about you guys but this scene absolutely slayed my precious little heart because all I kept thinking was that a time very very far from now, something extremely similar to this will be the final scene of the series & I will never be able to let them go. They are a part of me #always *cue uncontrollable sobbing*