my life on and off the guest list

 Guest submission by my good friend  modernmonkeymind

Looking for happiness? Try this experiment: 

 Turn off the TV, limit internet use. For a week get outside every day, create every day, spend time with other people every day without checking a phone constantly. Eat food that doesn’t come in a package with an ingredients list. Meditate, exercise, play, engage with the real world. We don’t need the Prosperity Gospel, we don’t need to keep up with the Kardashians, we don’t need the latest gadget. We need to feel like we have our own lives to live.

We find happiness not by chasing it, but by deciding to live our lives, to be happy and content with what we have instead of constantly telling ourselves we can be happy when we have something we don’t. This isn’t easy. I struggle with dissatisfaction and discontent all the time. We all do. Discontent is conquered not by replacing it, but by learning to appreciate what we have.

 Thanks, MMM!