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You know it's kinda cute how Isak looks sometimes really grumpy or maybe careless to people like eskild, noora, the squad maybe even, but with Even? Isak is so gentle and sweet and he takes care of him so much and I love love love that. Even has such a soft bf <3

Yes, Isak is definitely a bit different around Even, a little more sweet and little more soft. He’s is in love with Even, so it makes sense!

But tbh I think some of it also comes down to this persona that Isak constructed to fit in and be accepted, before he met Even. And how being with Even has helped Isak come into himself and be more comfortable with being genuine…

In Skam S1 Isak seems a lot more unguarded and soft. He likes cheesy love songs, he’s quick to laugh, supports his friends (particularly his rival in love Eva!), seems like he’s mostly happy with the state of things.

I’m not making the argument that he was somehow better before, or that he isn’t still all of these these things. A person can be both loving and soft and grumpy and mean sometimes…. I mean lbr Isak definitely stirred some drama, was dishonest, insecure, defensive, as well as the occasional lil shit in S1…

I do however believe that a lot of those moments in S3 when he seems grumpy or careless with other people, it was him unconsciously pushing people away because he was afraid of letting them properly get to know and see certain sides of him. Or for him to be seen in a certain way by them.

Or because he simply wasn’t yet comfortable with certain things.

The cool, tough-guy, nonchalant, and sometimes callous attitude was probably Isak posturing to gain respect from his peers.

As well as trying to keep up with all the secrets and white lies he was telling people so that they wouldn’t find out what was really going on in his life.

But now that he feels more comfortable and self-accepting, he doesn’t have the same need for validation or to assert himself like that… and so he can be super soft and caring with Even, but also hopefully with all of his friends as well.

I think they presented it so perfectly in the latest clip “drittsekken”, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that Isak’s look and hairstyle (a bit disheveled👌), as well as the soft smiles, are sort of reminiscent of S1. Isak is even wearing a  big comfy scarf as well as one of his knitted sweaters instead of a hoodie.

Love can set you free like that. ❤ 

Sometimes when your chapter collides with someone else’s, it is only meant to be a couple of pages. They are there to be your climaxes, conflicts, and your plot twists. These people are meant to come and go.

And sometimes when your chapter collides with someone else’s, it is meant to be an entire book. These people are there to be your plot developments and your character growth. You begin to see new perspectives on life and learn to love yourself through them. And if you hold them close enough, and they’ll become your epilogue.

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #111
Pokeshipping Week 2016 - Day 2: If Tracey Never Joined

Ahh yes, the theme that caused all the trouble to begin with. Well, @hollylu-ships-it and I found an exploit. If we have to take Tracey out, no stopping us from putting someone else in. Which is what you’ll find out now. Here’s the accompanying artwork from Holly!

And this time I’ll have it under a “read more” line so folks won’t be bombarded by text lol. Enjoy!

Life Through the Lens

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’ve taken tons of them over the course of my career. I’ve already been heralded as the world’s greatest Pokémon photographer, but there’s something that I haven’t been able to do while in Kanto, and that’s get some pictures of some real tropical Pokémon.

Thankfully, I have some great friends in Ash and Misty. When I heard they were heading to the Orange Archipelago, I just knew I had to tag along. It took me a while to track them down, but when I did I was surprised to see that Brock wasn’t with them.

It’s a little weird not having Brock around, I never realized how much Ash and Misty argue with each other when Brock isn’t there to act as a mediator. I’ve been doing my best, but it isn’t easy…and at the same time, it’s been an amazing opportunity for me.

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“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.” ~Graham Greene

I have learned so much as I revisit my perceptions of my life. We each experience through our own lens.

Living Solarpunk Right The Fuck Now

As soon as I found out about solarpunk, I knew it was the movement for me. It’s exactly what I’d been waiting for – near future, optimistic science fiction focusing on ways to fix current ecological and social problems. 

But it’s more than science fiction to me. In solarpunk I see a legitimate way forward, and a strong aesthetic hook to convince people to adopt available methods. To me, solarpunk suggests that we don’t need to sacrifice beauty and comfort to live a more sustainable, ethical life. And I think people respond to that. I know I do. 

So I’m all in. I’m a solarpunk. I want to be as solarpunk as currently possible, and I want to insure that living a solarpunk life becomes more accessible to everyone. The lists below focus on looking at my own life, community, and choices through a solarpunk lens.

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This. Little. Boy. Is. Amazing.

This child lights up the room with his smile. His laughter is so contagious it’s almost unreal. His voice makes your soul happy. His innocent curiosity for the world makes you see life through a different lens.

This is my son.

I love my son.

I will do anything for this human.

I’ve changed careers to provide for him; I’ve moved back into my mothers house to ensure a stable environment for him; I’ve chosen an enriching daycare environment for him to thrive in; I’ve left a toxic relationship to save him; I’m working on healing myself so that I can be there emotionally for him.

I will do anything for this human.

Because he’s the world to me.

And I’m the world to him.

Back To Basics

For the new followers and anyone who wants to get more acquainted:

          I’m 23, living in Mississippi with my dog, a backyard garden, and a psychology degree. I’m in grad school at RTS pursuing a master’s in counseling and in the midst of planning a January wedding. My posts are for my own benefit as I use writing as an outlet to document and organize my thoughts through my journey of living and learning. I write a ton. I’ve been in a relationship with Jesus for over a decade, I’m engaged to the man I started dating in 2011, and I’ve been a female all my life so my writing is coming through the lens of a Christian feminist who is in love. My writing is an account of what I’m learning about myself, love, mercy, and justice. You can find it all by clicking on “navi” at the top and then going to “My Word Flow.” You’ll find plenty of my voice there, but if there’s more you’d like to talk about, just go to my ask blog— I’m not able to answer all the questions I receive, but I try my best. I’ve answered well over 2,000 questions, and tagged most of them with general key words, so they’re easy to search!

         God is constantly editing my perspective—confronting my mindset and altering each one that isn’t representative of his heart. Jesus is steadily revealing His reality and relevancy, and only because of His faithful pursuit of my life am I gaining understanding of Him and the world. Seeing how he rearranges my values, convictions, and desires is evidence of how needy I am to grow and mature, and this realization alone makes me desperate for the grace and hope of Christ to lead every aspect of my life.

         There’s nothing new here—it’s all recycled wisdom mixed with my love for writing and communicating. It is all for the glory of Christ that I write. It is all for the glory of Christ that I share. It’s all to know him more and make him known. It’s all to understand him more and make him more understood. As we seek him, we find him; as we find him, we know him; as we know him, we love him. It’s all for him.


My name is John I’m 25, based in Melbourne Australia. I live life behind the camera lens, I love to see life through the medium of photography. I cant explain why the love is there, maybe its because I can capture the angles, colors and contrasts of life, how i see, it instead of how it looks to others. I take photos of every thing I find interesting, i’m yet to find my niche style, but i’ll keep living life through my lens capturing all i see until i do.

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