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Arc, you're so- for lack of another word, bc any word would be better- hella. You're goofy and kind and you treat everyone like a friend. You aren't intimidating except for the fact that you wrote my favorite fic in existence. Putting your personality next to your work makes me love and admire you so much more than I already did, somehow. My antisocial ass hopes to be like .5% of a friend to you someday so I can die knowing I fulfilled my Ultimate Life Quest

This is incredibly sweet.

I have no idea how i so thoroughly pulled the wool over your eyes, but it’s very sweet. /laughs

in orchestra:
  • bassoonist: *squeaks almost all the notes in their solo*
  • conductor: *stops conducting*
  • conductor: ok bassoon, what is the problem???
  • bassoonist: oh yeah sorry my reed is dying
  • conductor: oh yeah i get it
  • conductor: after hearing that solo
  • conductor: part of me is dying too

you may have your truce 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 10/?


생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛